S01E09 – Veto Ceremony

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10-02-15_6-46-31 PMNathan: I am so unhappy with how the Nominations Ceremony went. I will have to work a lot harder to get Hannah to nominate Noah in case the Veto gets used. Hopefully it will get used!

10-02-15_7-15-13 PMHannah: I hope I made the right choice.
Michael: You did great, don’t worry about it.
Hannah: Think so?
Michael: Of course.
Hannah: Kandy was a personal nomination, but she was also a strategic one. We don’t get along and I’m sure if she had a chance, she’d nominate me too. Forrest is a massive competition beast.
Michael: Exactly! So why do you worry so much?

10-02-15_7-16-47 PMHannah: I just think I could have done better if I had a chance to talk with everyone.
Michael: You can do that now… There is still Veto to be played.
Hannah: True. To be honest, I am really worried about some people in here.
Michael: Who?
Hannah: You’re the only one I trust, Mikey. Noah is a bit suspicious to me since he hangs out with everybody. And Erica and Nathan don’t seem right either. They spend way too much time together.
Michael: You’re just paranoid.
Hannah: Think so?

10-02-15_7-16-09 PMMichael: Yeah, don’t stress so much around this. This is just a game.
Hannah: A game I’d like to win.
Michael: Well, I’d like to win it too, of course. Stressing out won’t help you win, though.
Hannah: I guess…
Michael: Let’s get your mind off it. Want to work out with me for a while?
Hannah: Did you forget about the fact that I can’t remove this freakin’ costume for a week?
Michael: *laughs* Oh, yeah… Well, you can watch me work out then!
Hannah: I have better things to do!
Michael: Yeah, right. *laughs*

10-02-15_7-19-07 PMKandy: I’m really hoping that I win the Veto.
Saffron: Why? I’m sure everyone will vote for Forrest to leave.
Kandy: Hannah wants me out.
Saffron: Well, she had the power to nominate. That doesn’t give her the power to choose who we evict.
Kandy: But, isn’t everyone like… respecting HoH’s wishes or something.
Saffron: I’m not.

10-02-15_7-19-33 PMKandy: I don’t want to offend you but I never thought of you as a player to be honest, Saffron.
Saffron: I came in here to have a good time and to try out something completely different. That doesn’t mean I don’t want to stay in here until the end. And it especially doesn’t mean that I’m going to let others decide on who I want out.
Kandy: I totally respect that!

10-02-15_7-10-50 PMKandy: One vote secured! *laughs* There are five people voting this week which means I need two more votes. I think I have Noah’s but I don’t have Michael’s, that’s for sure. Which means my fate lies in Nathan and Erica’s hands.

10-02-15_7-20-44 PMKandy: Hey Erica, how are you?
Erica: I’m… fine? *laughs* What’s up?
Kandy: Oh, nothing. I just wanted to see how you are. Want some help with the dishes?
Erica: Okay, now I’m sure you want something!
Kandy: Fine, fine! I wanted to see where you stand with your vote.

10-02-15_7-22-00 PMErica: Thought so! You could’ve just asked me. To be honest, if you present your case and I agree to vote for you, I’ll vote for you. I stand by my word.
Kandy: Well, I can… I can offer you two weeks of safety.
Erica: So, if I vote for you and you win HoH in the next two weeks I’m safe. Even if the Veto gets used?
Kandy: You won’t be a replacement nominee either!
Erica: That sounds good enough for me. More than Forrest had offered, that’s for sure.
Kandy: He offered something?
Erica: No. That’s the point. *laughs* I don’t think we’ve ever had a conversation for more than three minutes. He is way too high and mighty to spend his time talking to a peasant like me.

10-02-15_7-24-08 PMKandy: *laughs* That was hilarious!
Erica: No need to kiss anymore of my sweet ass, Kandy.
Kandy: Aren’t you a brutal one! *laughs* I’m going to spend a lot more time with you, I’m missing out on some fun!
Erica: Stop it before your nose gets too brown!

10-02-15_7-26-54 PMHannah: Hey everyone, they’ve just announced the players competing in the Veto Competition to me! As you all know, I, as the Head of Household, two Nominees and three other HouseGuests chosen at random will be eligible to compete. The three HouseGuests chosen at random were…

10-02-15_7-27-18 PMHannah: Saffron, Erica and Nathan! The Veto Competition will begin shortly in the Competition Area.

10-02-15_6-40-34 PMNathan: If I’m completely honest, I might just use the damn Veto. It will force Hannah to nominate someone else and I have a plan which will make Noah that person!

10-02-15_7-08-24 PMErica: Why do I keep getting chosen for these competitions? I’m going to throw it anyway!

10-02-15_6-50-46 PMHannah: I was pretty happy with who got chosen at random. I don’t think any of the three would change my initial Nominations. We just have to make sure Forrest and Kandy don’t win it though!

10-02-15_10-40-45 PMMichael: Welcome to the third Power of Veto Competition! Unlike the previous competitions of the season this one will be played one at the time. That means that all the players will be sequestered in different rooms around the House. You will be invited to the competition area one by one and then you will have to complete your task. After you are finished you will have to go back to your room.

10-02-15_10-41-05 PMMichael: All of you will have the same five mixed drinks which you will have to drink as fast as possible. If no one finishes all the drinks, no one will win the Power of Veto this week.
All: Whaaat?
Michael: You will however notice that these won’t be regular drinks. Everything from hot sauce mixed with beer to milk mixed with blood is a possibility! Jesus!

10-02-15_10-42-02 PMMichael: That’s not written in the instructions, this is my reaction to this task! *laughs*
Forrest: Blood? Are they freakin’ kidding me?
Saffron: That can’t be good for us?
Michael: Saffron, go to the asylum bedroom. Nathan, go to the green bedroom. Erica, go to the gym. Hannah, go to the HoH Suite. Forrest, go to the storage room. And last but not least, Kandy, go to the bathroom. Noah, you and I will be locked in the Luxury Room while the competition takes place. And one more thing to everyone competing – cheers!

10-02-15_9-22-47 PM 10-02-15_9-28-28 PMNoah: Who’d you like to see win?
Michael: I’d be happy for as long as none of the nominees win it.
Noah: Yeah, I agree. I especially don’t want to see Forrest win as I think he’s a bigger threat to all of us.
Michael: Really?
Noah: Of course. He wins way too much. Kandy sucks at competitions.
Michael: I never thought of it like that.
Noah: Trust me, we need to get rid of Forrest.

10-02-15_9-29-48 PM 10-02-15_9-30-31 PM 10-02-15_9-32-06 PMSaffron: Okay, I’m not drinking blood with whatever that is… So, I guess that means I’m out.

10-02-15_7-11-48 PMSaffron: No one could ever make me drink any of those. And the first one was blood mixed with orange juice, I think. Yuck!

10-02-15_9-33-27 PMErica: Thank you, but no thank you. I don’t want to compete, Big Brother!

10-02-15_9-34-38 PM10-02-15_9-35-19 PMNathan: I can’t believe I’m actually drinking this.

10-02-15_9-36-00 PMNathan: I am this close to throwing up…

10-02-15_9-36-36 PMNathan: No, not worth it. I’m out.

10-02-15_9-39-57 PM 10-02-15_9-42-28 PMForrest: Yum.

10-02-15_9-42-57 PM 10-02-15_9-43-29 PMForrest: This one wasn’t actually that bad. What was that, vinegar and vodka? Double V!

10-02-15_9-43-54 PM 10-02-15_9-46-10 PMForrest: Done. F*ck yeah!

10-02-15_9-50-15 PMKandy: Am I actually doing this? I really need this Veto…

10-02-15_9-51-44 PM 10-02-15_9-52-48 PMKandy: That one was nasty as f*ck.

10-02-15_9-53-15 PM 10-02-15_9-53-56 PM 10-02-15_9-55-20 PMKandy: F*ck… Shit… Ass… Shitf*ck.

10-02-15_9-56-12 PMKandy: Finished! I can’t believe it. Can I go throw up now?

10-02-15_9-58-03 PMHannah: What is that?

10-02-15_10-01-26 PM 10-02-15_10-02-15 PMHannah: This one had alcohol in it!

10-02-15_10-02-52 PM 10-02-15_10-03-58 PMHannah: That’s it. That was the final one! Wooo!

10-02-15_10-06-15 PMMichael: Saffron, Erica and Nathan didn’t complete their shots. They were therefore eliminated. Hannah, you have placed third with the time of four minutes and fourteen seconds. And the winner of the Power of Veto with the time of two minutes, forty two seconds is…

  • Josiah Stuart

    Well, I was wrong about who I wanted to win the PoV; but… my prediction of Nathan being put on the block came true! 😀 Kandy is staying for 1 more week (which is a good thing), also I didn’t realise her actual first name was Rebecca. Also, I like how the power has kinda flipped towards the other side of the house. Now, time for my predictions.

    Eviction Predictions:
    Evicted – Nathan
    HoH – Forrest or Kandy

    Week 4 Predictions:
    Nominated (pre-PoV) – (sadly) Noah & Saffron
    PoV Winner – Saffron
    Nominated (post-PoV) – Noah & Erica
    Evicted – Noah or Erica

    • Yep, yep it did! I was shocked that you’ve guessed it so fast though since the big fight happened in this ep and that was the biggest reason why he was up. 😀
      You’re liking Kandy too then?

      If one if them wins HoH, those nominations are a real possibility! Loving your predictions, especially because you can go back and say “HA! I was right!” or “Damn, this took me by surprise!” haha! ☺

      Didn’t expect to see a comment this soon so thanks for watching this and commenting on it as soon as it got released, Josiah! I’m always looking forward to your comments! ^^ I’m hoping the steady schedule helps!

  • Adam Scholze

    oooh Nathan is definitely out, but I’m curious as to what will happen with Erica after this and Noah as well and it’s only a matter of time until a new pot-stirrer/Fire-starter will appear and I think it’s Noah

    • Thanks so much, Adam! Who knows, maybe Nathan has some tricks up his sleeve? ☺ If he does leave though, Erica will definitely have to play a different game. You’ll just have to wait and see, I don’t want to reveal anything yet! 😛

  • Nathan

    Loved this! I was gutted when Kandy didn’t win the veto, but against someone like Nathan I think he’s definitely gone! YES!!

    The argument was brilliant, I was excpecting violence but I realised that those arguing are desperate to stay in the game until the end so they’d never actually risk that! 😛

    I also enjoyed the Kandy/Erica moment at the start, was quite nice 🙂

    • Hahaha yeah, Will was the only one whose rage got better of him. These others are a bit more careful!
      The one where she asks for the vote? Glad you’ve liked it Nathan haha! ^^

      No one wanted Forrest to win the Veto… 🙁 😛

      Thanks for all of your comments Nathan! I’m glad you’re still enjoying it! ☺