S01E00 – House Tour

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As we’ve completed one side of the House, it’s time to see the rest. This is the bathroom which is located across the stairs on the other side of the memory wall. It contains three showers, a sitting area and a door which leads to the toilet.

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There is a camera in the toilet too but it is only turned on in case of more than one HouseGuest entering through the door.

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As you leave the bathroom you can see what’s happening outside in the garden. There is also a shelf inside and outside the House filled with alcohol for our HouseGuests to drink. We don’t want our HouseGuests to get dehydrated, right? *laughs*

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Dining area contains a table and chairs where our HouseGuests can eat. Nominees are only allowed to eat Mac ‘n’ Cheese for as long as they are nominated.

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This is the modern, fully equipped Big Brother kitchen. The door you see leads to the storage room.

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Storage room is filled with cabinets, shelfs and closets where HouseGuests leave most of the stuff they don’t use daily. It is also a place where producers bring in food and drinks for the HouseGuests every few days.

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Garden is filled with loads of interesting stuff for our HouseGuests to do. There is a deck with a fire pit for them to enjoy during their evening chats, a grill, a hot tub, a gardening area and most importantly a pool! The outside shower uses only cold water and nominees are not allowed to use any other shower. The gate in the garden leads to the competition area and is locked most of the time. The red door leads to the HoH Suite and the door near the grill leads to the luxury room which can’t be used by nominees.

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Luxury room or the pool house as some might call it contains a sittng area, a sauna, a cocktail bar and a massage table. Gosh, these nominees won’t have any fun at all, will they?

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HoH Suite is the place to be! It can only be opened with the HoH key so it’s probably the most private place in the whole Big Brother House. It has a king sized bed, a small sitting area, a small kitchen and a TV which can be used to spy on the other HouseGuests as it only shows footage from cameras inside the Big Brother House. There is also a private bathroom with a luxurious tub for our HoH to enjoy.

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Let’s hope that at least one HoH will figure out this bookshelf is actually a hidden door which leads to a very special room. In case no one figures it out though, this room will stay a mystery so I won’t say anything else besides the fact we call it Pandora’s box.

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Here is an aerial view of the Big Brother compound. You can now see the Competition Area which will only be open to HouseGuests when there’s a competition to be held and it will be decorated accordingly for every competition.

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That’s all for tonight! I hope you’ve had as much fun looking at the Big Brother House as I’ve had guiding you through it. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook since there is a lot more information coming this week before the series starts on Friday! Once again, I’m Katrina Caliente, have a great night and don’t forget – Big Brother is watching!


  • Nathan

    OMG this is absolutely fantastic! One of the best SB houses I’ve seen made withvTS4. It’s amazing how gorgeous you can make a house look! Really prepped for this series, can’t wait to see more 😀

    • Thanks so much! ^^ There’s a lot in store for the first series so I’m glad to hear you’re prepped for it! ☺ Comments really mean a lot so I’m glad you’ve taken your time to leave one, Nathan!

  • Maroko Jojo

    Yes yes yes i love it

  • I enjoy watching reality shows like these in real life, but I’ve never seen one in Sims edition. Great idea! I will definitely be following this because it already seems interesting!

    When it comes to the house, I have to say it’s amazing and huge! I love the idea that they have to enter through the stairs and my favorite room is the nominees’ bedroom. I want to see how they suffer in it! I am also very intrigued with the Pandora’s box!

    • Thank you so much for taking your time to comment on the episode! And a massive thank you for saying that you will definitely be following it since it already seems interesting. I would’ve never expected to hear that! ☺

      Comments like this make me want to work hard on this series since I don’t want to disappoint viewers, especially not someone like you who has just found out that people create series like this with The Sims! ^^

  • Imogen

    This is amazing, can’t wait to see what the series has to hold