S01E09 – Veto Ceremony

Estimated reading time: 10 minutes

10-02-15_10-07-11 PMMichael: Congratulations, Forrest!

10-01-15_11-41-30 PMForrest: Hell yeah! That’s what you get when you nominate me, b*tch! I’ve won the Power of Veto once again! I’m unbeatable!

10-02-15_6-51-03 PMHannah: Two minutes and forty two seconds? God damn, that’s impressive. This is why he worries me. This was his third win! He is a machine and he needs to be stopped!

10-02-15_6-47-01 PMNathan: I couldn’t be happier! Now it’s time for me to put my plan in motion. It’s time for Noah to say goodbye!

10-02-15_7-29-17 PMNathan: Hey, you mind if I have a word with you?
Hannah: No, why would I mind. Take a sit.
Nathan: Well, I didn’t have the time to say anything about this to you before. And now that Forrest won the Power of Veto, he will definitely be using it to save himself. Which means you need a replacement nominee, right?
Hannah: That is correct, yes.

10-02-15_7-29-52 PMNathan: Well, two days ago I was talking with Saffron about the game. I don’t know why and I really don’t want this to go around but it does concern you so…
Hannah: Just spill it! *laughs*
Nathan: Well, she told me in private that Noah is planning on putting you and Michael up.
Hannah: What? Why?
Nathan: I don’t know… Something about you two being a couple.

10-02-15_7-30-48 PMHannah: Noah? Are you sure? That doesn’t sound like Noah.
Nathan: That’s what Saffron told me. And I thought you should know.
Hannah: Yeah, thank you… I still can’t believe it though.
Nathan: He does seem like a snake to be honest. He spends time with every single person in the house. He floats from one person to the next one.
Hannah: I’ve noticed that too!
Nathan: You won’t say anything to him though?
Hannah: No way. I’m not saying anything to him anymore.
Nathan: Yeah, that would be for the best.

10-02-15_6-49-51 PMHannah: Something just seemed fishy about the way he talked. I had to investigate this.

10-02-15_7-33-40 PMHannah: Michael, can you bring Saffron here?
Michael: What for?
Hannah: Just bring her and I’ll tell you.

10-02-15_7-34-51 PMSaffron: What’s up, Hannah?
Hannah: Please, take a sit.
Saffron: Is this serious?
Hannah: Yeah, it looks like it is. I’m really pissed off now.

10-02-15_7-36-39 PMSaffron: What happened?
Hannah: Why didn’t you tell me Noah is planning on nominating Michael and me if he wins HoH?
Michael: What?
Saffron: Yeah, what are you talking about? I don’t know anything about this.
Hannah: I just heard that you’ve told someone a couple of days ago that Noah wants us out.
Saffron: How would I know what Noah wants? No, that’s absurd.

10-02-15_7-35-47 PMHannah: So you’ve never heard that from Noah and you didn’t tell that to anyone?
Saffron: Hannah, I swear!
Hannah: You didn’t tell Nathan that?

10-02-15_7-38-38 PMSaffron: Nathan?! Me and Nathan talking about the game? Are you kidding me? I avoid that guy, everything he talks about is the game. I’m sick of the frickin’ game!
Michael, can you please grab Noah in here?
Michael: Give me a sec!

10-02-15_7-40-34 PMNathan: God damn.
Erica: What?
Nathan: F*ck.
Erica: What happened?
Nathan: You’ll see.

10-02-15_6-47-42 PMNathan: As soon as I’ve seen Michael grabbing Noah I knew I was in trouble. This could have gone so well…

10-02-15_7-44-40 PMHannah: Noah, can I ask you something?
Noah: Of course, what’s going on?
Hannah: Did you, at any point in time, tell Saffron you were planning to nominate Michael and me if you won HoH?

10-02-15_7-46-11 PMNoah: Whaaaat? No, of course not. Saffron, Hannah, what’s going on?
Saffron: Apparently, I told Nathan you told me that you were planning to go against Michael and Hannah.
*yells* What the actual f*ck? Oh no, this won’t be tolerated!

10-02-15_7-48-04 PM 10-02-15_7-52-19 PMNoah: What do you think you’re doing?
Nathan: Oh come on, don’t deny it.

10-02-15_7-52-56 PMSaffron: When did I tell you that Noah told me that he was planning to get rid off Michael and Hannah?
Nathan: You told me that two days ago! We were in the kitchen.
Saffron: *yells* Liar! You’re such a liar! I rarely talk game with anyone in this damn house! What’s your problem?

10-02-15_7-54-13 PMNathan: Nothing is my problem. I just told Hannah what you told me!
Hannah: So, both of them are lying?
Nathan: Well, it makes sense… You can nominate both of them, of course they will lie to save themselves!

10-02-15_7-55-04 PMHannah: That means you might be lying too if we’re going on that logic.
Nathan: But I am not a liar.
Hannah: Why would Noah want me out though? It doesn’t make sense.
Nathan: You’ve said it yourself… He floats from person to person. He has no loyalties to anyone. And you two are a strong pair in this game.
Noah: You’ve said that?
Hannah: Don’t twist around my words. I think I’ve had enough of this.

10-02-15_7-56-34 PMNathan: Oh, really?
Hannah: Yes, really. I’m pretty sure you are the liar here and thanks for making my job easier!
Nathan: What does that mean?
Hannah: You know what it means! You’re going up, liar! You were just trying to cause trouble and you got found out.

10-02-15_7-05-38 PMKandy: Everything erupted and I was just like… Yes. Yes, fight. Yeah she’s a liar. He’s a liar. Yes, perfect. If I only had some popcorn, that would be amazing! Seems like I’m staying for at least one more week folks!

10-02-15_7-09-14 PMErica: I knew it. I knew it but he wouldn’t listen. He just had to stir the pot. And now everything we have worked on came tumbling down. Noah and Hannah were too close to pull something like this off.

10-02-15_7-59-38 PMForrest: We are gathered here for the Power of Veto Ceremony. I, as the winner have the power to veto one of Hannah’s nominations. As I am also the Nominee, I have decided to save myself with this power I have won. Hannah, as I have just vetoed one of your nominations, you must now name a replacement Nominee.

10-02-15_8-00-00 PM 10-02-15_8-01-36 PMHannah: This shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone after today. I have decided to nominate Nathan.

10-02-15_8-02-01 PM10-02-15_6-47-58 PMNathan: This is nowhere near done! I have a lot more tricks up my sleeve, you can trust me on that! And I’m pretty sure I can stay against someone like Kandy. I mean, the girl is a damn porn star, if I can’t outsmart someone like that maybe I don’t even deserve to stay. *laughs*

10-02-15_7-05-13 PMKandy: I didn’t win the Veto, unfortunately. But I’ve definitely been given a second chance. Nathan really shot himself in the foot today and I couldn’t be happier. He always seemed like he was scheming a bit but after today we’re all sure about it. Unless he turns this house upside down once again, I think I am actually pretty safe. Who would have thought? Grandpa, I hope you’re proud of your ‘Becca!


  • Josiah Stuart

    Well, I was wrong about who I wanted to win the PoV; but… my prediction of Nathan being put on the block came true! 😀 Kandy is staying for 1 more week (which is a good thing), also I didn’t realise her actual first name was Rebecca. Also, I like how the power has kinda flipped towards the other side of the house. Now, time for my predictions.

    Eviction Predictions:
    Evicted – Nathan
    HoH – Forrest or Kandy

    Week 4 Predictions:
    Nominated (pre-PoV) – (sadly) Noah & Saffron
    PoV Winner – Saffron
    Nominated (post-PoV) – Noah & Erica
    Evicted – Noah or Erica

    • Yep, yep it did! I was shocked that you’ve guessed it so fast though since the big fight happened in this ep and that was the biggest reason why he was up. 😀
      You’re liking Kandy too then?

      If one if them wins HoH, those nominations are a real possibility! Loving your predictions, especially because you can go back and say “HA! I was right!” or “Damn, this took me by surprise!” haha! ☺

      Didn’t expect to see a comment this soon so thanks for watching this and commenting on it as soon as it got released, Josiah! I’m always looking forward to your comments! ^^ I’m hoping the steady schedule helps!

  • Adam Scholze

    oooh Nathan is definitely out, but I’m curious as to what will happen with Erica after this and Noah as well and it’s only a matter of time until a new pot-stirrer/Fire-starter will appear and I think it’s Noah

    • Thanks so much, Adam! Who knows, maybe Nathan has some tricks up his sleeve? ☺ If he does leave though, Erica will definitely have to play a different game. You’ll just have to wait and see, I don’t want to reveal anything yet! 😛

  • Nathan

    Loved this! I was gutted when Kandy didn’t win the veto, but against someone like Nathan I think he’s definitely gone! YES!!

    The argument was brilliant, I was excpecting violence but I realised that those arguing are desperate to stay in the game until the end so they’d never actually risk that! 😛

    I also enjoyed the Kandy/Erica moment at the start, was quite nice 🙂

    • Hahaha yeah, Will was the only one whose rage got better of him. These others are a bit more careful!
      The one where she asks for the vote? Glad you’ve liked it Nathan haha! ^^

      No one wanted Forrest to win the Veto… 🙁 😛

      Thanks for all of your comments Nathan! I’m glad you’re still enjoying it! ☺