S01E01 – Season Premiere

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08-13-15_2-01 AMKatrina: Half a million simoleons at stake, more than sixty cameras and microphones, ten people, one house and only one winner. I hope you are ready for the first series of Big Brother!

08-13-15_2-02 AMKatrina: Good evening, my name is Katrina Caliente. Tonight we will introduce you to the ten complete strangers who have passed the selection process and were chosen by our producers as the HouseGuests for the first series of Big Brother. They will compete in weekly competitions for food, luxuries and most importantly – power!

08-13-15_2-02 AM-2Katrina: Each week they will vote to evict one of their own until only one remains and claims the main prize. The winner will be chosen between the two finalists by the last four evicted HouseGuests known as The Jury and you, the viewers, as the fifth and potentially deciding vote! One of the lucky viewers will win a prize alongside our winner so you should stay tuned throughout the series to find out more about this special prize and how to win it! But that’s enough of introduction for now, it is time to meet our HouseGuests.

08-10-15_7-35 PM-2Erica: Hi, my name is Erica, I am 30 years old and I work as a marketing consultant. I adore my job and I need to say a massive thank you to my boss once again for allowing me to participate in this. I have mainly applied to Big Brother because of the prize, it’s a massive amount of money and it could really help me out a lot in life. But I also think it’s a great opportunity to learn a lot about myself as I’m sure there will be a lot of different types of people who I usually wouldn’t surround myself with.

08-10-15_7-37 PMNoah: Hey guys, I’m Noah, a 25-year-old hairdresser from Starlight Shores. I am obsessed with reality TV and that’s one of the reasons why I applied. I mean, I’ll get to meet Katrina Caliente! I love her! *laughs* I own three cute little dogs and I am heartbroken because I won’t be able to see my babies for so long. Thankfully my roommate Paula offered to take care of them. I am hoping it’s going to be really sunny in the Big Brother house though, because I want to see some shirtless guys walking around 24/7.

08-10-15_7-31 PM-3Saffron: Heeeya everybody, my name is Saffron, I am… erm… 21 years old. *laughs* I’m just joking, I’m ten years older than that but that doesn’t stop me from doing all sorts of crazy childish stuff. You only live once, right?! I work as a tattoo artist in Magnolia Promenade. I also do stand up comedy from time to time and I am hoping the HouseGuests will keep me in the House because I cheer them up. Life is a lot better when you’re smiling, isn’t it? *laughs*

08-10-15_7-33 PM-2Michael: Hello everybody! I’m Mike, I’m 21 years old and I’m currently in my final year at Bridgeport Community College. My life right now is all about exams and frat parties. I might not be the brightest crayon in the box but if you ask anyone who knows me, they will immediately tell you how competitive I am. I want to win every competition in the Big Brother house and earn my rightful place as the first Big Brother winner!

08-10-15_7-28 PMAnnie: My name is Annie, I am 22 years old and I am studying creative writing at Académie Le Tour. I’ve been in love with books since I was a child. They have that certain magic of completely pulling you into their world and for a few hours or days you can live a completely new life. You can be anyone or anything you imagine. And I love that. I think it is really important to express yourself and I love doing all sorts of creative stuff. I also love music and I’ve started a band with two of my friends called “Dawn of Reckless”.

08-10-15_7-29 PMNathan: Hmmm… What’s there to say? My name is Nathan and I am a 29 years old waiter slash part-time teacher slash wannabe writer slash freelancer. I work a lot and I never earn as much as I would like to. That is one of the main reasons why I applied for such an amazing show. Money is everything these days and for all of us who weren’t born rich it is harder and harder to earn a decent wage. I might not be the biggest physical threat but I think I can outsmart a lot of fellow contestants if I don’t show my smarts too fast!

08-10-15_7-41 PMKandy: My name is Kandy and some of you might already know me and to those of you I send a big, big, juicy kiss, but for all of you who don’t know me, I am currently a VIP Waitress but I was a popular porn actress. That is still a big taboo for a lot of people so I am not going to go in any details but yeah, that is what I do and what I have done. If anyone has a problem with that, I really couldn’t care less. My jobs pay incredibly well and I enjoy every second of it. I’m just hoping Houseguests won’t recongnize me since I don’t want to seem like I live too glamourously.

08-10-15_7-20 PMWill: My name is William, but everybody calls me Will. I am 23 years old and I am currently unemployed. I didn’t go to college, I don’t really have any hobbies and I mostly spend my days chillin’ with my friends. Fun fact – I’ve been to jail once even though I did nothing wrong. I just hung out with the wrong people I guess. I don’t anymore and my mum is very pleased about that. The look on that woman’s face the night she bailed me out is something I will never forget. *laughs* Love you, maaa!

08-10-15_7-24 PMHannah: Hi, I’m Hannah and I’m 21 years old. I’m currently a student at SSU even though I’m originally from Appaloosa Plains. I really miss my hometown a lot so I travel back home every two weeks. My best friend is my dad. I’m extremely competitive and I especially love winning against cocky boys and proving them that a girl can be better than them. I don’t really like any of the feminine stuff and I feel really uncomfortable in dresses and skirts. I only wear those at special occasions. I’d take a fishing rod and some beer before purses and appletinis any day of the week!

08-10-15_7-25 PMForrest: I’m Forrest Bishop, nice to meet you! I’m 25 years old and yes, my father is Donald Bishop, founder and owner of the Bishop Airlines. I’m still unemployed, not because I’m lazy but because I often help my dad out in the office. I travel a lot too and I always test out new flight attendants for my father to make sure they’re nice to the passengers, even the ones who are as hard to handle as me. I won’t let my housemates find out any of this though since I don’t want to be targeted for being rich.

  • Josiah Stuart

    Andrija, this is amazing! Very good premiere episode with an interesting HoH competition. I’ll be watching the entire season.

    • @josiah_stuart:disqus Thanks you so, so much! I appreciate the fact you’ve taken your time to read through and comment on the episode! Glad you’ve enjoyed it and there’s a lot in store so I’m glad you will be following, especially since there is the special prize Katrina talked about! 😉

    • I agree, the HOH competition was interesting! I can’t wait to see who will win 😀

      • @xjure:disqus Thank you!!! You’ll just have to wait until Monday to find out! 😉

  • Adam Scholze

    great first episode! I got a couple of good laughs out of the contestants, haha!

    • I’m so glad to hear that haha! And thanks so much for commenting! 😀

  • Nathan

    Absolutely loved it! Cannot wait to see more of this. I’m not a HUGE fan of USA Big Brother, but this was nice and refreshing to watch so I cannot wait for more! Photography, writing and the housemates are all fantastic! I don’t have any favourites yet, so I’ll do rankings the more episodes you make 😉 Katrina is fantastic too, a great host and she’s got good presenting skills 🙂
    Keep it up!!!

    • Wow, thank you so, so much, Nathan! Such an amazing comment from you, and I’m really grateful! ^^ Glad you’ve enjoyed the episode and I’m especially glad you like Katrina! ☺ I’ll be looking forward to those rankings!