S01E17 – Veto Ceremony

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bb01ep17veto10-26-15_3-34-41 PMKandy: Damn, I almost went home last week. This was the most intense week for me and now I’m nominated again?! I have to get back on track and get my head in the game fast. Honestly, I came in here with a cut-throat attitude, not giving a damn about anyone besides me. And that’s how I am in real life anyway. But I’ve genuinely grown to like these damn people and now I think that might be my weakness. They’re really nice people and we became like a small family and it’s all… it’s all weird for me, I’m not used to that. I have to win this next Veto Competition and save myself and put myself back on the top. I’m in here to win, that’s what I have to remember.

bb01ep17veto10-26-15_3-35-55 PMMichael: I finally won a comp! Who would have guessed?! I’m so happy I finally got a chance to protect Hannah, it felt so, so good. She was the one with all the blood on her hands up until this point and I think my win this week is just going to ensure our place in the final. We’ve really played this game right. And we didn’t backstab anyone in the process which is something I’m very proud of. A clean game, but a game worthy of a win!

bb01ep17veto10-26-15_3-40-13 PMNoah: Those two have to be split up for good. I adore them, but in this game they’re a force to be reckoned with. And one of them has to leave this week. It’s a good thing that Michael is the one who won though, since now it has to be Hannah since Michael can’t be nominated. Hannah is a much bigger threat anyway and honestly, if we don’t get her out this week, she will win. For sure. She’s played a brilliant game and unfortunately for her, I’m not playing for the second place.

bb01ep17veto10-26-15_3-42-18 PMHannah: This week it’s all about the Veto. Michael ensured his place in the final three by winning this HoH, but anyone else can leave and that’s extremely nerve-racking. Person who wins the Veto chooses who stays, it’s that simple. Good thing is that if Michael or I win, I’m off the block and I choose who leaves. If Noah wins, we have a deal with him so he might keep me, but I doubt it. If Kandy wins, she should keep me in because us three have been working together for weeks now and that is something she promised us. But I’m not stupid, I know that Noah and her are playing against us now. It makes sense. I don’t like it, but it makes sense. For them, at least.

bb01ep17veto10-26-15_3-45-22 PM bb01ep17veto10-26-15_3-45-45 PMNoah: How did you sleep?
Kandy: Oh, not good. Not good at all. I really wanted to win HoH.
Noah: Trust me, I know.
Kandy: Do you think we’re able to pull of a Veto win this week?
Noah: I sure hope so. We’re on the same page, right? Whoever wins, evicts Hannah?
Kandy: Yes! We can’t keep them in together anymore. If we don’t break them up now, one of them will win, that’s for sure.

bb01ep17veto10-26-15_3-47-29 PMHannah: I think we should do something tonight which will bring us closer to those two. Something that will make them want to keep both of us in, instead of each other.
Michael: We could like… Make them doubt each other? I could talk with Noah and you with Kandy and we can…
Hannah: We can tell them stuff which will make them wary.
Michael: But, what?
Hannah: I could tell Kandy that Noah had tried to get her out last week?
Michael: And I could tell Noah what?

bb01ep17veto10-26-15_3-47-09 PMHannah: Do you remember how Forrest told us that Kandy was the one who won all those things in the HoH Competition where I took all those punishments? Kandy is selfish, we should play that card.
Michael: Make Noah fear her because of how greedy she is?
Hannah: Yeah, make her look like the only thing she’s loyal to is the money. She is that type of a girl anyway.
Michael: Oh Hannah, she’s really not.
Hannah: I never liked her, Mikey. I know she’s capable of a lot of things. We were working together, yes, but that was for strategic purposes. It doesn’t mean I forgot how she acted in the first two weeks.
Michael: I guess… but I still like her.

bb01ep17veto10-26-15_3-47-47 PMHannah: Well, I don’t. *laughs*

bb01ep17veto10-26-15_3-49-09 PMMichael: So, what you’ve been up to? I’m sorry I nominated you, by the way. But Hannah would never forgive me if I put her up.
Noah: I get that, buddy. It’s not a problem. You’re keeping me in anyway, right?
Michael: Of course. We don’t really trust Kandy at this point. She was a good person to have on your side up until now, but it would be too risky to keep her in. She’s a lot more devious than she seems.
Noah: What? Why?
Michael: Well… Please, don’t tell her you know… But… She was the one who won all those things in that HoH comp, you remember?
Noah: One with the prizes and punishments?

bb01ep17veto10-26-15_3-50-11 PMMichael: Yeah, that one. She took all those prizes. She’s greedy, real greedy. And look at how the things stand from my point of view… You win the Veto. You keep her in and you evict Hannah. She wins HoH. She doesn’t take you to the Final. That’s 100% the case!
Noah: Why would you think that?
Michael: I won one comp in the entire game. If she takes you to the final, she would lose. If she takes me, she wins the game and the money. And it’s all about the money with her.

bb01ep17veto10-26-15_3-49-51 PMNoah: So, you’re saying if I win the Veto, I should evict Kandy and not Hannah. But… If I keep you and Hannah in, I’m also destined to finish third. Because you would take Hannah to the Final. And she would take you.
Michael: But… I wouldn’t take Hannah. I would also like to win, Noah. I know I can’t do that if I take her with me.
Noah: Whaaaat? You wouldn’t take Hannah? Stop bullshitting me!
Michael: I honestly wouldn’t. I think that would be my game-winning move. Evicting the girl I like for the game.
Noah: I don’t believe you.
Michael: Noah, I would. That’s all I can really say. I played this game the way I did because I didn’t want people to know what I’m capable of.

bb01ep17veto10-26-15_3-40-34 PMNoah: What the heck? Is he playing me? Michael?! He has to be playing me. He can’t be serious. No, that’s just Michael doing what Hannah told him to do. He’s not smart enough nor does he have a bad bone in his entire body. He wouldn’t be able to pull something like that off. Would he?

bb01ep17veto10-26-15_3-36-20 PMMichael: I did think about evicting Hannah once. For like, twenty seconds. *laughs* I could never do it to her, she’s a lot more important to me than money ever could be, even though we’ve known each other for a month and a half. Besides, if she wins, I win. It’s as simple as that. She is an amazing person and she deserves to win this game and… I’m just making sure she does by saying all this to Noah. I would never do anything to hurt her. Girls are not supposed to be hurt. They’re supposed to be cherished.

  • Adam Scholze

    Michael is so tiptoey around Hannah goddamnit! I gotta go with Noah at this point, Hannah’s gotta be evicted, Michael’s gonna be either mopey or extra courageous so it gonna be Noah/Kandy final or a Noah/Michael final. Either way I think Noah’s got it in the bag at this point

    • Maybe he would play this differently if Hannah wasn’t in? Who knows. :))) So you think Noah is definitely going to be in the final? That’s interesting! ^^ I can’t wait to open the poll on Wednesday and see how you guys vote as your vote might be the deciding one! ? + free Stuff Pack is something to look forward to! ^^

  • Josiah Stuart

    Wow, I guess my opinion of Kandy has now changed. I am surprised and happy that she has teamed up with Noah. I think that both of them will be the final 2 and that Noah will win. Hannah and Michael are definitely going home. Bring on finale week!

    I am only 2 steps closer to revealing the Wikipedia-style table.

    • Three more episodes (one of them is tonight) and series one is finished. 🙁 Ahh, it sure has been a journey! Glad your opinion is changing with each episode, I think all of them are deserving of a win at this point, and a lot can still happen too! 😛 So it’s still anybody’s game. 😀

      Gosh, I’m even more excited about it now haha! ^^ Can’t wait to see it, Josiah! ☺ Thanks so much for working on it! 😀

  • spencer tenesen

    I’m kinda sad that Hannah got nominated. Don’t get me wrong I love Kandy, but I was really looking forward to seeing Michael or Hannah win PoV. I know the series is still going on and there’s still time to change the tides

    Please make sure to tell me about that poll, and keep up the good work. I don’t think I’ve named my least favorite houseguest yet….it’s Noah….if he and Kandy are the final two. I’d like to see Kandy winning.

    • Yeah, I guessed you’d be, Spencer, since your favorites are Hannah and Michael. They can still pull something off until tonight’s episode, so just keep your fingers crossed! 😉 Exactly, anything can happen! 😀

      Of course I will, it opens tonight, there will be a link IN the episode as Katrina is going to reveal it during her “goodbye” speech. Oh, really? Out of everyone, or just the people who are left in the house at this point?

      Oh, and I just want to say thank you for commenting as much as you do, I’m really happy that you’re enjoying this!☺

      • spencer tenesen

        I guess the people left in the house at this point. However my least favorite out of everyone I’d say Forrest. Keep up the great work.