S01E05 – Nominations

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09-22-15_3-30 AM-2Kandy: *cries*
Saffron: Oh, honey.
Kandy: He’s such an ass. What did I see in him?

09-22-15_3-31 AMSaffron: He’s a sexist pig. Don’t blame yourself, none of us could have guessed he was like this.
Kandy: Now everyone will want me out because of him.
Saffron: No one will blame you for his actions, honey. He’s gone. Erica must nominate him after today’s fight and no one will vote for him to stay. Trust me.
Kandy: I’m going to be nominated with him, I already know. And everyone has seen me making out with that moron. What will the viewers think of me?! *sobs*

09-22-15_3-31 AM-2Saffron: Come with me!

09-22-15_3-32 AMSaffron: Erica, can we all talk for a moment?
Erica: Sure, what’s going on?
Saffron: You know about the fight?
Erica: Everyone knows about the fight. *laughs*

09-22-15_3-33 AM-2Saffron: Well, Kandy feels as though you might nominate her because of him. And I’m sure you won’t.
Erica: Oh, if I nominate someone it will be because of that person’s actions, not someone else’s.
Kandy: I just don’t want to be associated with him anymore.

09-22-15_3-34 AMErica: You know what, we girls should stick together. I’m giving you my word, I’m not nominating a girl. I can see you feel so bad about what happened and I couldn’t nominate you now, even if I wanted. You don’t deserve it.
Kandy: Thank you so much, Erica! *sobs*

09-22-15_1-43 AMKandy: And the Oscar goes to… Yes, you’ve guessed it! Me! *laughs*

09-22-15_2-40 AMHannah: Are you feeling okay?
Michael: Not really, if I’m honest…
Hannah: Can I help?

09-22-15_2-42 AM-2Michael: Just be yourself. That will help. I’m just scared I’ll be seen as a whimp outside of this house. Will is right. I don’t know how to stick up for myself nor how to be a real man. I can’t speak when I’m under pressure. This feels just like college, you know. I almost didn’t get into my fraternity. They only accepted me since I was amazing at sports.
Hannah: What? No, Mikey, no! Will has shown his colors tonight. No one wants him here. And you are a true man. You’re kind, you’re genuine and you’re not an asshole. You care about others and you…

09-22-15_2-42 AMMichael: …thanks Hannah.
Hannah: *blushes* Don’t mention it! And about your fraternity… You’ve said they love you now, didn’t you?
Yeah. We’re brothers for life and I love those guys to bits. Beta Tau Pi!
Hannah: There you have it, Mikey! I’m sure they love you too! *laughs* Beta Tau Pi! *laughs*

09-22-15_2-31 AMNathan: So, who are you planning to nominate?
Erica: Honestly. I kind of promised the girls I’d keep them safe. Even Kandy. It all happened so suddenly. She seemed so vulnerable because of Will’s actions…
Nathan: I’m still unsure about her though.
Erica: Yeah, I know… But for now, it seems as though it has to be Will and Forrest.
Nathan: Forrest will be furious. Will should damn well expect it.

09-22-15_2-31 AM-2Erica: I know, but I can’t really nominate Michael… He’s done nothing wrong to me. And neither has Noah. Forrest and Will had a big fight and it’s made everyone feel weird around here.
Nathan: I’m guessing that’s as good of a reason you’ll get, so I’m down with it.
Erica: Just try and make Forrest understand why I’m doing it. I don’t want him to hold a grudge.
Nathan: I’ll do my best! I’m going to make myself something for dinner… You want something?
Erica: Nah, I’m fine, Nathan. But thanks!

09-22-15_1-57 AMErica: I’ve always had a strange feeling about this…

09-22-15_1-58 AMErica: Woah! I knew it! What is this room?

09-22-15_2-01 AM-2Noah: Everyone, gather around, Erica is on the TV screen!

09-22-15_2-02 AMAll: What’s going on?

09-22-15_1-59 AMProducer’s voice: Erica. Welcome to Pandora’s Box.
Erica: What?
Producer’s voice: By discovering and entering Pandora’s Box you’ve unleashed the Pandora’s twist to the Big Brother House. You have earned a right as the current HoH to change the game of Big Brother for worse or for better for one week.
What do you mean?
Producer’s voice: Because of you, every week from now on, the HoH will have an option to change the game in some way right before the Nominations Ceremony by entering Pandora’s Box.
Erica: That’s crazy!
Producer’s voice: Erica, here is your Pandora’s twist. You can accept it or decline it. If you decide to go through with it, there will be more people playing in this week’s PoV Competition.

09-22-15_2-10 AM-2Erica: What?
Producer’s voice: If you decide to go throught with it, there will be more people playing in this week’s PoV Competition. Erica, do you accept or decline Pandora’s twist this week?
Erica: I really need more information…
Producer’s voice: Erica, do you accept of decline Pandora’s twist this week?
Erica: I… I accept!

09-22-15_2-12 AMProducer’s voice: Because you’ve accepted, everyone will be playing in this week’s PoV Competition. That is… Everyone besides you, Erica! You are now free to leave Pandora’s Box!

09-22-15_2-04 AMKandy: That’s mental?! How come you didn’t notice there was a secret door in the HoH suite, Forrest?
Forrest: I’m still shocked about this!

09-22-15_1-32 AM-2Erica: I thought having more players play the Veto would be great since that would lower the chances of Nominees’ winning the Veto. That’s why I accepted the twist. But now I’m not able to play?! I’m not sure if that was such a great decision after all… I should’ve been told more information!

09-22-15_2-13 AMErica: Did you all see this?
Noah: Yeah, you were on the screen. That’s one hell of a twist!
Erica: I know right… And now I can’t compete in the PoV Competition.
Saffron: And you didn’t even announce your Nominees yet. That’s crazy! *giggles*

09-22-15_1-31 AMErica: Welcome to the Nominations ceremony! Every week the Head of Household has to nominate two HouseGuests for eviction.

09-22-15_2-20 AMErica: Everyone has been affected by a certain fight today. And not in a good way. Therefore I have no other choice but to nominate you, Will and Forrest.

09-22-15_2-22 AMForrest: That’s not really fair if you ask me. Will was the one who has made us all feel uncomfortable.
Will: F*ck you, you douche!

09-22-15_1-36 AMWill: Everyone can suck it! They’re all a bunch of followers. I’ll win the Veto and save myself and make their lives a freaking hell for as long as I can!

09-22-15_1-34 AMForrest: This game is really something. I was HoH last week, now I’m nominated?! I’m sure everyone wants Will to go though, so I just have to make sure he doesn’t win the Veto. And next week, watch your back, Erica! This was a dumb move on your part!


  • Noah: “Kandy loves c*ck more than I do”
    – Haha, this made me laugh, at least he’s honest though!

    Even though no one voted for Saffron last time, if she’s up this week she might go since she whines so much about missing Annie.

    Nathan is so two-faced haha and he’s the biggest pot-stirrer in the house!

    I’m liking Saffron and Noah as a pair! ☺

    “And the Oscar goes to…” OMG Kandy! :’D
    – Hahaha! :’D

    • Thanks so much for your comment, Jure! Glad you’re enjoying the episodes and I’m really glad it’s making you laugh! 😀 Are Saffron and Noah someone you’d like to see go far in the game? I remember you’ve said you liked Hannah so I’m just wondering if your opinion changed? ☺

      • I’ve liked Saffron since the beginning, Noah on the other hand not so much, but I’m hoping she’ll bring out the best in him! Hannah is still my fave!

  • Nathan

    Loved this episode! KANDY is my favourite! She’s playinmg the game fantastically and I really hope it pays off because if she goes early, I’ll be gutted 🙁 The argument between Will and Michael was awesome, but very interesting because I didn’t realise how hot-headed Michael was, he just blew up out of nowhere so I’m hoping he’s the next target tbh!! 😛

    • Is it Kandy or Erica? xD You always have them switched around so I’m just wondering. 😛
      You mean how hot-headed Will was? Nathan, there’s only 9 of them left, stop mixing up their names hahahahaha! 😛

      But I’m really glad you’ve loved the episode and the fact you found the fight to be interesting haha! :3 You’ll just have to wait and see if he leaves or not! 😉
      Thanks for commenting once again! ^^

  • Adam Scholze

    Pot stirrer Nathan, Oscar for best actress Kandy, the hot-headed Will, Pink Safferon?

    Will, Will and Kandy continue to be together? Will Hannah and Michael become the new couple of the house? Will Pink and Orange continue?

    Find out next time!! On Big Brother

    • HAHAHAHAHHA! 😀 Absolutely loved it! I might just use this for the next promo! 😛 Thanks Adam!