S02E00 – House Tour

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bbs2053Katrina: Good evening, my dear viewers! My name is Katrina Caliente and I am the host of the second season of Big Brother on The Sims TV! Most of you probably know me as I’ve already hosted the previous season of Big Brother and I’ve starred as Lydia Harris in The Sims TV’s first teen drama, Sunset Hills, too. I am also the mother of Dina and Nina Caliente.

bbs2054Katrina: Oh, I can’t express how good it is to be back! Tonight is a very special night as I will be giving you a sneak peek of the Big Brother House and we’ll go through each and every room together!

bbs2055Katrina: The series will start in less than a week from now, on March 18th, and our HouseGuests have been in isolation for a while now! That means that we have a few days ahead of us to prepare you for the start of the season with a number of teasers. I can’t wait for you guys to see what we have in store for you and hopefully you’re just as excited as I am!

bbs2056 bbs2057Katrina: First thing I really want you to see is this amazing new Studio! It’s a lot bigger than last season’s and rightfully so as we’ve increased the number of HouseGuests competing for the main prize from ten to twelve… or maybe even more than twelve? Who knows?! Well, I do… *laughs*

bbs2058Katrina: It’s not the right time to talk about that little detail, so I’ll just leave you guessing what I meant as we go into the House. You can take a look at our new Production Area while I’m going up the stairs.

bbs2051 bbs2052 bbs2059 bbs2060Katrina: There is nothing too special about the entrance, it looks very similar to last season’s. There are a few mirrors on the wall across the main door and a camera above the stairs to give the HouseGuests a feel of being watched as soon as they enter the House.

bbs2061 bbs2062 bbs2030Katrina: Memory Wall is back too! It is the first thing our HouseGuests get to see as they go down the stairs. It contains pictures of, well, most of the HouseGuests and once they are evicted their picture turns grey.

bbs2063 bbs2064Katrina: The living room area contains four couches, a table and a TV which HouseGuests can’t use. It is instead turned on by Producers during the Live Shows so our HouseGuests can see me while I talk to them. Diary Room door is located here too!

bbs2065Katrina: The Red Couch is reserved for our Nominees as they will be sitting there during the Live Shows. Now let’s see the brand new Diary Room!

bbs2066Katrina: Wow! I adore this room! It is a place where our HouseGuests share their opinion about other HouseGuests and daily events openly and privately. It is also a place where they vote to evict during the live shows. I love how the color of it changes with every season, just as our Big Brother logo does! Those are minor details, but they really stand out to me.

bbs2067 bbs2068Katrina: Let’s take a look at what we’ve done with the Gym this year!

bbs2069 bbs2070Katrina: Once again, it’s a bit bigger than last year’s Gym and there is one more treadmill for our HouseGuests to use. There were a lot of interesting private chats happening in this room last season so I do hope we get a few of those again!

bbs2071 bbs2072 bbs2073 bbs2074 Katrina: Across the Gym we can find the first Bedroom! It has a city slash apartment feel to it, doesn’t it? The blue tones are very appropriate as this room is a lot colder than the rest of the House. There are a few mannequins as decorations, a sitting area for our HouseGuests to scheme and chat and there’s a walk-in closet too.

bbs2075 bbs2076 bbs2077Katrina: Right outside this room, we have another Bedroom! It looks like a Cabin, I love it! The Producers have told me that the beds in this room are a lot less comfortable than in the previous one, but at least it’s not freezing in this room. *laughs* Gosh, we’re really harsh this season, it seems as though no one will be sleeping comfortably.

bbs2078 bbs2079 bbs2080Katrina: Speaking of uncomfortable, welcome to the Nominees’ Bedroom. The beds are absolutely horrid, there are disgusting spider decorations all around and our Ghost Gnome Statue will be keeping our Nominees up all night as he howls and growls every thirty minutes. I wouldn’t want to get nominated this season, that’s for sure! Now give me a second as I get back to the Memory Wall so I could show you the rest of the House!

  • Josiah Stuart

    Andrija, I am now excited for this new season. Bring it on!!!

    • Thank you so much Josiah! 😀 There’s definitely a lot in store this time! 😉

  • Sam James

    The house is AMAZING! Literally, there’s not a single room I dislike, which is really rare! The colour scheme all over is gorgeous. My favourite room is the kitchen. It’s beautiful. Can’t wait for the start of the series!

    • Wow, thank you so, so much! I’m really glad to hear that! ☺ Just a few more days and then it’s on! :)))

  • Adam Scholze

    I can’t contain my excitement for season 2!the place looks outstanding and i’m excited for the drama! Woo!

    • Thanks so much, Adam! It took a lot longer than I thought it would to get everything ready but I’m pretty sure I can handle another season now! 😀 And there’s a lot of drama in store! 😉

  • spencer tenesen

    AMAZING!!!! The house looks better than ever! I’m really excited about this season and a bit extra worried. Sorry for the late comment exams just never stop, anyway good luck with season 2 and may the best houseguest win!? and don’t forget to keep up the great work!?

    • Thaaaank you! 😀 I’m really happy with the reaction I got about the new house. :3 It makes me very happy to know that people are liking the design of it! ^^
      How come you’re worried? :O Nah, your comments are worth the wait haha! 😀 And good luck with all of your exams, Spencer!

  • Nathan

    OMG I didn’t know this was back!! I’m going to catch up properly tomorrow, but the house looks absolutely amazing!!! You’ve done a fantastic job and should be proud! Can’t wait for this 😀

    • It is, it is haha! 😀 Thank you, Nathan! ☺ I’m glad you’re liking the look of the House, I tried to make it look fresh but also wanted it to have the same feel as the previous one. ^^ I’m also very, very happy to hear that you’re interested in this season too! 😀

  • Adriangolden7

    Can we download the house? Thx you a lot!!