S01E00 – House Tour

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Katrina: Good evening, my name is Katrina Caliente and I am the host of the first series of Big Brother on the Sims TV! Some of you might already know me as I am the mother of Dina and Nina Caliente. Tonight I will give you a sneak peek of the Big Brother House and we’ll go through each and every room!

The series will start one week from now and our HouseGuests are already in isolation. That means we have a whole week ahead of us to prepare you for the start of the series with a number of teasers. I hope you’re just as exicted as I am!

Here you can see the plan of the Big Brother House so you can get a better idea where which room is located. Let’s start things off with something you can’t see.

This is the production room located in the Big Brother compound near the studio, where our producers spend every day watching our HouseGuests’ every move. You might notice some doors throughout the House which can’t be opened by our HouseGuests, those are used by our producers for production purposes. One of them is located in the storage room for example. If at any point producers need to enter a part of the House our HouseGuests will be locked out of that area or locked in a certain room like the green bedroom. Let’s get to the studio now!

08-07-15_5-29 PM
This is the presenting area and this is where I’m currently sitting. It is located on the left side of the studio.

08-07-15_5-29 PM-2
This is the interview area and it is located across the presenting area. This is where I’ll interview our HouseGuests once they are evicted from the House.

08-07-15_5-30 PM
These are the stairs which lead to the Entrance of the House.

08-07-15_5-30 PM-3 08-07-15_5-31 PM
There is nothing too special to say about the entrance besides the fact that there is a mirror on the wall across the main door and a camera above the stairs to give the HouseGuests a feel of being watched as soon as they enter the House.

08-07-15_5-31 PM-2 08-10-15_7-44 PM-4 08-10-15_7-53 PM
Memory wall is the first thing our HouseGuests get to see as they go down the stairs. Memory wall contains the pictures of all of the HouseGuests and once they are evicted their picture turns grey. As you can see, the pictures of our HouseGuests are already up there and everything is ready for their entrance.

08-07-15_5-32 PM-2 08-07-15_5-32 PM-3
The living room area contains three couches for our HouseGuests and two chairs for the Nominees. There is also a TV which HouseGuests can’t use, instead it is used during the live shows so our HouseGuests can see me when I talk to them.

08-07-15_5-32 PM-4
Diary Room door is located near the living room area. Lights around it will turn red if the Diary Room is occupied so that HouseGuests can know that the door is locked and that someone is inside.

08-07-15_5-33 PM 08-07-15_5-33 PM-3 08-10-15_6-51 PM
This is the Diary Room. It is a place where our HouseGuests share their opinion about other HouseGuests and daily events openly and privately. It is also a place where they vote to evict during the live shows. As you can see there is also a door which leads to the production area which is used if at any time a HouseGuest decides they can’t handle the game anymore and they want to leave or in case of a HouseGuest being expelled for breaking the rules.

08-07-15_5-33 PM-4 08-07-15_5-34 PM
This hallway leads to the bedrooms and the gym. A few of the rooms and items in the House will be off-limits for the Nominees every week.

08-07-15_5-34 PM-4 08-07-15_5-34 PM-2 08-07-15_5-34 PM-3
One of those rooms is the gym. It contains a sofa for our HouseGuests to chat, a treadmill and two weight machines.

08-07-15_5-35 PM 08-07-15_5-35 PM-2 08-07-15_5-35 PM-3 08-07-15_5-35 PM-4
Blue bedroom contains four beds and a nice area for our HouseGuests to chat. As you can see, there are two more doors in here. One leads to the green bedroom and the other one to the nominees’ bedroom where Nominees are forced to sleep.

08-07-15_5-36 PM-2 08-07-15_5-36 PM 08-07-15_5-36 PM-3
The green bedroom contains two double beds and once again a sofa for our HouseGuests to chat. It has a lot more privacy than the blue bedroom but the downside is that beds have to be shared with another HouseGuest. But hey, in case of a showmance that might not be such a bad thing! *laughs*

08-07-15_5-35 PM-5
This is the infamous nominees’ bedroom. It is based on asylum bedrooms and is extremely minimalistic. The worst thing about this room is that the same fluorescent lights you are able to see now are never turned off, not even if the Nominees are sleeping.

  • Nathan

    OMG this is absolutely fantastic! One of the best SB houses I’ve seen made withvTS4. It’s amazing how gorgeous you can make a house look! Really prepped for this series, can’t wait to see more 😀

    • Thanks so much! ^^ There’s a lot in store for the first series so I’m glad to hear you’re prepped for it! ☺ Comments really mean a lot so I’m glad you’ve taken your time to leave one, Nathan!

  • Maroko Jojo

    Yes yes yes i love it

  • I enjoy watching reality shows like these in real life, but I’ve never seen one in Sims edition. Great idea! I will definitely be following this because it already seems interesting!

    When it comes to the house, I have to say it’s amazing and huge! I love the idea that they have to enter through the stairs and my favorite room is the nominees’ bedroom. I want to see how they suffer in it! I am also very intrigued with the Pandora’s box!

    • Thank you so much for taking your time to comment on the episode! And a massive thank you for saying that you will definitely be following it since it already seems interesting. I would’ve never expected to hear that! ☺

      Comments like this make me want to work hard on this series since I don’t want to disappoint viewers, especially not someone like you who has just found out that people create series like this with The Sims! ^^

  • Imogen

    This is amazing, can’t wait to see what the series has to hold