S01E12 – Veto Ceremony

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10-07-15_6-37-40 AM10-08-15_7-46-35 AMSaffron: Thanks for keeping me off the chopping block, Noah! But how come you nominated Hannah? Aren’t you afraid they’ll all come after you now? You promised Michael she’d be safe.
Noah: She is. I told them ahead what my plan was. She actually volunteered to go up.
Saffron: Really? What’s your plan then?

10-08-15_7-46-17 AMNoah: Well… I want Forrest out. We can lower the chances of him winning the Veto by not putting him up.
Saffron: Oh, so you have both Erica and Hannah nominated, but none of them are your real targets.
Noah: Exactly!
Saffron: That’s clever. I just hope he doesn’t get picked then. And thanks once again for not nominating me.
Noah: I’ve got you girl, trust me!

10-08-15_8-59-12 PMErica: In case things don’t go as planned and I stay nominated, I want to ensure my stay. That’s why I’ve finally decided to pick a side. Noah isn’t far behind Hannah and Forrest when it comes to competitions, he’s won one Veto and one HoH already. He is also close with Saffron and I like spending time with her. His plan this week is also something I didn’t expect from him. I think I’m going to offer him and Saffron a deal. With them I would have better chances to get to the final since Michael and Hannah are obviously taking each other and that’s third place, at best. Also, in case of a tie, I need Noah’s vote this week.

10-08-15_7-44-00 PMErica: I’m not sure if you two have a deal with each other or with someone else but I just wanted to throw this out for you.
Noah: I’m listening.
Erica: I did tell you what happened with Nathan and Forrest. That was definitely a valuable information for you. I also like spending time with both of you. And it’s getting to a point in the game when we have to form some kind of a deal so we can progress in this game.
Noah: I agree completely!
Erica: If Forrest leaves this week as we have planned there is no real reason to nominate anyone. I think we’re all on pretty good terms with each other. So why shouldn’t three of us make a deal and basically vote out one of those other three week after week?

10-08-15_7-44-40 PMNoah: First we split off Michael and Hannah and then we get rid of Kandy as she’s a smaller threat and she is all alone in the game? And then let the best one of us win?
Erica: Exactly. We would have the numbers to do it!
Noah: I like the sound of that.
Saffron: I see no reason why we shouldn’t work together. But we shouldn’t make it too obvious right?
Erica: Of course. If one of them wins next week we can still make Kandy nominate the couple and the couple nominate Kandy if we keep this secret.

10-08-15_7-45-03 PMNoah: What if Forrest wins the Veto though?
Erica: Then we strike even faster and we vote out Hannah this week.
Noah: But we would need Forrest’s vote to make that happen.
Erica: I think he knows Hannah is a bigger threat to him than I am. And even if he doesn’t we can remind him of that in case he does win the Veto.
Saffron: Nice! Erica, who would have thought you’d plan all of this out?
Erica: Us three might not be the best competitors, but we can always use our brains, right?
Noah: Yeah, I love that! I’m in!

10-08-15_7-47-24 PMSaffron: Final three!
All: Final three!

10-08-15_9-02-25 PMHannah: Pandora’s twist this week was amazing! Noah was asked if he wanted to break the rule about no contact from the outside world. Fortunately for some of us, he choose to do just that. He had to pick just three of us and that was the hard part because some people might be mad at him now. But that’s Pandora’s Box… Positive stuff bring negative consequences. At least I’ll be getting a video message from home! I can’t wait to see my brothers and my dad!

10-08-15_8-44-53 PMErica: Guys, there’s something on the TV!

10-08-15_8-46-20 PMSaffron: What’s going on?
Michael: Will we be getting our messages now?

10-08-15_8-47-11 02Paula: Heeeya slut!

10-08-15_8-46-44 PMNoah: Oh, sweet Jesus. They made her send me a video?
Paula: Gotcha! I know you’re on a holiday from my face so I won’t take long. I’m just in here to say hello. Here’s your mom and dad!
Noah: Thank God!

10-08-15_8-47-11 01Noah’s mom: Hey darling! I just want to say how proud I am of you. You’re doing great.
Noah’s dad: Whole family gets together every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and we all watch the show together!
Noah’s mom: Even aunt Evelyn! *laughs*

10-08-15_7-04-38 AMNoah’s dad: Yes, even her! We’re extremely proud of you, just hang in there son!
Noah’s mom: I’m sending you a million kisses! Stay strong! Have fun!
Noah’s dad: Bye, son!

10-08-15_8-50-02 PMNoah: Gosh, this was so good. I miss you guys so much!
Erica: They’re so lovely! You’ve got a great family Noah!
Noah: Thank you! They’re the best!

10-08-15_8-47-11 05Michael’s mom: Is it on?
Michael’s dad: Yes, it’s on honey. Hi son!

10-08-15_7-40-09 AMMichael’s mom: Are you sure? Light’s red, not green.
Michael’s dad: Veronica, it’s supposed to be red! We’re wasting time!
Michael’s mom: Ooh, I better hurry then. Well, Michael, my dearest son…
Michael’s dad: He is your only son. *laughs*
Michael’s mom: Michael, my only son, we love you so much! You’re making us very proud.

10-08-15_8-50-16 PMMichael’s dad: I am extremely proud to be able to say to everyone I meet that I am your dad!
Michael’s mom: He does it all the time! We are going to get a constraining order from…
Michael’s dad: Honey, it’s restraining order.
Michael’s mom: Are you sure? Oh, well…

10-08-15_8-52-10 PM10-08-15_8-50-46 PMMichael: That’s it?
I suppose all of the videos had to be the same length. They are hilarious though, Mikey!
Saffron: And you can really see how much in love they are. So cute!
Hannah: And rare!
Michael: Thanks guys, they really are happy together! I love you too mom and dad!

10-08-15_8-47-11 03Hannah’s dad: Hey, pumpkin!

10-08-15_8-51-11 PMHannah: Oh my God! It’s my dad!

10-08-15_8-51-30 PMHannah’s dad: You’re doing great in that house! All of us miss you.
Hannah’s brother: Fishing’s not the same without you, that’s for sure!
Hannah’s dad: We always bring a photo of you with us though! Pumpkin, all of us love you very much and we’re cheering for you every episode! Keep fighting hard and remember… We will be waiting for you outside!

10-08-15_7-27-43 AMHannah’s brother: And tell Michael that we approve! He’s a great guy!
Hannah: Oh come on, Jared. *laughs*

10-08-15_8-51-55 PMHannah’s dad: I definitely want to meet that young man, that’s true! But no kissing in front of the cameras, please!
Hannah’s brother: Bye, sis! Oh, and Ian wanted to be here too, but he couldn’t drive back home because of something with college! He just wanted us to let you know he’s rooting for you too!

10-08-15_8-52-54 PMHannah: That was so amazing. Thanks Noah!
Noah: Don’t mention it!
Kandy: Ian’s your brother too?
Hannah: Yeah, the youngest one. He just started college this fall.
Michael: I can’t wait to meet them. They seem so cool!
Hannah: Oh, be careful what you wish for, they’re way more embarrassing in real life, trust me. *laughs*

10-08-15_8-47-11 04Kandy’s grandma: ‘Becca!

10-08-15_8-54-33 PMKandy: Oh my gosh…

10-08-15_8-49-18 PMKandy’s grandma: We miss you so much! But at least we get to see you.
Kandy’s mom: Too bad you can’t see us. Stay strong for us, sweetie! You’re doing so well!
Kandy’s grandma: Royal loved watching you. We’ve recorded all the episodes and we kept replaying… *sobs*

10-08-15_6-56-08 AMKandy’s mom: What grandma wanted to say is… that grandpa was definitely your biggest fan. And he still is!
Kandy’s grandma: Exactly. All of us are rooting for you and you’ve brought the family so much closer! Keep doing what you’re doing as you’ve really made us proud!
Kandy’s mom: We can’t wait to see you, sweetie! Love you!

10-08-15_8-57-23 PMKandy: *sniffles* That was so… Thanks Noah, thanks Big Brother!
Erica: Are you okay?
Kandy: Yes, yes. I’m fine. Thanks Erica!

10-08-15_9-04-32 PMKandy: It was just so touching to see them together. Mom and grandma were in a fight when I left, so I’m glad to see them spending time together now! And that picture of grandpa broke my heart. I miss that guy so much. He was the dad I never met.

10-08-15_9-05-45 PMForrest: Those people acted like they haven’t seen their families for a year. It’s been what, less than four weeks? I can go for months over the summer without seeing my parents and I never act like a freaking lunatic when I do see them or if they call me or something. They were just faking it for TV!

  • Josiah Stuart

    Oh my gosh, can we get Forrest out now? He’s a pain in my rear end (then again, Noah wants him backdoored). I liked the video messages, especially Kandy’s. Yay! Saffron, Noah, and Erica have a Final 3 deal. Bring on the backdooring and double eviction!

    P.S. I am still updating the Wikipedia-style table.

    • Hahahahaha, I wonder why Forrest is so disliked? 😛

      Glad you liked those, as I’ve already said they took A LOT of work, since new sets and characters had to be created + all the photoshop work.

      …And I am still looking forward a lot to it! ^^ 😀 😀

  • Adam Scholze

    Damn, can this plan actually work? I would’ve liked see some of the”otherside’s” Oblivion to Saffron, Noah, & Erica’s new found team, but overall I think the messages were a nice addition (I wonder what the other’s families would’ve looked like) but I thoroughly liked this episode I can’t wait for whats next

    • Who knows! 😛 You’ll have to see in the next episode if it works or not, Adam! Haha! ☺

      I was thinking about doing all the families but then Pandora’s twist this week wouldn’t have any negative sides to it, so I had to make Noah choose who gets them since it could possibly make enemies for him because he chose to go through with it.

      I might do them at some point though, who knows. 😛

      I’m so, so glad you’re still following this and that you’re such a loyal fan and commenter! ^^

  • Nathan

    Firstly – Video messages from home were PERFECT! Absolutely loved them! I’d say out of every Sims Big Brother series I’ve watched, you’ve handled those the best. They weren’t too dramatic or over the top, they were just nice and it gave people a real chance to see into the houseguests backgrounds 🙂 Love them!

    Forrest is really grating my cheese at the moment! Can’t stand him! Just because people were emotional because of their letters from home doesn’t mean they’re ‘faking it’ for the cameras. The idiot! Anyways, I hope he’s evicted this week because he’s doing my head in. Noah’s stepping up big-time. POV and HOH in one week? Awesome! Also may I just say, the POV competition was my favourite yet! AWESOME! Keep up the good work!

    • Thank you Nathan!!! I’m glad you’ve liked those so much! ^^ It definitely seems it was worth it to spend so much time on them, even though I didn’t make them too long. You got exactly what I wanted with them (to show HGs’ backgrounds). ☺

      Forrest seems to be annoying a lot of people atm. :O Who would’ve guessed! 😛 I’m so glad to hear all that! I’m really happy you’re enjoying this! ^^

  • Forrest told the truth about the video messages. But I was so angry when I saw that he got picked for the Veto… However, Noah won, so even though I doubted this plan would work, I think it will now! Woohooo! I’m interested to see what awaits Noah in the next few eps!

    • Thanks so much, Jure! Glad to see you’re catching up! Better do it fast though, Finale’s on Sunday! 😛 Just kiddin’, do it at your own pace, as long as you’re enjoying it! ?