S01E04 – Live Eviction

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09-19-15_5-23 PMKatrina: Just a week ago ten strangers entered the Big Brother house and already so much has happened. Tonight we will say goodbye to one of our Nominees but we will also crown the next Head of Household! I hope you are ready for the first Live Eviction Show!

09-19-15_5-27 PM-2Katrina: Good evening, my name is Katrina Caliente. As I’ve already said, we really have a lot to do tonight. But first, I think it would be best if we greet our HouseGuests and see how they feel about this exciting night.

09-19-15_5-57 PMKatrina (from the Studio): HouseGuests, this is Katrina.
All: Hi Katrina!

09-19-15_6-23 PMKatrina (from the Studio): Let’s start with our HoH. Forrest, how are you feeling tonight?

09-19-15_6-23 PM-2Forrest: I’m pretty nervous. It wasn’t fun to nominate these two girls as we’ve all just met, but this is a game and one of them will unfortunately leave this House somewhat because of me.
Katrina (from the Studio): I imagine it must be rough. But it’s definitely even harder for you girls. Any thoughts on your Big Brother journey?

09-19-15_6-24 PMSaffron: Katrina, if I leave tonight, I just want to say that this was an amazing experience and I couldn’t be happier to be evicted against anyone else besides my cuddle buddy.
Annie: I feel exactly the same. This was indeed one of the best experiences of my life and I don’t regret a thing, especially since I have found a friend for life in here! That’s a lot more worthy than money.
Katrina (from the Studio): I’m sure it is! Thanks so much HouseGuests, I’ll be back in just a moment to reveal how the House voted and who will be the first one evicted from the first series of Big Brother.

09-19-15_5-24 PM-2Katrina: HoH and the Nominees haven’t been allowed to vote. The rest of the HouseGuests were called to the Diary Room one by one just moments before the Live Show to say who they wanted to see leave the Big Brother house tonight. But before I reveal the vote to you and to the HouseGuests, let’s take a look at what happened after the PoV Ceremony.

09-19-15_6-29 PMAnnie: There are seven people voting on who to evict. Kandy, Will and Michael are really close with Forrest, so I’m convinced they will want to evict me as I’m his target for sure. That leaves Erica, Noah, Nathan and Hannah. I have to work to get their votes, but I might be able to pull it off.

09-19-15_6-41 PMAnnie: Hi, you mind if we talked a bit?
Noah: Not at all, what’s it about?
Annie: Well, we have really bonded a bit these past few days while being nominated. So I was hoping if I could get your vote this week?
Noah: As in… to evict Saffron?

09-19-15_6-42 PMNoah: Do you think you can get three more votes though?
Annie: I’m trying. *laughs*
Noah: Well, if you do, I have no problem with you staying. I think I’d actually prefer it since you seem a lot more interested in playing this game than Saffron, and with you on my side we could really kick some ass!
Annie: Thank you so much! I’ll try and get the votes!

09-19-15_6-43 PMAnnie: Hey you two…
Erica: Hi! What’s up?
Annie: I was just thinking… Have you noticed how close those four became?
Nathan: Forrest, Kandy, Will and Michael?
Annie: Yeah.

09-19-15_6-46 PMErica: Of course we have. It’s troubling.
Annie: Exactly! And while I love Saffron to bits, she doesn’t seem like she’s playing the game. I on the other hand really want to split that group up.
Nathan: So, you’re asking us to save you?
Annie: Yeah, we can all make a deal of some sort and evict everyone in that group week after week. We would have the numbers to do it. Especially with only three of them competing for HoH this week.
Nathan: That is a really solid plan, but I’m not promising anything yet. I have to think about it, Annie.
Annie: Take all the time you need guys!

09-19-15_6-47 PM-2Erica: What do you think we should do?
Nathan: Honestly… I think we have positioned ourselves exceptionally well so far. We’re not really targets to anyone. If we do this we’ll ruin that.
Erica: So, we’ll just let them evict themselves and when the time is right pick a side and go for the win?
Nathan: I think that would be smarter than showing our cards in week one.
Erica: I have to agree.

09-19-15_6-29 PM-2Annie: I was working so hard to keep myself in this game, but I think that people are just not ready for a big move this soon. *laughs* So I’m planning on having some fun tonight and at least enjoy the last few days I have left. That’s why I initiated a game of truth and dare.

09-19-15_6-51 PMAnnie: Saffron, truth or dare?
Saffron: Dare! I love dares!
Annie: You’ll have to drink the drink I make for you! *laughs*
Saffron: Oh doesn’t that sound marvelous!

09-19-15_6-54 PM-2Annie: Here it is. Would you like to know what I’ve put in?
Saffron: Rather not. Just give it here.

09-19-15_6-55 PM09-19-15_6-55 PM-2Saffron: Yuck! It’s as nasty as your breath in the morning!
Annie: Boo, you wh*re! *laughs*
09-19-15_6-57 PMSaffron: *laughs* Love ya! Well, it’s my turn to ask someone now. Michael, truth or dare?
Michael: Truth!
Saffron: You p*ssy! *laughs* Well, if you had to choose… Which HouseGuest would you kiss?
Michael: I… I…

09-19-15_6-58 PMWill: Oh come on, be a man!
All: *chanting* Michael! Michael! Michael!
Michael: It would have to be Hannah!
Hannah: Why, thank you!

09-19-15_6-58 PM-3Michael: Come on Will, now you be a man! Who’d you kiss?
09-19-15_6-59 PMWill: I haven’t even said if I wanted truth or dare. And I choose dare!
Michael: Oh, yeah! Well then… Kiss Kandy like you mean it!

09-19-15_7-03 PMKandy: Oh, my…
Saffron: Oh, get a room you two!
All: *laugh*
09-19-15_7-07 PMWill: Now it’s my turn! Michael, since your previous one was a truth, now it’s time for a dare. Payback time! Kiss Hannah!
Michael: Oh come on! You’re so not creative!
Will: Doesn’t matter, kiss Hannah! *laughs*

09-19-15_7-08 PMMichael: I’m sorry Hannah…
Hannah: Nothing to be sorry about, come here!

09-19-15_7-10 PM09-19-15_7-14 PM

All: *cheer* Woooo!

09-19-15_6-31 PMForrest: Playing that game really helped some people finally do what they’ve secretly been craving to do. *laughs* But I know why Annie wanted us to play it. It was all a plan to make us see how fun she is and how she gathered all of us together and made us enjoy the time with her. She’s really sneaky and she has to go!

09-19-15_8-29 PMKandy: That kiss tonight was amazing.
Will: You’re not bad yourself either! *laughs*
Kandy: Come sleep in my bed tonight.
Will: What about Hannah?
Kandy: Well, since Annie and Saffron are both nominated, we can sleep in their bed anyways.
Will: That’s true. See you in a few minutes then!

09-19-15_8-31 PM09-19-15_5-25 PM

Katrina: Those were some steamy highlights from the house, weren’t they? *laughs* But it is now time to reveal to you how the House voted. After you see all the votes from the Diary Room, I will reveal the vote to the HouseGuests.

  • Josiah Stuart

    Good eviction episode! I really wanted Annie out of the house, knowing that there was a possible backdoor plan in motion. I’m happy Erica became the 2nd HoH. Andrija, I think you out-do yourself each episode; and that’s a good thing! I’m excited about the special prize thing.

    • I love how the opinions on the HouseGuests are so split! 😀 And thank you so much for taking your time to comment on these, Josiah, it just makes me want to work even harder on this show since you really seem to enjoy it and that makes me happy!

      The prize is definitely going to be a treat for the viewers and a gift from me for following the series haha! ☺

  • Nathan

    Urgh I’m gutted 🙁 Annie was a great houseguest and I feel she added a lot more than Saffron did! It aggravates me but I know for a fact that most will have picked her because she seemed pretty clued up in the game didn’t she?

    The highlights were brilliant, I loved the game they played and LOL at Erica getting jiggy with Will! Potential romance? Or just sex? Probably the latter, but it’s interesting either way 🙂

    Keep up the good work. I’m getting hooked to this series, but it’s a slow process due to me not being overly familiar with BBUSA 🙁 But you’re doing a fantastic job and I’m really enjoying it. It’s a refreshing read 🙂

    • Honestly, I really loved creating Annie as a HouseGuest, but I can say that about anyone of them too hahaha. She was obviously seen as a bigger target, especially since she didn’t hide the fact she wanted to play the game and fight in there… I think that’s why she’s gone so fast. 🙁

      Once again, I think you mean Kandy hahahahah. Erica’s the marketing consultant, Kandy is the one making out with Will in this episode! 😛

      Thank you, Nathan, as I’ve probably said way too many times, I really, really adore all of your comments. I love hearing everyone’s thoughts on the episodes and you never disappoint! ^^

  • Adam Scholze

    boy was I wrong XD

    I thought Erica would have purposely lost the challenge, my guessing game is not on point today

    • As such a devoted commenter I’ll give you a little spoiler “live from the house” which might answer why Erica won! 😛

      This is a direct quote from the next episode, so it’s not like you wouldn’t see it anyway:

      Erica: Only reason why I buzzed in near the end of the HoH Competition was to eliminate Will as I really didn’t want that side of the house to have the power again. Once I did that, I was more than glad to let Hannah win. So I didn’t even try to buzz in on the last question. Of course Hannah answered incorrectly, that’s just my luck.

      • Adam Scholze

        ooh that makes sense i didn’t think of that! Erica and Nathan are too smart for this competition haha

  • I loved the HoH Competition and I liked the fact that they had to eliminate each other! Some of them didn’t even get a shot to answer a question, serves them right for not buzzing in fast enough haha!

    • Thanks for commenting, Jure! I’m really glad you’ve liked the Competition, it was certainly fun to create it! I’m glad you’re enjoying the show so far! ☺