S01E14 – Nominations

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10-12-15_11-51-31 PMNoah: Something seemed fishy about the Eviction from the moment they’ve started calling others to vote on who they wanted to evict before the show. Votes were supposed to be cast live, like they were the previous week. So I wasn’t that shocked when Katrina announced that two HouseGuests would be leaving during the live show. But honestly, this was the most stressful hour of my entire life. I almost went from being HoH to getting evicted.

10-12-15_11-55-10 PMKandy: Well, my HoH reign was pretty short. *laughs* And pretty useless too. Saffron was not a threat. At all. What were Hannah and Michael thinking?

10-12-15_10-14-18 PMHannah: Why did you vote for Saffron to leave?
Michael: I thought… that was what we wanted?
Hannah: No, Michael. Noah was the bigger threat!
Michael: But… We hang out with him so much more. I’m sorry, it all happened so fast and we never really got a chance to talk. I mean, you should have told me…

10-12-15_10-16-56 PMHannah: You should have used your head!
Michael: I’m sorry…
Hannah: Just leave me alone for a bit.
Michael: Hannah, I’m sorry.

10-12-15_10-17-38 PMHannah: So am I!

10-12-15_10-18-47 PMHannah: I’m so disappointed now.
Kandy: In Michael? Obviously. We were golden! If he just voted like every reasonable person would in that situation…
Hannah: But he didn’t. Saffron was never even close to winning a single competition. What was he thinking?
Kandy: Yeah, and Noah won three. Now he can win his fourth one too. But we can still win the next HoH, it’s two against two. It’s not that bad, Hannah.
Hannah: But it’s certainly worse than it should be.
Kandy: Just take a deep breath. It happened and it sucks but we’ll get through it. We’re still in a really good spot.

10-12-15_10-19-24 PMHannah: I know, I know… I’m just… He acts like a child! He just doesn’t think.
Kandy: Hannah, calm down, girl. You know he meant well. This night took us all by surprise.
Hannah: I’ll go make myself some cocoa. That usually helps me when I’m stressed.
Kandy: Yeah, you do that. I’ll go and talk with Michael. He must be upset…
Hannah: He should be.
Kandy: Hannah!
Hannah: Yeah, I know. That’s not fair to say, I’m just pissed off. I’ll apologise to him later. And Kandy… Thank you!
Kandy: Don’t mention it!

10-12-15_11-50-46 PMNoah: These girls were screaming around the house and I was like… Am I not your friend? Like, seriously? You’re that mad because I’ve stayed? It’s pretty obvious that Kandy is working with Michael and Hannah. And I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on Hannah now.

10-12-15_10-21-22 PMNoah: They’ve really pissed me off tonight. Hannah especially.
Erica: Yeah, she could have done it a lot more subtly.
Noah: It’s obvious they’re working together though.
Erica: Yeah, I know. At this point, even if we weren’t working together, we’d be forced to. *laughs*
Noah: Exactly! But I’m glad, to be honest. The house is split now and hopefully, we’ll win the HoH and we’ll get one of them out next week! There’s no need to pretend anymore.
Erica: This is war now! *laughs*

10-12-15_10-23-57 PMHannah: I’m sorry Michael. I was out of line tonight.
Michael: Oh, I could never be mad at you, Hannah. I’m just sad I’ve let you down.
Hannah: What? You’re sad because of that?
Michael: Of course. I’m just stupid and…
Hannah: You’re not stupid, Michael.
Michael: I am. *laughs* But I’m okay with that. I’m good at other things.
Hannah: Michael, you’re not stupid.

10-12-15_10-24-33 PMMichael: I really thought you’d want me to keep Noah. We spend so much time with him and I also thought that if he wins HoH he would go after Kandy and not us. That would mean we wouldn’t be the ones who would have to do it. So we wouldn’t break our deal with her.
Hannah: That’s… that’s actually not a bad idea at all. Gosh, Mikey… I feel so stupid now. Please, forgive me.
Michael: I could never be mad at you, Hannah. I told you that already and I mean it.

10-12-15_10-28-23 PMHannah: *sobs*
Michael: Come here.

10-12-15_10-28-59 PMHannah: You are amazing, Michael. You really are and… I like you. A lot. I’m so sorry for ruining this night for you.
Michael: Don’t be silly. A night which involves a hug with you is a great night in my books.
Hannah: *laughs* You’re adorable.

10-12-15_10-32-07 PM10-12-15_10-32-58 PMMichael: Oh… but… I thought we’d wait until we leave the house.
Hannah: Screw that. You deserve a kiss.
Michael: You won’t see me complaining!
Hannah: *laughs*

10-12-15_10-37-27 PMNoah: I wanted a word with you.
Kandy: I’m sorry for nominating…
Noah: It’s not that. *laughs* I get it, it’s a game. And I was shocked when I realized you were playing with Hannah and Michael but it does make sense. For you especially.
Kandy: Oh…
Noah: I’ve also noticed that your initial wish was to get Erica out as I was only put up once she won the Veto, right?

10-12-15_10-37-15 PMKandy: Yeah of course! Noah, I prefer you over her any day. We hung out since the beginning. To be honest, you ended up nominated because of purely strategic reasons. I have nothing against you on a personal level.
Noah: That’s what I thought. Anyway, I just wanted to ask you if you’d be willing to… in case Erica and I end up being nominated, would you vote for me? Or maybe even influence the pair that Erica is a bigger threat? I can promise you the same.
Kandy: If I get nominated you’d vote for me to stay?
Noah: Yeah.
Kandy: I’m down for that.

10-12-15_10-35-15 PMNoah: I’m so glad to hear that. And if I win, you know I’ll nominate Hannah and Michael. I want to split them up or they’ll win this.
Kandy: Yeah, I can see that. I’m afraid of that too, if I’m honest. Thanks for talking with me about this, I’m glad we’ve had this chat.
Noah: Me too.

10-12-15_11-50-53 PMNoah: I’m definitely Hannah and Michael’s biggest threat at this point. I really needed Kandy’s support and we’ve often seen eye to eye in here. I think we have a mutual respect for each other and I prefer her over Hannah after everything Hannah pulled off last night. So I just wanted to make sure we were on the same level. I’m just praying I win the HoH competition again.

10-12-15_11-54-35 PMKandy: I think I’m pretty safe this week, as long as Erica doesn’t win. I was on her good side until I nominated her yesterday. I’m really close with Hannah and Michael, and after Noah approached me today and we made that deal… Yeah, as long as Erica doesn’t win, I’m safe!

10-12-15_10-42-24 PMKandy: HouseGuests, welcome to the sixth Head of Household Competition! I, as the outgoing HoH, am unable to compete. For the rest of you, here are the rules… On the one side of your lane are dozens of portraits of all of the HouseGuests. Your goal is to place the portraits on the wall on the other side of your lane in the following order: on the top row you will place the HoH of the week, you’ll place the portrait of the PoV winner underneath and finally, you’ll place that week’s Evictee on the bottom. You can only take one portrait at the time. Will will be considered an Evictee in this Competition even though he got ejected. HouseGuest who finishes his Big Brother Wall of Fame and Shame first will win the HoH Competition.

10-12-15_10-41-48 PM 10-12-15_10-42-02 PM 10-12-15_10-43-28 PMKandy: As you can see, the lanes are constantly splashed with water and they are very, very slippery. So, take care, HouseGuests! Does everyone understand the rules?
All: Yes!
Kandy: Great! You can start working on your Wall in three… two… one… NOW!

10-12-15_10-52-11 PM  10-12-15_10-50-21 PM 10-12-15_10-49-40 PM10-12-15_11-49-25 PMErica: This game mixes up memory with speed and balance and it might seem easy to some, but when you’re running up and down that slippery lane and you’re thinking about who won what and which week it all was, you really start to doubt yourself. My strategy was to place the HoHs in order then worry about PoV winners and finally after I had those done, I’d place the Nominees on the bottom.

10-12-15_10-51-45 PM10-12-15_11-47-23 PMHannah: Worst part about this Competition was the fact that you could see other Walls while you were running with a portrait to your Wall. And if someone had something done differently you really start to doubt what you’ve done and that makes you lose time and time is of essence in a race like this.

10-12-15_10-56-09 PMMichael: Careful…

10-12-15_11-01-49 PMNoah: Damn, I almost lost it! *laughs*

  • Adam Scholze

    haha I love how saffron getting booted was a giant factor in this episode (sad she’s gone though)
    I love the dialogue of Erica plotting her win, but I think the Hanna-Michael force may be too strong for her.

    P.S taking out Will all the current competitors are on the left side of the thumbnail for big brother

    • Hannah really didn’t want Saffron gone since she didn’t seem like she’d win anything. And Noah has now won enough of comps to be considered a big threat. Michael on the other hand saw him as an ally. So it all culminated in this ep haha!
      I’m glad you’re liking Erica’s gameplay, Adam! She managed to stay under the radar after Nathan’s eviction and that was pretty hard.

      Oooh, that is a complete coincidence. I would’ve never noticed that if it weren’t for you though! 😀 😀

  • Josiah Stuart

    Andrija, this was a good episode. I am not happy that Hannah nominated Erica and Noah. Hopefully one of them can win the PoV and save themselves so Hannah can put up Michael or Kandy. But I know that between this final 5, whoever wins will be a worthy winner. I now want Erica to win the game.

    I can’t wait to share the Wikipedia-style table after the finale.

    • Hannah is in an alliance with Kandy and Michael so with only 5 people left, those were kind of the only options she had. It’s certainly going to be intense now, especially if someone wins the Veto, right?

      I’m glad that you’re liking the final five, Josiah, I really didn’t want the winner to be someone who didn’t play the game like the winners in BBUS lately. What seasons did you watch, if you don’t mind me asking? I personally love Dan (BB10/14). He’s the ultimate player in my books haha! ^^

      I can’t wait to see it either! Really excited about that! ☺

      • Josiah Stuart

        I’ve watched all of BB13, and 90% of BB14, BB15, BB16, and BB17.

        • I hope you get into earlier seasons, S6, 8 and 10 were absolutely amazing and filled with gameplay. These past few were horrible after a few weeks. No one made any “big” moves. 🙁
          Sorry for going off topic, I rarely find anyone who watched BBUS in my country, so I was just wondering haha! ^^