S01E11 – Nominations

Estimated reading time: 11 minutes

10-07-15_5-24-17 AMMichael: This is one hell of an endurance competition! Besides the fact that the speed of the treadmills increases every hour for every single one of us, once you give up and leave the treadmill you can also speed up someone else’s treadmill. I just hope no one chooses me!

10-05-15_11-54-17 PM 10-05-15_11-54-53 PMKandy: This is a lot harder than it looks.
Saffron: I can’t imagine how it will be when they speed it up.
Kandy: Right?! I thought we’d start with walking speed but no… make us suffer.

10-07-15_5-56-31 AMSaffron: After half an hour of pointless running and small talk with my fellow housemates I was done with my work out.

10-05-15_11-56-38 PMErica: You’re giving up already?
Saffron: Yeah, this competition really isn’t for me.
Hannah: Saffron, since you’ve stepped off your treadmill, you must now name a player whose treadmill you want to make go faster.

10-05-15_11-57-23 PMSaffron: I think I want to speed up Forrest’s treadmill!
Forrest: Oh, lovely!

10-05-15_11-59-14 PMMichael: Look, the light in front of you. It’s yellow!
Forrest: Yeah, it probably symbolizes that mine is going faster.

10-05-15_11-59-59 PMHannah: Congratulations, HouseGuests! You’ve hit the one hour mark, your treadmills will now go faster.

10-06-15_12-01-34 AMForrest: Look… Mine’s… orange now. And it definitely… feels… even faster.
Michael: This is the hardest competition we’ve been in.
Forrest: Not to mention… the fact… that I’ve spent… half… of my stay in here… on Mac ‘n’ Cheese. I’m so… out of… shape.

10-06-15_12-05-21 AMErica: I really can’t take this for much longer.
Kandy: It doesn’t matter, as long as you’ve given it your best.
Erica: I never run… This is awful. My legs hurt so much…
Kandy: Just drop, girl.

10-07-15_5-58-31 AMErica: I run at least three times a week at home. I just want to build a weak persona in hear and the only way I can do that is by throwing as many competitions as I can. I already won one, I don’t want to win anything else until I absolutely have to. Besides, this gives me a chance to eliminate Forrest hopefully.

10-06-15_12-07-56 AMHannah: Erica, since you’ve stepped off your treadmill, you must now name a player whose treadmill you want to make go faster.
Erica: I choose Forrest.
Forrest: Oh… Come on! Why… me?
Erica: Sorry, but you don’t even talk to me.

10-06-15_12-09-37 AMHannah: Forrest, your treadmill is on maximum speed.
Forrest: Love… ly…

10-06-15_12-18-59 AMKandy: I’m so out of… breath…
Forrest: Welcome… to… the… club…

10-06-15_12-19-41 AMForrest: I’m… out.

10-07-15_5-55-14 AMForrest: Damn. Damn, damn, damn. I don’t eat like I usually do… I can’t work out since I’m nominated all the time. And now they all turn on me in this competition too? I’m seriously considering going Will-mode on their asses! *laughs* Veto is my only hope with these people.

10-06-15_12-20-34 AMHannah: Forrest, since you’ve stepped off your treadmill, you must now name a player whose treadmill you want to make go faster.
Forrest: I choose… Noah.
Noah: Thanks!
Forrest: Don’t… mention… it.

10-06-15_12-22-06 AMNoah: How are you feeling?
Michael: I’m close… to giving up. But… I want to win.
Noah: If you step off… I promise I’ll keep you safe. I can go for a while more and I can see you’re both out of breath.
Michael: And Hannah too?
Noah: Hannah too. I’m saying this in front of everybody. You’re both safe. I just want to enjoy my time in that glorious tub. *laughs*

10-06-15_12-23-16 AMNoah: Kandy, the same goes for you.
Kandy: I don’t even want to be… the replacement nominee…
Noah: Fine. If you drop… I promise you guys, you’re both safe!
Michael: And Hannah!
Noah: Hannah too! I just want my tub-time!

10-06-15_12-24-54 AMHannah: Congratulations Noah! You are the winner of the HoH Competition!
Noah: Thanks guys! I’m going to keep my word, I promise.

10-06-15_12-27-33 AMMichael: Congrats! I’m sweaty… as heck… but…
Noah: It’s fine! Thanks so much for dropping!

10-07-15_6-00-19 AMNoah: Yaaaaay! I was so close to giving up, my legs were killing me. But I wanted to win. And if I promised them safety, I knew they would drop. They were even more out of breath than me and my treadmill was one speed faster. Now it’s time to get rid off someone who is a threat in this house. I’m not afraid to make a big move this week!

10-07-15_5-26-37 AMHannah: Kandy approached Michael and me with the idea of working together. I was sceptical at first, of course, but then again… It meant that she wouldn’t be coming after me, and with Nathan gone, I had only one enemy in the House – Forrest! That makes me think of my HoH reign as pretty damn successful. Oh, and yes, one week had passed, which means – no more costume for me! Yay! I just have to get through one more week of Mac ‘n’ Cheese!

10-07-15_5-20-28 AMHannah: You guys should have stayed longer… There was two of you and only one of him.
Kandy: Hannah, I’m sorry but no. You weren’t there and you don’t know how much it hurt. He seemed like he could have gone for at least twenty more minutes. I was about to drop just as he offered me safety.
Michael: Besides, all of us are safe! I know you’re worried but there is no reason to be.
Hannah: You should always be worried in this house. Besides, do we really know where Noah stands? He’s fun to hang out with, yeah, but I still don’t know what he’s capable of when it comes to actual gameplay.
Kandy: I guess we’ll find out this week.

10-07-15_5-21-24 AMMichael: He said all three of us would be safe in front of everyone outside. If he goes back on his word, everyone will know he’s untrustworthy.
Hannah: Yeah, but that would mean he has to nominate Forrest and Erica, doesn’t it? He’s too close to Saffron, I doubt he’ll nominate her even if the Veto gets used.
Kandy: That worries me too. If the Veto gets used, he’ll put one of us up definitely. But… We still have the votes to stay, right?
Hannah: Yeah, but only if he breaks the tie in our favor.
Kandy: This is going to be an interesting week, that’s for sure.

10-07-15_5-22-25 AMNoah: Oh, sweet Jesus. Yaaaas! F*ck me sideways, this tub is everything.

10-07-15_5-25-12 AMMichael: It’s Forrest’s birthday today! All of us decided yesterday that we’d surprise him with his favorite breakfast in the morning.

10-07-15_6-08-09 AMAll: Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you… ♫

10-07-15_6-10-11 AMAll: Happy birthday dear Forrest, happy birthday to you! ♫
Forrest: Whaaat? Wow, thanks so much guys!
Saffron: There’s a special breakfast waiting for you in the kitchen too!
Forrest: If it’s Mac ‘n’ Cheese, I will seriously kill someone! *laughs*

10-07-15_6-20-57 AMForrest: Thanks so much guys! I really appreciate all you’ve done for me!

  • Josiah Stuart

    Ooh, I like the backdoor plan that was put in motion. And the video messages part makes me feel so happy for Kandy, Hannah, and Michael. I have a feeling that Forrest will get evicted and then (sadly) Saffron will follow. Andrija, I have gotten started on the Wikipedia-style table.

    Rest of Week 4 Predictions:
    PoV – Noah
    Nominees (post-PoV) – Erica & Forrest
    Evicted – Forrest
    HoH – Kandy or Hannah
    Nominees (pre-PoV) – Erica & Hannah or Erica & Kandy
    PoV – Hannah, Erica, or Kandy
    Nominees (post-PoV) – Erica & Saffron, Hannah & Saffron, or Kandy & Saffron

    • Thanks so, so much, Josiah! Video messages were really hard to do, since I had to create all those sims, new sets and there was a lot of Photoshop editing which had to be done (TV screenshots) for it to look good. But I’m glad it made you happy, then it was definitely worth the trouble! ^^

      You have? Can’t wait to see it!!! ☺

      Ooooh, more fun predictions! These are becoming my favorite things to
      see haha, especially since I know what will happen as the episodes are
      already done. xD It’s a double eviction this week so anything can happen!

  • Adam Scholze

    I have a bad feeling that this plan is sooooo going to backfire I just feel it. personally I just don’t Erica to be the victim. Excellent job with Noah being the tactician he is, I’m surprised nobody has done it yet. I really enjoyed this strategy episode

    • It sounds too perfect to go as planned haha… But hey, who knows! 😛

      I’m noticing you’re loving Erica a lot more now. ^^ Glad to see that!

      Noah is really showing his cards now, he was quiet, he hung out with almost everyone and didn’t do much scheming until his HoH win. But hey, that’s the right time to make some deals and get out who you want, right?

      Thank you, Adam, this was a really fun episode to write as it had a lot more gameplay than usual. ☺

  • Noah’s strategy is so well planned out! You can really see how much effort is put into this show! I think they’ll manage to evict Forrest this week, but I also fear someone might get the short end of the stick because of this plan too. Who knows, maybe Noah gets evicted or something?

    • Thanks so much, Jure! I really do work a lot on this so I’m super happy when someone says something like what you’ve just said! ^^
      More predictions, loving this haha! :3 I won’t spoil anything for you though, but it’s really fun to see what the viewers think will happen! So thank you for that too! ☺

  • Nathan

    Noah is turning out to be another of my favourites! He’s really entertaining and playing this game fantastically! Thing is though, I seriously hope this plan works out because the minute you put one of your ‘team’ up, it’s risky stuff because it can backfire and if they end up so confident, it could go either way. I seriously am enjoying how this game is unfolding though and this episode was full of some awesome moments and the players are starting to stand out now, which is always enjoyable haha 😛

    Keep up the great work!! 😀

    • Oooh, I didn’t think you’d like him, since you didn’t at first. But I’m glad you find him entertaining now! ^^

      Yeah, I totally get that, the biggest problem he has is that everyone is kinda his “team” hahahaha. Since he’s on good terms with everyone besides Forrest. This way at least he got others to understand why he’s putting them up. And he put up one from each side of the house so it seems fair.

      Thank you so much Nathan, I’m really glad you’ve liked this episode, and yes, things are really starting to unfold now. I think everybody now has a grasp of how every single one of them plays and who they are as people. It’s hard to get that across in the first few eps since it’s more about gameplay and competitions than it is in BB UK. ☺