S01E12 – Veto Ceremony

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10-08-15_8-41-35 PMNoah: They’ve just announced the players competing in the Power of Veto Competition to me! As all of you know, I, as the Head of Household, two Nominees and three other HouseGuests chosen at random will be eligible to compete. The three HouseGuests chosen at random were…

10-08-15_8-42-20 PMNoah: Saffron, Kandy… and Forrest! The Veto Competition will begin shortly in the Competition Area.

10-08-15_9-08-43 PMNoah: F*ck.

10-08-15_9-13-14 PMMichael: Damn… I didn’t get picked again? That’s a shame. And Forrest is playing which makes it so much more worse. Hopefully it will be a competition he will suck in.

10-08-15_9-00-05 PMErica: Worst case scenario just happened. This is going to be the first competition in which I will actually fight to win! I didn’t think being nominated would be as hard but the outside shower is awful, I’m already sick of Mac ‘n’ Cheese and besides that… Forrest needs to be evicted!

10-08-15_7-52-56 PM10-08-15_7-53-59 PM Michael: In this Power of Veto Competition you will be playing separately, every single one of in your own booth. In the booth you will find a TV screen and photos of every single HouseGuest. Once everyone is set a face will appear on the screen and your times will start. Every face you see will be a hybrid face which contains exactly three of our faces. The faces of evicted HouseGuests are a possible answer too. Your goal is to light up the photos of the three HouseGuests who are combined in the hybrid face on the screen. If you are correct a new face will appear. First one who finishes all six faces will win the Power of Veto!
Saffron: This sounds so fun!
Noah: We’re going to look like sh*t! *laughs*

10-08-15_7-54-52 PMMichael: Ready… Set… GO!

10-08-15_7-55-29 PM10-08-15_9-03-10 PMHannah: My reaction to every single photo in this competition was “What the heck is this?” *laughs*

10-08-15_7-56-47 PM 10-08-15_7-57-52 PM10-08-15_9-05-03 PMKandy: First one was pretty easy, it was Forrest’s chin and body, Annie’s lips and Hannah’s eyes and hair. But with every single one it got harder and harder to guess who the HouseGuests were.

10-08-15_7-59-11 PM10-08-15_8-08-06 PM 10-08-15_8-00-02 PM10-08-15_9-11-44 PMSaffron: Second one was sooo bad. It was Michael, Noah and I mixed in one disaster of a photo. It was what I would call a photoshopped vomit of a face. Hopefully, three people can’t have a baby together because these faces were just a mistake after a mistake. Kind of like my love life.

10-08-15_8-00-41 PM10-08-15_8-01-51 PM10-08-15_8-02-54 PM 10-08-15_8-04-00 PM10-08-15_9-10-38 PMNoah: Okay, I will seriously have nightmares from some of these faces! Third and fourth ones were definitely the nastiest! They looked like something from a freak show! *laughs*

10-08-15_8-05-18 PM 10-08-15_8-06-32 PM10-08-15_9-02-59 PMHannah: I had a really hard time with the fifth one. I couldn’t guess whose chin that was. So I just started pressing a light after light… and then Michael announced the winner.

10-08-15_8-07-29 PM 10-08-15_8-09-34 PMMichael: Congratulations Noah! You’ve successfully guessed who was on all the six faces!
Kandy: *yells* Congrats Noah!

10-08-15_9-09-10 PMNoah: Both HoH and PoV in one week?! Wooohoo! Now I can finally make some changes in this house! Nothing is set in stone yet!

10-08-15_8-32-57 PMKandy: So happy you’ve won!
Hannah: Yeah, congrats Noah!
Noah: Thanks guys!
Hannah: So, you’ll be taking me off, right?
Noah: Yeah, yeah…
Hannah: Good.

10-08-15_8-34-40 PMNoah: Hannah immediately came to me after the comp and she was like… So, you’ll take me off the block? She worries me.
Erica: Noah, don’t ruin this now. We can take care of her and Michael later. Forrest is the biggest threat at this point. This is the first week he didn’t win a thing and this is the first week when we actually have a chance to send him out the door.
Noah: I know but… He is alone in the game. If we bring him over on our side…

10-08-15_8-34-59 PMErica: Then he will win this game. Trust me. We were trying to get him out for weeks now and he always managed to save himself. Now we finally have a chance to get rid of him. We shouldn’t ruin it. Besides, did you forget what he told Nathan and what happened because of that?
Noah: Yeah… yeah. I’ll put him up. Do you want me to take you off though?
Erica: No! We need to keep us a secret. Just do as we have agreed and let them think you’re good with them. That’s best, especially in case one of them wins next week.
Noah: Thanks Erica! I’ll do just that.

10-08-15_8-37-04 PMNoah: We are gathered here for the Power of Veto Ceremony. I, as the winner, have the power to veto one of my own nominations since I am also the HoH this week. I have decided…

10-08-15_8-37-40 PMNoah: … to use the Power of Veto on Hannah. As I have just vetoed one of my own nominations, I must now also name a replacement Nominee. Forrest, I nominate you. Please, take a sit next to Erica.

10-08-15_8-39-20 PMForrest: Wait, what?!

10-08-15_8-39-53 PM10-08-15_9-00-34 PMErica: It’s a lot easier to work with Noah than it was with Nathan. Noah actually listens to reasonable advice. *laughs* I am nominated, but I feel completely safe. That is not a good thing, though, you should never feel safe in here. But I won’t push anyone too hard as opinions in this house can change way too fast and for now at least I am not a target.

10-08-15_9-07-54 PMForrest: What just happened? I wanted to lay low this week as I wasn’t even nominated. I tried to make some friends and I put on a fake smile every single day for these people! And for what?! To get backdoored? I am so pissed off right now. I won’t go out without a fight, that’s for sure! And that… well, you know what will hear a piece of my mind for doing this to me!


  • Josiah Stuart

    Oh my gosh, can we get Forrest out now? He’s a pain in my rear end (then again, Noah wants him backdoored). I liked the video messages, especially Kandy’s. Yay! Saffron, Noah, and Erica have a Final 3 deal. Bring on the backdooring and double eviction!

    P.S. I am still updating the Wikipedia-style table.

    • Hahahahaha, I wonder why Forrest is so disliked? 😛

      Glad you liked those, as I’ve already said they took A LOT of work, since new sets and characters had to be created + all the photoshop work.

      …And I am still looking forward a lot to it! ^^ 😀 😀

  • Adam Scholze

    Damn, can this plan actually work? I would’ve liked see some of the”otherside’s” Oblivion to Saffron, Noah, & Erica’s new found team, but overall I think the messages were a nice addition (I wonder what the other’s families would’ve looked like) but I thoroughly liked this episode I can’t wait for whats next

    • Who knows! 😛 You’ll have to see in the next episode if it works or not, Adam! Haha! ☺

      I was thinking about doing all the families but then Pandora’s twist this week wouldn’t have any negative sides to it, so I had to make Noah choose who gets them since it could possibly make enemies for him because he chose to go through with it.

      I might do them at some point though, who knows. 😛

      I’m so, so glad you’re still following this and that you’re such a loyal fan and commenter! ^^

  • Nathan

    Firstly – Video messages from home were PERFECT! Absolutely loved them! I’d say out of every Sims Big Brother series I’ve watched, you’ve handled those the best. They weren’t too dramatic or over the top, they were just nice and it gave people a real chance to see into the houseguests backgrounds 🙂 Love them!

    Forrest is really grating my cheese at the moment! Can’t stand him! Just because people were emotional because of their letters from home doesn’t mean they’re ‘faking it’ for the cameras. The idiot! Anyways, I hope he’s evicted this week because he’s doing my head in. Noah’s stepping up big-time. POV and HOH in one week? Awesome! Also may I just say, the POV competition was my favourite yet! AWESOME! Keep up the good work!

    • Thank you Nathan!!! I’m glad you’ve liked those so much! ^^ It definitely seems it was worth it to spend so much time on them, even though I didn’t make them too long. You got exactly what I wanted with them (to show HGs’ backgrounds). ☺

      Forrest seems to be annoying a lot of people atm. :O Who would’ve guessed! 😛 I’m so glad to hear all that! I’m really happy you’re enjoying this! ^^

  • Forrest told the truth about the video messages. But I was so angry when I saw that he got picked for the Veto… However, Noah won, so even though I doubted this plan would work, I think it will now! Woohooo! I’m interested to see what awaits Noah in the next few eps!

    • Thanks so much, Jure! Glad to see you’re catching up! Better do it fast though, Finale’s on Sunday! 😛 Just kiddin’, do it at your own pace, as long as you’re enjoying it! ?