S02E00 – House Tour

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bbs2081Katrina: Another thing you might have noticed about this House is the fact that we’ve increased the number of places which allow our HouseGuests to sit and chat as we really want to see even more scheming and planning than we did in the previous season.

bbs2082 bbs2084 bbs2083 bbs2050Katrina: Bathroom definitely got upgraded with this redesign! I am in love with the color scheme and now I want it in my bathroom at home too! It has a summery feel to it, doesn’t it? The bathroom contains three showers, another sitting area and a door which leads to the toilet. There is a camera in the toilet too but it is only turned on in case of more than one HouseGuest entering through the door. We don’t want to miss out on any hot action now, do we? *laughs*

bbs2085Katrina: As our HouseGuests leave the bathroom, they can see what’s happening outside in the garden through the windows. However, instead of supplying our HouseGuests with alcohol, this season the shelves are containing books. Less partying and more reading, right? Wrong! *laughs* The only thing our HouseGuests can find in those nice looking books are the rules printed in various fonts. Oh gosh, we’ve really outdone ourselves with being mean this season, haven’t we?

bbs2086 bbs2087 bbs2089 bbs2090Katrina: The Dining Area and the Kitchen look so much cooler! I mean, I’m going to miss the red kitchen from the previous season as red is my favorite color, but damn, this looks so, so cool! I’m in love with the hexagonal lights and decorations on the walls too! Oh, and if you’re wondering, the Nominees are only allowed to eat Mac ‘n’ Cheese for as long as they’re nominated, just like before.

bbs2091Katrina: Let’s take a look at how the Garden looks.

bbs2093 bbs2094Katrina: Of course, I’m not disappointed at all! Camping Area is back, I’m so glad about that! We have a foosball table now too, amazing! But let’s investigate the HoH Suite before going further.

bbs2095 bbs2096 bbs2097 bbs2098Katrina: I know I should stop saying this, but I am absolutely in love with this! It looks so luxurious! And it’s so much bigger than the previous HoH Suite! There is a sitting area, a bar, a dining area, a small kitchen and a king sized bed. It can only be opened with the HoH key so it’s probably the most private place in the whole Big Brother House. The TV which was used to spy on other HouseGuests was removed to make things harder for our HoH because… well, because we’re mean.

bbs2099Katrina: There is also a private bathroom with a luxurious tub for our HoH to enjoy. Now, let’s get back outside!

bbs2100 bbs2101Katrina: The pool looks a lot more inviting this season. I love the color of the water and the little fountain too. Just gorgeous! You can also see the Outside Shower for our Nominees here. It only uses freezing cold water so, once again, I wouldn’t want to get nominated, that’s for sure!

bbs2102 bbs2103Katrina: The Outside Lounge is one of my favorite things in the new Big Brother House. I’d probably spend most of my day here.

bbs2104 bbs2105Katrina: Last part of the House, the Luxury Room, can only be accessed by HouseGuests who are not nominated. It’s located behind this door, just beside the grill.

bbs2106Katrina: Our Luxury Room this year doesn’t have a sauna, but it has a Jacuzzi and a bar instead! Who’s ready to party? I can already see a drunken fight in here! *laughs*

bbs2107Katrina: And that’s it, my dear viewers! I hope you’ve had just as much fun looking at the Big Brother House as I’ve had while guiding you through it. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook since there is a lot more information coming this week before the series starts on Friday!

bbs2108Katrina: One thing to keep you interested is the fact that we’ve got a few twists in store for you during the Premiere! One of them even includes you, the viewers! As some of you who follow us on our social networks already know, a poll opened a while ago which allowed you to influence the game unlike ever before. Only thing you need to do is fill out our form by rating our brand new HouseGuests without knowing who you’re actually rating. You can only do it based on the quote they left during their interview.

bbs2109Katrina: What will happen to the one who gets the best rating? Or to the one with the worst rating? I’ll reveal that on Friday! *laughs* Once again, I’m Katrina Caliente, have a great night and don’t forget – Big Brother is watching!

  • Josiah Stuart

    Andrija, I am now excited for this new season. Bring it on!!!

    • Thank you so much Josiah! 😀 There’s definitely a lot in store this time! 😉

  • Sam James

    The house is AMAZING! Literally, there’s not a single room I dislike, which is really rare! The colour scheme all over is gorgeous. My favourite room is the kitchen. It’s beautiful. Can’t wait for the start of the series!

    • Wow, thank you so, so much! I’m really glad to hear that! ☺ Just a few more days and then it’s on! :)))

  • Adam Scholze

    I can’t contain my excitement for season 2!the place looks outstanding and i’m excited for the drama! Woo!

    • Thanks so much, Adam! It took a lot longer than I thought it would to get everything ready but I’m pretty sure I can handle another season now! 😀 And there’s a lot of drama in store! 😉

  • spencer tenesen

    AMAZING!!!! The house looks better than ever! I’m really excited about this season and a bit extra worried. Sorry for the late comment exams just never stop, anyway good luck with season 2 and may the best houseguest win!? and don’t forget to keep up the great work!?

    • Thaaaank you! 😀 I’m really happy with the reaction I got about the new house. :3 It makes me very happy to know that people are liking the design of it! ^^
      How come you’re worried? :O Nah, your comments are worth the wait haha! 😀 And good luck with all of your exams, Spencer!

  • Nathan

    OMG I didn’t know this was back!! I’m going to catch up properly tomorrow, but the house looks absolutely amazing!!! You’ve done a fantastic job and should be proud! Can’t wait for this 😀

    • It is, it is haha! 😀 Thank you, Nathan! ☺ I’m glad you’re liking the look of the House, I tried to make it look fresh but also wanted it to have the same feel as the previous one. ^^ I’m also very, very happy to hear that you’re interested in this season too! 😀

  • Adriangolden7

    Can we download the house? Thx you a lot!!