S01E07 – Live Show

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09-28-15_11-57-33 PMKatrina: Two weeks ago ten complete strangers entered the Big Brother House and now, there are only eight left. This past week has been extremely explosive and one of the HouseGuests, Will, was ejected because of his behaviour. Tonight we will crown our third Head of Household! I hope you are ready for the second Live Show of the season!

09-28-15_11-58-42 PMKatrina: Good evening, my name is Katrina Caliente. As I’ve already told you, Will has been ejected from the House and that means there will be no Live Eviction tonight. However there is still a lot to do! But first, let’s see how our HouseGuests are feeling.

09-29-15_12-48-35 AMKatrina (from the Studio): HouseGuests, this is Katrina!
All: Hey!
Katrina (from the Studio): A lot happened this week and the viewers and I are craving to hear your thoughts on what happened! Forrest, let’s start with you since you were nominated against Will.

09-29-15_12-50-14 AMForrest: Yes, I was. I was pretty sure I wouldn’t go, just because he had made such a massive fool of himself. However, I did win the Veto and that felt great. So yeah… I’m feeling great about how the week went! *laughs*
Katrina (from the Studio): And how about you, Erica, since you were the one who nominated Will and Forrest?

09-29-15_12-51-28 AMErica: Oh, I really didn’t think things would unfold as they did. I especially didn’t think I’d stumble upon Pandora’s Box!
Katrina (from the Studio): Oh, yes, tell us more about how that felt!
Erica: Well… It was strange. Especially because I’ve found out that there will be a twist once a week and the HoH will have to decide whether they’ll unleash it upon the House or not.
Katrina (from the Studio): Do you have any advice for the next HoH?
Erica: Just to think really hard about it. Perks do bring consequences along, so it’s not all positive.

09-29-15_12-53-07 AMKatrina (from the Studio): And finally, Saffron, how do you feel?
Saffron: Me?
Katrina (from the Studio): Yeah, you’ve survived last week’s eviction so it’s only fair I hear from you a bit since I didn’t get a chance to talk with you as I did with Annie!
Saffron: Oh, that. *laughs* This week has been really intense and I’m glad I’ve stayed, but I am hoping that now, since Will is gone, things will get back to normal. Also a shout-out to Annie, love ya!
Katrina (from the Studio): *laughs* Thanks so much, HouseGuests, I will be back soon for the third Head of Household Competition! So, get ready!

09-29-15_12-01-47 AMKatrina: Before we get to the HoH Competition, it’s time to see what happened after Will’s expulsion from the House. Let’s take a look…

09-29-15_12-09-36 AMMichael: They’ve just called me into the Diary Room.
Hannah: What for?
Michael: Apparently Will rubbed my toothbrush around different surfaces in the bathroom, including the toilet, before I caught him rubbing the sink. So they wanted to let me know that they will be supplying me with a new toothbrush in the storage room.
Hannah: He actually did that? I just don’t get it… I don’t get why he would do any of the things he’s done. He acted like a freakin’ lunatic.
Michael: He’s gone. That’s all that matters. *laughs*
Hannah: Yeah, I guess so.

09-29-15_12-11-28 AMForrest: After everything that happened this week, my position in the House changed a lot. Big Brother Boys are no more. Will is gone and Michael is spending most of his time with Hannah. Even Kandy who wasn’t officially in our alliance but hanged out a lot with us avoids me slightly. I think it’s time to do some damage control, otherwise I might be going home soon.

09-29-15_12-12-56 AMForrest: I can’t wait to play the HoH Competition.
Nathan: Are you planning on winning again?
Forrest: Of course, I hate losing. Besides, there are still people I want out.
Nathan: Really? Who do you have in mind?
Forrest: Well, first of all Noah.
Nathan: Still?

09-29-15_12-14-33 AMForrest: Yeah, of course. Did I tell you how he told me you were his target?
Nathan: Wait, what? You didn’t tell me anything like that!
Forrest: Well… When I was HoH, I talked with everybody before the Nominations and he said he wanted you out since he thought you were really smart.
Nathan: He actually said my name?!
Forrest: Yeah, he’s a snake.

09-29-15_12-16-15 AMNathan: I just got some valuable information from Forrest today. Who would have thought I would have some use from my „secret“ deal with that moron. Noah always seemed a tad bit sly but I didn’t think he wanted me out. At least not yet.

09-29-15_12-11-53 AMForrest: I planted a seed of doubt in Nathan’s head. *laughs* I never even talked with Noah for longer than three minutes, it was such a lie. He annoys me way too much with his over the top gay behavior. You can be whatever you like and put your you-know-what wherever you want or take it or whatever those gays do, but don’t push it on me. I am a normal person and I don’t want to see any of it!

09-29-15_12-17-51 AMProducer’s voice: Kandy, please come to the Diary Room.
Saffron: What’s going on now?
Kandy: I have no idea…

09-29-15_12-18-29 AM09-29-15_12-19-19 AMProducer’s voice: Kandy, as you know, before you’ve entered the House you were asked if you wanted to hear any personal information about the outside world which might make you want to leave the Big Brother House or if you’d rather hear it once you leave the show.
Kandy: Yes…
Producer’s voice: We are so heartbroken to inform you that your grandfather passed away today. Everyone in the Big Brother team is so sorry about your loss.

09-29-15_12-23-44 AMKandy: Oh my… How? *sobs*
Producer’s voice: He passed away in his sleep. Your family wants you to know that he had watched every minute of you while you were in the house and that he and all of them are extremely proud of you. They have agreed that they don’t want you to leave this opportunity because of this and that they will be okay with whatever you decide to do.
Kandy: I’m just… Can you just let me…
Producer’s voice: Kandy, you can take all the time you need. If you want, you can leave the Diary Room and confide in a HouseGuest of your choosing or just stay in here.
Kandy: I’ll stay in here… Just let me gather my thoughts for a bit… *sobs*

09-29-15_12-24-43 AMKandy: I… I’ll stay in the game. It will be extremely harsh for me since I will be missing his funeral but he would of wanted me to stay in here and fight, I know that. All that money can help our entire family and especially since all of them want me to stay…. I’ll stay.

09-29-15_12-31-19 AMKandy: Guys… I… my… my grandfather passed away today.

09-29-15_12-33-48 AMErica: Oh my God! Kandy, come here, sweetie!
Kandy: He passed away in his sleep so at least he didn’t suffer or anything like that… But it’s still really hard.

09-29-15_12-34-23 AMSaffron: I am so sorry, Kandy.
Kandy: *cries*

09-29-15_12-36-14 AMNoah: I really thought a lot of bad things about Kandy. But seeing her today… It was so hard. She is a real person and you could really see she loved that man. Those were some genuine tears. It has to break her apart to know she’ll miss the funeral. Gosh, I’m tearing up now…

09-29-15_12-37-50 AMErica: You kind of forget that real life goes on while you are in this house. This was a sad day for all us but it really brought us together. And we needed that after Will’s expulsion.

09-29-15_12-40-02 AMNoah: Kandy, I know we didn’t really see eye to eye on some things… I mean, you hung out with the so-called popular crowd and all that… I just wanted to say sorry if I ever said anything bad about you before.
Kandy: Noah, what are you talking about?
Noah: I’ve said some stuff I’m not proud of about you to some people because of your relationship with Will. It just seemed fake to me so I put you in this stereotype and you’re so much more. And I wanted to say sorry, even if you might not know about any of it.

09-29-15_12-40-53 AMKandy: I honestly knew nothing about this. I mean, we never really talked that much but I don’t know if I ever said anything bad about you…
Noah: I know. I just thought you were a bit fake because of how you acted with Will but that was unfair since I never even gave you a chance. I hope you’ll find it in you to forgive me and that we can start over.
Kandy: Of course, Noah. Thanks for apologizing.

09-29-15_12-41-28 AMNoah: And once again, I’m really sorry for your loss. I can see how much the news hurt you.
Kandy: Thank you. It means a lot.

09-29-15_12-42-51 AMErica: That was so sad.
Nathan: Awful.
Erica: But?
Nathan: But what?
Erica: I can see you’re dying to say something. *laughs*

09-29-15_12-43-37 AMNathan: It’s just… I heard something troubling today.
Erica: What?
Nathan: Apparently, Noah wants me gone.
Erica: Where did you hear that?
Nathan: He said it to Forrest when he was HoH.
Erica: He didn’t say anything to me, though. And I was HoH too…

09-29-15_12-44-14 AMNathan: He’s not stupid. He knows you like me. On the other hand he didn’t know I had a deal with Forrest.
Erica: That’s true, but I still don’t know if I buy it…
Nathan: Trust me, he’s sly. And why would Forrest lie to me? He has no one he trusts more than me now that Michael and Kandy have both left him. Besides, I know when people lie, I can see right through them. He’s a prick but he’s not a liar.
Erica: It seems as though we’ll have to pick a side soon.
Nathan: Yeah, it seems like that.

09-29-15_12-00-28 AMKatrina: All of us here in Big Brother and all of the Sims TV want to say once again that we are so sorry to Kandy’s family for their loss.

  • Adam Scholze

    Wow Hannah, taking almost all the hits to get the HoH way to go!
    little surprised by Nathan taking the 52″ but I love how Forrest planted that seed for Nathan I’m interested on how that’s gonna turn out.

    and now Pink is going to turn into Green

    • She’s definitely very competitive and she was really close to winning in all competitions so far.
      Nathan still doesn’t want to win anything as he doesn’t like to get blood on his hands… so this competition was great for him since he could also win some things.
      Yes she will hahahahah, Noah will have to think of a new nickname for her! xD

  • Josiah Stuart

    I am happy that Hannah won HoH. With Saffron turning her hair green, could we see a different side of her (or will she be like Nakomis from BBUS 5 and just dye her hair every week)? I feel for Kandy, it kinda hits home for me as well. But the game must go on. Also, Forrest getting blood on his hands already. Well, in some cases; the houseguests either take their time playing the game, or they play it too hard too fast.

    • Hannah seems to be the fan favorite atm. Didn’t expect that. I also didn’t expect some of the others to be as liked but I love that. It just lets me know I’m doing an okay job on this.

      I won’t reveal anything, she wasn’t that much for playing the game so far so… anything might happen! 😛 It is definitely something I thought a lot about… Should I do it or not? But in the end I thought that it would be good to have something which says life goes on outside of the house too.

      Yup, a lot of them overplay the game while some don’t play enough (or at all like Victoria in BB16 xD). It’s hard to find the balance haha! ^^

      Thank you for your comments Josiah, I am so glad you’re still following this! And I love hearing your thoughts on it since you love BBUS! ☺

  • Nathan

    These episodes are getting better and better and you’re really getting me hooked. I’m not going to lie, I’ve been sceptical because of the USA format…but fuuuck that! I’m hooked 😀

    Firstly – THAT’S what Will was doing with Forrest’s toothbrush! Sick; was he like cracking up or something? I hope he gets sent to a mental home or something 😐

    I felt AWFUL for Kandy’s grandfather. At first I thought she’d walk out, but I’m glad she stayed. She’s my favourite at the moment! Still though, it’s awful, even though it’s a sims show haha 🙂

    The HOH challenge was amazing loved that! Your creativity with the challenges is perfect! You should be very proud of yourself. Congrats to Hannah for getting it, personally I wanted Kandy to get it 😛 But never mind, eh? Can’t wait for more of this, loving it so far 😀

    • Hahahahaha! I know it is less appealing to you since you prefer the UK format which I have to agree, works really well when done with the Sims since it’s a lot less boring to me than the format actually is irl. 😛 But I’m so glad you’re liking this now too, it might especially be hard to get hooked since there’s only three episodes per week and the gaps can make you forget about it haha! ^^

      I think that at that point he knew he was done, but he didn’t want them to have the satisfaction of voting him out and he just did everything that came to mind which would get him ejected. It’s nothing to be proud of though since he didn’t leave like a real man admitting his defeat…

      She really wants to win. And even though it has to be hard to miss out on the funeral, she’s doing it with her family’s blessing so it’s not that hard. Again, it was just something that proves that life goes on even though they’re not a part of it while secluded in the house.

      Thank you for that too! Hahaha, I can’t stop thanking you for all of your comments! I really, really appreciate them! ^^

      I think Kandy feels pretty safe at this point in the game so she didn’t try as hard to win it and again … it’s Kandy, she wanted those prizes! 😛

  • I am sad to hear about Kandy’s grandpa, but I’m sure she’ll use it to her advantage. I liked the comp, but it’s unfortunate that Erica wasn’t able to compete and win some prizes. #CantWaitForMore

    • Kandy is very smart and she knows how to use things to her advantage, that’s for sure! Glad you’ve liked the competition, Jure! I work really hard on them so that’s a great compliment! ^^ There’s one more episode for you already! 😉