S01E01 – Season Premiere

Estimated reading time: 11 minutes

08-13-15_2-07 AMKatrina: Hello HouseGuests! Aren’t you a diverse bunch. *laughs* Are you all prepared for an experience you will never forget?
HouseGuests: Yes Katrina!
Katrina: Well then… It’s time to say goodbye to the outside world and hi to no privacy for more than a month! The first four to enter the Big Brother house are…

08-13-15_2-08 AMKatrina: …Saffron, Will, Erica and Michael! Go on in, claim you beds immediately and don’t leave them until you are instructed to do so!

08-13-15_2-10 AM08-13-15_2-11 AMMichael: This is sooo exciting!

08-13-15_2-12 AMSaffron: Where is the bedroom? *laughs*

08-13-15_2-13 AMMichael: The beds are here guys!

08-13-15_2-13 AM-2Will: I’ll take this one! Oh, and I’m Will! Nice to meet y’all!

08-13-15_2-14 AMSaffron: Nice to meet you Will, I’m Saffron!
Michael: Hey! I’m Michael!
Erica: I’m Erica, pleasure to meet you all! Hopefully we will be able to leave these beds soon, so we can greet properly. I feel kinda awkward doing it from the bed. *laughs*

08-13-15_2-15 AMSaffron: There are more beds here guys!
Will: Sh*t! We’ve already claimed ours, we can’t move anymore…

08-13-15_2-16 AMKatrina: Now it’s time for the second group to enter and claim your beds. Annie, Nathan and Kandy, you can now enter the Big Brother house!

08-13-15_2-18 AMKandy: I hope we don’t get some awful beds because we entered later!
Nathan: Yeah, me too. But if we get it bad, imagine what’s in store for the last group! *laughs*

08-13-15_2-20 AMKandy: I didn’t even think about that. I’m Kandy by the way.
Annie: I’m Annie.
Nathan: Nathan! Nice to meet you girls.

08-13-15_2-20 AM-2Nathan: I’m taking the last bed!
Kandy: Oh, what a gentleman!
Nathan: *laughs* Sorry!

08-13-15_2-21 AMWill: There’s more beds in that room girls.

08-13-15_2-22 AMAnnie: Hey, I’m Annie!
Saffron: Hi Annie! Nice to meet you, I’m Saffron!
Annie: That is such a cool name! Mind if I share a bed with you? Two of us obviously have to share and I’d rather share it with a girl.
Saffron: Of course not! I adore your make up by the way! But if we share, I have to warn you that I am a cuddler! *laughs*
Annie: Thank you! And I don’t mind. Me and my girlfriend are the same!

08-13-15_2-22 AM-2Saffron: Oooh, so you’re a lesbian, I LOVE lesbians!
Annie: No! *laughs* I meant… a girl who is also my friend, my best friend… Since we’re roommates we often fall asleep cuddling while watching horror movies.
Saffron: I do that sometimes with my friends too! Well, my new cuddle buddy, I already like you!

08-13-15_2-23 AMKandy: I don’t want to share. There has to be more beds, there’s three more HouseGuests entering. What’s in that room?
Erica: No one checked.

08-13-15_2-24 AMKandy: F*ck. That’s mental. Seems like I’m sharing after all.

08-13-15_2-25 AMKatrina: The last ones to enter the House are Noah, Hannah and Forrest. Go on in and claim your beds!

08-13-15_2-26 AMNoah: Hurry!
Hannah: *laughs* We get the leftover beds.

08-13-15_2-27 AMHannah: Where to?
Michael: Well most of the girls are in that room. None of us entered the other one though, but from the look of it, it’s not pleasant as the girls’ one.

08-13-15_2-28 AMForrest: So it seems we’re sharing…
Kandy: Oh… I’m… married. Could you please let a girl share with me? Please?
Forrest: You owe me! But fine.

08-13-15_2-29 AMNoah: This is absolutely awful. I hope we can switch beds later on. I can’t sleep in here forever.
Forrest: Yeah, we’ll ask others to switch around. It’s only fair… I’m Forrest by the way.
Noah: I’m Noah! Lovely to meet you, hot pants!

  • Josiah Stuart

    Andrija, this is amazing! Very good premiere episode with an interesting HoH competition. I’ll be watching the entire season.

    • @josiah_stuart:disqus Thanks you so, so much! I appreciate the fact you’ve taken your time to read through and comment on the episode! Glad you’ve enjoyed it and there’s a lot in store so I’m glad you will be following, especially since there is the special prize Katrina talked about! 😉

    • I agree, the HOH competition was interesting! I can’t wait to see who will win 😀

      • @xjure:disqus Thank you!!! You’ll just have to wait until Monday to find out! 😉

  • Adam Scholze

    great first episode! I got a couple of good laughs out of the contestants, haha!

    • I’m so glad to hear that haha! And thanks so much for commenting! 😀

  • Nathan

    Absolutely loved it! Cannot wait to see more of this. I’m not a HUGE fan of USA Big Brother, but this was nice and refreshing to watch so I cannot wait for more! Photography, writing and the housemates are all fantastic! I don’t have any favourites yet, so I’ll do rankings the more episodes you make 😉 Katrina is fantastic too, a great host and she’s got good presenting skills 🙂
    Keep it up!!!

    • Wow, thank you so, so much, Nathan! Such an amazing comment from you, and I’m really grateful! ^^ Glad you’ve enjoyed the episode and I’m especially glad you like Katrina! ☺ I’ll be looking forward to those rankings!