S01E17 – Veto Ceremony

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bb01ep17veto10-26-15_3-51-47 PMKandy: We’re the last girls left. Who would have thought? *laughs*
Hannah: I would. We’re strong and willing to fight for our place. We deserve to be here.
Kandy: I agree.
Hannah: I never thought I’d be working with you though.
Kandy: Trust me, me neither. But it made sense. That deal changed everything. It got us this far.
Hannah: It will get us to the final three too, trust me.
Kandy: We just have to make sure Noah doesn’t win, right?
Hannah: Exactly. If he does, one of us is gone. I’m still not sure if it would be you or me though.

bb01ep17veto10-26-15_3-52-04 PMKandy: Yeah, he’s hard to read…
Hannah: I know, right?! Like… He spends time with both of us. I think he might be playing both sides, that slimy bastard. You know he wanted you out last week, right? Over Erica?
Kandy: What?
Hannah: Yeah, he came in my HoH room and kept going on about how Erica is less of a threat since she’s alone in the game and you’re good with everyone so it would be smarter to evict you.
Kandy: I didn’t know that.
Hannah: It’s true. I’m sure he told you something completely different. And I’m sure he tells everybody something different. Something we want to hear. But it’s never the truth.
Kandy: Yeah, I can totally see that.

bb01ep17veto10-26-15_3-35-18 PMKandy: I’m not sure if I should trust Hannah. I don’t trust Noah either, don’t get me wrong, but the timing of these claims… It feels as though she wanted me to doubt him. If that really happened she would have told me last week. Not now.

bb01ep17veto10-26-15_3-53-42 PMKandy: Hannah told me something interesting today.
Noah: Yeah, Michael told me something too. *laughs*
Kandy: They’re playing us, right?

bb01ep17veto10-26-15_3-54-26 PMNoah: I thought so too. If they told you some crap too, it has to be true. They’re getting desperate.
Kandy: I want to win that Veto even more now. Those bastards tried to play us!

bb01ep17veto10-26-15_3-40-55 PMNoah: Good. I want her to win it. If she wins and evicts Hannah, she loses Hannah’s vote in the Jury. Hannah plays with her heart and Hannah is someone who would hold a grudge. That would also make Michael want to work with me to get to the Final. If Kandy wins the Veto and does that, my chances of winning are becoming bigger and bigger. I’ll try and win it, but if I notice that she’s getting close, I might just let her have it. I already have enough blood on my hands, I really don’t need more of it.

bb01ep17veto10-26-15_3-57-49 PMProducer’s Voice: Welcome to the final Power of Veto Competition! The winner of the Power of Veto this week doesn’t just have the power to save one person from the chopping block. That person will also choose who has the sole power to evict. This is therefore, the most crucial PoV Competition you’ve even been in. HouseGuests, here are the rules…

bb01ep17veto10-26-15_3-58-21 PMProducer’s Voice: You will see eleven statements on the screen in front of you. Every HouseGuest who played this game can be placed in between two of them. For example, if the first claim is „This HouseGuest is the current HoH“, and the second claim is „This HouseGuest has blonde hair“, HouseGuest you would place in between those statements would be Michael. Then the third claim might be „This HouseGuest was evicted before Forrest“, and that would mean that Annie is the answer we want since she had blonde hair and was evicted before Forrest. You will need to write down your answers on the tablets in front of you. Do you understand the rules?
All: Yes!

bb01ep17veto10-26-15_3-59-17 PMProducer’s Voice: Then, let’s begin!

bb01ep17veto10-26-15_3-59-27 PM bb01ep17veto10-26-15_3-59-55 PMbb01ep17veto10-26-15_3-40-41 PMNoah: I claimed my bed last, I know that, and I was also nominated by Forrest in the first week, so that meant my name was supposed to be written in between those two statements. Second person was someone who was nominated by Forrest but didn’t play in the first Veto Competition. Nominees always play in the Veto comps so that meant that it had to be the Replacement Nominee. And that was Saffron. I’m not sure if she played in that comp or not, but she was the only other person nominated by Forrest, so it had to be her.

bb01ep17veto10-26-15_4-00-28 PM bb01ep17veto10-26-15_3-42-27 PMHannah: I know I didn’t play in the first Veto competition and I received a message from home so I was the one between the third and fourth claim. Next one was tough because I don’t remember the second HoH Competition that well as it was forever ago. But that person also received a message from home so it had to be either Michael, Noah or Kandy. I’ve used Noah already and I’m pretty sure Michael eliminated himself in that HoH Comp so I went with Kandy.

bb01ep17veto10-26-15_4-00-06 PM bb01ep17veto10-26-15_3-34-50 PMKandy: Michael played in the Knight Moves Competition and he won one HoH. At first I thought it was Erica, but then I remembered she couldn’t play in that Competition because of Pandora’s Box. Forrest also won one HoH comp and he played in that comp, so I left that field empty until the end. Once I got to the last statements which said that that person didn’t vote in the first Live Vote and that person won three comps I knew Forrest was the last name and Michael was supposed to go sixth.

bb01ep17veto10-26-15_4-00-50 PM bb01ep17veto10-26-15_3-36-39 PMMichael: I sucked at this competition big time. Evicted before Jury? Enjoyed the BBQ Party won by me? That could be anyone?! I don’t remember what I wore yesterday, who could remember all those things? *laughs*

bb01ep17veto10-26-15_4-02-49 PMProducer’s Voice: Congratulations Kandy! You’ve completed the puzzle first and have therefore won the Power of Veto. The correct order was: Noah, Saffron, Hannah, Kandy, Will, Michael, Erica, Nathan, Annie and finally, Forrest. Kandy, you’ve completed the puzzle in 5 minutes and 11 seconds.
Hannah: Wow! Congrats, Kandy!
Kandy: Thanks!
Noah: Yeah, that’s impressive! I was only on my seventh person.

bb01ep17veto10-26-15_4-04-05 PMProducer’s Voice: HouseGuests, you must now gather in the living room for the Power of Veto Ceremony.
All: Okay!

bb01ep17veto10-26-15_4-05-31 PMKandy: We are gathered here for the Power of Veto Ceremony. I, as the winner, have the power to veto one of Michael’s nominations. I choose to save myself, of course. Michael, as you are the current Head of Household you must now name a Replacement Nominee.

bb01ep17veto10-26-15_4-06-20 PMMichael: I… I… I have no other option… Hannah.

bb01ep17veto10-26-15_4-06-39 PMHannah: It’s okay Mikey, don’t be so sad. There’s nothing you can do.

bb01ep17veto10-26-15_4-07-27 PM bb01ep17veto10-26-15_3-41-20 PMNoah: Yes! Yes, yes, yes! Hopefully, Kandy will stick to the plan and she’ll evict Hannah. Gosh, this is so exciting!

bb01ep17veto10-26-15_3-43-23 PMHannah: Worst scenario happened. That sucks, but… I still think Noah might be leaving next. Why, you might ask? He won a lot more comps than I did. Double, I think. That’s something people tend to forget and it’s something I won’t have a problem repeating to Kandy. *laughs*

bb01ep17veto10-26-15_3-38-24 PMMichael: I’ve let her down. I feel so bad for her now. She ended up nominated because I won HoH and I didn’t win PoV. I had to be the one to put her up? Me? It’s just… I’m sorry, Big Brother, I just have to gather my thought for a while… *sobs*


  • Adam Scholze

    Michael is so tiptoey around Hannah goddamnit! I gotta go with Noah at this point, Hannah’s gotta be evicted, Michael’s gonna be either mopey or extra courageous so it gonna be Noah/Kandy final or a Noah/Michael final. Either way I think Noah’s got it in the bag at this point

    • Maybe he would play this differently if Hannah wasn’t in? Who knows. :))) So you think Noah is definitely going to be in the final? That’s interesting! ^^ I can’t wait to open the poll on Wednesday and see how you guys vote as your vote might be the deciding one! ? + free Stuff Pack is something to look forward to! ^^

  • Josiah Stuart

    Wow, I guess my opinion of Kandy has now changed. I am surprised and happy that she has teamed up with Noah. I think that both of them will be the final 2 and that Noah will win. Hannah and Michael are definitely going home. Bring on finale week!

    I am only 2 steps closer to revealing the Wikipedia-style table.

    • Three more episodes (one of them is tonight) and series one is finished. 🙁 Ahh, it sure has been a journey! Glad your opinion is changing with each episode, I think all of them are deserving of a win at this point, and a lot can still happen too! 😛 So it’s still anybody’s game. 😀

      Gosh, I’m even more excited about it now haha! ^^ Can’t wait to see it, Josiah! ☺ Thanks so much for working on it! 😀

  • spencer tenesen

    I’m kinda sad that Hannah got nominated. Don’t get me wrong I love Kandy, but I was really looking forward to seeing Michael or Hannah win PoV. I know the series is still going on and there’s still time to change the tides

    Please make sure to tell me about that poll, and keep up the good work. I don’t think I’ve named my least favorite houseguest yet….it’s Noah….if he and Kandy are the final two. I’d like to see Kandy winning.

    • Yeah, I guessed you’d be, Spencer, since your favorites are Hannah and Michael. They can still pull something off until tonight’s episode, so just keep your fingers crossed! 😉 Exactly, anything can happen! 😀

      Of course I will, it opens tonight, there will be a link IN the episode as Katrina is going to reveal it during her “goodbye” speech. Oh, really? Out of everyone, or just the people who are left in the house at this point?

      Oh, and I just want to say thank you for commenting as much as you do, I’m really happy that you’re enjoying this!☺

      • spencer tenesen

        I guess the people left in the house at this point. However my least favorite out of everyone I’d say Forrest. Keep up the great work.