S01E10 – Live Eviction

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10-06-15_1-50-03 AMKatrina: Just three weeks ago ten complete strangers have entered the Big Brother House. Tonight one of them will leave through the same door they’ve entered and only seven will be left inside. We will also be crowning our fourth Head of Household of the series! I hope you are ready for the third Live Show of Big Brother!

10-06-15_1-50-23 AMKatrina: Good evening, my name is Katrina Caliente. As always, we will say hello to our HouseGuests and see how they are feeling before we continue with everything else we’re supposed to do tonight.

10-06-15_12-34-38 AMKatrina (from the Studio): HouseGuests, this is Katrina.
All: Hi Katrina!
Katrina (from the Studio): Let’s start with our HoH tonight, just as always. Spartan… Oh, excuse me, Hannah, how are you feeling?

10-06-15_12-35-19 AMHannah: *laughs* Aren’t you cheeky! To be honest, I’m feeling pretty excited. This has been one hell of a week and I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us tonight! This costume is a pain though!
Katrina (from the Studio): You wear it so well though!
Hannah: Thank you, Katrina!
Katrina (from the Studio): And how about you, nominees? Ladies first.

10-06-15_12-37-14 AMKandy: I’m excited too, just like Hannah is. I won’t be sugarcoating anything as that’s not my style. If this manipulator sitting next to me doesn’t leave tonight I am going to be shocked. He is a blatant liar and he deserves to leave.
Katrina (from the Studio): Harsh!
Kandy: It’s the truth. And unlike him, I am not a liar. And I wanted to make that clear because tonight the Vote will happen live.
Katrina (from the Studio): That was supposed to be a surprise for our viewers, Kandy! It is true though, HouseGuests will be voting live for the first time tonight. It’s only fair you address your housemates too, Nathan. How are you feeling about tonight?

10-06-15_12-38-58 AMNathan: To be fair, there are no rules when it comes to how to play the game besides the fact that you’re not supposed to act like Will did. *laughs* I came in here to play the game and that is what I’ve done. So even if I did lie, it shouldn’t be a problem. But I’ve never lied though, that’s what’s interesting. Any information I’ve told you, Hannah, was completely true.

10-06-15_12-39-19 AMNoah: Bullshit!
Katrina (from the Studio): Noah, it is not your time to speak!
Noah: I’m sorry…
Nathan: He is angry because I am calling him out and he deceived you all. Alongside his puppet, Saffron, of course. You will be sorry once you leave and see what really happened. I am not counting on their votes, but to the rest of you, if you vote for me and I stay… I promise, I will do everything in my power to get rid of those two!
Katrina (from the Studio): Wow. Those were some unexpected speeches! Thanks so much guys, I will be back soon for the Live Vote.

10-06-15_1-51-47 AMKatrina: Well, this got intense! And it seems that no one is a liar, who would have guessed? *laughs* I’m personally loving all the drama! And there was plenty of it these past few days. But first, before we get to the Live Vote where everyone besides the Nominees and the HoH will vote for who they want to evict, let’s see what happened in the Big Brother House after the PoV Ceremony!

10-06-15_1-37-51 AMNathan: I’m in a really tough spot and that is unfortunate. But I can’t admit to them that I’ve lied. I have to stick with my story and be so convincing that even Noah and Saffron think they’ve said what I told Hannah they said!

10-06-15_1-38-54 AMNoah: I still can’t believe he did that. And I really don’t see why he even wanted to do it. I’ve never had anything against Nathan until today.

10-06-15_1-21-53 AMNathan: Michael, I’m telling you like a man. I didn’t lie. Saffron told me all of that and all I did is try to warn you guys about their intentions. Now I got nominated because I looked out for you.
Michael: But… Why would they want to go against us? And why would Saffron tell you that? She rarely talks to you. I’m not stupid, Nathan.

10-06-15_1-22-25 AMNathan: I’m not saying you are. On the contrary, I think you have enough common sense to see that it makes perfect sense for them to make me a target. Maybe they did that because they knew I would tell Hannah everything. Then they can make me out to be the bad guy and neither of them would be the replacement nominee.
Michael: That seems highly unlikely, Nathan. At least have enough respect and admit that you screwed up with your little scheme…
Nathan: I swear, Saffron told me Noah wanted you two out!

10-06-15_1-39-58 AMMichael: I really don’t know if I should trust him. It just doesn’t make sense. But he swears they’ve framed him. Hannah says he’s lying and I think so too, but I’m torn. I’m hesitant to trust Noah as well as he is spending time with absolutely everyone in this house and he is smart. He might be playing all of us. Or, more likely, it might be Nathan who is trying to play us. Gosh, this game is hard.

10-06-15_1-23-48 AMNoah: I am so pissed off!
Saffron: I know! I’ve never lied in this house. Why would I start now?
Noah: Why would he do that though? It doesn’t make sense. I’ve never said anything that would make him think of me as a threat!
Saffron: Exactly. He is playing this game so hard, he must have gone insane. That’s the only logical explanation. He’s nuts.

10-06-15_1-25-38 AMHannah: Guys, no one thinks you’ve done anything wrong.
Noah: Thanks Hannah, but still… It’s hard.
Hannah: He got found out and now he’s grasping at straws. It’s obvious. But I’m not falling for his lies anymore, that’s for sure.
Saffron: I would never want you out Hannah, I just want you to know that.
Hannah: I know, Saffy, you’re a sweetheart!

10-06-15_1-29-18 AMErica: That went well…
Nathan: I really thought Hannah would keep my information quiet.
Erica: I hate to say it but I’ve told you she won’t be that naive. Especially since you’ve targeted her friend.
Nathan: But… He is sneaky and he does spend time with everyone so he seemed like he was untrustworthy enough and the perfect person to target.
Erica: You’re blinded with your hate against him. All because of Forrest and his so-called information.
Nathan: I’m not blinded. You can see it too.

10-06-15_1-30-11 AMErica: Yes, there is something which gives me the impression that he is playing this game. But we all are. And he never went against you. If you forget about what Forrest said to you, he was nothing but nice to you, Nathan. And why bring Saffron into all of it?
Nathan: That was the dumbest thing I did. If I just said Noah told me himself he was going against them this could have been so different. Damn. It would be my word against him and then I wouldn’t be in such a bad position.
Erica: Exactly.
Nathan: I should have thought it through more… I was just too sure it would work.

10-06-15_1-41-09 AMErica: I’m sad to see him look so defeated as I genuinely do like his company. But he screwed up. And when you do that in this house, it’s hard to get back on track. But if anyone can do it, it’s him.

10-06-15_1-32-05 AMKandy: You’re one hell of a competitor!
Forrest: Thank you.
Kandy: Like, really. You’re a beast. I’m glad we’re friends! *laughs*
Forrest: I’m glad we are too! Too bad you’re still on the chopping block though.
Kandy: I think I might stay after yesterday’s fight. I have your vote and Noah and Saffron won’t be voting for Nathan, that’s for sure.
Forrest: Yeah, girl. That’s right. Of course you have my vote!

10-06-15_1-41-46 AMForrest: Kandy might be somewhat nice on the eyes, but she’s just a dumb porn star. I’d rather keep Nathan in the game. So… she shouldn’t be so sure about my vote.

10-06-15_1-33-41 AMKandy: Hey you two.
Hannah: Hey?
Kandy: I know this might sound strange. But… Every week there’s fewer and fewer of us. And in all honesty, it might be smart for us to like, form a group?

10-06-15_1-34-22 AMHannah: Us three? I’m sorry, but what? I thought we disliked each other, Kandy?
Kandy: So what? That’s even better. We can play it off like we hate each other while in reality we could work together.
Michael: That’s actually not a bad idea. Especially since this week you won’t be able to play for HoH, Hannah.
Hannah: That’s true, Mikey. But, why should we trust you?
Kandy: Did I ever lie to anyone?

10-06-15_1-35-26 AMMichael: You did to Forrest on the first night! *laughs*
Kandy: Oh, that was forever ago. And it also saved you, Hannah, from sleeping in the nominee’s bedroom.
Hannah: You know what… I can forget about everything that’s happened between us. I don’t like holding grudges anyway.
Kandy: So… That’s a yes?
Hannah: Yeah, let’s run this house!

10-06-15_1-42-42 AMKandy: I always liked Michael and he has a natural instinct to stand up for others even though he is quite shy most of the time. He proved that with Will. Hannah is a beast in the competitions. And if I work with them, I will always be seen as a smaller threat than the two lovebirds. I think this is my best idea yet! Besides, it ensures me Michael’s vote in the upcoming Eviction!

  • Nathan

    Firstly…FREE STUFF PACK!! I still need one!!! 😛 I’m going for this competition!!!

    Really happy that Nathan left; I was desperate for Kandy to stay as you know :P. Although the biggest shock was the Kandy, Hannah and Mikey’s alliance! I’m definitely down for that, I just hope Hannah and Mikey stick to their sides of the deal and not throw Kandy under the bus because I don’t entirely trust them!

    Awesome stuff so far, I’m really enjoying this series as you know 😀 It’s going by so quick though 😮 Another week already?!

    • Hahaha, which one do you still need Nathan? 😛 I’m glad you’re liking the idea where you as a viewer can win something! 😉 It’s just my way of saying thanks haha!☺

      Nathan saying he’s glad Nathan left LMAO! Made me laugh haha! 😀 Yes, I’m aware of your love for Kandy 😛 I’m glad you’re still liking her tbh!

      You’ll just have to wait and see, I won’t be revealing anything about that haha!

      It really is, it took me by surprise how fast it’s going. :O

  • spencer tenesen

    Wow! Just amazing. I really love this show. I think Kandy is playing well. She might pull it off in the end! So I’m adding her to my favorites list alongside Hannah and Michael.

    • Hey, Spencer! Thanks sooo much for commenting!☺
      I’m glad you’re loving this so far and I’m so happy you’ve decided to comment on this and letting me know as it really means a lot to me! Kandy is growing in people’s rankings a lot lately. But I’m also really glad you’re liking Hannah and Michael too!

  • Josiah Stuart

    Andrija… OMG! My prediction of Nathan’s eviction came true. Also, FREE STUFF PACK! Now, I’m excited (especially for when I get The Sims 4)! I am desperate for Kandy to win HoH, but then again; I want her to win. This first series is flying by fast. I think that the power will shift in the house this week.

    Week 4 Predictions:
    HoH – Forrest or Kandy
    Nominated (pre-PoV) – (sadly) Noah & Saffron
    PoV Winner – Saffron
    Nominated (post-PoV) – Noah & Erica
    Evicted – Noah or Erica

    Keep these episodes coming, and I might make a Wikipedia-style for this later…

    • Yes, yes it did! Who would have thought haha! 😀 Yup, a freebie from me! It’s just my way of thanking all of you guys for supporting me through this project as much as you do!

      I’m happy to see you rooting for Kandy! I love hearing who people’s favorites are. Opinions are pretty split so far! :3

      Wooo, more predictions! Loving them, Josiah! 😀

      I am already writing/taking pictures of episode 14 now haha! I prefer it when I’m ahead with it as it ensures a steady schedule for you guys! 😉

      And also, WOW, thanks for that last part! I’d love to see that and thanks for even thinking about doing something like that! ^^

  • Adam Scholze

    I am SUPER intrigued about how Erica will compete from this point on, I super enjoy her smarts and gameplay. Also SUPER intrigued about the Stuff pack too 😉 It’s a nice icing on this awesome big brother cake

    • I’m so glad you’re enjoying this series, Adam! Erica definitely has a lot to do now, since her biggest ally just left! Thanks for that compliment, it really means a lot! ^^ A lot of people are looking forward to the Stuff Pack haha! 😀 It’s just my way of saying thanks for watching, commenting and supporting me through this project!☺

  • Kandy and Nathan are the best actors in that house, but unlike Kandy, Nathan sucked at the game. I’m glad he’s out. I can’t wait for the double eviction episode next week!

    • Hey, Jure! 😀 I’m glad you’re still following the series and thanks so much for commenting! ^^ Yup, next week’s live show will be intense! 😛 Who do you think will leave?

      • Maybe Erica, I’m not sure. And Noah probably since he hangs out with everybody, so they will probably try and get him out next too.