S02E01 – Premiere

Estimated reading time: 16 minutes

bb2e01_p1_007 bb2e01_p1_006Katrina: Hello HouseGuests! Aren’t you a diverse bunch. *laughs* Are you all prepared for an experience you will never forget?
HouseGuests: Yes Katrina!
Katrina: Well then… It’s time to say goodbye to the outside world and hi to no privacy for more than a month! The first four to enter the Big Brother house are…

bb2e01_p1_008Katrina: Caleb, Kyra, Stuart and… Lilith! Go on in, claim you beds immediately and don’t leave them until all of you are in the House!

bb2e01_p1_009 bb2e01_p1_010 bb2e01_p1_011Kyra: I can’t believe we are the first ones to go in!
Lilith: This is so exciting!

bb2e01_p1_012bb2e01_p1_013Caleb: I like the look of this House for now… but, where are the beds?!

bb2e01_001Caleb: I looked forward to this moment for so long! It’s time to prove to these young people what us, seniors, are made of! I’m really happy to see that the HouseGuests are a lot more diverse this year. Good job, Big Brother!

bb2e01_p1_014Stuart: Well, they were on this side of the House last year so…

bb2e01_p1_015Stuart: Yes, they are here.

bb2e01_p1_017 bb2e01_p1_016Kyra: This room looks awesome, I’m definitely staying here! *laughs*
Caleb: I think I’ll pass on a cabin, the loft one looks more like me.

bb2e01_p1_018Caleb: Damn, it’s chilly in here! *coughs*

bb2e01_p1_019 bb2e01_p1_020Stuart: *laughs* I knew that one would probably be for the Nominees, but I had to check it out. It looks like torture! Mind if I join you in this room?
Kyra: Not at all! What’s in that room though? Oh, and I’m Kyra, nice to meet you!
Stuart: Hi, I’m Stuart. It’s filled with spiders and webs and the beds look like a joke. There’s also a creepy statue in there too!
Kyra: That sounds even worse than the Asylum bedroom from last season, Stuart! *laughs*

bb2e01_002Kyra: The cabin bedroom is absolutely something made for me! I adore nature and as a kid, I’ve had my own tree house. Those were the times! *laughs* But to be honest, the beds are really rough in there. It’s like I’m literally sleeping on wood.

bb2e01_p1_022Katrina: Now it’s time for the second group to enter and claim their beds…

bb2e01_p1_023Katrina: Karen, Felix, Selena and Zach, you can now enter the Big Brother House!

bb2e01_p1_024 bb2e01_p1_025Selena: Phew, I really didn’t want to be in the last group! *laughs*
Karen: They’re the ones who get the sucky beds, right?
Selena: Yeah, at least that is how it went last season. I’m Selena, by the way.
Karen: I’m Karen, nice to meet you!

bb2e01_004Karen: This is so much fun! The whole House is so colorful, I love it! *screams* I LOVE IT!

bb2e01_p1_026 bb2e01_p1_027Felix: I’m Felix, lovely to meet you!
Zach: Hey everyone, I’m Zach!

bb2e01_p1_028Selena: So, two of you are in this bedroom and two are in the other one.
Kyra: This room looked like a tree house or a cabin and I loved those so I just had to pick this one. But the beds don’t seem too comfortable.
Stuart: Though, to be fair, the other room is freezing cold.
Felix: So no one gets an ideal bedroom this season?
Kyra: My guess would be no.

bb2e01_005Felix: I like being shirtless so I can’t spend my time in a freezing bedroom. Cabin it is!

bb2e01_p1_029Zach: I’m going with a comfortable bed in a cold bedroom rather than with a lousy one in a warm bedroom.
Caleb: Smart choice, young man! I don’t really mind the cold, I always sleep with a window open. I’m Caleb, nice to meet you!
Zach: Hi, Caleb, I’m Zach!

bb2e01_006Zach: I’m sorry, but I just find it hilarious that you’ve decided to put two elders in this season. And they’re both sharing a room with me! *laughs* The third one sharing with me is some lady too. I was hoping to share a bedroom with some hotties but I’m guessing that’s not the case now. That sucks.

bb2e01_p1_030Karen: I think I’ll go with this room too! Hi everybody, my name is Karen!
Lilith: Hi Karen and Zach, I’m Lilith, but everybody calls me Lily!
Karen: Nice to meet you Lily!

bb2e01_007Stuart: I’m definitely thinking that Selena is one of the smarter ones. She was the only other HouseGuest beside me to check out all of the three rooms instead of just sitting down and claiming a random bed for the sake of doing it.

bb2e01_p1_031 bb2e01_p1_032Katrina: And the last ones to enter the Big Brother House this season are Dane, Charley, Robert and Stephanie! Go on in and claim your beds… if you can! *laughs*

bb2e01_p1_033 bb2e01_p1_034Charley: Oh, gosh, what is she going on about?! Like, do they not have enough beds or?
Robert: Probably not.
Charley: But that is, like, torture! I can’t sleep on the floor, I’m not homeless!
Robert: If there is a bed missing, I can sleep on the floor. I was in the army for a long, long time, it’s no problem for me.
Charley: You’d, like, really do that? *screams* Thaaaank you!

bb2e01_008Robert: To be honest, I just wanted to make her, like, shut up.

bb2e01_p1_036 bb2e01_p1_037 bb2e01_p1_038Charley: Where are the last beds guys? I know I’m running in heels but I need a bed!
Kyra: *laughs* In that room. I’m Kyra, by the way!
Charley: Yeah, yeah, let me pass!

bb2e01_p1_039 bb2e01_p1_040Charley: Oh no, no, no, no, no. No. NO! This won’t do!

bb2e01_009Selena: That was hilarious! All of us basically bursted into laughter as soon as we heard her weeping in that room. We have our own little diva! *laughs*

bb2e01_p1_041Robert: Is she really crying?
Felix: Sounds like it.
Robert: She’ll walk out on the first night! *laughs*

bb2e01_p1_042Dane: There’s only three beds in here, Robert.
Robert: Then I’m keeping my promise, it’s the floor for me. You can go take the other two beds guys.
Stephanie: Thanks so, so much, Robert! Oh, and nice to meet all of you, I’m Steph!

bb2e01_011Charley: I hope you are, like, kidding me! You have to be kidding me. You’re not? *sobs* I can’t sleep in there, I’m terrified of spiders. I have,… I have, like, spiderophobia! I really do!
Producer’s voice: Charley, the correct term would be arachnophobia. And we’ve checked your application form and we’ve also talked with your doctors, you do not have arachnophobia. You may now leave the Diary Room.
Charley: But…
Producer’s voice: Thank you, Charley, you may now leave the Diary Room.

bb2e01_p1_043Charley: They’re not letting me switch beds. *cries*
Karen: Oh, come on, sweetie, it’s not that bad.
Charley: Then would you please switch with me?

bb2e01_p1_044Karen: Oh, darling, I may be old, but I’m not crazy.
Charley: *screams*

bb2e01_003Karen: She’s really not making herself look great. I’m betting she will be the first one out.

  • spencer tenesen

    OMG! This season is off to a great start! Now just sit down and let’s get on the BB2 train! Okay I really like all of the houseguests, really all of them! And let’s not forget the twists, those guys are going to be killers I tell you! I’m just super excited about this season, and one more thing Stuart said something interesting about Selena…does that mean what I think it means? Who knows. I’m just happy that she’s already fitting in and she got the cabin one of my favorite rooms after the kitchen that is! Good luck to all houseguests and no matter who wins there won’t be any hard feelings on my part. Keep up the great work and thank you soooooo much for this!

    • Thaaaaank you so much, Spencer! 😀 I’ve been really excited about the premiere for a while, but also a bit scared… xD Do you have any ideas on who the twins might be? 😛 I’m so glad to hear that you’re excited for the new season since I’ve really worked hard on ideas I currently have for it! :))) This is definitely the comment I needed to start things off the right way haha! 😀 I’ll try my best to do so, you know I will! And no, thank you!!! ☺

  • Ben

    Yessss!! Dane won HoH! Can’t wait to see who he nominates on Tuesday (at least it’s Tuesday for me in Australia). I think the twin in Lily – I don’t know why I just have that feeling. Cant wait to see what other twists are in store this year and I’d love to see another houseguest poll. This is awesome!

    • Thanks so, so much Ben! 😀 Haha, yes Ben has important things to do! 😀 Happy to hear your thoughts on who the twin is… and also, the poll will be back on Monday (Tuesday in your case)! 😀 Thanks so much once again!

  • Adam Scholze

    WooHoo! round two! I must agree the diversity is great this season, fantastic pilot. As for the twins it’s easy for me to say either Selena or Karen but knowing the twists this season it’ll probably be someone like Caleb. I most excited for monday for more introductions in the next episode. Epic Job!

    • Thanks so much, Adam! 😀 I’m really glad you liked the pilot! :)) Hahaha, I’m loving all the guesses on who the twins are! You’ll have to wait a while more to find out though, this season will hopefully be everything besides predictable. Thanks so much for your comment once again, Adam! ☺ Really appreciate it!

  • Josiah Stuart

    Andrija, this was a great season premiere of BB. I am surprised that my Sim didn’t make it in, but I am hoping that he enters as a late entrant (if it ever happens). As of right now, I am rooting for Dane, Zach, Kyra, and Stephanie. I will be making a full BB page this season, not just the Nominations/Voting history table.

    • Thank you so, so much, Josiah! 😀 Your sim was really close, trust me, but unfortunately I got so many applications and I had to make a choice (and make the cast as diverse as possible), hopefully there will be even more seasons after this one so he should be getting into one of those as I really did like him! 😉 I’m glad to see you’ve already found someone you like though! 😀 And since I loved your table last year, I’m looking forward to this EVEN MORE! ☺

  • Sam James

    Great launch, Abs! REALLY enjoyed it! The cast this year is amazing. Very diverse and there are so many different personalities. Only person I’ve taken a disliking to off the bat is Charley, as she’s being quite annoying, I hope she settles down.

    I’m really excited to see that Robert got in! Was he mine!? My memory’s bad but I could’ve sworn I applied an older man who used to be an army sergeant haha.

    I have no idea who has the twin. Literally, I don’t have a single clue.

    Poor Zach LOL. Although he kinda deserves it for bringing in headphones he can’t even use.

    Keep up the good work! Can’t wait for more! 😀

    • Thanks sooooo much, Sam! 😀 Wow, I’m so happy to see you commenting in here, it’s much easier to keep track haha! 😀 Things have finally settled down a bit, so I can’t wait to talk a bit with you later on!

      That aside, I’m really glad to hear that you like the cast. With more people it was a lot easier to have a more diverse cast and I really tried to put in as many age groups and personalities as I could. 🙂 Hopefully it will work out!

      Yes he was, I sent you an email asking for a permission to use him with a short description (his “interview”) and pics of how I made him look but I never got a reply so I just went “screw it, I’ll use him anyway, I think he’d make a great HG” hahahaha! 😀
      It could be anyone, buahahaha! 😛
      Really happy to hear that and I’m really happy to hear from you, can’t wait to catch up mate! ☺☺

  • Nathan

    FINALLY got round to reading this and I’m so sorry it’s taken me so long, but I’m officially on the ball with it now! I may be a bit behind so forgive me!

    Absolutely LOVED the premiere, I didn’t think you’d top S1 but you did and it’s amazing. I think production-wise things have improved – the house and the houseguests are definitely a step-up on the first season, which again is something I didn’t think you’d top.
    The houseguests individually are fantastic and very, very original; they all stand out which is amazing because it’s hard when writing Sim Brother’s to get a bit lost with some of them; but these guys all pop out. I want to congratulate you on Karen the most, she seems like she’s going to be a fantastic houseguest. It’s one of those series that i’m excited to see the actual houseguests development over the twist. Not the twist isn’t good, I just mean the houseguests are so amazing that they’ve really drawn me.

    With regards to the twist – I LOVE IT! It’s so unique and it’s going to really increase paranoia, especially within the house. I’m not making a prediction who the twins are until I see a couple more episodes, then I shall 😀

    Again I’m so sorry it’s taken my so long to comment; but I’m not as busy now, so you have my full attention 😀

    • No need to apologize Nathan! 😀 I’m just glad you’ve decided to give it a shot! 😉

      Woooo! Gosh, I’m so happy to hear that! :O I’m really happy you’re liking Karen, she was created by me while some of these guys were created by the viewers and then adapted by me to fit the show more! 😀 I think that one of the reasons all of them stand out a lot is because I let the viewers send in their Sims too and there was not a single dull one! It was definitely tough picking which of them will enter as few of them had similar background stories, but I’m pretty happy with who I’ve ended picking up! Hopefully, you’ll like them too! :))

      Oh, you’re definitely right about that, but I won’t spoil it too much haha, you’ll see for yourself in the next few episodes how paranoid some of them become! 😛

      And once again, no need to apologize, I’m so happy to hear your thoughts on this and I can’t thank you enough for watching and commenting! It means a lot! ☺☺