S02E02 – Nominations

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bb2e02_017Lilith: After everyone entered the House we were free to leave our beds which meant that this season the first HoH Competition would be different. Ten minutes passed and we were already called in the living room which was very sudden and we didn’t really get a chance to get to know each other. Then Katrina spoke to us and we found out everything about the twists, including how Dane was chosen as the first HoH. And that’s it. We were finally left alone so we decided that everyone should stand up and introduce themselves to the group.

bb2e02_001 bb2e02_002Dane: Well, I honestly don’t know how, but since I did get voted the first HoH, it’s only fair I break the ice this season. Keep in mind that I’m not really good with speeches. *laughs* First of all, I’m very happy to be here with all of you guys, I’m sure this will be one heck of a season! My name is Dane and I’m a student from Newcrest. I love doing all sorts of things and this seemed like an amazing opportunity and that is why I applied for this show. I’m 23 years old and yeah… that’s pretty much it.

bb2e02_003Selena: Hey everybody, I’m Selena Dawn, I’m 24 years old and I’m a bartender from Appaloosa Plains. I have two younger brothers and the hard truth is that I am in here because of one of my brothers who was in a car accident recently. He is doing okay for now, but the bills are incredibly high and… yeah… All of us are in here to win the money right? I think that’s all from me for now. We look like an incredible bunch by the way!

bb2e02_014Caleb: I’m not buying that. That sneaky blondie is trying to make us feel sorry for her. As an ex-CEO I know a sob story when I see one. And besides, she wasn’t really dressed like someone in need of money, she was dressed like someone in need of clothes. That was way too tight and way too revealing! Also, all that make-up and the fact she is just a bartender don’t help much. *sighs*

bb2e02_004Kyra: Hi guys! I’m Kyra! Well, what’s there to say… I was actually one of the best distance runners in the country…
Dane: Oh my, I knew I’ve seen you somewhere! Kyra Sawyer, right?
Kyra: That’s right! I am, however, switching my career to being a full-time coach now. So yeah, no more competitions and medals for me! *laughs* Well, except for this competition! *laughs* I’m 27 years old and I am from Barnacle Bay. I love meeting new people so I can’t wait to get to know all of you. And that’s all from me! *laughs*

bb2e02_018Felix: I can definitely see a few people I could really bond in here. HoH kid, distance runner and that ex-marine or something… We should definitely form a group as we’re all very athletic and we could rule this house for sure!

bb2e02_005Robert: Good evening everybody! My name is Robert Chamberlain, I am 49 years old but I look a lot younger! *laughs* I am a retired army sergeant and I am from Monte Vista. I’ve left the force three years ago when I got my first grandson. And yes, ladies, that means I am married. I’ve been married for thirty years and me and my wife have three amazing sons. I’m sending a big hi to my entire family and especially to my little buddy, Mikey! Grandpa loves you!

bb2e02_021Charley: Gosh, there’s, like, way too many old people in here.

bb2e02_022Karen: I think that Robert and I could bond, seeing as we’re both grandparents. But he does seem a bit too uptight so… Who knows. And who cares! *yells* Karen’s in the house, it’s time to get the party started!

bb2e02_006Stephanie: Heya, I’m Steph, I’m 19 years old and I’m actually a stand-up comedian! I moved to Oasis Springs a while ago and since then my career has been blooming, so hopefully, you won’t get too bored with me around! *laughs*
Caleb: Tell us a joke!
Karen: Oh no, no! Stand-up comedy is not telling jokes you fool! *laughs*
Stephanie: That’s definitely true. It’s a lot more and it takes a lot of work. Stand-up comedians write all of their lines and are not just retelling the jokes they’ve heard. There’s so much more involved into our creative process. Thank you, Karen.
Karen: No problem, sweetie!

bb2e02_023Karen: I tend to go to a lot of stand-up comedy shows in Starlight Shores and it’s really annoying to see someone ask a stand-up comedian to tell a joke since I know how hard they work to make people laugh. That old fart is already getting on my nerves. He seems very stuck-up and he talks down to other younger HouseGuests but I’m not letting him do that under my watch!

bb2e02_007Caleb: My name is Caleb Thorne and I am from Sunset Valley. Few of my passions are playing golf, spending time on my yacht and eating a lot of interesting foreign meals as I really do like to try different foods. I just love doing fun and exciting things. That is what retirement is for, right? Karen is it?
Karen: I am not retired, so… I wouldn’t know.

bb2e02_024Karen: I’m this close to snapping his retired neck. *laughs* Twat.

bb2e02_016Lilith: I’m sensing that Karen isn’t really fond of Caleb and I mean, I kind of get it, I am sharing a room with both of them and he is a bit too high and mighty for my liking. I adore that lady though, seriously, she’s hilarious. Even though I feel it might become too much after a while as she’s so blunt and straightforward.

bb2e02_008Stuart: Oh, gosh… I’m… I’m Stuart! I am 23 years old and I am programmer at a small software firm in Roaring Heights. I got my diploma from RHIT. I still live with my parents and… I don’t have any brothers or sisters.

bb2e02_026Selena: He is such a cutie! I mean, in a shy and somewhat fragile way, not in the romantic way. *laughs* He just looks like a younger brother you want to cuddle and protect!

bb2e02_027Zach: RHIT as in Roaring Heights Institute of Technology? Damn, he must be smart as… well, something very smart, that’s for sure!

bb2e02_009Karen: *yells* Heyaaa, everybody! I still can’t believe I’m here, this is sooo much fun! My name’s Karen and I am a fashion designer from the wonderful city of Starlight Shores! I am… well, let’s just say I’m older than 25 and that will be enough. *laughs* I have four beautiful children and I am currently single. So, boys, I’m all up for grabs! *laughs* I can’t wait to party with all of you adorable people!

bb2e02_020Charley: What is she wearing? *laughs* That lady is crazy!

bb2e02_029Kyra: I don’t think I’ve ever met someone as out there as Karen is. She’s really something and I can’t wait to get to know her. She interests me a lot.

bb2e02_010Lilith: Hey, guys, my name’s Lily. Well, Lilith actually but no one, and I really do mean no one, calls me that. I just turned 30 and I am an assistant manager living in Twinbrook. I’m usually quite a busy person so I’m definitely looking at this as a chance to relax and yeah, that’s pretty much it. Any questions? *laughs*
Felix: Actually, are you married or?
Lilith: I have been seeing someone for a while but we broke up when I got promoted. I mean, we did get along pretty well, but I’m just not in the right place for a relationship yet and my main focus is my career so I couldn’t keep dragging him along as he definitely deserves better.

bb2e02_030Stuart: Lily seems like someone I could work with. She definitely knows what she wants and she doesn’t seem like someone who would play emotionally.

bb2e02_011Zach: Hey guys, I’m Zach, I’m 24 and I am a DJ from Windenburg!
Kyra: Isn’t everybody from Windenburg a DJ? *laughs*
Zach: *laughs* Yeah, we are known for our parties, right? Well, I actually went to a lot of DJ courses and I am pretty well known for a DJ. Besides music, I love working out so I’m really glad that gym is not a room I am not allowed to go in! *laughs* I’m really hoping this thirteenth HouseGuest twist doesn’t suck too much.

bb2e02_012Felix: Hi everybody! My name is Felix Piper, I am 43 years old, from Bridgeport and I am… well, I’m a porn star. *laughs*
Dane: Like Kandy from last season?
Felix: Sort of like Kandy, yes. She was an ex-porn star if I’m not mistaken though. I can’t imagine myself leaving the business so… Anyway, I do have a boyfriend currently and we have been together for almost a year now.
Robert: So you’re homosexual?
Felix: Not really. I’m actually doing both gay and straight porn and I’ve also dated both men and women. So, that would make me bi, even though I don’t like labels if I’m honest. I just love living life and doing things I want.

bb2e02_031Stephanie: I was taken away when he said that he was 43 years old. He doesn’t even look 35 so kudos to him for taking care of himself so well! I’m really liking everybody so far. There’s a lot of different personalities!

bb2e02_013Charley: Best for last! *giggles* Heya, I’m Charley. I’m a hairdresser from Veronaville. I’m so excited to be here! Oh, and I’m single and ready to mingle! *laughs* I hope none of you mind, but I really, really can’t sleep in that room so I’m hoping you guys won’t mind if I take Zach’s bed. Please, please, like, pretty please?!

bb2e02_025Selena: Well, that was embarrassing. She can’t be for real, right?! I think she might be the twin just because it looks like this is all a fake personality which was meant to fool us. No one is, like, that, like, ridiculous! *laughs*

bb2e02_019Charley: I really didn’t want to tell them that I’m a hairdresser from Bridgeport since a lot of famous people live there and get haircuts from me. I didn’t want to be seen as a threat this early on.

  • Sam James

    These housemates have got my attention very quickly this series as they’re such a diverse, interesting bunch. I like the alliance that’s formed already as they all seem like level-headed people. Charley and Caleb are both very annoying, but I’m sort of glad neither of them have been nominated as I want them to drive the house crazy.

    I really like Stephanie though. I hope she saves herself or survives eviction. Zach’s all right but he’s probably the guy that’s made the least impression on me so far. He’s a DJ and likes working out and well, yeah. LOL. Plus it’d be sad to lose a likeable female first for two series running like we did with Annie last year.

    I’m liking Lily/Lilith at the moment too. She seems like a really sweet girl.

    Keep it up, Abs! Can’t wait for more! 😀

    And MAN, that kitchen is just amazing.

    • Wow, I’m so incredibly happy to hear you think they’re already quite an interesting bunch, Sam!

      You know I tend to limit myself with word limits and first week always feels a bit “rushed” since there’s not enough time to get to know them as much as you’d like (especially since by episode 2 two of them are already nominated). So I’m really glad you’re already liking a few of them and no one seems too boring.
      I can already imagine you with your Horace-like grin as you watch them go mental on those two! 😛
      Annie was more liked than a lot of people who got so much further haha, I’m still taken away with that! 😀
      I’m probably going to switch Stephanie and Lilith’s names to their nicknames (steph and Lily) since no one calls them by their full name.

      Thank you for all the support, Sam, you’re the man! :3

      (I’m a poet, I know)

  • spencer tenesen

    Wow! Second episode and things are heating up! I really don’t like that Caleb guy, I mean he’s really sees himself as some sort of the perfect man who is always right, but I think it’s too early to judge him, as for Charley I’m not sure whether I like her or not, she seems like your typical crybaby, but who knows she could be faking it. For the twin I have no idea, however if I have to I’d say Caleb, I wanted to ask about something: will there be a time when the families of the houseguests can call them like the first season? I’m sure that this season will be a killer! Keep it up!

    • Hahaha, Caleb and Charley are getting the most hate for now, but who knows how the things will develop as the season progresses! :))) I really appreciate all the comments you guys leave me, since it helps me out a lot when I write to make things better/more interesting! 😀
      It’s definitely too early to judge anyone, you’re right about that! 😉

      There will be a lot of interesting things this season, that’s for sure, and I did like the fact I showed bits of HGs’ personal life outside the house last season so… who knows, I just might do something like that this season too, Spencer! 😉

  • Adam Scholze

    Wow Steph was counted as a threat! I mean granted who your options are (excluding Charley & the current alliance) Karen & Lily haven’t established themselves too much.

    As for the Male side I love how Zach is just getting screwed on so many things I find it funny.

    Initially I thought Stuart & Selena were going to strike a bond, but the Stuart/Lily bond might go places, & IF that alliance can survive it could go places but…. Alliances almost never work.

    You should have that “favorite houseguest” little poll on the side like last season

    • I think that this alliance currently in power sees Steph as a threat as she’s the only “physical threat” and they do seem like people who work out a lot (well, most of them at least).
      Awww, glad it’s entertaining you, I find it somewhat funny too hahahaa! ☺
      It’s definitely too early to know where the lines are going to get drawn and how are things going to look like in a week or two, and I do agree, alliances almost never work, especially not the ones formed on night one. But hey, it’s BB, anything can happen. 😉
      You know what, I’m going to create it right now! ☺ Thanks Adam! 😀

  • Josiah Stuart

    Andrija, I am really surprised that Steph got nominated. But, I have a weird feeling that Dane and Felix are going to be the main 2-man alliance this season. This is going to be one crazy season, especially since we have the twin twist.

    Okay, Charley is acting like total mean girl, fake barbie doll. It’s not cool, and she needs to get out of the house or fix her attitude.

    Like Adam said, the way that Zach is getting screwed on so many levels is hilarious. 😛

    I am trying to start making the Wikia page for the season, but I am having computer issues.

    I am really liking the on-screen graphics this year! They look a lot like the BBCAN graphics. Good work! 😀

    • Thank you Josiah! ☺ I’m so happy you think so, haha, it definitely took a lot of work to get everything ready as this is a lot bigger season (more HGs, more day, a lot more editing and planning involved)…
      Unlucky Zach hahahah! 😀

      Oh, don’t worry, I’m happy you’re even planning on doing it, computer issues are a real pain… trust me, I know! xD With 13 HGs + Katrina, my laptop sometimes overheats so it takes me a lot longer to take the screenshots this season.

      And I’m also very happy about that graphics comment. I just thought it would be easier to remember the HG names if I do it like this too, since there are 12(13) of them now. ☺