S01E16 – Live Eviction

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bb01ep16eviction10-22-15_7-27-59 PMKatrina: Five weeks ago ten complete strangers have entered the Big Brother House. Tonight we will be saying goodbye to either Kandy or Erica. Whoever gets evicted will be joining Saffron in the Jury House and will have a say in who wins the game. We will also be crowning our seventh Head of Household of the series! I hope you are ready for the fifth Live Show of the season!

bb01ep16eviction10-22-15_7-27-44 PMKatrina: Good evening, my name is Katrina Caliente. As always, we will say hello to our HouseGuests and see how they are feeling before we continue with everything else we’re supposed to do tonight.

bb01ep16eviction10-22-15_7-11-05 PMKatrina (from the Studio): HouseGuests, this is Katrina.
All: Hi Katrina!
Katrina (from the Studio): Hannah, as you are the current HoH, I’d like to hear your thoughts on this week.

bb01ep16eviction10-22-15_7-11-46 PMHannah: Oh gosh, it was so exciting to meet your daughters and Don, Katrina!
Katrina (from the Studio): *laughs* They haven’t stopped talking about you guys either!
Hannah: It was really refreshing to see someone else’s face. We’ve been in here for more than a month now and I’m sick of seeing these guys every morning. *laughs*
Noah: Cheeky cow! *laughs*
Hannah: No, I’m joking. I love all of you, you know that!
Katrina (from the Studio): Nice save. *laughs* How are you ladies feel? Erica?

bb01ep16eviction10-22-15_7-12-31 PMErica: It’s heartbreaking to be nominated this close to the final, that’s for sure. But there’s only five of us left and if you don’t win a competition, you’re probably going up. That’s how it goes. So it’s my fault I’m nominated because I suck at competitions.
Katrina (from the Studio): Oh, come on. Don’t be so hard on yourself, Erica! All of you have done really well for getting this far! You should be proud of yourselves!
Erica: I am, I am. It just sucks that I didn’t win HoH or Veto. That’s all I meant.
Katrina (from the Studio): And what about you, Kandy?

bb01ep16eviction10-22-15_7-13-18 PMKandy: I just wanted to say that this experience ended up being something I didn’t expect at all. I actually made friends in here while in the beginning it was all about the main prize. You really take a lot of things for granted in real life and I’m glad I had the opportunity to grow as a person in here. I might be 29 years old, but I never really acted like that. It’s all going to change once I leave. With that said, I still don’t want to leave. So keep that in mind while you vote guys! *laughs*
Katrina (from the Studio): Well said, Kandy! Thanks so much to all of you for keeping us entertained for more than a month, I will be back soon for the Live Vote.
Michael: Cheers, Katrina!

bb01ep16eviction10-22-15_7-29-09 PMKatrina: Tonight, Noah and Michael are the only ones allowed to vote. Hannah will only vote in case of a tie. Though, before we get to the Live Vote, let’s see what happened in the Big Brother House after the PoV Ceremony!

bb01ep16eviction10-22-15_6-42-06 PMNoah: I promised Erica I’d work with her to get Kandy evicted. But the thing is… Do I really want to put myself out there that much? I’m safe this week and I think that Kandy would have my back just like Erica would if she stayed over her. So it wouldn’t be smart for me to piss of Michael, Hannah and Kandy just for Erica if this plan fails. It’s too risky.

bb01ep16eviction10-22-15_6-45-32 PMNoah: Do you think it’s smart if we both push for Kandy to go? They might think we have a final two deal. Then they’d definitely evict you.
Erica: We shouldn’t push for me to stay, definitely. But if you talk with them and say how I seem more trustworthy or something it might go a long way. That’s it, just give them a little bit of a push. Hannah tends to be paranoid at times so they might take the bait.
Noah: Yeah, I can do that. But you need to promise them something.
Erica: Yeah, I’ll do that too.
Noah: Good. I want you to stay, Erica.

bb01ep16eviction10-22-15_6-47-17 PMErica: Hey guys. I really, really want to stay in here. And Noah has been avoiding me lately so I think he might have a deal with Kandy. It’s really fishy.
Hannah: I’ve noticed that too.
Erica: Well, you guys hold all the power this week. His vote doesn’t even matter since you can break the tie, Hannah. And I really would like to work with you guys.
Michael: So, if I vote for you to stay and Hannah breaks the tie in your favor, you’d be willing to work with us and try and get Noah out next week?
Erica: I would love that.

bb01ep16eviction10-22-15_6-43-31 PMHannah: I still don’t know who I want in this game with us next week. Do I go with Erica as Noah and Kandy are getting closer and closer or do I go with Kandy who I trust more than Erica? We’ve never really bonded, Erica and I, so why should I keep someone I don’t trust? But then again, I don’t trust anyone besides Mikey… This is getting tough.

bb01ep16eviction10-22-15_6-59-50 PMKandy: I have a feeling they might be worried about us?
Noah: You too? I had that feeling for a while now. I mean, they can’t expect any of us to keep them until the final three. We’d be dumb as that would be playing for the third place. Unless they win the HoH once again, one of them is leaving next week.
Kandy: I don’t want to look suspicious to them though. Could you like talk with them and ensure them we’re not working together? You can slag me off or something.
Noah: We could even stage a fight!
Kandy: Yes! That would be best.

bb01ep16eviction10-22-15_7-03-25 PMNoah: Hey guys. I just wanted to check on how you want me to vote.
Hannah: So, you’re still working with us?
Noah: Of course? Why? Are you doubting me?
Hannah: No, no… It’s just… You’ve been spending a lot of time with the girls…
Noah: And I’ve spent a lot of time with you too. Most of the time in this house I’m just having fun. I don’t even talk game with them that much. But they’ve both asked me for my vote so I wanted to see where we, as a group, stand.

bb01ep16eviction10-22-15_7-03-48 PMMichael: I think we should keep Kandy. Erica seems way to smart to keep in this close to the end.
Hannah: I’m not sure. Kandy seems like she would be willing to turn on us. Have any of them said anything bad about us?
Noah: No, nothing. I told you, we mostly just talk about random stuff. It’s rarely game related.
Hannah: I don’t know what to do.

bb01ep16eviction10-22-15_6-50-00 PM bb01ep16eviction10-22-15_6-42-54 PMHannah: Noah’s not giving me any information and I’m sure he’s lying. Whoever we keep in is going to work with him to get Mikey and me out. And I can’t let that happen. But I know who I want out now.

bb01ep16eviction10-22-15_7-28-22 PMKatrina: Wow! I still don’t know who is going to get voted out and that’s definitely a first! I always had a little hunch on who might go, but this got really intense! There’s still a lot to do tonight and there’s never enough time, so let’s swiftly join Noah in the Diary Room as he is ready to cast his vote to evict.

  • spencer tenesen

    This could be the best episode I watched yet! A lot has happened. I like this series even more! Now I super excited for episode 17 and season 2! Please make a season 2, and don’t forget to keep up the good work!
    * Psst * I’m still voting for Hannah, and Michael. Hope to see one of them win. Also I really loved how strategic Erica was, however she didn’t make my Faves list. Anyway really excited and hyped for episode 17.

    • Really?! Thanks so, so much, Spencer! Next week there’s going to be four episodes so hopefully you’ll be pleased with how the things unfold! ^^ I will make a season 2, don’t worry! 😉 And I’m really glad you’re enjoying this, since it makes me want to make S2 even faster! ☺

      Hopefully, ep17 won’t disappoint and the hype will be worth it, since you seem to be enjoying the series a lot so far! ^^

  • Josiah Stuart

    What the heck?!? Not Michael winning HoH, that’s so wrong. I just hope that Noah can pull through and win the Final PoV competition. Hopefully Hannah or Kandy gets evicted; and Noah wins Final HoH, evicts Hannah, and wins. Also, when will the public jury vote open?

    • Erica got evicted and I’m actually sorry for that, since I know you were cheering for her to win. 🙁 Now you’re on team Noah?

      Hannah and Michael were fan-favorites from the start so it’s fun for me to see that a lot of people don’t want to see them win, then on the other hand there’s also a lot of people who still really want them to win. I’m glad people have formed their opinions and those opinions are NOT the same.

      Public vote will open next week, once we have the final three. 😉 I’ll also open the BB quiz during the same episode (in which you can win a stuff pack of your choosing)! ☺☺

  • Adam Scholze

    Dah I knew the clock was ticking for Erica, Honestly, I think Noah will win at this point, because, after Pov Hannah’s the new replacement then the remaining person will more then likley chop Hannah to break up the pair to win

    • Erica was really good at strategizing but she wasn’t that close with anyone besides Nathan, and he was evicted a while ago.

      I still love, love, love hearing your predictions guys, so keep them coming because this next week is going to be really intense! 😛 And thanks so much for commenting on this series as often as you do, Adam! It means a lot to me! ^^

  • Nathan

    YAAAAAAAY!!!! So glad Kandy stayed! There’s no way dull Erica could stay over Kandy, Kandy has a lot to give game-wise and entertainment-wise, so the houseguests made the right choice haha 🙂

    Noah and Kandy now nominated tohugh, that sucks big time lol! Hopefully Kandy can win Veto and save herself from the chopping block?! 😀

    • Hahaha, I love your love for Kandy! xD ☺ I’m so happy people have favorites and it’s so fun to see people rooting for different players… like, even in the comments you can see one person rooting for Noah, other for Hannah/Michael and you for Kandy, for example. Love it! ^^

      You’ll just have to wait and see what happens in tonight’s episode, Nathan! 😛 And thanks so much for catching up and commenting! 😉