S01E18 – Live Eviction

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bb01ep17veto10-28-15_7-23-55 PMKatrina: The final week of Big Brother is here! Almost six weeks ago ten complete strangers have entered the Big Brother House. Tonight we will be saying goodbye to either Hannah or Noah. Whoever gets evicted will be joining Saffron and Erica in the Jury House and will have a say in who wins the game. We will also start the part one of our final Head of Household competition of the series! I hope you are ready for the sixth Live Show of the season!

bb01ep17veto10-28-15_7-26-08 PMKatrina: Good evening, my name is Katrina Caliente. As always, we will say hello to our HouseGuests and see how they are feeling before we continue with everything else we’re supposed to do tonight.

bb01ep17veto10-28-15_7-21-07 PMKatrina (from the Studio): Let’s start with you, Michael. You have secured your place in the final three by winning HoH last week. How are you feeling about tonight?

bb01ep17veto10-28-15_7-28-02 PMMichael: I’m extremely happy to be here so close to the end, but I am also sad, because my best friend in this house is possibly leaving tonight. It’s heartbreaking, honestly.
Katrina (from the Studio): I can only imagine. What about you, Hannah?

bb01ep17veto10-28-15_7-30-06 PMHannah: I am grateful for this opportunity because only ten people out of everyone who applied got a chance to compete in this. I am however disappointed at myself, because I haven’t been able to win the Veto this week. Person who won has the sole power to evict someone. And it’s my fault I’m not the one with that power. With that said, Kandy, if I won, I would have taken you to the final three. And you know that. Hopefully, you’ll keep me in because I’m less of a threat for you. Noah will win if you don’t get him out.
Katrina (from the Studio): Thank you, Hannah. Kandy, you will get your chance to reply to both Nominees once it comes to your turn to evict one of them, so please, don’t respond now.
Kandy: It’s okay, Katrina, I won’t.
Katrina (from the Studio): Thank you! Noah, please, tell us how you are feeling.

bb01ep17veto10-28-15_7-31-21 PMNoah: Just like everybody already said, I’m extremely grateful and happy to be here, especially as I came this far. It’s an honor! I want to stay in here just as much as Hannah does and I just hope that when you make your choice Kandy, you understand that if you pick me, we’ll get to the final together. If you choose Hannah, you’re choosing third place because those two are taking each other to the final. And you deserve to place higher.
Katrina (from the Studio): Thank you, Noah. And thank you, HouseGuests! I’ll be back shortly!

bb01ep17veto10-28-15_7-24-53 PMKatrina: Tonight, Kandy is the only HouseGuest allowed to vote. But first, before we get to the Live Vote, let’s see what happened in the Big Brother House after the PoV Ceremony!

bb01ep17veto10-28-15_7-07-57 PMHannah: I have to get Kandy to evict Noah. And the only way to do it is the make her afraid.

bb01ep17veto10-28-15_7-05-24 PMHannah: Kandy, please. Just tell me if you’re evicting me. I just want to know.
Kandy: I’m… I’m thinking about it. I honestly don’t see how I can get to the Final if I keep you in.
Hannah: You can win the final HoH! That’s the only way you’d get there with Noah too. It’s not like he’d bring you.
Kandy: You think so? I don’t. He’d take me over you.
Hannah: Over me maybe. But over Michael? He’s done nothing massive. If he brings Michael with him, he’s going to win. If he takes you, he might lose. And the only person Noah cares about is himself.

bb01ep17veto10-28-15_7-06-00 PMKandy: At least that’s a safer option because there is absolutely no chance you two would take me. I can at least talk with Noah. You two are unbreakable.

bb01ep17veto10-28-15_7-06-50 PMHannah: Oh, even if you get to the Final it won’t mean anything. Not if you evict me, Kandy! Both Michael and I will work as hard as we can to turn the Jury against you. If you do this to me, Kandy, you’re over. Done.
Kandy: You’d actually do that?!
Hannah: I sure as hell would! If you screw me over, I screw you over. Simple as that! If you evict me, Michael won’t be working with you anymore nor will he take you to the Final. I will do my best with the Jury and you… you’ll end up second! And that’s only if you even get to the Final. Which you won’t!

bb01ep17veto10-28-15_7-09-37 PMKandy: I… I’m really thinking about what to do now. If I evict her now, I’m basically fighting for the second place. But if I keep her, I’m playing for the third place. Unless I win the final HoH competition… Then maybe I can win if I evict her then and take Michael with me, right? Whatever I do, I’m f*cked. Why did I win this goddamn Veto?

bb01ep17veto10-28-15_7-11-58 PM bb01ep17veto10-28-15_7-12-26 PM bb01ep17veto10-28-15_7-12-47 PM bb01ep17veto10-28-15_7-14-32 PMNoah: What’s wrong with you? Why are you threatening her?! It’s not going to do you any good, Hannah!
Hannah: If she has any sense in her, it will. If she keeps you in, you’ll win, Noah!
Noah: Oh really? I don’t think so. But if she keeps you, you will win. Fun how it all works in your favor, isn’t it?

bb01ep17veto10-28-15_7-15-18 PMHannah: Oh, f*ck off, Noah!
Noah: Don’t tell me what to do!

bb01ep17veto10-28-15_7-16-03 PMMichael: Guys, just calm down.
Noah: Oh, shut it, Michael! Be a good dog and go fetch a bone for Hannah or something.
Michael: What?!
Noah: I’m sorry, that was over the line a bit… But, stop protecting Hannah. She’s not this fragile little thing, what she’s doing is wrong. This is a game and threatening Kandy like that was also over the line! We’re all just trying to do out best in here and it’s all a game. What Hannah said was personal.

bb01ep17veto10-28-15_7-16-49 PMMichael: Well, she’s just playing the game too. And it’s the truth. If you screw us, why should we help her? She’s supposed to make a choice and stand by it. What she chooses to do will have consequences. That’s all. At least now she knows what those will be.
Noah: That’s f*cked up. Kandy, do what you want to. And do what gets you further, not what is less threatening.

bb01ep17veto10-28-15_7-10-24 PMMichael: I hope we’ve at least gave her something to think about. Hannah needs to stay in this house. She just needs to.

bb01ep17veto10-28-15_7-08-41 PMHannah: I’d never do all those things, it was just an act. But it had to be said. It was the only thing that might make her keep me in. She wants to win and if she thinks there’s no chance for that, she might just do what we want and she keeps me in. It makes sense, doesn’t it?

bb01ep17veto10-28-15_7-26-29 PMKatrina: These were probably my favorite highlights of the entire series even though they were a bit shorter! *laughs* So explosive, and all of them are trying their best to stay in and win! I loved it! There’s still a lot to do tonight though, so let’s swiftly join our HouseGuests in the living room as Kandy is ready to cast her vote to evict live.

  • spencer tenesen

    Hannah got evicted…I kinda saw that coming…but it’s a game so there would be both winners and losers. However that won’t change my opinion about this show. Love it! I really want to see ether Michael or Kandy win. What Noah didn’t surprise me, but he has a point. I mean threatening? Really Hannah? I know she’s better than that but she was on end of her rope…etherways super excited for the upcoming episodes. As always keep up the great work! ?

    • Yeah, you did. I know you really liked her but it’s a game as you’ve said… and I try to make it as realistic as I can, so since she didn’t win the Veto as Kandy did, she most likely wouldn’t have stayed irl too, since she was in a showmance with Michael. She was too big of a target! ^^

      Thanks so much, Spencer, I’m really glad you love it as much! Hannah did say in her interview that she would never go through with it, it was just a way for her to stay but it didn’t work so she wouldn’t hold a grudge.

      Just two more episodes and we’ll see who the winner is, and we’ll also see who won the free stuff pack too! I’ve noticed you’ve already taken the BB quiz so I wish you all the luck! ☺

      • spencer tenesen

        Yeah I took the quiz and I’ll tell you I messed up that quiz. Congrats in advance to the winner of Big Brother and the winner of the stuff pack. Super excited for season 2. Don’t even think of letting us wait a long time for season, and I want it to be better than season 1. In short I want to see a masterpiece.

        • Was it really that tough? Maybe I should have made it easier, I’m noticing A LOT of people are getting at least one question wrong now. 🙁

          I’m glad you’re excited for the next series though, Spencer!☺ I’m really happy you’ve liked this series and commented on it regularly and the next one will probably be a bit bigger (12 HGs maybe?) 😀

          I’ll have to re-decorate the House or make a new one completely (still not sure about what to do), I’ll have to make the HGs (I might even make a form where people can apply their HouseGuests) and trust me, I’ll try my best to make it as fun as possible! ^^

          I do have to work and go to college, so it might take a month or two to get everything prepared, as I’ve said to Ben. I like to be at least a week or two ahead of you guys with the episodes as it makes the series run as smooth as this one did and there are no delays. Hope you’re okay with that! 😀

          • spencer tenesen

            Take your time. As I always say: ” masterpieces can’t be rushed” ☺

  • Ben Hubber

    Noooo 🙁 I wanted Hannah to win!!! I knew she wouldn’t win though since she was with Michael. That was a great episode though and I don’t want this show to end 🙂

    • I know, Ben… It’s a shame she ended up 4th. Maybe Michael can win since she didn’t, who knows? 😛
      Thanks Ben, as soon as it ends I’ll start working on the next series so in a month or two it should be back for series two! 😉 Just keep following us on Facebook and Twitter and you’ll know exactly when. 😀 😀

  • Josiah Stuart

    Yay, another one of my predictions came true. And now, I’m officially excited for the rest of Finale Week. At least we’ve seen a lot of footage this series. Can you please change the house theming for series two (and enlarge the studio)? Still, Kandy or Noah (especially Noah) to win!

    • Yes, it did! You’ve become great at predicting things in the past few episodes, Josiah! Just two more episodes left! :O I can’t believe it haha! 😀

      Yeah, I probably will change it, but I might base it on this House Plan. I’m really happy with how the rooms are positioned, but I think I need a bit more space, especially if I’m going to have more HGs next series. Studio is getting a makeover in the Finale episode! 😛 😉

      Thanks for your comment(s) Josiah!!! ^^ Love them!☺

  • Adam Scholze

    Sorry I didn’t comment yesterday I was in a rush, but I just new that Hannah was screwed

    you say these are random but however you decide the randomness of this you do a spectacular job of morphing it in to the scrip for it to make sense, your writing skills are tremendous, I am soo exited for the finale I’m sure it will not disappoint

    • It’s no problem, your comments are worth the wait, Adam! ?

      Well, before the series I’ve made the HGs and on this bb generator site I found I gave them skills for certain comps (so there is more chance for example that Forrest would win an endurance comp) and I also put in how much they all liked each other.

      Based on that I got the results of who would win what, who would get nominated and evicted. Then I based my script and alliances around it.

      Hardest part is thinking about the tasks since the game is still pretty limited with content, I just hope those seemed okay. ^^

      Thanks so much for saying that, Adam, I’ve spent a lot of time on this and had so much fun making it so I’m really glad it makes other people, like you, entertained! That was my goal all along! 😀

      • Adam Scholze

        alright, that sounds cool! any chance you’d be willing to share that generator? I’m interested to see how it works

        • Yeah, no problem at all. ^^ I used the one at the bottom where you can pick how many players you want:

          You can change relationships and competition statistics or just let it play out. You can even use real-life HGs and make a season with legends like Dan and Will battling it out haha. It’s a fun thing I’ve found a few years ago and it proved to be useful for this. Have fun with it, Adam!☺

  • Nathan

    So happy Hannah left; I wasn’t a massive fan of her tbh, but I still respected her as a member of the houseguests this series. So at least I’ll remember her!

    The HOH challenge is TORTURE!!!! How could you do that!? So cruel haha 😛

    • Hannah seemed to be very liked by a lot of people though! :O I’m still amazed at how split the opinions are. You could really see it from the HG ratings in the final poll which up until tonight! 😉 You’ll see the results in the final ep, Nathan!

      Hopefully, you’ll remember a lot of them haha! I tried to make every single one of them have something interesting about them. ^^

      I’m cruel like that, Nathan! 😛 😛 😛