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The series follows a group of contestants, known as HouseGuests, who are living together in a custom-built home under constant surveillance. The HouseGuests are completely isolated from the outside world, and can have no communication with those not in the house.

The contestants are competing for a §500,000 grand prize, with weekly competitions and evictions determining who will win the show. The Head of Household competition is held at the beginning of each week, and is most often performed on the live eviction episode. The Head of Household for each week is given certain luxuries such as the HoH Suite but is responsible for nominating two HouseGuests for eviction. The Head of Household would not be able to compete in the following week’s Head of Household competition, meaning that a HouseGuest could not hold the title for two weeks in a row. The winner of the Power of Veto could choose to save one of the nominated HouseGuests, forcing the Head of Household to nominate someone in their place. The winner of the Power of Veto cannot be named as the replacement nominee. All HouseGuests excluding the Head of Household and nominees later vote to determine which of the two nominees should be evicted, and the nominated HouseGuest who received the most votes is evicted during a live episode. If there is a tie in the voting, the reigning Head of Household is required to make the tie-breaker decision.

Final four evicted HouseGuests go on to become members of the Jury. The Jury is responsible for choosing who wins the series alongside the viewers who are considered the Fifth Juror. The members of the Jury are not shown any Diary Room interviews or any footage that may include strategy or details regarding nominations.

The series takes its name from the character in George Orwell’s novel Nineteen Eighty-Four (1949).



Katrina Caliente

Katrina is the mother of Dina and Nina Caliente, celebutantes from Oasis Springs who rose to fame a few years ago after appearing in a number of episodes of “Don’s Life”, a popular reality show about Don Lothario’s love life. Now, even though the show got cancelled, they are still relevant and have even released a book called “Caliente Flavour” which immediately became a bestseller.

Katrina, who appeared in seven episodes of “Don’s Life” too, got offered a job at hosting the final “Reunion” episode and has established herself as a talented TV host since. In 2015 she signed an exclusive contract with the Sims TV and she will be hosting the first series of Big Brother and she will also be starring as Lydia Harris in Sunset Hills, the Sims TV’s original teen drama.