S01E06 – Veto Ceremony

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09-28-15_1-18-56 AMNathan: Good morning!
Forrest: Morning!
Nathan: What are you doing up this early in the morning?
Forrest: I can’t sleep…

09-28-15_1-19-32 AMNathan: Worried about being nominated?
Forrest: Yeah. It sucks. Shower is crazy cold, I’m sick of Mac ‘n’ Cheese already and that room… It’s awful. No wonder I can’t sleep, the lights are never off. *yawns*
Nathan: On the positive note, at least you’ll be staying.
Forrest: You think so?

09-28-15_1-21-01 AMNathan: Of course. No one is crazy enough to keep that ticking bomb in the house.
Forrest: Thanks dude. You’ve cheered me up a bit now.
Nathan: Don’t mention it!

09-28-15_1-22-04 AMSaffron: Good morning! What are you guys up to?
Nathan: Morning Saffron! Just talking about how Will is bound to leave on Friday.
Saffron: Oh come on, it’s nine in the freakin’ morning. It’s time for coffee and breakfast, not the time to talk about the damn game.
Nathan: It’s always time for game. This is the Big Brother house.

09-28-15_1-23-00 AMSaffron: Here, let me make you the best cup of coffee you’ve ever tasted. If it can’t make you chill, even for a little bit, I don’t know what can.
Nathan: I don’t really like coffee. I can’t stand the smell of it, to be honest.
Saffron: That’s what being a waiter does to you. *laughs* Tea then?
Nathan: Nah, I don’t feel like drinking tea either.

09-28-15_1-24-05 AMSaffron: You’re impossible! *laughs*
Nathan: I know, I know… *laughs*

09-28-15_1-35-24 AMMichael: I keep feeling kind of sorry for Will… I mean, he has some serious anger issues but I dislike the fact everyone’s ignoring him now. It has to be hard to feel alone in this house even though he also deserves it for the way he acts. It’s just hard to watch him all alone and I am torn.

09-28-15_1-29-16 AM09-28-15_1-27-27 AMNoah: For how long has he been laying there?
Hannah: Probably an hour. Everything feels so awkward now, doesn’t it?
Noah: Yeah, exactly. All because of that hot-headed imbecile.
Michael: Don’t you guys feel bad for him?
Hannah: A bit. But he deserves it completely. He is an ass.

09-28-15_1-28-07 AMNoah: I don’t. He ruined this experience a bit for all of us and for no real reason. I can’t wait for him to leave.
Hannah: Yeah, once he leaves it will all go back to normal, I’m sure.
Michael: I know, but still…
Noah: Michael, come on. Don’t you remember how he treated you? How can you feel bad for the guy?
Michael: I just do.
Noah: You’re way too nice. *laughs*

09-28-15_1-40-32 AMSaffron: Let’s play something?
Noah: What do you want to play, Pink?
Saffron: I never!
Hannah: That sounds fun!
Michael: Yeah, I’m up for that too!
Saffron: Give me a sec, I’ll invite Erica and Nathan too!
Kandy: You think they would want to play?
Saffron: Of course! I can be really persuasive.
Kandy: Great, I’ll go get Forrest then!

09-28-15_1-43-29 AMSaffron: Hey, we were all thinking about playing I never. Would you like to join us?
Nathan: I was thinking about doing the dishes…
Saffron: Yuck Nathan. I don’t want to hear about your dirty thoughts!
Nathan: *laughs* Oh, aren’t you a funny one! Fine, I’ll play!
Erica: *laughs* Yeah, I’ll join in too. No harm in a little fun! Is Will playing too?
Saffron: He can join if he wants to. I won’t be begging him though!

09-28-15_1-55-28 AMMichael: I never wore a bra!
Saffron: Oh that’s no fun! *laughs* Kandy, your turn!

09-28-15_1-57-57 AMKandy: I never… Oh gosh, this is a hard game. There’s not a lot I didn’t do.
All: *laugh*
Kandy: I know! Believe it or not, I never masturbated in the shower!

09-28-15_2-00-29 AMNathan: Erica!
Erica: What? *laughs* My shower head knows me better than any man!
Saffron: Yuuuuck! *laughs*
Kandy: *laughs* Thanks for sharing that image with us, Erica!
Erica: A girl has needs. And a girl as busy as me doesn’t have the time to find a man to help out with those needs. Besides, he who is without sin…
Nathan: Touché!

09-28-15_2-02-58 AMNathan: I’ve never had sex with more than one person.

09-28-15_2-07-04 AM 09-28-15_2-06-30 AM 09-28-15_2-06-08 AMMichael: *laughs*
Nathan: Saffron, you too?
Saffron: It was just once. In college! I didn’t mind it though. *laughs*
Kandy: Two guys or a guy and a girl?
Saffron: Two guys.
Kandy: Lucky you! *laughs* And by the way, what did you think by “Saffron, you too?” Nathan?!
Noah: Exactly! Explain yourself mister!
Nathan: Oh… well, you two know exactly what I meant! *laughs*
All: *laugh*

09-28-15_2-20-05 AM 09-28-15_2-23-00 AMWill: Kandy, can I borrow you for a few minutes?
Kandy: I honestly can’t even look at you. Not yet.
Will: Oh come on, I was fighting for your honor! They all said we were doing this for the cameras! I would never do anything for the cameras!
Kandy: Yeah well… I did like you. But after yesterday and everything you’ve done, said and how you’ve acted I have no interest in you anymore.

09-28-15_2-22-26 AMWill: You’re such a b*tch!
Kandy: Oh, that’s really nice of you.
Will: You don’t deserve nice. You were just using me! But that’s what you do in real life anyway, isn’t it you c*nt?! Use men in front of cameras and get paid for it.

09-28-15_2-26-38 AMMichael: Wait what?!
Will: What do you want now?
Michael: Did you seriously just call her that?
Will: Of course I did. She’s a c*nt. C*nt, c*nt,c*nt!
Michael: Wow. Just wow. You’re a disgrace. And you’ve got me fooled once again… I actually felt sorry for you! You don’t deserve any of it! You’re…
Will: Oh shut up!

09-28-15_2-28-43 AMMichael: *yells* Don’t you dare interrupt me! Not now. Now it’s time for you to shut up! I’ve had enough of your bullying! You should be ashamed of yourself! I am so sorry your mother has to look at her son act like this on TV? You’re disrespectful to everyone and you should take a real hard look at yourself!

09-28-15_2-29-36 AMNoah: Come on, Michael, he’s not worthy.
Will: Oh look, the faggy godmother comes to the rescue!

09-28-15_2-30-21 AMMichael: *yells* What’s wrong with you? How can you be so hateful?
Noah: Just leave him, Michael. I’ve dealt with people like him all my life. They’re not worthy of our time.
Michael: But he crossed the line with his insults twice in what? Five minutes now? He’s a bigotted moron and if you don’t act on his behaviour he will continue to spread his filth around!
Producer’s voice: Michael, go to the bathroom and stay there. Will, come to the diary room immediately!

09-28-15_2-31-42 AMWill: See what you’ve done.
Michael: Oh, just shut it!

09-28-15_2-32-28 AMProducer’s voice: Will, your behavior is becoming unacceptable. We understand fights may occur in the Big Brother House but you’ve crossed the line with your insults way too much tonight. We have no other option but to issue you a formal warning. If you break one more rule you will be removed from the Big Brother House. You can now take some time to cool off if you want or you can leave the Diary Room.
Will: God damn, they’re the ones provoking me!

09-28-15_2-36-04 AMKandy: Hey guys, I… I have something I wanted to share with all of you.
Erica: What’s going on?
Kandy: Well… This is something I really didn’t want to do as I felt you’d all have some prejudice about me.

09-28-15_2-33-51 AMKandy: I was a porn star. I know all of you must have heard the stuff Will was yelling about me and I just wanted to come clean and explain what it was all about. I’m retired now, for a while actually and I know you might not agree with that as a career but… At least now all of you know.
Saffron: I see nothing wrong with that! Job’s a job! Thank you so much for sharing that with us though. That took courage!
Kandy: Thank you Saffron!
All: *cheer*

09-28-15_2-37-07 AMHannah: I had a question though, if you don’t mind?
Kandy: Shoot!
Hannah: Is Kandy your real name?
Kandy: It is. Well… I did change it legally about 10 years ago since it was my stage name and I loved it. However, it wasn’t my birth name. My birth name was Rebecca.
Nathan: That’s a beautiful name too! My niece is called Rebecca.
Kandy: I never cared for it. *laughs*

09-28-15_2-38-05 AMKandy: I have to say a massive thank you, Michael!
Michael: For what?
Kandy: For standing up for me. You’ve really taken me by surprise.
Michael: I’m usually against fighting and I’m never good at tense situations like that but I couldn’t just sit there and listen to him talk to you like that. Something took over and I exploded.
Kandy: I really, really appreciate it! You’re a real hero!
Michael: *blushes* I wouldn’t go that far. But it was honestly no problem, Kandy!

09-28-15_2-40-05 AMKandy: I think I did a really good job at escaping the consequences of being with Will. Everyone hates him now but I also think everyone sees me as a victim. And that’s a really good thing. I also took the opportunity to come clean about my ex-career and they’ve all accepted it so well. That moron actually did something good for me! *laughs*

  • This was the most interesting episode of Big Brother so far! Amazing idea for the Veto Competition too! It was fun to see HouseGuests hanging out together and I’m so glad Will was ejected. Well deserved!

    • Thanks so, so much for commenting once again, Jure! It means a lot to me! I’m glad you’ve liked the episode so much! Will really took it too far and he was rightfully ejected, I’m glad you agree! ^^

  • Josiah Stuart

    Andrija, this was a very interesting episode. I liked the PoV competition, and it is a good thing that Will got ejected (the BBUS/BBCAN term is expelled). Nice job, I can’t wait for Friday’s episode.

    • Thank you!!! ^^ I didn’t know that there was a difference, you learn something new every day! :3 Thanks for that information though! 😀 So glad to hear you’re looking forward to the next ep. No eviction though, hopefully that won’t make it any less exciting haha! 😀

  • Adam Scholze

    I find Michael to be the most interesting character, it seems like he’s breaking out of his shell a little. But Erica got real lucky not having to nominate someone else. I have to say I loved the two games you stuck in there, they made me laugh.

    • He was a bit quiet until now and unwilling to fight or cause drama. But now that it wasn’t him being attacked but a girl, I guess some kind of instinct took over and he wanted to stand up for others. Glad you’re finding him interesting though, that’s a great compliment to me and thanks for that! ?
      I thought it wouldn’t be fair for her to stay HoH since Will was one of her nominees, therefore a target and he is out so she got what she wanted in a way. But she was also lucky because she never wanted the power to begin with haha!
      Really glad the ep made you laugh and I can’t thank you enogh for all of your comments! (Y)

  • Ben

    I’m loving the series so far! I would love to see a replacement housemate for Will – maybe someone to come in between Michael and Hannah even though they’re my favourites!

    • Hey Ben! So glad you’ve decided to leave a comment and I’m really happy you’re loving the series! ^^ Since he was up for eviction while he was ejected, he is also considered evicted in a way, so unfortunately there will be no replacements.

      Next series might end up being longer (and with more houseguests) but for now I’m keeping everything pretty basic and small as I’m just getting used to releasing and creating episodes on a weekly schedule. Hopefully you guys are okay with that! ☺

      I’m happy to hear you’ve found your favorites! ^^ Judging by the poll, Hannah is still the most liked houseguest! :))

  • Nathan

    OMG what an episode this was! Sorry it’s taken me so long to comment 🙁

    I was loving the start of the ep with the normal day stuff, like the making breakfast and having a chat. It was a nice change to see them at least doing normal stuff other than sitting there plotting haha 🙂 Also enjoyed the alcohol and games, was great fun to see them all let their hair down a bit.

    Overjoyed at Will’s ejection! He was so aggressive and it was going worse and worse; I mean what the hell was he going to do with that toothbrush?! I don’ even want to know haha! His exit was deserved though because he showed signs of it days before and I think Big Brother left him to it until this moment where he went too far 🙂

    Loving the attention to detail too. Throwing a microphone in the pool? Wow, we all seem to forget that housemates are always provided with microphones during BB and I’ve never included them in anything I’ve done and I think this is the first time I’ve seen it done, so kudos to you! That’s a really awesome touch 🙂

    I’ll catch up on the next episode now 🙂

    • No problem Nathan haha! 😀 I tend to put in some scenes which have nothing to do with the game just to show that they do actually spend time bonding and talking about their lives and stuff like that. For me it makes it more realistic even though there’s not a lot of that in BBUS!

      They needed a bit of alcohol and fun and games after Will’s behavior. But he got even worse… And about the toothbrush – You’ll see! 😉 I don’t leave a lot to interpretation! 😛 But sometimes it needs an episode or two for those little details to be revealed. He would have definitely went even further and it was obvious he wasn’t cooling down so he had to be ejected. I hope there’s no one who thinks he didn’t go too far.

      Oh, I am so extremely glad you’ve said that! ^^ Thank you so much Nathan! I was thinking of stuff he might do which would be seen as “too much” and that came to mind haha!

      Thank you for catching up and commenting on all of these, you know how much I value your opinion! ☺