S01E13 – Double Eviction

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10-09-15_6-43-16 PMKatrina: Four weeks ago ten complete strangers have entered the Big Brother House through the door behind me. Tonight is a very special night since not just one, but two of them will leave through that same door and only five will be left standing. I hope you are ready for the fourth Live Show of the season!

10-09-15_6-43-33 PMKatrina: Good evening, my name is Katrina Caliente. As I’ve told you a week ago, two of our HouseGuests will be leaving the house tonight. Why? Well, it’s the thirteenth episode of the series and it’s also Friday tonight. Not exactly Friday the Thirteenth, but it’s good enough reason for us to make things a bit harder for our HouseGuests! As always, we will first say hello to our HouseGuests but I will also be revealing to them the big twist of the night now! Let’s see how they react…

10-09-15_7-14-18 PMKatrina (from the Studio): HouseGuests, this is Katrina. Tonight will be a very special night for all of you. A whole week worth of game will be played out!
Kandy: What?
Erica: What’s going on?

10-09-15_7-15-03 PMKatrina (from the Studio): First of all, either Forrest or Erica will leave the House. Then we will crown a new HoH who will immediately nominate two HouseGuests for eviction. After that the Power of Veto Competition will be played and in the end one more of you will leave the House forever.
Noah: That’s insane?!
Katrina (from the Studio): As all of you know, that person will also be the first Big Brother Juror who will be deciding on which one of you wins this game. I am leaving you now for a bit, so you can process all of this, but I will be back soon!
Saffron: Why are you doing this to us, Katrina? *laughs*

10-09-15_6-45-19 PMKatrina: There’s not a lot of time for highlights tonight as this is a Double Eviction episode, but let’s see some of the most important things that happened after the Power of Veto Ceremony!

10-09-15_6-04-18 PM10-09-15_6-05-04 PMForrest: Why did you put me up?
Noah: You’ve won so many comps, you scare all of us. It should be a compliment to you.
Forrest: Well you can shove that compliment you know where! Oh, wait… You’d like that!
Noah: Nice, nice.

10-09-15_6-05-34 PMSaffron: Why are you attacking him?
Forrest: Because he’s a pussy!
Saffron: All of us wanted you out, Forrest. Attack all of us then!
Forrest: Well, is there any chance I can stay?
Saffron: With that kind of behavior? No.
Forrest: Why didn’t you put Kandy up? She won §10,000 and the trip to Sunlit Tides. She’s also working with Michael and Hannah if you haven’t noticed. I am alone in this game. You have a money hungry slut and a showmance in front of your eyes and you put me up?

10-09-15_6-06-50 PM 10-09-15_6-07-12 PMKandy: What did you just call me?!
Forrest: Oh, nothing. I’ve just explained to Noah and Saffron what you’ve been doing behind their backs.
Noah: Did you really win those prizes?
Kandy: What? Of course not.
Saffron: Well, someone buzzed in on them.

10-09-15_6-08-48 PMKandy: I didn’t win them, I swear. He’s just trying to do everything he can so he’d stay.
Saffron: And you’re not working with Hannah and Michael? You three have been spending a lot more time together…
Kandy: There’s only seven of us in here. Of course we’re going to hang out more and more together. I can’t believe you’re buying this crap he’s spewing out. He probably took those prizes and now he wants to plant them on me.
Forrest: You told me you’ve won them!
Kandy: Why would I do that? That would make me a target in everyone’s eyes! I’m not that retarded, Forrest! Stop playing Nathan!

10-09-15_6-09-20 PMForrest: Oh, whatever. Don’t believe me. But you’re making a mistake. You should’ve broken up the showmance when you had the chance Noah. I hope you’ll get evicted because of them!

10-09-15_6-10-42 PMKandy: Why did he attack me?
Saffron: Oh, don’t worry, he attacked Noah just seconds before. He’s trying to get us riled up… I don’t understand how that would help him stay but… yeah. *laughs*
Kandy: Thanks, Saffy.

10-09-15_6-11-42 PMMichael: What happened?
Hannah: Apparently, Kandy’s won the money and the trip in that competition we played and Forrest told everyone.
Michael: How does he know?
Hannah: He doesn’t. Kandy says he’s lying and that he’s just attacking everyone since we’ll vote to evict him on Friday.
Michael: So, once you get nominated you go full retard? Never let me go full retard, Hannah, please! I hereby give you a permission to slap me if I ever do something like that.
Hannah: You won’t, Mikey. You’re a bigger person than they are.

10-09-15_6-13-05 PMErica: These young alpha males are not so good at admitting defeat, are they? Forrest is so butthurt right now. *laughs* Will went even further when he got nominated. Oh well, it’s better for me this way since I’m most likely staying after this little stunt Forrest pulled off today!

10-09-15_6-47-18 PMKatrina: Short but eventful, right? These HouseGuests never leave me disappointed! *laughs* However, it’s now time to reveal to you how the House voted on who to evict. As always, HoH and the Nominees haven’t been allowed to vote. The rest of the HouseGuests were called to the Diary Room one by one just moments before the Live Show to say who they wanted to see leave the Big Brother house tonight. After you see all the votes from the Diary Room, I will be revealing the vote to the HouseGuests.

10-10-15_6-33-07 PMKandy: I vote to evict Forrest, with pleasure.

10-10-15_6-28-58 PMMichael: I vote to evict Forrest as that is what we have been planning this whole week. Besides, who knows if we would ever get a chance to see him nominated again on eviction night, since he wins everything.

10-10-15_6-30-58 PMHannah: I vote to evict Forrest as he is a much bigger threat than Erica is.

10-10-15_6-26-32 PMSaffron: I vote to evict Forrest. Never liked the guy, rarely spoke with him. Good riddance, if you ask me. Not to mention – long overdue!

10-09-15_7-16-07 PMKatrina (from the Studio): Hello HouseGuests! Erica…

10-09-15_7-16-40 PMKatrina (from the Studio): …and Forrest! You have been nominated for Eviction and the House has decided. By a vote of four to zero…

10-09-15_7-17-33 PMKatrina (from the Studio): Forrest, you have been evicted from the Big Brother house! As we are in a hurry, please leave through the front door immediately.

10-09-15_7-19-20 PM 10-09-15_7-19-48 PMMichael: Bye Forrest, have fun!
Forrest: Yeah, whatever…

10-10-15_6-18-05 PM10-09-15_7-22-52 PM 10-09-15_7-23-21 PMKatrina: Welcome back to the real world, Forrest!
Forrest: I am really unhappy to be here. I should have won the show, Katrina!

10-09-15_7-24-01 PMKatrina: I understand you’re unhappy, but what makes you think you should have won?
Forrest: I’ve won like… almost every single competition. It’s so unfair.
Katrina: But, this is Big Brother. It’s not all about winning competitions. Most of it is about strategy and alliances and not making yourself a target. By winning so many competitions, you’ve made yourself a massive target, Forrest.
Forrest: I should have just won this week’s Veto too.
Katrina: Why didn’t you?

10-09-15_7-24-33 PMForrest: Because that… well… Noah made me think I was safe. The way he got me out this week was very dirty. He is gay, so I guess it’s no wonder he didn’t have balls to deal with me like a real man.
Katrina: Excuse me? You should be glad this interview has to be a bit shorter because we have a lot to do tonight, otherwise I’d really let you have it for that comment, mister. Now, who would you like to see win?
Forrest: I wanted me to win, I don’t really care about others… Oh and I know what you’d say, but my opinion on that subject won’t change, Katrina.
Katrina: Well, you should learn more about it then. And maybe you should have studied more about playing a strategic game like Big Brother, then you wouldn’t be out this fast.

10-09-15_7-25-08 PMKatrina: Anyway, thank you for being a part of the first series of Big Brother and we will see each other once again on the Finale night when you’ll get to share your opinion, alongside the rest of the evicted HouseGuests, about the season and the Finalists!
Forrest: Fine, we’ll see each other then!
Katrina: Unfortunately.

10-09-15_7-25-43 PMKatrina: I am very sorry viewers, that was a bit unprofessional. But you all know me, I get fierce when people start saying stuff like that and even though I have to be objective, there’s only so much I can take. Let’s get back to business. It’s time to crown a new Head of Household!

10-09-15_7-28-23 PMKatrina (from the Studio): Hello HouseGuests! Noah, as the outgoing HoH you are not allowed to compete in this Head of Household Competition. For the rest of you, here are the rules… On the screen in front of you, you will be able to see a word search puzzle. The same word search puzzle will appear on tablets in front of you. First person who finds the names of every HouseGuest who is still in the Big Brother House will win become the next HoH.
Saffron: I love word search puzzles!

10-09-15_7-31-19 PMKatrina (from the Studio): Good luck HouseGuests!

10-09-15_7-31-45 PM 10-09-15_7-32-34 PMHannah: This is hard.

10-09-15_7-32-08 PM 10-09-15_7-33-46 PM10-09-15_7-35-14 PMKatrina (from the Studio): Congratulations Kandy! You are the fifth Head of Household of the series! Please, tell us who you’d like to nominate for eviction.

10-09-15_7-36-27 PMKandy: Thanks, Katrina! I have decided to nominate… Erica and Saffron.

10-09-15_7-37-17 PMSaffron: Oh, that sucks.
Kandy: Sorry, Saffy!
Saffron: Nah, it’s okay.
Katrina (from the Studio): Thank you Kandy. HouseGuests, I will be back in just a few minutes for the Power of Veto Competition!

10-09-15_7-38-30 PMNoah: This is so intense.
Hannah: Tell me about it. I can hardly breathe.

  • Josiah Stuart

    YES! Forrest got evicted, then Kandy won HoH, but Saffron got evicted to the jury house. Well, this was an action packed week of Big Brother. I am really liking it now that we are into the jury stage of the game. I cannot wait for Finale Night!

    Also, I wonder if we’ll see the jury house or not. Keep up the good work Andrija!

    Week 5 Predictions:
    HoH – Erica or Noah
    Nominees (pre-PoV) – Hannah & Michael
    PoV – Anyone
    Nominees (post-PoV) – Hannah & Michael, Hannah & Kandy, or Kandy & Michael
    Evicted – Kandy or Michael

    • Haha, yup! I think you predicted most (if not all) of this! :O Good job on that, mate haha! ^^ This was probably the hardest episode to write since there was so much to do in it. Highlights had to be very short, I hope no one minds that too much! ☺

      Glad you’re looking forward to the Finale! Did your opinions on the finalists change?

      Yes, you most definitely will! I always love the Jury House bits as it shows more of how HouseGuests are when the backstabbing and gameplaying is taken out. So it was something I just have to show haha! ☺

      Thanks so much, Josiah! I do try to keep it interesting haha! ^^

      PS Loving your predictions, as always!

  • Ben

    This was a really good episode with a surprise result in that Saffron was evicted! I was never a massive fan of her, but I somehow thought she would fly under the radar until the end. At least Hannah and Michael are still there 🙂 Can’t wait for the next few weeks of this show, it has been great so far!

    • Thanks so much, Ben! ^^ Hannah definitely seemed like she wanted Noah out instead of Saffron, though. Would you prefer it if he left?

      And thanks, finale is definitely near and I didn’t think time would pass this fast haha! But I’m glad you’re still enjoying the series!☺

  • Nathan

    Wow! This was definitely my favourite episode so far! So much happened!!

    So happy that Forrest was evicted, he was an idiot really and took the nomination badly; his outburst to Noah, Saffron and Kandy at the start was ridiculous and I knew he was a goner then! His eviction interview proved how deluded he was too, saying he should have won etc. You’ve got to play the game to be in it and I don’t think he was all that intelligent really.

    The HOH/POV in one night was FANTASTIC! Loved that! I was really happy that Kandy was saved as she’s my favourite! I wasn’t overly happy with this result as Saffron wasn’t actually a bad person, she seemed very genuine and I did actually like her. Although I’m worried now that Kandy’s loyalties have kinda been made obvious and I hope she’s not a target for next week. Hopefully she’ll sort out her game this next week to save herself from nomination.

    Really enjoying this so far, I’m hooked and you’re doing a perfect job. Your production quality is fantastic; the filming and editing is also amazing and the houseguests are all perfect. There’s no boring ones or anything, they’re all interesting and I can’t wait to see how it plays out over the next few weeks!

    PS sorry for the LOOOONG comment 😐

    • YAAAAY! ^^ Thanks so much! It was definitely the most eventful episode I had to make haha!

      He was great at competitions, but he lacked any real bonds with people. And that can get you a lot further than winning comps tbh. But he always saw himself as better than everybody else, so It made sense for him not to make any real friends. I’m glad you’ve noticed that too, I like making those interviews since it shows the true character of a HG without all the gameplay (for example, Nathan took it really well and he wasn’t bitter at all because in the end it was just a game for him).

      Saffron was really liked (inside and outside the house) and she was very fun to write because she just didn’t give a damn about the scheming and stuff like that. Everyone left now is playing the game and that might be a good thing or a bad one, who knows haha! To be fair, I think Kandy’s placed herself okay so far since she’s in a team with an obvious showmance… so they’re the bigger target? But things can change on a dime in there so… 😛

      Thank you so much Nathan for all the things you’ve said throughout this series, it really, really means a lot! You know how much I respect you as a writer so when you say things like that, it’s a massive compliment! ☺

      Nah, I loved, loved, loved reading it and replying to you in the similarly loooong comment was fun as well! 😛