S01E02 – Nominations

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08-13-15_10-39 PMNoah: Here’s to an experience we’ll never forget! Cheers!
All: Cheers!
Kandy: I thought they would all get up too. *laughs*
Saffron: It’s obvious they’re in here to win it.
Kandy: But to fight so hard in the first competition? Especially when there is a party planned for us. Ridiculous.
Nathan: I would never want to win the first competition anyway. Yeah, you are safe… But to nominate two people so soon even though you don’t really know anyone.
Saffron: Exactly!

08-13-15_10-41 PMAnnie: I was actually thinking… This gives us a chance to make like a deal or something, right?
Saffron: That’s not a bad idea. Us five can like… stick together?
Noah: Yeah, I’m feeling this group. We could work well together! I’m in!
Kandy: Yeah, let’s use this to our advantage.
Annie: It’s settled then?
Nathan: Yeah, I don’t see why not!

08-13-15_9-53 PMNathan: I see a million reasons why not. Christ. But you can’t really say it in that moment, you’re screwed if you do! *laughs* I wanted to align myself with reasonable people and maybe one good athlete or something. That group there is more interested in make-up and drinks than it is in playing a strategic game.

08-13-15_10-42 PMSaffron: So you’re in a band? That’s amazing!
Annie: Yeah, we’re just doing some local gigs, but it’s fun.
Saffron: What kind of music do you guys play?
Annie: Well, screamo mostly.
Saffron: Say what? I’ve never heard of that genre. *laughs*
Annie: Most people never do. I doubt you’d like it anyway. *laughs*
Saffron: Yeah, I’m more of a pop, pop-rock girl myself.

08-13-15_10-21 PMKandy: I just wanted to get out from there. I would never hang out with these girls. Like, ever. I don’t have anything against them… But it’s just not my cup of tea. So I decided to invite the gay guy to the hot tub with me. I knew we could get drunk together. *laughs*

08-13-15_10-43 PMKandy: Anyone up for getting in the hot tub? Noah?
Noah: Yeah sure!
Kandy: Let’s get changed!
Saffron: I’m coming too.

08-13-15_10-21 PM-3Kandy: Well f*ck. That didn’t go according to plan.

08-13-15_10-44 PMErica: You’re all going in the hot tub?
Noah: Yeah, there’s like tons of alcohol and food out there. I don’t get why you’re all still sitting in here.
Erica: You know what… I’m coming outside too! *laughs*

08-13-15_10-45 PMNoah: That’s the spirit!

08-13-15_10-47 PMErica: I feel kinda old now. *laughs*
Nathan: Tell me about it. I didn’t party as hard as these ones do for years. Or ever actually. *laughs*
Erica: But she can’t be that young?
Nathan: Who? Kandy? Yeah, I think she’s around our age. If not older.
Erica: Yeah, I agree. So, any first impressions?
Nathan: Can you please keep this a secret?
Erica: Of course. What’s going on?

08-13-15_10-48 PMNathan: Well, as soon as we got out here, they’ve all started going on about how we should stick together. And I was like sure, sure… But honestly, I would never align myself with a bunch like that. I wanted to play this game aligned with reasonable people. And I think you’re one of the people I could really work with.
Erica: That is exactly what I was thinking! I think we would want a lot of the same things to happen.
Nathan: Exactly. We should just lay low and let kids play with their emotions and evict each other week after week.
Erica: Agreed.

08-13-15_10-51 PM-2Noah: Wooo! Big Brother wooooo!

08-13-15_10-21 PM-2Kandy: Noah’s a lightweigtht. I mean I was just getting started and he was already wasted. And none of the others outside are really the party kind. That’s a shame. Shame I tell you!

08-13-15_10-52 PMHannah: Gosh, I’m done with this. I hate quitting, but this is just ridiculous.
Will: Yeah, we were just talking.
Michael: Should we just get up together and let that other guy win it?
Will: Yeah, I’m up for that.

08-13-15_10-53 PMWill: Good job, bro!
Michael: Right back at ya!

08-13-15_10-06 PMForrest: I can’t believe I actually won it! I was going crazy in that room, it’s absolutely awful. But I wanted to win it, I wanted to make sure I’m safe. On the other hand, I’ve spent so much time in this house alone while everyone was getting to know each other. Now it’s time to catch up and fast!

08-13-15_10-55 PMForrest: Who wants to see my HoH Suite?

08-13-15_10-55 PM-2Kandy: You’ve won? Congratulations!
Hannah: It’s kind of obvious he won since everyone else is already outside, isn’t it though? *laughs*
Kandy: Well some of us didn’t notice that this was all of us. Some of us were partying while you were sitting alone in a room.

08-13-15_10-11 PMHannah: Kandy’s really a nasty piece of work. She was sarcastic and bitchy to me from the start. You could hear it in her voice when I told the girls I would stay and battle it out in this competition. And I’m supposed to share a bed with her? I’m sad I didn’t stay longer since I would nominate her if I’ve won. I hate bitchy girls. But alone for hours in that room… It was just too much. Mike and Will had it easy, they could at least talk to each other.

08-13-15_10-58 PMSaffron: Wow! This looks amazing!

08-13-15_10-59 PMAnnie: I love the colors. This room is much more me than the rest of the House!
Nathan: Congratulations on winning this! I’m sorry, I never caught your name…
Forrest: I’m Forrest, nice to meet y’all!
All: Congratulations Forrest!
Forrest: You can all spend time in here if you want, just come to me and ask me for the key, it’s not a problem.

08-13-15_10-19 PMAnnie: I really like the look of that room. I don’t know what’s he going to do with nominations but I hope I don’t get nominated just because I’d love to spend as much time in that room as possible. *laughs*

08-13-15_11-00 PMNoah: Look! There’s the tub. I love tubs. *sobs*

08-13-15_10-12 PMNoah: I just want my own tub… Is that too much to ask?

08-13-15_11-04 PM-2Kandy: So, who do you guys like in here?
Michael: You mean like… girls?
Kandy: Yeah, what’s your type.
Michael: I don’t think I have a type. I just have to like her. Out of everyone… it’s probably Hannah, is that her name?

08-13-15_11-04 PMForrest: Yeah, I believe so. She’s nothing special.
Kandy: I agree.
Saffron: Oh come on, that’s not nice.
Forrest: Whaat? It’s the truth though.
Saffron: What’s your type then?
Forrest: I don’t like anyone in here. I’ve got a few friends at home I hang out with, but that’s it. Once I get serious with a girl she will be the one I marry. And she has to be amazing.

08-13-15_10-23 PMKandy: I asked guys for opinions on girls because I wanted to see if any of them knew me. I think I’m safe or at least they’re being quiet about it which is fine with me too. It’s not like the focus of my movies is on my face anyway. *laughs*

08-11-15_1-42 AMWill: Is everyone asleep?
Michael: Yeah, I think so.
Will: So… Do you guys think the same thing as I do?
Forrest: What would that be?
Will: Well, we’re three solid guys. I think we could work well together. Make a deal or something and keep each other safe? For example, you can’t play in the HoH competition next week but we can and look at us, we can win it. We can win week after week and make this our House!

08-11-15_1-43 AMForrest: I agree with that. We could be a force to be reckoned with.
Michael: Yeah, let’s do it!
Will: We should have like… a name!
Michael: How about… Big Brother Boys?
Forrest: BB Boys? Why not. It’s not completely awful. *laughs*
Will: BB Boys it is! Let’s make this offical then…

08-11-15_1-53 AMForrest: What in the name of God are you doing?
Will: Getting in the shower. It’s been a long ass day today. Whaaaat, we’re all guys here. Initiation time! Don’t be p*ssies. *laughs*
Michael: *laughs* Fine. *laughs*

08-11-15_1-54 AM
Forrest: I can’t believe I’m doing this.
All: *laugh*

08-11-15_1-54 AM-2

  • Nathan

    Great episode! I’m really enjoying this so far! The alliances are really forming at the moment and I can’t wait to see where it leads. I don’t have any clear favourites as of yet, so I’m reserving judgement until I see a few more episodes. I do hope Annie doesn’t go though, I actually quite like her! Two very interesting houseguests are up, I don’t want either to go right now :/ I’d rather some of the quiet ones go :/ Oh well, I’ll see what happens over the next few episodes 🙂

    • Thank you Nathan! Your comments always bring a smile on my face! ☺ It’s only the first “real” episode so I understand completely why you’re waiting for more episodes to form better opinions on HouseGuests and judge them properly. There’s a LOT more in store this season, I assure you, and I’m hoping once the season ends there won’t be anyone who can be referred to as “the quiet one”: 😛 Thanks once again for all your feedback!

  • Adam Scholze

    I love alliance forming its so fun to watch them build then crumble, great episode

    • I’m really glad you’re enjoying it, Adam! It does happen so often in real Big Brother, so it was bound to happen in here too! 😛

  • Josiah Stuart

    Good job on the episode! Also, are you planning on graying out the housemates faces and removing their names on the opening titles when they are evicted?

    • I will be greying out the pictures on the Memory Wall, but I won’t be changing the opening titles. I did think about it though… But there will be a different opening for the Finale night with Highlights from the entire season! ^^ Thanks a LOT for commenting, I really appreciate it and it means a lot! ?