S01E08 – Nominations

Estimated reading time: 10 minutes

10-01-15_4-13-24 PMKandy: Anybody up for a glass of Vodka Red Bull?
Noah: Me, me, me!
Kandy: Mister lightweight, try not to get drunk after three glasses again!
Saffron: Yeah, Orange!

10-01-15_4-15-48 PMNoah: Shut it you two! *laughs*

10-01-15_4-18-32 PMHannah: I can’t even sleep anymore. It’s so boring in here…

10-01-15_4-24-23 PMKandy: He is such a mess. *laughs*
Saffron: Tell me about it! It took him half an hour and he’s already done.
Michael: He’s hilarious though. I don’t think I’ve ever hung out with a gay person this much.
Saffron: Really? I have a lot of gay friends in Magnolia Promenade.
Michael: I know a lot of gay people too, I mean, I am from Bridgeport. *laughs* But I never really hung out with them, especially not of daily basis.
Saffron: I’m sure some of your fraternity brothers are gay and you don’t even know it!
Michael: You think so?

10-01-15_4-25-48 PMKandy: Of course! But it’s a bit harsh for guys to come out. Especially the ones who are into sports and in fraternities.
Saffron: Coming out should be easier.
Kandy: I agree. I’m really glad people are changing their minds about a lot of things. It’s just a tiny bit that makes no difference on how good that person is. Besides, we’re all different.
Saffron: We’re progressing, aren’t we?
Michael: I don’t have a problem with it, though. That’s for sure.
Saffron: Nobody should. It is just because of religion and lack of education… People were afraid of what they didn’t know nor understand.

10-01-15_4-27-11 PMMichael: You’re not religious?
Saffron: Not my thing. I don’t have anything against it, but to me it’s like believing in Santa Clause. There is no proof that any of it is nowhere near true, on the contrary actually. So why base your life around it.
Michael: I just think you need to have faith.
Saffron: I disagree. Faith is not a path to truth. It is closing your eyes and saying „This sounds comfortable, so I’m sticking with it.“ Only way to the truth is by looking for answers. And the only ones doing that are the scientists.
Michael: But… Science was wrong a lot of times. They change their opinion on stuff often.

10-01-15_4-28-31 PMSaffron: Exactly! If there is evidence for something, they test it and if it is shown that it’s true then they change their minds about it. They’re not afraid to say that they don’t know yet or that they might have been wrong on something. Unlike religion which didn’t change its mind on a lot of important things since it started and the same religion claims they know the answers on questions like what is there after death, when they have no proof for their claims.
Michael: I guess… But I would still like to believe there is Heaven and…
Saffron: Buddy, I’m not saying anything about that. *laughs* I was just explaining my position on things. I don’t have anything against anyone’s beliefs of preferences or whatnot. As long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else, you are allowed to do anything you want. My problem is with religious people who force their opinions and even laws on others.

10-01-15_4-29-57 PMKandy: You’ve gone into some deep, deep shit now. I’m going to grab myself a few shots of tequila so I can listen to you two talk about the meaning of life. Anybody else wants some?

10-01-15_4-32-07 PMNathan: I would never manage to be locked up in that crazy room for 24 hours. What was Hannah thinking? *laughs* She really wanted to win that HoH and that is why she scares me. She was so close to winning in every single competition so far. She is a beast and I need to make sure she leaves soon.

10-01-15_4-36-18 PMAll: *cheer* 5… 4… 3…

10-01-15_4-36-45 PMAll: 2… 1…
Producer’s voice: Hannah, you are now free to leave the asylum bedroom!

10-01-15_4-39-20 PMHannah: Finally!
Michael: Welcome back!
Saffron: Welcome back, Hannah!
Kandy: How was it?

10-01-15_4-40-02 PMHannah: Boring as f*ck! *laughs*
Producer’s voice: Hannah, please come to the diary room!
Erica: Nominations already?
Nathan: That can’t be right…

10-01-15_4-40-48 PMHannah: What do you want? *laughs*
Producer’s voice: Hannah, as you already know, you have accepted two more punishments besides the 24 hour isolation from other HouseGuests.
Hannah: Yes…
Producer’s voice: You will therefore be unable to eat anything besides Mac ‘n’ Cheese for the next two weeks. Also, beside you you can find your costume. You must wear it at all times for an entire week. You can only take it off while you take a shower or when you are sleeping.

10-01-15_4-45-43 PMForrest: Oh, that is hilarious! *laughs*
All: *laugh*
Hannah: It’s also very heavy!
All: *laugh*
Kandy: Serves you right for winning! *laughs*

10-01-15_4-46-44 PMHannah: Ha ha!
Kandy: It was just a joke! Geez…
Hannah: Yeah, fine. Whatever.

10-01-15_4-48-10 PMKandy: I’m pretty sure I’m going to be nominated this week. Hannah and I just don’t like each other.

10-01-15_11-31-56 PMHannah: What did you guys do when I was gone?
Michael: We had the barbecue party and just talked. It was a fun day to be honest.
Hannah: Did you find out who won stuff?
Michael: No one said anything… Well, besides me. I earned the party for the house.
Hannah: Why did you buzz in on that?

10-01-15_11-32-35 PMMichael: I thought it would be fun for us to enjoy a meal together, especially now that Will is gone.
Hannah: You always think of others. You shouldn’t have told them it was you. It could make you a target, Mikey.
Michael: You think so?
Hannah: I know so! *laughs*

10-01-15_11-33-21 PMProducer’s voice: Hannah, as the current HoH you are required to enter Pandora’s Box for this week’s offer. You will also announce your Nominations afterwards. Therefore, HouseGuests, you are required to gather in the living room!
Hannah: Already? I didn’t even get a chance to talk with anyone properly…

10-01-15_11-33-58 PM10-01-15_11-36-20 PMProducer’s voice: Hannah. Welcome to Pandora’s Box. By winning the HoH Competition and entering Pandora’s Box you have earned a right to change the game of Big Brother for worse or for better this week!
Hannah: Yes…
Producer’s voice: Hannah, here is your Pandora’s twist. You can accept it or decline it. If you decide to go through with it, the Power of Veto Competition will be played in pairs.
Hannah: What the hell does that mean.
Producer’s voice: If you decide to go through with it, the Power of Veto Competition will be played in pairs. Hannah, do you accept or decline Pandora’s twist this week?
Hannah: I… I decline. That could mean anything and I’m not willing to risk it.

10-01-15_11-36-58 PMProducer’s voice: Hannah, you have decided to decline this week’s twist. You are now free to leave Pandora’s Box and you must immediately go to the Diary Room and announce your nominations.
Hannah: Thanks! I’ll do that!

10-01-15_11-37-57 PMHannah: Welcome to the Nominations Ceremony! Every week the Head of Household has to nominate two HouseGuests for eviction. As you all know, I was locked up in that insane bedroom for an entire day so I didn’t get to speak with any of you about this… But I do have a pretty good idea on who to nominate.

10-01-15_11-40-03 PMHannah: My first nomination will be Kandy. We just don’t get along, we never really spoke that much and we honestly don’t have anything in common. The other nomination is a bit tougher. I have honestly nothing against you besides the fact that you are amazing at competitions and you are therefore a threat to everyone in this house. You already won two of them…
Forrest: F*ck.
Hannah: …and at least I am giving you a chance so you can fight and save yourself, just like you did the previous week. So yeah, my second nomination is Forrest.

10-01-15_11-38-59 PM10-01-15_11-41-30 PMForrest: If these people could please stop nominating me, that would be great. Thanks. F*ck, it just hit me. I’m on Mac ‘n’ Cheese again?! I’ll starve in here. And no gym? This game sucks.

10-01-15_11-42-24 PMKandy: I predicted this. She’s such a cow. It’s time to work on some votes because I’m definitely not ready to leave. It’s not finale night yet!


  • Adam Scholze

    I think the top three will end up being Erica Hannah, & Michael

    At some point Nathan and Erica will be nominated together and Nathan’s gonna be picked because of his big mouth haha.

    Hannah because she just knows how to play the game

    and Michael because no one is really against him in anyway and he’s gonna get in by sheer transparency (not that that’s a bad thing)

    If I’m wrong I’m wrong but those seem like a solid three predictions

    • Ooooh, I am loving those predictions! Especially because there’s really good reasons behind them.

      Any thoughts on other HouseGuests? You always have interesting opinions so I’m just wondering where you stand with them haha! ☺

      And yes, they really do! ^^

      On a side note,
      I am always a few episodes ahead with writing the show (and the season has been somewhat pre-planned just to make sure that the eps are always released on schedule) and I’m planing to write them ahead until the finale since the viewers will be the fifth juror. So who knows, maybe you’ll have a hand in deciding who wins it all! 😉

      I do have to say that the winners of the Comps are decided on random just to make it a tad more realistic. I really didn’t want to have the power to decide that as well as then I could just influence everything. It adds a bit of randomness which I thought was needed.

      • Adam Scholze

        Sure! haha I’ll just say the ones I didn’t mention in my top three predictions

        Forrest: Personally I think Forrest is a good player but I think that’ll be his downfall as well, although both him and hannah are good at the competitions he has the disadvantage of nobody likes him (probably due to his early HoH)

        Kandy: Kandy is the sex symbol that producers stick in to stir up drama (she’s done her job well so far) not that I have anything against it but her only hope in my mind is sympathy.

        Nathan: I think I stated my opinion well about Nathan in my predictions, he’s smart but outspoken, which doesn’t quite work in this type of competition

        Noah: I don’t think Noah has much of a chance because most of the house finds him generally annoying

        Saffron: Personally Saffron if my favorite to be honest but near the end I think people will realize that

        Out of my top three considering Hannah is the favorite amongst viewers and she’s the best at competitions out of the three I think she’s got it down (but I’d kinda like Erica to win)

        • Oooh, I would have never guessed you like Saffron as much! She’s definitely not a schemer and she still has to win something but you’re not the first person to say that you like her a lot! I always thought she’d be disliked since she’s not really playing the game as others are!

          I’m loving your thoughts on the other players as well. Thanks for writing all your opinions down for me as you did, it really helps me a lot with writing and it’s motivating me to work even harder on this!

          You never know, Erica might be actually good at comps haha! She needs to start fighting in them for real though, so we could see how good she actually is! ☺

  • Josiah Stuart

    This was very good. I am slightly surprised that Kandy was nominated; and again… people nominating Forrest as a way to backdoor someone.

    I am going to predict that the final three will be Hannah, Saffron, and Forrest.

    I feel like this will be an interesting week for sure.

    PoV Predictions:
    Winner – Kandy
    Rep. Nominee – Nathan

    Eviction Predictions:
    Evicted – Nathan
    HoH – Forrest

    • Hannah didn’t have a lot of time to talk with anyone (she couldn’t make deals) so she just nominated someone who seemed like they would go after her. Kandy and her are both strong females in the house, their personalities obviously crash and they rarely see eye to eye so those would be Hannah’s reasons behind nominating her.

      I love hearing predictions like that! Hannah is definitely in every single one I’ve heard so far and I find that very interesting, she’s also leading in the “favorite” poll. I didn’t expect that. ^^

      I’m guessing you see Saffron there since she’s somewhat of a floater and doesn’t do much and Forrest because he is really good in competitions?
      I’m also wondering – what makes you think Nathan will go out so soon? 😛

      Amazing comment, Josiah, I’m loving your predictions and I love hearing your thoughts on this! ☺

  • Nathan

    OMG NO!!! Kandy best not be evicted, I swear I’ll kill someone! She best win the veto and save herself otherwise like I said, I’ll do time happily for murdering someone.

    Hannah’s asylum was fantastic! Shame the bitch couldn’t stay in there after what she was going to do to Kandy 😐 Cow!
    I love the addition of the prizes and stuff from the last episode, it was awesome seeing them all receiving their prizes haha! Except some lucky bitch who’s won a holiday to Sunlit Tides and $10,000 😀

    Awesome epsiode’s, keep it up 🙂

    • Hahahahahahhaha, your comment cracked me up, Nathan! ☺ Thanks so much for that! xD

      Haha, Hannah’s getting some hate now! :O People are either team Kandy or team Hannah! 😀 Maybe I’ll do a “Kandy on holiday spending her §10,000 prize” special after the season ends hahahahah! 😛

      Thanks Nathan! I try my best! ^^ ☺