S01E05 – Nominations

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09-22-15_1-32 AM-3Erica: Only reason why I buzzed in near the end of the HoH Competition was to eliminate Will as I really didn’t want that side of the house to have the power again. Once I did that, I was more than glad to let Hannah win. So I didn’t even try to buzz in on the last question. Of course Hannah answered incorrectly, that’s just my luck. Now I have to get blood on my hands by nominating someone and I really don’t want to do it. Damn.

09-22-15_1-21 AMNathan: Why did you win?
Erica: It’s not like I wanted to. I’m so frustrated now!
Nathan: You could’ve answered your question wrong though and eliminate yourself.
Erica: And let Will win? He answered correctly two questions in a row! And those were the hard ones!
Nathan: Yeah, I guess so… I just hoped we wouldn’t make ourselves targets so soon.
Erica: You won’t be anyone’s target after this week though. It will be me.
Nathan: We’ll think of something. You don’t have to nominate until tomorrow night anyway. A lot can happen until then.

09-22-15_1-23 AMWill: Dumb b*tch. Did you see how she eliminated me?!
Kandy: I know, I know… But just stay calm. She’s HoH now.
Will: I really don’t give a damn. I would have won!
Kandy: Will!
Will: I’ll get back at her, that’s a promise!
Kandy: Fine, but after this week. This week she’s in charge and you should behave. Unless you want to get evicted?
Will: Okay, okay. Give me a kiss.

09-22-15_1-25 AMWill: That’s better.

09-22-15_1-44 AMKandy: Will might be hot, but he is also very hot-headed. I wanted to align myself with a guy who’ll protect me and in the same time be seen as a bigger target than me, that was my plan all along, but I’m questioning my pick now… He may cost me my game if he continues to act like a full-on retard.

09-22-15_2-49 AMNoah: So, how are you feeling today, couple number two?
Hannah: What are you talking about?
Noah: Nothing, nothing. *laughs* I’m just getting used to the fact that there are two couples in the house.
Michael: We’re not a couple.

09-22-15_2-59 AMHannah: Yeah, we might have kissed but that was because it was a dare.
Noah: I was only joking, gosh. But if you ask me, you were totally cute. You’d make a really sweet couple. Unlike Will and Kandy who make me want to throw up.
Michael: Thanks… I guess?
Hannah: *whispers* They are sleeping in the same bed now, right?
Noah: Yup. And it’s barely been a week. Pathetic.
Michael: Maybe they like each other, what do you know?
Noah: They might like each other, but I don’t like them so I don’t really care. *laughs*

09-22-15_2-57 AMHannah: To be honest, it does seem a little forced. Like… it’s just for the cameras?
Michael: I… I don’t know. I’m on good terms with both of them, I don’t want to gossip behind their backs about their private life.
Noah: It’s hardly private, they haven’t stopped tongue wrestling for two days now.
Michael: Still…
Noah: I like you Michael, I really do, but people you hang out with aren’t the brightest examples of human race. Will’s a dumbass, Kandy loves c*ck more than I do, and Forrest… don’t get me started on him.

09-22-15_2-58 AMMichael: Will always treats me like a kid and talks down to me. But I have nothing against Forrest and Kandy.
Hannah: I must say, I agree with Noah. Kandy has been bitchy towards me since we’ve entered the house and those two boys are so full of themselves. They act like this is high school.
Michael: But still…
Hannah: No one’s forcing you to stop hanging out with them Michael. It’s just my opinion. I understand you have yours.
Noah: Exactly. We’re just expressing our opinions… But I’ll stop now, I can see you feel uncomfortable. Anyway, when’s the wedding?
Hannah: Noah, piss off! *laughs*
All: *laugh*

09-22-15_3-00 AM-2Saffron: You mind if we talk a bit?
Erica: Of course not. What’s going on?
Saffron: I’m just feeling out of place a bit. I’m missing Annie.
Erica: I’m sure you do. You two spent so much time together in here so I’m sure it must feel weird now. Especially since you were both nominated too.
Saffron: Yeah, I feel as though I’m not really that close to anyone else… and that sucks.
Erica: I’ve always liked you Saffron. And the vote to evict was unanimous. That means all of us wanted you in here over Annie.

09-22-15_3-01 AMSaffron: I like you too! And I didn’t even think of that. Thank you Erica, you’re really great! I needed this.
Erica: Any time, Saffron!

09-22-15_3-05 AMNathan: Those two are inseparable!
Forrest: Who?
Nathan: Kandy and Will… I know you’re on good terms with them so I just thought you might want to warn them.
Forrest: Of what?
Nathan: Well, they’re making targets of themselves in everyone’s eyes.

09-22-15_3-06 AM-2Forrest: Do you think it could hurt my game?
Nathan: Maybe…
Forrest: I’ll talk with Will later on then. Thanks dude!
Nathan: My pleasure!

09-22-15_1-56 AMNathan: My pleasure indeed! *laughs* Will won’t take any friendly advice from anyone, especially not when it’s about his so-called relationship with Kandy. He’s way too cocky. So I just wanted to initiate some cracks in that wannabe alliance. Wannabe alliance is a name Erica and I forged for Will, Kandy, Michael and Forrest as they have as much personality as a baked potato. *laughs* We’ll just have to wait and see if my plan works!

09-22-15_3-09 AMSaffron: Hey you!
Noah: Hey you too! *laughs* What’s up, Pink?
Saffron: Pink?
Noah: Yup. I’ve decided to call you Pink. I think it suits you.
Saffron: *laughs* You’re weird.
Noah: Coming from a girl called Pink.

09-22-15_3-10 AMSaffron: Stop it! *giggles* Anyway, Orange…
Noah: Orange?! Do I look lika a fruit to you?
Saffron: Do you want me to answer that, gay boy?
Noah: *laughs* Oh, that was clever! You’re lucky I like you. *laughs*
Saffron: That was exactly what I wanted to talk to you about. We’re kinda in the same situation. Everybody else has someone they’re really close to in the house. And since Annie left I need someone else I want to go the finals with.
Noah: So, we like each other, we’re both somewhat alone in the game… You thought we could work together?
Saffron: Yeah, how does that sound, Orange?
Noah: Sounds like a plan, Pink!

09-22-15_3-15 AMForrest: Hey Will, my man!
Will: What’s up?
Forrest: I just wanted to bring something to your attention now that I finally caught you without Kandy. Don’t you think you and Kandy are kind of… overdoing the whole showmance thing?
Will: What?!
Michael: To be honest, I was thinking the same thing…

09-22-15_3-17 AMWill: Are you guys serious? What the f*ck?!
Forrest: Calm down, dude, I was just…

09-22-15_3-18 AMWill: Don’t tell me what to do!
Michael: Noah and Hannah think so too.
Will: Since when are you hanging out with Noah? And why were you talking about me?!
Michael: I…
Will: Oh speak up, don’t be such a p*ssy!
Michael: Stop attacking me!
Will: Then answer me!
Michael: We were just hanging out and it’s not like there’s anything else to talk about. You two are constantly making out now and it annoys some people, I guess.

09-22-15_3-21 AM-2Will: It annoys Noah you mean? And your… Well, Hannah. She’s not yours, since you’re a whimp and you don’t know how to make a move.

09-22-15_3-25 AMMichael: I can’t be bothered with you.
Will: Leave! B*tch!
Forrest: What’s up with you? How can you explode so fast?
Will: Oh f*ck you! Are you jealous I’m with Kandy and you’re not?
Forrest: From what I’ve heard, a lot of people have been with Kandy. So that’s not something to be proud of mate.
Will: Oh, I can’t believe this. I’m this close to punching you in your pretty face!

09-22-15_3-23 AMNathan: What’s going on?
Saffron: They’ve just started fighting out of thin air. Should we split them up?
Nathan: I don’t know…

09-22-15_3-26 AMKandy: Will, god damn it! Get your ass over here, you’re making a fool of yourself!
Will: Don’t tell me what to do, woman!
Kandy: Are you serious?

09-22-15_3-27 AMWill: Just leave me alone! Everybody, leave me alone!

09-28-15_1-31-28 AMWill: I’m so mad, dude. I’m so f*cking mad.
Producer’s voice: Will, take all the time in the Diary Room you need to cool off. You are however reminded that physical threats will not be tolerated in the Big Brother house.
Will: Oh, I wouldn’t do anything, I’m harmless. It’s just talk. Just let me gather my thoughts.

09-22-15_1-56 AM-2Nathan: I wanted them to fight, but this was way too much. Will has some real anger issues.

09-22-15_1-41 AMMichael: I really thought he was my friend. He’s always been a bit mean with what he said to me but I’ve always seen it as friendly teasing or something. Now, I just think he’s a bad person. I won’t hang out with him anymore, that’s for sure.

09-22-15_1-54 AMKandy: My game is ruined. That guy is a moron. Absolute moron. And so am I for making out with him.

  • Noah: “Kandy loves c*ck more than I do”
    – Haha, this made me laugh, at least he’s honest though!

    Even though no one voted for Saffron last time, if she’s up this week she might go since she whines so much about missing Annie.

    Nathan is so two-faced haha and he’s the biggest pot-stirrer in the house!

    I’m liking Saffron and Noah as a pair! ☺

    “And the Oscar goes to…” OMG Kandy! :’D
    – Hahaha! :’D

    • Thanks so much for your comment, Jure! Glad you’re enjoying the episodes and I’m really glad it’s making you laugh! 😀 Are Saffron and Noah someone you’d like to see go far in the game? I remember you’ve said you liked Hannah so I’m just wondering if your opinion changed? ☺

      • I’ve liked Saffron since the beginning, Noah on the other hand not so much, but I’m hoping she’ll bring out the best in him! Hannah is still my fave!

  • Nathan

    Loved this episode! KANDY is my favourite! She’s playinmg the game fantastically and I really hope it pays off because if she goes early, I’ll be gutted 🙁 The argument between Will and Michael was awesome, but very interesting because I didn’t realise how hot-headed Michael was, he just blew up out of nowhere so I’m hoping he’s the next target tbh!! 😛

    • Is it Kandy or Erica? xD You always have them switched around so I’m just wondering. 😛
      You mean how hot-headed Will was? Nathan, there’s only 9 of them left, stop mixing up their names hahahahaha! 😛

      But I’m really glad you’ve loved the episode and the fact you found the fight to be interesting haha! :3 You’ll just have to wait and see if he leaves or not! 😉
      Thanks for commenting once again! ^^

  • Adam Scholze

    Pot stirrer Nathan, Oscar for best actress Kandy, the hot-headed Will, Pink Safferon?

    Will, Will and Kandy continue to be together? Will Hannah and Michael become the new couple of the house? Will Pink and Orange continue?

    Find out next time!! On Big Brother

    • HAHAHAHAHHA! 😀 Absolutely loved it! I might just use this for the next promo! 😛 Thanks Adam!