S01E20 – Finale

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bb01ep17veto10-31-15_1-14-21 AMKatrina: A season-long power struggle is almost over! Forty-five days ago ten complete strangers have entered the Big Brother House. Tonight we will be crowning our winner! I hope you are ready for the Finale of the first season of Big Brother!

bb01ep17veto10-31-15_1-15-44 AMKatrina: Good evening, dear viewers, my name is Katrina Caliente. Tonight, we have a lot in store for you! We will see everything that happened in the Jury House and we’ll also see Michael and Noah as they enjoy their final dinner in the Big Brother House. The Jurors will also join me in here and they’ll ask the Finalists a few questions before voting on who they want to see win.

bb01ep17veto10-31-15_1-16-07 AMKatrina: Before revealing their votes and your vote to you and to the Finalists, we’ll talk a bit with the first three evicted HouseGuests of this series so we could hear their thoughts on this season. They were the only ones allowed to see everything that happened alongside you anyway. As you can see, there is definitely a lot to do tonight, so let’s join our Finalists in the living room!

bb01ep17veto10-31-15_1-37-44 AMKatrina (from the Studio): Finalists! Congratulations on getting this far! How are you feeling tonight? Let’s start with Michael, as you were the one who won the final HoH!
Michael: Oh, Katrina, I’m feeling very nervous! I can’t believe Noah and I are the only ones left! This is so exciting!
Katrina (from the Studio): And what about you, Noah?

bb01ep17veto10-31-15_1-38-37 AMNoah: I’m nervous as… well, since this is live, I’ll say I’m nervous as… fudge! And I’m feeling ecstatic!!! It feels amazing to still be inside this House! I never thought I’d actually make it! *laughs*
Katrina (from the Studio): Well, you both did, so congratulations, once again, guys! I’ll be back shortly!
Both: Bye, Katrina!

bb01ep17veto10-31-15_1-28-59 AMMichael: I can’t believe we’ve made it.
Noah: Right? It’s surreal. Thanks so much once more for choosing me, Michael.
Michael: I could never pick Kandy. Not after she broke me and Hannah up.
Noah: She didn’t do it for personal reasons though.
Michael: I know, I know… But still. I just couldn’t take her.

bb01ep17veto10-31-15_1-30-28 AMNoah: So, what has been your favorite moment in the House?
Michael: Hmmm… I’m going to go with that truth or dare game we played.
Noah: Because you got to kiss Hannah?
Michael: She kissed me. *laughs* But yeah, that really set us off in the right direction. I’ve been dying to kiss her for so long.
Noah: You two are too cute.
Michael: What about you?

bb01ep17veto10-31-15_1-31-17 AMNoah: Oh, it has to be the moment when I saw Forrest evicted. Seeing my plan work as planned… It was just perfect. Video messages from home are near the top too.
Michael: Those really made us want to work harder to get to the Final, right?
Noah: Yes! It was something all of us needed!
Michael: What was the worst thing that happened to you in here?
Noah: Honestly? Will. The way he spoke and acted. He had so much anger and I just didn’t know where it came from.
Michael: Oh, trust me, I know. He was vile.

bb01ep17veto10-31-15_1-33-13 AMNoah: Anyway, let’s toast to… us!
Michael: I don’t see why not! *laughs* We deserve a toast!
Noah: To us, the Finalists of Big Brother and to an experience we’ll never forget!
Michael: Bottoms up!

bb01ep17veto10-31-15_1-33-41 AM bb01ep17veto10-31-15_1-39-03 AMKatrina: Why wasn’t I invited to such an amazing-looking dinner party? Oh yeah, I didn’t compete and I definitely didn’t get to the Final. Oh well, there’s always next season! *laughs* Now it’s time for us to see everything that happened in the Jury House. I need some explanation for Saffron’s new hair color!

bb01ep15veto10-21-15_3-29-59 AM bb01ep15veto10-21-15_3-30-33 AM bb01ep15veto10-21-15_3-34-11 AM bb01ep16eviction10-22-15_8-24-30 PMSaffron: My days pretty much consisted of doing nothing and drinking some fancy cocktails I made for myself. Who knew you could mix Vodka with Jägermeister. *laughs* But I got bored one night after a few of those magic drinks so I decided to dye my hair blue. Playing with my hair is the only creative thing I can do besides drawing and mixing drinks. I can’t wait for someone to join me.

bb01ep16eviction10-22-15_8-25-31 PMSaffron: Erica? Really?

bb01ep16eviction10-22-15_8-26-47 PMSaffron: Hi! Welcome!
Erica: Hi, Saffy! How you’ve been? Love your hair, by the way!
Saffron: Why, thank you! It got boring at times but I managed. How come you’re the one who got evicted?
Erica: Let’s take a sit and then you can see for yourself how it all played out.

bb01ep16eviction10-22-15_8-28-31 PMSaffron: Oh my!!!
Erica: Yeah, that was quite a fall.
Saffron: *laughs* Are you okay?
Erica: It still hurts a bit, but it’s okay, yeah.

bb01ep16eviction10-22-15_8-28-08 PMSaffron: I can’t believe you got to meet those three! I love them! *laughs* They didn’t shut up though!
Erica: It was torture after a while, but that was their task. To annoy us so we couldn’t focus on counting.
Saffron: Who won though?
Erica: Noah won, I’m sure we’ll see that too, just wait for a second.

bb01ep16eviction10-22-15_8-29-32 PMSaffron: So, those three are definitely working together. I knew it.
Erica: Yeah… Hopefully Noah can pull Kandy on his side and they can take out Hannah and Michael now I’m gone.
Saffron: I like Hannah and Michael too, though. *laughs* But I dislike the fact they keep controlling the House and their team is winning a competition after competition.

bb01ep16eviction10-22-15_8-31-58 PMErica: Who do you think will join us tomorrow?
Saffron: Honestly? Noah.
Erica: Really? I think he could have won the HoH. Or at least the Veto. He’s really good at competitions too.
Saffron: I know, but it’s three against one. I’d be shocked if he stayed.

bb01ep17veto10-29-15_8-04-54 PMErica: What?! No way!
Saffron: Hannah?! Whaaaat?
Hannah: Grab a sit, girls. I have some videos for you from the House! *laughs*

bb01ep17veto10-29-15_8-06-53 PMSaffron: Kandy is really good at those puzzle competitions. She won a similar one and that’s the one which got me evicted.
Erica: Yeah, she really is.

bb01ep17veto10-29-15_8-07-15 PMHannah: And that is how I got evicted. *laughs*
Erica: Your goodbyes were…
Hannah: I know, I know. I’m going to apologize to them, I was just heartbroken at that moment.

bb01ep17veto10-29-15_9-00-35 PMSaffron: We thought you’d win. You seemed to have everything under control.
Erica: But… Does that mean that Kandy and Noah are now working together?
Hannah: I think so. I’m not sure if Kandy would really bring Noah with her to the Final though. She’s playing for herself. There is no loyalty in her. Even though I respect that in a game like this.
Erica: She’s smart. I think she might actually win this.

bb01ep17veto10-29-15_9-01-44 PMHannah: Not really. Noah wouldn’t take her to the Final as he’s playing the game similarly. And neither would Michael, I’m sure of that. So, honestly… The only way she wins is if she wins the final HoH too!
Saffron: But basically, that is how it is at this point. It all depends on who wins what.
Erica: Michael is the only one who is sure to get to the Final.
Hannah: He’s placed himself really well.
Saffron: Not really. He didn’t do much. He will get to the Final because he’s not seen as a threat. That was what I was doing in a way. That’s not gameplay worthy of a win.
Hannah: That’s not true. He helped me a lot in that game! He’s not dumb, Saffron.
Saffron: Maybe, but to all of us it seemed like you just dragged him along. If it weren’t for you, he’d be like a lost puppy in that House. He’s a nice kid and I adore him, but he doesn’t deserve to win.
Hannah: I disagree completely.

bb01ep17veto10-29-15_9-27-11 PMErica: So, who do you think will join us tonight?
Saffron: Honestly? Most likely Noah.
Hannah: I’m split between Kandy and Noah.
Erica: You’ll be happy as long as Michael is still there anyway. *laughs*
Hannah: That’s true. *laughs*

bb01ep17veto10-29-15_9-27-47 PM bb01ep17veto10-29-15_9-28-02 PMKandy: Hey bitches!
Erica: Kandy, hi!
Saffron: Welcome back! I kind of hoped you’d win. *laughs* I wanted a girl to win.

bb01ep17veto10-29-15_9-28-37 PMKandy: Well, that’s not happening, at least not this season. We do have an all-female Jury though! *laughs*
Saffron: We’re going to be one fabulous Jury!
Hannah: *laughs* Oh, come on girls. We’re in here to give someone §500,000, not to look fabulous!
Saffron: Screw that, I can do both!
All: *laugh*
Kandy: If anyone’s interested, Michael won the final HoH and he evicted me since I did evict Hannah just two days ago.

bb01ep17veto10-29-15_9-29-18 PM bb01ep17veto10-29-15_9-30-38 PMHannah: I just wanted to say sorry, Kandy. I really didn’t mean any of what I said during my last two days. I just really, really didn’t want to leave. I’m really sorry Michael evicted you.
Kandy: Trust me, I know the feeling. It’s behind us, don’t stress about it.
Hannah: Thank you!
Saffron: Now, let’s get to business…
Erica: You’re playing the game harder now than you did at the House! *laughs*
Saffron: It’s the hair, trust me. *laughs* I’m a blue game-playing monster now.

bb01ep17veto10-29-15_9-30-13 PMSaffron: I personally think Noah played a better game than Michael did. He won a lot of competitions and his plan to evict Forrest was probably the best gameplay we’ve seen. That took a lot of thought.
Hannah: I think Michael played a lot cleaner game. He was loyal, trustworthy, he also won a few competitions, as all of you can see… Not to mention, he was in an alliance which ruled the House for quite a while.
Saffron: I just think he’s there because of your gameplay, not his.
Erica: But, he also won a few crucial comps these last few weeks. That’s his skill, not Hannah’s. And not to mention, he won the final HoH. If Kandy won, Noah probably wouldn’t be in the Final.
Kandy: That’s true. I’d be taking Michael, for sure.

bb01ep17veto10-29-15_9-32-00 PMKandy: However… I would be taking him because I thought I had a better chance at winning if I took him. That is not a good thing.
Hannah: Not making yourself a target is a massively important thing. Michael did just that. He would be sitting there no matter what. You and Noah can’t say that.
Erica: I agree. We shouldn’t just put Michael’s game down because we didn’t play the same.
Saffron: Whatever. I know who I’m voting for. If Michael took Kandy with him, then I might consider voting for him. Because that would be a good strategic move, as Noah was a little better player than Kandy was. So, when it comes to Michael, that’s not good gameplay. Period.

bb01ep17veto10-31-15_1-39-30 AMKatrina: Wow! I’m in love with how the events in the Jury House unfolded. This was so exciting to watch! I know how Hannah and Saffron will probably vote, but Kandy and Erica… I’m not so sure about them. So, let’s bring them out and see!

  • spencer tenesen

    Man, now that was intense! I got the feeling Miceal would lose when I saw the juries. However I’m not bugged Noah won. I mean it’s a game, and each game has its winners and losers. I promised myself not to get angry or sad if Michael didn’t win as Noah also deserved to win because of his smart thinking and strategy, and Kandy you’re one heck of a lucky person I mean a trip to Sunlit Tides, and 125,000! – maybe less I’m not sure – overall this season was really fun, and I’ll make sure to apply my own sim to be a houseguest – I just hope people will like them – I’ll be waiting patiently for season 2, so no worries you’ll see me here again – and maybe check Sunset hills it looks really promising – Keep up the good work, and thank you for this awesom series. LOVE YOU BIG BROTHER!

    • Thank you so much! Who would have thought that Saffron would be so vocal about the game in the Jury? Haha! 😀 Michael scored higher than Noah in the Viewers’ rankings, but more people voted for Noah to win. People liked Michael more, while Noah was seen as a better player, at least that’s what I got from that poll.

      Kandy won §10,000 and a trip to Sunlit Tides and now she also won §25,000 more! She really is something, haha! 😛

      Can’t wait to see the Sims you apply! I worked hard on the logo for season 2 and the application form today, so it can all be up alongside the Finale episode! ^^ I’ll try my best and get everything set for season two as fast as I can, I promise!☺

      Sunset Hills is a show completely made up and written by me, hopefully you’ll give it a shot and maybe you’ll like it, we’ll see! ^^ At least it’s something to keep you entertained on The Sims TV until the Premiere of S2 of Big Brother.

      THANK YOU for all your awesome comments and support, Spencer! I really appreciate it a lot!

      • spencer tenesen

        I’ve just applied my sim, Please have a look at her. I hope you’d take her in consideration. I hope to see her as a houseguest. thanks again Andrija for replying to all of our comments. really you’re the best. Thank you!

        • Ooooh, I’m loving her! I’ve got 5 really big applications already haha, if things keep going this way I will really have a hard time choosing which ones to take! 😀

          I love big descriptions like the one you’ve sent in, it already makes me think of some interesting storylines so she’s definitely being considered, Spencer! ^^ Once I create her I’ll send you an email with how she looks so you can approve or not. :))

          Of course I will reply to every comment you guys make, they mean the world when you’re making a show like this and it’s the least I can do! ☺

          • spencer tenesen

            Thank you so much! She’s on the gallery. I hope that would make things easier on you. Thanks again.

          • Oh great, I didn’t see you’ve created her, my bad, I’ll check her out now! That will certainly make it easier haha! ☺

  • Well, only a few of you actually got all the answers right and you got picked by a random generator so yeah… Congratulations are in order! 😉

    I’m so happy you’ve enjoyed the series and I’ll do my best for series 2! ?? Can’t wait to see who you apply!

    Wow! I love that table! It looks exactly like the ones on wiki for real life BBUS! Thanks for making it, Josiah! ^^

    • Josiah Stuart

      Did you get my application for my sim? If so, I really want to add someone to a (possible) really diverse second series.

      • Yes, yes, I did! ^^ I got almost ten applications now xD

        Send in a few more if I want, I don’t mind at all. I want to add as many user created ones as I can and a few of my own just to fill in the “diversity” part as I’m mostly getting young adults who are great at physical stuff… ☺

        This season had mostly young adult people so I’m mixing it up next season! :3

  • Nathan

    Congratulations to Noah on winning. Despite the fact I wasn’t overly bothered about either of them, it was still a tense moment haha! I think the decision was right in the end, he was a pretty awesome player in the game so go Noah!

    Just wanted to say a massive thank you because this series has been absolutely fantastic and I’ve loved it. You’ve awoken a love for BBUSA in me and I wasn’t a fan properly before. I’m really interested in the format and I cannot wait for moe of it because everything you presented this season has been gripping, enjoyable and downright entertaining. The photgraphy and writing for this season has been just as fantastic! You’ve kept the production values of this series at a very sterdy A++ in my eyes. I can’t fault a single thing and trust me, I tried to. The inner Simon Cowell was going to look for something negative but there was nothing. Congrats on this, absolutely loved it!! 🙂

    • Glad to hear that! I think that everyone in the final five deserved to win in a way because all of them played the game. I’m really glad that I’m not the one who’s deciding the winner though, because I would have a hard time evicting great characters like Kandy and Hannah in favor of someone else.

      You’re welcome and… THANK YOU! I’m so happy to hear that, and who knows, maybe you and Laura decide to watch a season of BBUS together after this haha! 😛 Those are some of the best compliments I’ve ever received so I can’t say thank you enough! So glad you’ve enjoyed it! ^^ Competitions were the hardest as ts4 is still a pretty limited game, but you know that well enough haha!

      Thank you for all of your comments Nathan! <3 Now it's time to work on Sunset Hills! 😛

  • Adam Scholze

    Noah won! woohoo! man this was a great season, I can’t say i wa all for noah in the beginning I appreciate how after mid season he became a threat that gave this season a great realistic feel, in this season I have to say my favorite player was Erica, (I’m sure you could’ve guessed) this episode put a smile on my face, (especially when my name came up on the special thanks) but besides that it was fun to see the returning players come back.

    I’m also excited for season two! the only downside is I have to chose between two of my sims on who I want to put in! haha nah I can narrow one off but lemmie tell ya keep doin what your doin I had fun

    • My main goal was to be as realistic as I could so I’m really happy you thought this season was like that! ^^ Erica was definitely the most strategic person in there and I loved writing for her! ?

      Oh, you deserve it! Loved all of your comments and support! ? You can apply more than one if you want to, Adam! As long as they’re interesting characters, maybe both will get picked to enter! 😛

      My goal was completed if you guys had fun watching this! That was the reason why I started doing this! ??