S02E01 – Premiere

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bb2_preseries (4) bb2_preseries (3) bb2_preseries (1) bb2e01_p1_002Katrina: Half a million simoleons at stake, more than sixty cameras and microphones, thirteen people, one house and only one winner. I hope you are ready for the second season of Big Brother!

bb2e01_p1_001Katrina: Good evening, my name is Katrina Caliente. Exactly six months ago, ten HouseGuests entered the Big Brother House for the first time ever on The Sims TV and this time we will introduce you to thirteen new contestants who have passed the selection process and were chosen by our producers as the HouseGuests for the second season of Big Brother. They will compete in weekly competitions for food, luxuries and most importantly – power! And yes, I did say thirteen! *laughs*

bb2e01_p1_003Katrina: Each week the HouseGuests will vote to evict one of their own until only one remains and claims the main prize. The winner will be chosen between the two finalists by the last four evicted HouseGuests known as The Jury and you, the viewers, as the fifth and potentially deciding vote!

bb2e01_p1_004Katrina: Now, I’m sure you’re eager to find out more about the mysterious thirteenth HouseGuest and, as always, I’m here to help you out with that. This season, two of our HouseGuests actually know each other and that is because they are twins! However, both of them will not be able to compete together until the fourth eviction. If they manage to stay in the House until then without getting evicted then both of them will be able to win the §500,000 grand prize just like any other HouseGuest!

bb2e01_p1_005Katrina: For the first four evictions they will be switching places inside the Big Brother House and while one is in the House, the other twin will be in isolation. Their goal is to not get noticed by other HouseGuests and especially not by the HoH because for the first four weeks, the HoH will nominate two HouseGuests for eviction, just like before, but now they will also be able to accuse one other HouseGuest for being a twin. If that HouseGuest is a twin, he or she will be evicted alongside the regular Evictee. But that’s enough of information for now, it is time to meet our HouseGuests. Can you guess which one has a twin?

hg_felixFelix: Hmmm… What’s there to say? I’m really not the person who commits easily. But I do have a boyfriend currently and we’re doing great! He doesn’t mind me being a porn star which is something you find rarely. I’ve done both gay and straight porn, it makes no difference to me. It’s just a job like any other. Except it’s a lot more fun and a lot easier, but pays so much better! *laughs* In my free time I love spending time with friends. There’s nothing better than spending a few hours drinking the finest coffee money can buy in the most exclusive coffee shop in town with a friendly face.

hg_selenaSelena: Even though I’m currently a bartender, I am also taking some online courses because I want to do something I enjoy for the rest of my life. Bartending is something that pays the bills for now. I’ve had a pretty easy childhood as my father is a well-known CEO, but since he left my mum and my two brothers, things have been pretty rough. Since then I’m not a careless little girl anymore. The main reason I applied for this is because I am a huge fan who is in need of money fast. My brother was in a car accident recently and my dear father doesn’t want to pay the bills. That is in no way a sob story though, that is just my story.

hg_stuartStuart: I’m not really good around people. That is one of the reasons why I applied for this. I wanted to force myself into a situation where I have to deal with people I’m not used to. I don’t want to live in a bubble anymore. Second reason why I applied is because I loved the first season and my favorite player was Erica. She really showed how strategic this game could be and that made me excited about this show. I’m really scared about going in, but I’m also happy… Does that make sense?

hg_karenKaren: I might be a bit older than some of the other people you’ll put in, but don’t let that make you think I’m going to be boring. Boring is the one thing I am not! I have four children from three different marriages and I’m currently single. I love doing all sorts of creative stuff but the thing I love the most is making my own clothes. Some people call me eccentric. Let them. I don’t give a beep about other people, if I’m honest. *laughs* I am also a massive party animal! I love going out, drinking fine wine and having fun. Life is short and I don’t like to play it by the rules!

hg_zachZach: I spend most of my days sleeping and most of my nights either partying or playing awesome music in the best clubs around the country. I started playing around with mix-tapes when I was eleven. I went to the best DJ courses money can buy and that’s all because of my awesome parents. They’re both lawyers actually. I don’t plan on slowing down my partying any time soon if I’m honest. Why would I? I’m still young and these are the best years of my life. I also enjoy working out. What do I want to do when I grow up? Oh, that’s a hard question. I don’t like to think about that. I’m content with being a part-time DJ for now.

hg_lilithLilith: Even though my name is Lilith, most people just call me Lily. My biggest talent is the fact that I can learn new skills relatively quickly and I am ambitious enough to use that to my advantage. *laughs* I have a great idea for my own business, but I really need to win this competition so I can get on board with it. I almost had to quit my job to enter though, as my boss didn’t want to let me leave my position for two months. That’s how good I am. One thing I’m worried about are the physical competitions as I’m really not good at anything like that. I’m hoping I can also relax a bit in that House, since I’m usually quite a busy person.

hg_calebCaleb: I’ve been retired for a while now and even though I looked forward to it, I must say, my life is pretty damn boring now. I spend most of my days on my yacht or playing golf. I want to do something fun and exciting and that is why I have applied for this amazing show. I want some thrill in my life back! I religiously watched every single episode of the first season but I was pretty disappointed there haven’t been any older people. I want to show that we’re just as capable of winning as those young ones are! And we’re definitely wiser.

hg_kyraKyra: I’ve been one of the best distance runners in the country for years now. But my time is slowly running out and I’m actually switching my career to being a professional coach. I like to spend my free time with friends and believe it or not, by studying politics. I’m a very liberal person and I want to make a difference in the world. I don’t really like being alone and no, I’m not talking about relationships. I just like spending time with people and getting to know them as every single one of us is different and that’s something I find very exciting. That’s definitely going to come in handy in the game as I can read people very well.

hg_daneDane: I’m basically a typical student. Currently, my life is made up of parties and studying for college exams. I would love to find a girlfriend, but no one really cares about that anymore. Most of the people I know are just hooking up at parties and that sucks. I want something similar to what my parents have. They’re a great example of true love. The reason why I applied for this show is to prove to myself that I can win it. It’s just something I’d like to try and see how it goes. It’s something new and I’m not afraid of new things. Competitions I’m looking forward to the most are endurance ones as I really want to see how strong-willed I am!

hg_stephanieStephanie: Most of my friends just call me Steph as it’s a lot easier. *laughs* My career as a stand-up comedian started slowly, but now, I think I’ve gotten pretty popular to be honest. My parents weren’t very supportive of what I wanted to do, that’s why I moved to Oasis Springs. I’m sort of a celebrity there now and I love it. I don’t have a lot of friends, but the ones I do have mean the world to me. I think that most of the people I meet think the way I act is just a façade because I’m happy all the time. But that’s not true, I’m just a cheerful person and I want to prove that to everyone who watches. Life should be filled with laughter and happiness!

hg_robertRobert: I might not be the richest person you’ll ever meet but I do have a lot of experience in life. I’ve seen it all. I have been an army sergeant for years and I honestly loved that job, but I’ve left the force three years ago when I got my first grandson. It was time for me to focus on my family. I’ve been married for thirty years and I have three amazing sons who have followed in my footsteps and are doing great in the army. I love taking little Mikey with me on my fishing trips, even though Candice, my wife, thinks he’s too young. I think that’s ridiculous. Kids need to appreciate the important things in life and they shouldn’t spend their time glued to a phone or a tablet.

hg_charleyCharley: I work as a hairdresser for a lot of famous people. But… To be honest, I don’t want to work for them! I want to be, like, one of them. I think I was made for all the flashing lights and paparazzi. It all just looks so glamorous, just as I do, and therefore I deserve to be known. That’s why I want to be in this show! I watched the first season and like, to be honest, it was pretty darn boring. You should have had someone like me inside to make things fun and interesting to watch. Like, who cares about the competitions? It’s all about, like, personality and gosh darn it, I have more than enough of it!

  • spencer tenesen

    OMG! This season is off to a great start! Now just sit down and let’s get on the BB2 train! Okay I really like all of the houseguests, really all of them! And let’s not forget the twists, those guys are going to be killers I tell you! I’m just super excited about this season, and one more thing Stuart said something interesting about Selena…does that mean what I think it means? Who knows. I’m just happy that she’s already fitting in and she got the cabin one of my favorite rooms after the kitchen that is! Good luck to all houseguests and no matter who wins there won’t be any hard feelings on my part. Keep up the great work and thank you soooooo much for this!

    • Thaaaaank you so much, Spencer! 😀 I’ve been really excited about the premiere for a while, but also a bit scared… xD Do you have any ideas on who the twins might be? 😛 I’m so glad to hear that you’re excited for the new season since I’ve really worked hard on ideas I currently have for it! :))) This is definitely the comment I needed to start things off the right way haha! 😀 I’ll try my best to do so, you know I will! And no, thank you!!! ☺

  • Ben

    Yessss!! Dane won HoH! Can’t wait to see who he nominates on Tuesday (at least it’s Tuesday for me in Australia). I think the twin in Lily – I don’t know why I just have that feeling. Cant wait to see what other twists are in store this year and I’d love to see another houseguest poll. This is awesome!

    • Thanks so, so much Ben! 😀 Haha, yes Ben has important things to do! 😀 Happy to hear your thoughts on who the twin is… and also, the poll will be back on Monday (Tuesday in your case)! 😀 Thanks so much once again!

  • Adam Scholze

    WooHoo! round two! I must agree the diversity is great this season, fantastic pilot. As for the twins it’s easy for me to say either Selena or Karen but knowing the twists this season it’ll probably be someone like Caleb. I most excited for monday for more introductions in the next episode. Epic Job!

    • Thanks so much, Adam! 😀 I’m really glad you liked the pilot! :)) Hahaha, I’m loving all the guesses on who the twins are! You’ll have to wait a while more to find out though, this season will hopefully be everything besides predictable. Thanks so much for your comment once again, Adam! ☺ Really appreciate it!

  • Josiah Stuart

    Andrija, this was a great season premiere of BB. I am surprised that my Sim didn’t make it in, but I am hoping that he enters as a late entrant (if it ever happens). As of right now, I am rooting for Dane, Zach, Kyra, and Stephanie. I will be making a full BB page this season, not just the Nominations/Voting history table.

    • Thank you so, so much, Josiah! 😀 Your sim was really close, trust me, but unfortunately I got so many applications and I had to make a choice (and make the cast as diverse as possible), hopefully there will be even more seasons after this one so he should be getting into one of those as I really did like him! 😉 I’m glad to see you’ve already found someone you like though! 😀 And since I loved your table last year, I’m looking forward to this EVEN MORE! ☺

  • Sam James

    Great launch, Abs! REALLY enjoyed it! The cast this year is amazing. Very diverse and there are so many different personalities. Only person I’ve taken a disliking to off the bat is Charley, as she’s being quite annoying, I hope she settles down.

    I’m really excited to see that Robert got in! Was he mine!? My memory’s bad but I could’ve sworn I applied an older man who used to be an army sergeant haha.

    I have no idea who has the twin. Literally, I don’t have a single clue.

    Poor Zach LOL. Although he kinda deserves it for bringing in headphones he can’t even use.

    Keep up the good work! Can’t wait for more! 😀

    • Thanks sooooo much, Sam! 😀 Wow, I’m so happy to see you commenting in here, it’s much easier to keep track haha! 😀 Things have finally settled down a bit, so I can’t wait to talk a bit with you later on!

      That aside, I’m really glad to hear that you like the cast. With more people it was a lot easier to have a more diverse cast and I really tried to put in as many age groups and personalities as I could. 🙂 Hopefully it will work out!

      Yes he was, I sent you an email asking for a permission to use him with a short description (his “interview”) and pics of how I made him look but I never got a reply so I just went “screw it, I’ll use him anyway, I think he’d make a great HG” hahahaha! 😀
      It could be anyone, buahahaha! 😛
      Really happy to hear that and I’m really happy to hear from you, can’t wait to catch up mate! ☺☺

  • Nathan

    FINALLY got round to reading this and I’m so sorry it’s taken me so long, but I’m officially on the ball with it now! I may be a bit behind so forgive me!

    Absolutely LOVED the premiere, I didn’t think you’d top S1 but you did and it’s amazing. I think production-wise things have improved – the house and the houseguests are definitely a step-up on the first season, which again is something I didn’t think you’d top.
    The houseguests individually are fantastic and very, very original; they all stand out which is amazing because it’s hard when writing Sim Brother’s to get a bit lost with some of them; but these guys all pop out. I want to congratulate you on Karen the most, she seems like she’s going to be a fantastic houseguest. It’s one of those series that i’m excited to see the actual houseguests development over the twist. Not the twist isn’t good, I just mean the houseguests are so amazing that they’ve really drawn me.

    With regards to the twist – I LOVE IT! It’s so unique and it’s going to really increase paranoia, especially within the house. I’m not making a prediction who the twins are until I see a couple more episodes, then I shall 😀

    Again I’m so sorry it’s taken my so long to comment; but I’m not as busy now, so you have my full attention 😀

    • No need to apologize Nathan! 😀 I’m just glad you’ve decided to give it a shot! 😉

      Woooo! Gosh, I’m so happy to hear that! :O I’m really happy you’re liking Karen, she was created by me while some of these guys were created by the viewers and then adapted by me to fit the show more! 😀 I think that one of the reasons all of them stand out a lot is because I let the viewers send in their Sims too and there was not a single dull one! It was definitely tough picking which of them will enter as few of them had similar background stories, but I’m pretty happy with who I’ve ended picking up! Hopefully, you’ll like them too! :))

      Oh, you’re definitely right about that, but I won’t spoil it too much haha, you’ll see for yourself in the next few episodes how paranoid some of them become! 😛

      And once again, no need to apologize, I’m so happy to hear your thoughts on this and I can’t thank you enough for watching and commenting! It means a lot! ☺☺