S01E19 – Live Eviction

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bb01ep17veto10-29-15_6-50-55 PMMichael: Hey guys, welcome to the second part of the final HoH competition! As the winner of the part one, I’m not allowed to compete in the part two of the final HoH competition. The winner of this round will join me in the final one on Friday. Here are the rules… You will be shown a picture from a competition that was played this season. The person who buzzes in first must answer who won this competition and at what exact day! The day we entered is considered day one even though we were in for just a few hours. After six pictures we will have our winner and that will be the person with the most points. Do you understand the rules, guys?
Both: Yeah, we do.
Michael: Then let’s begin.

bb01ep17veto10-29-15_6-53-24 01 Michael: Noah buzzed in first.

bb01ep17veto10-29-15_6-54-33 PMNoah: I won this competition and it was on day… 27?
Michael: You won, yes, but the correct day was 25.
Noah: Damn.

bb01ep17veto10-29-15_6-34-09 PMNoah: Throwing this. Just as planned. *laughs*

bb01ep17veto10-29-15_6-53-24 02Michael: Kandy buzzed in first.

bb01ep17veto10-29-15_6-52-38 PMKandy: Erica won that competition and it was on day 8.
Michael: Correct! Kandy gets a point!

bb01ep17veto10-29-15_6-53-24 03Michael: Kandy buzzed in first.
Noah won that competition and it was on day 32.
Michael: Correct once again! Kandy gets her second point!

bb01ep17veto10-29-15_6-53-24 04Michael: Noah buzzed in first.

bb01ep17veto10-29-15_6-55-00 PMNoah: *laughs* Really? Obviously, Forrest won that competition and it was on day 2.
Michael: Correct! Noah gets his first point!

bb01ep17veto10-29-15_6-53-24 05Michael: Kandy buzzed in first.

bb01ep17veto10-29-15_6-57-47 PMKandy: You, Michael, won that competition and it was on… day 36?
Michael: Correct! Kandy gets another point!

bb01ep17veto10-29-15_6-51-17 PMMichael: As Kandy has three points and Noah has only one there is no need in continuing.

bb01ep17veto10-29-15_6-59-57 PMMichael: Congratulations, Kandy! You’ve won the second part of the final HoH competition!
Kandy: Yay!
Noah: Congrats, Kandy! You deserve it!

bb01ep17veto10-29-15_6-09-34 PMKatrina: So, Michael won part one and Kandy won part two. That means one of them will be the final HoH. Let’s swiftly join our HouseGuests for the live part three of the final HoH competition!

bb01ep17veto10-29-15_7-15-47 PM bb01ep17veto10-29-15_7-16-29 PMKatrina (from the Studio): Hello HouseGuests! Michael, as the winner of the first round and Kandy, as the winner of the second round, you two are the only ones eligible to compete in round three. The winner will choose who joins them in the Final which will take place on Sunday night! Here are the rules for this round…

bb01ep17veto10-29-15_7-17-43 PMKatrina (from the Studio): For the final time this season, the power is up for grabs! You will hear the beginning of two statements made by each current Juror. I will then read how the sentence might have ended. Your goal is to say if that is how the statement really ended by pressing green for true or red for false. After six rounds we will have our winner. Do you understand the rules, HouseGuests?
Both: Yes!
Katrina (from the Studio): Then let’s see who knows the Jury better!

bb01ep17veto10-29-15_8-58-08 PMSaffron: My favorite moment in the House was…
Katrina (from the Studio): This sentence might have ended with „…when Annie and I met on the first night!“ HouseGuests, is this ending true or false?

bb01ep17veto10-29-15_7-23-18 PMMichael: What’s up with her hair! *laughs*
Michael, no talking is allowed during the competition. Now, let’s see what Saffron said.

bb01ep17veto10-29-15_7-22-10 PMSaffron: …seeing Forrest evicted before me! *laughs*
Katrina (from the Studio): None of you got it right. Let’s see one of Erica’s statements now.

bb01ep17veto10-29-15_8-58-55 PMErica: Most shocking moment in the House for me was…
Katrina (from the Studio): This sentence might have ended with „…when Will threw his mic in the pool!“ HouseGuests, is this ending true or false?

bb01ep17veto10-29-15_7-24-51 PMKatrina (from the Studio): Let’s see what Erica said.

bb01ep17veto10-29-15_7-22-23 PMErica: …when Will threw his mic in the pool!
Katrina: Kandy, you got it right. Let’s see one of Hannah’s statements now.

bb01ep17veto10-29-15_8-56-42 PMHannah: Fatal error I made in the House was…
Katrina (from the Studio): This sentence might have ended with „…trusting Kandy!“ HouseGuests, is this ending true or false?

bb01ep17veto10-29-15_7-25-48 PMKatrina (from the Studio): Let’s see what Hannah said.

bb01ep17veto10-29-15_7-22-19 PMHannah: …not letting Michael know I wanted Noah out on double eviction night!
Katrina (from the Studio): Michael, you got it right. We have a tie. Let’s see Saffron’s second statement now.

bb01ep17veto10-29-15_8-58-11 PMSaffron: HouseGuest who I think needs the reality check the most is…
Katrina (from the Studio): This sentence might have ended with „…Forrest! Slimy spoiled bastard!“ HouseGuests, is this ending true or false?

bb01ep17veto10-29-15_7-26-32 PMKatrina (from the Studio): Let’s see what Saffron said.

bb01ep17veto10-29-15_7-22-05 PMSaffron: …Forrest! Slimy spoiled bastard! *laughs*
Katrina (from the Studio): Both of you got it right. Let’s see Erica’s second statement now.

bb01ep17veto10-29-15_8-59-01 PMErica: The funniest moment in the House for me was…
Katrina (from the Studio): This sentence might have ended with „…nothing really, as I didn’t have a lot of fun!“ HouseGuests, is this ending true or false?

bb01ep17veto10-29-15_7-27-13 PMKatrina (from the Studio): Let’s see what Erica said.

bb01ep17veto10-29-15_7-21-54 PMErica: …when I kept getting picked for Veto competitions, but I never wanted to compete so I had to throw them.
Katrina (from the Studio): Both of you got it right. Let’s see Hannah’s second statement now.

bb01ep17veto10-29-15_8-56-56 PMHannah: Moment in the House I’m afraid to have my friends and family see is…
Katrina (from the Studio): This sentence might have ended with „…when I kissed Michael for the first time!“ HouseGuests, is this ending true or false?

bb01ep17veto10-29-15_7-27-56 PMKatrina (from the Studio): Let’s see what Hannah said.

bb01ep17veto10-29-15_7-22-15 PMHannah: …when I threatened Kandy, as that was a pretty desperate move.
Katrina (from the Studio): Michael, you got it right.

bb01ep17veto10-29-15_7-28-46 PMKatrina (from the Studio): Congratulations, Michael, with 4 points you are the winner! Please, reveal to us who you want evicted from the Big Brother House tonight. Is it Kandy or Noah?

  • spencer tenesen

    Oh my God! That was unbelievable! Who knew Michael wold make it to the finals. To be frank I was expecting Hannah, but I’m glad that Michael was chosen, and I’ll tell you I have a bad feeling about him choosing Noah as he’s an aggressive player when it comes to competitions. I hope Michael doesn’t mess this one up. Oh Kandy I’ll really miss you. I mean she’s my second best female houseguest! And man Michael really is working hard! I’m still sticking with him over Noah. Anyway super excited for Sunday and no worries I’ll keep Sunday marked on my calendar so I don’t forget, but how can I forget while Big Brother is watching! Keep up the great work. I’ll never miss this Sunday for the world! ?????


      I hope that most of the stuff that happened this season surprised you, as I’d hate it if it was all predictable. Now it’s all in the hands of the Jury and you, the viewers, so just vote for who you want to see win, guys!

      There will be just one more episode, and she will appear in it, alongside everyone else (besides Will), so there’s nothing to miss, Spencer! 😛

      I’m super, super, super happy to hear that!!! It will be a bit longer than usual (15 mins long) but I hope that doesn’t put you off reading it. There’s so much to do and I couldn’t cut anything out tbh. 😀 😀 There’s a lot of Jury House too! 😉

      Once again, thanks so much for commenting, Spencer! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the Finale Night! ^^

  • Adam Scholze

    Yaaaay I was legitimately was crossing my fingers waiting to see if Michael would win the competition and then continued to see weather he would keep Noah or not.

    I’m very excited for the finale and i’m excited for a season 2 I’m curious as to how it will turn out. But besides that It’s a legitamate toss up between Michael & noah, and I’m pretty sure you made it so the viewers would be the deciding vote (Kandy + Hannah = Michael & Saffron + Erica = Noah) so I’m uber excited to see who won

    P.S The simulator you gave me is very fun thank you for it, the only thing is on my own characters, the pictures never work in my favor

    • Everything’s going as planned for you then, if you wanted Michael to win and bring Noah with him haha! 😀

      So, so glad to hear you’re excited about both of those (Finale and Season 2)! Both of them have their good and bad sides so it’s really, really close, that’s for sure. And who knows, the viewers really might be the deciding vote, so everyone should vote, that’s the only way to make sure your favorite wins! 😛

      I love seeing HGs from different seasons play it out against each other, it’s really fun and the whole simulator is really well-made too! Glad you like it, Adam! ^^ 😀

      Pictures? You upload them and they don’t work or? :O

      • Adam Scholze

        It’ll upload but when the simulation runs the show up blank :/

        But is there anyway viewers/commenters from this season submit certain players for season 2, and if so, when?

        • That’s really weird. I never even tried uploading them so I can’t really help there. Sorry Adam. 🙁

          Yes there will be! I’ll create a form similar to the one where you voted for the winner where you can submit your character. You’ll have to write in basic info (f/m, hometown, age), describe them a bit and you can even say if they are based on a real-life houseguest and send in a link for me to download them from the sims 4 gallery if you created them there! ^^

          I thought it would be fun if you guys had the chance to upload your houseguests too, hope you like that idea! ?

  • Nathan

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I wanted Kandy to at least make the final 🙁 So gutted! I’m not even a huge fan of Michael or Noah; Kandy was the only one I was rooting for! BOO! Haha!

    Still though, I just want to add that the production quality of these episodes has been fantastic throughout. You’ve never slacked or anything and I have to applaud you for your hard work. The challenges and competitions have been AMAZING! I’m so impressed so far! Can’t wait for the final, even though I’m not too bothered about who wins 🙂

    • She was very close! And she’ll be in the next ep too, so there’s something for you too haha! 😀 😀 She wins something though, you’ll see what! 😛

      THANK YOU! I’m really happy to hear that, as you’re completely aware of how much time needs to be put into these! ☺ I’m really happy with the Sims 4, it’s definitely becoming my favorite Sims game and there is only one EP available :O

      Thanks so much, Nathan, glad you’ve found the time to read through these as I love reading your comments hahha! ^^