S01E15 – Veto Ceremony

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bb01ep15vetodonslife bb01ep15veto10-18-15_6-21-54 AMNina: Dina, I hope you’re not mad at me.
Dina: Nina, I’m your sister. I couldn’t be mad at you. You guys are a lot more happier than Don and I ever were.
Nina: But still… It has to be weird. We would have never met if it weren’t for you.
Dina: And I’m glad because of that. I brought you guys together, that’s something very special.

bb01ep15veto10-18-15_6-21-13 AMKatrina: See, Nina. I told you it would all be okay.
Nina: I was worried for no reason then?
Dina: Yes, you were. *laughs*

bb01ep15veto10-18-15_6-20-23 AMDon: When I agreed to make this show I never thought I’d meet anyone like you, gals. You’re both very special to me. But, of course, Nina is my one true love.
Nina: I love you too, Don.

bb01ep15vetointro bb01ep15vetosingleDina: Nobody can bring me down, ’cause I’m already falling… Falling like a shooting star. Like a shooting star for you. ♫

bb01ep15vetocover bb01ep15veto10-18-15_4-52-38 AMDina: Heya, Big Brother!
Nina: This is so exciting! Don’s Life was the original reality show so I’m glad you’ve called us for this!
Producer’s Voice: Nina, Dina and Don, welcome to the Big Brother House! You may now wake up the HouseGuests!
Don: This is going to be so much fun! *laughs*

bb01ep15veto10-18-15_4-54-24 AM bb01ep15veto10-18-15_4-54-50 AM bb01ep15veto10-18-15_4-39-24 AM bb01ep15veto10-18-15_3-31-40 AM bb01ep15veto10-18-15_4-55-58 AMDon: Wake up, bitches, it’s time for the Veto Competition!

bb01ep15veto10-18-15_4-56-38 AMNoah: Wait, what? What’s going on?

bb01ep15veto10-21-15_2-41-47 AMNoah: *yells* Don!!! He was so hot in Don’s life, I had a massive crush on him. Don’t like his haircut now though. He should let me play with that beautiful hair of his in my salon once I’m out.

bb01ep15veto10-18-15_4-57-40 AMDina: Wakey, wakey, sleepy heads!

bb01ep15veto10-21-15_2-48-49 AMMichael: Am I dreaming? Dina is like… my favorite celebrity in the world. I know that sounds weird since I’m a guy, but I was seriously hooked on her last album. I even got her and Nina’s book because of it. I’ve never watched their series though, I was planning on doing it this fall actually.

bb01ep15veto10-21-15_2-54-11 AMHannah: All of us were up pretty late last night and now they wake us up at dawn? *yawn* Hopefully this lack of sleep won’t keep me from winning the Veto! *laughs*

bb01ep15veto10-18-15_4-59-52 AMNina: So, basically we’re in here to wake you up as fast as we can. Enough of chit-chat, I know all of you love us, and trust me, we love you too, but it’s time for some serious business! We’ll be waiting for you in the Competition area and if you’re not there in five minutes, nobody will win the Veto!

bb01ep15veto10-21-15_2-56-49 AMKandy: Nina is such a star! And she’s also very bossy! But I’m guessing it’s because of hormones, so you can’t really be mad at her for it. *laughs* I can’t wait for that baby though. She’s going to be a true celebrity princess. Don and Nina’s relationship is something all of us dream of, isn’t it?

bb01ep15veto10-18-15_5-09-14 AMErica: Why is our stuff locked?
Michael: Is that the Diary Room chair?
Don: HouseGuests, please, take a sit.

bb01ep15veto10-18-15_5-24-08 AMDon: Welcome to the Power of Veto Competition. As you were able to see while coming in, locked up behind you are some items from the House. We’ve been naughty and we stole them while you were sleeping.
Noah: You bastards! *laughs*
Don: You will be able to return them if you listen to us carefully throughout this competition. However, that’s not the important thing now. Your goal in this competition is to stand up after exactly one hour. The person who gets closest to the one hour mark without going over will be the winner of the Power of Veto. If you all go over, the winner will be the one closest to the one hour mark. Our task is to make it hard for you to concentrate, especially now since you’ve just woken up and you must be tired. Do you understand the rules?
All: Yes!
Don: Then let’s get started. The time starts… NOW!

bb01ep15veto10-18-15_5-10-20 AM bb01ep15veto10-21-15_3-00-16 AMErica: I know I tend to say this about a lot of competitions, but this task was hard! We’ve barely had any sleep and we had to count to 3600 or somehow get to that number since there is sixty seconds in a minute and there’s sixty minutes in an hour. The worst thing was that those three were constantly talking and we had to be concentrated on that too since it will help us return the stuff they stole from the house. My goal was to count to sixty about fifty times. I didn’t want to go over so that seemed like an okay option.

bb01ep15veto10-18-15_5-16-11 AMNina: So, Dina, when’s your next album dropping out?
Dina: It’s actually already done. It will be available for purchase in about a month. The date’s not set yet. Why do you ask?
Nina: I was just wondering. *laughs* No, I’m actually subtly advertising it. Hopefully, no one will notice that.
Dina: *laughs* And how about you Don, what are you doing at the moment?

bb01ep15veto10-18-15_5-17-25 AMDon: I’m preparing to be a dad, obviously. Nina and I are working on a surprise project too.
Dina: Oooh, doesn’t that sound exciting?! Can you give me a little hint on what’s it about?
Nina: Well, no… *laughs* It has to be a secret for a while!
Dina: Come on! You’re both evil!
Don: Well… We’re coming back to TV, that’s all I will say!

bb01ep15veto10-18-15_5-16-29 AMbb01ep15veto10-18-15_5-22-40 AMDina: Really?! Oh my gosh, are you serious?
Nina: Yeah… It was supposed to be a secret, though.
Don: You know I’m not good with secrets.
Dina: *laughs* Yeah, obviously. But that’s okay, at least you were honest. A lot of guys wouldn’t admit to their dates they’re like, in love with their sister!
Don: I wasn’t in love! I just… liked her.
Nina: Oh, stop lying, you loveeed me from the start! *laughs* Gosh, it seems so long ago, doesn’t it?

bb01ep15veto10-18-15_5-18-12 AMDina: Our televised relationship problems?
Nina: Yeah! *laughs*
Don: Oh come on, girls, you both enjoyed your experiences. I was the one who had to do it for more than a year. I’ve met some crazy girls there.
Nina: Crazier than us? *laughs* It was good TV though! If Dina hadn’t watched your show and applied to go on a date with you, we’d never meet!
Don: I did it because I wanted to find my true love. So I can’t complain. Because I did just that.
Nina: Love you too, pickle!
Dina: You’re still calling him that? *laughs*
Nina: Oh come on, it’s cute. He almost choke on that pickle on our first date. *laughs*

bb01ep15veto10-21-15_3-01-08 AMErica: They can really talk about themselves a lot, can’t they? Damn. I was never a fan of Don’s, he seemed very unlikable to me so I never watched his show. I do like the girls, they did good for themselves afterwards, I mean, just look at them now, they’re everywhere! And Don is a lot nicer in person too. But yeah, it was annoying to listen to them so I guess they did a good job as that was what they were supposed to do. *laughs* I was shocked I got up first though. But to me it seemed like it was close to an hour and I didn’t want to go over.

bb01ep15veto10-18-15_5-20-28 AMDon: And Erica is up!
Erica: Yeah. Can I leave now? I can’t listen to you three anymore! *laughs*
Don: *laughs* Nope. You still have to suffer! But you’ll have to be standing from now on!
Erica: Oh come on, you have to be joking!
All: *laugh*

bb01ep15veto10-18-15_5-21-03 AMbb01ep15veto10-21-15_2-50-07 AMMichael: Once Erica stood up I stood up too because she seemed like she was counting whole way through the comp so she had to be close. I, on the other hand, was too busy listening to Dina, Nina and Don! They’re so entertaining and Nina and Don are so cute together! I was honestly fangirling all the time in there! *laughs* Or is it fanboying? Hmmm…

  • Josiah Stuart

    Ooh, I liked this episode. The veto comp was an interesting and creative one at that. My opinion of Kandy has changed over time and… I want her to go. Thank goodness that Noah won the PoV. I am so surprised that the series is almost over. It was like yesterday that the series started.

    Week 5 & Start of Week 6 Predictions:
    Evicted – Kandy
    HoH – Erica or Noah
    Nominations (pre-Veto) – Hannah & Michael
    PoV – Erica or Noah

    • Thank you, Josiah! ^^ Oooh, do you dislike her now, or do you just prefer Erica over her?

      It really does feel like that, but I’ve always planned this series to have 20 episodes as I’ve wanted to start it on a smaller scale. It seemed like a nicely rounded number. Now, when I know I can manage a series like this, next one might be a bit longer as it’s really fun to write and see people’s reactions and comments and all the support you’ve given me.☺

      There is still a lot to go as the series will end on November 1st, so there’s still 5 more episodes to look forward to, don’t worry! 😀

      • Josiah Stuart

        Its a little bit of both actually.

  • Adam Scholze

    awe man,it’s a toss of the coin who’s gonna win now, man you really built up the pressure, nice job! I’m so excited for tomorrow (If only I could hold my breath for that long)

    • Hahahhaa! Thanks so much Adam! It wouldn’t be interesting if you already knew who’s going to win. 😛
      I’m really glad you’re excited for tomorrow! :3 Hopefully, the episode won’t disappoint haha! Who do you think will leave?

      • Adam Scholze

        I WANT Kandy to leave but i THINK Erica unfortunately Kandy’s just on the winning team so unless Noah or Erica can convince Hannah or Michael to vote Kandy out, which seems unlikely because Hannah i feel sees Erica as a bigger threat and Michael’s just Hannah’s loyal houndog

        • I like the way you’re thinking, it definitely makes a lot of sense! :)) But there’s still a lot that can happen until tonight’s ep! 😛

  • Nathan

    LOVED the Veto competition! Thought the addition of Don, Dina and Nina were fantastic! I’d love them to be houseguests 😛 Pretty please?! 🙂 The competition itself was very creative, I can’t say if it was unique as I’ve not seen many BBUSA but by the comments it seems that way so kudos to you 😀

    GUTTED Kandy is in the firing line! I seriously hope she manages to get saved because I don’t like Erica! I hate her more now, but you get what I mean haha 😛

    Keep up the awesome work 😀

    • They had something with a one hour limit in a season or two but I’ve added my spin on it with guests trying to make them lose count and with the whole missing items/wining them back thing. 😛 Thought it made more sense if they also had to listen to them since otherwise they’d lose stuff from the House forever.

      Hahahaha, unfortunately those 3 won’t be becoming HouseGuests… but I might bring them back in some other project, who knows. I like their backstories now and they feel like genuine celebs to me, so we’ll just have to wait and see! 😛 ^^

      Yeah, I get that completely hahahahaha! 😀 Kandy is, after all, your favorite! 😀

      Thanks so much, Nathan, Finale is really close now! I’m loving your comments btw! ☺