S02E04 – Live Eviction Show

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bb2e04_031Katrina: Just a week ago the new season of Big Brother officially started and already so much has happened. Tonight we will say goodbye to at least one HouseGuest and we will also crown the next Head of Household! Also, we will finally end the biggest mystery of the season yet for you, the viewers, as you will find out who is playing the game with a twin! Our contestants will be in the dark about that for a few more weeks. I hope you are ready for the first Live Eviction Show!

bb2e04_032Katrina: Good evening, my name is Katrina Caliente. As I’ve already said, we really have a lot to do tonight. But first, I think it would be best if we greet our HouseGuests and see how they feel about this exciting night.

bb2e04_033Katrina: HouseGuests, this is Katrina.
All: Hi Katrina!

bb2e04_034Katrina: Let’s start things off with our current HoH. Dane, how are you feeling tonight as these are your final moments or reign.
Dane: I’m really sorry because these wonderful people ended up nominated but I had to nominate someone and this is just a game. I have nothing against you guys and I had nothing to go on as this was the first week, so I hope you understand. Besides that, I’m feeling pretty excited to see who the new HoH will be!

bb2e04_035Katrina: And what about you, Lily? You ended up being the replacement Nominee.
Lily: Yes, I did. I mean, I get it and trust me, Dane, I don’t hold it against you but it still sucks. This was a wonderful week, one I will remember for the rest of my life. I just hope my journey doesn’t end here and that the rest of you will see a potential ally in me. That’s all.

bb2e04_036Katrina: Zach, let’s finish things off with you. How was this week for you?
Zach: It sucked. Like, really sucked. I got voted the unlucky thirteenth HouseGuest which makes my stay in here for the first few weeks awful, I got nominated, I lost the PoV competition horribly… It’s not going the way I wanted it to, that’s for sure, my sweet Katrina. Hopefully tonight will change things! *laughs*
Katrina: Thanks so much HouseGuests, I’ll be back in just a moment to reveal how the House voted and who will be the first one evicted from the second season of Big Brother.

bb2e04_037Katrina: HoH and the Nominees weren’t allowed to vote. The rest of the HouseGuests, including Charley who was suggested to be the twin by Dane, were called to the Diary Room one by one just moments before the Live Show to say who they wanted to see leave the Big Brother house tonight. But before I reveal the vote to you and to the HouseGuests, let’s take a look at what happened after the PoV Ceremony.

bb2e04_001Selena: I wasn’t shocked at Lily being nominated. Why? Because I suggested her to Dane and the crew. She is very, very similar to me in the way we play the game. I had the misfortune of being in the room when one big alliance was formed and for now I have to stick with them. I even like most of them so it’s not that hard… But if I was asked, I would have stayed in the shadows a bit more. Lily is doing that perfectly and that is why she scares me. She’s very observant and we are so similar it makes me afraid of what she’s really capable of. And since Stephanie saved herself with the Veto, I knew it was time to let the guys know how I felt. Surprisingly, they all agreed.

bb2e04_005Robert: I wasn’t even thinking about Lily as a threat but Selena made a great point about her. She is always sitting somewhere near other people, listening, butting into conversations. She does remind me a lot of Erica from last season. And since Erica was such a great strategic player, we thought it wouldn’t be smart to keep her in and give her a chance to get us out from the shadows. However, at least nine people are voting, we don’t know if the twins vote together or not, and that means that our four votes are not enough…

bb2e03_023Lily: Zach has one thing going for him which I do not and that is the fact he seems weak. I do think he did throw the PoV but I can’t prove it. He is also the unlucky thirteenth HouseGuest which means he is on Mac ‘n’ Cheese for the next few weeks which will definitely make him even weaker physically. I really, really didn’t expect to be up and now… I don’t know what to do and how to save myself. But I didn’t come in here to be evicted this soon! No way!

bb2e04_004 bb2e04_003Caleb: Still not up for a game of chess with me, son?
Stuart: Nah, I prefer darts. It’s a lot more fun. And I’m starting to get good at it. *laughs*

bb2e04_006Stuart: I really don’t like Caleb. But he just won’t leave me alone. *laughs* I mean, I don’t mind the company as it’s actually nice to have someone to talk to in here and we did bond a bit but he just doesn’t seem like a nice person and I hate to say that about someone older than me, but he is annoying. He keeps following me around like… like a dog. *laughs*

bb2e04_007 bb2e04_008Caleb: Oh, it’s such a crappy morning.
Lily: You’re always such a ray of sunshine, Caleb. How did you sleep?
Caleb: I haven’t slept right since I left my home.
Lily: You are the only one sleeping in a double bed alone. How can you still complain?
Caleb: I don’t like the mattress.

bb2e04_009Stuart: *yawns*
Caleb: Oh, good morning, lad!
Stuart: Morning!
Caleb: I made some tea…
Lily: You mean – I made some tea. While you were just sitting at the table waiting to be served.
Caleb: Yeah, yeah, whatever. You’re free to get a cup if you’d like, son!

bb2e04_010Stuart: Can I, Lily? I could really use a cup.
Lily: Of course. I made enough.

bb2e04_011Lily: This reminds me. Do you guys know how you’ll vote?
Stuart: I’m definitely voting for you to stay, Lily. You’ve got my vote!
Caleb: Oh, well… Then I’ll vote for you too!
Lily: *laughs* Easiest two votes ever! Do you think I have a shot to stay though?
Caleb: I really don’t care.

bb2e04_012Lily: That’s nice.
Caleb: At least I’m honest! As long as I have my lad beside me keeping me company, I’m good.
Stuart: I think you’re fine. Zach was the original target after all, right?
Lily: I hope so, no one really tells me anything.

bb2e04_013Charley: You want me to give you a makeover? Really?
Lily: Why not. I thought it would be fun.
Charley: Well, you definitely need one. I hope they give me some scissors so I can give you a nice haircut too.
Lily: Haircut?!
Charley: Trust me, I’m, like, a great hairdresser, Lily. You’ll love it!

bb2e04_014Lily: I really don’t want a haircut, though. I just thought it’d be fun if I got a makeover. We could bond a bit…
Charley: Nonsense, you need a haircut too! Otherwise you’ll just look weird with a great make-up on and that God-awful ponytail.

bb2e04_002Lily: What I’m willing to endure for a stay in this house…

bb2e04_015 bb2e04_016Lily: Wow, that’s really not bad.
Charley: Told ya so! You look, like, pretty good now. I’m actually surprised!
Lily: And it took us only four hours! My legs hurt a bit though.
Charley: Just walk it off, gurl. Gosh, I’m such a talented person.

bb2e04_017Steph: Did you see Lily?
Zach: No, what?
Steph: I think she’s working a bit too hard to get the votes to stay. She just spent a few hours with Charley getting a makeover…
Zach: Should I be worried?

bb2e04_018Steph: I really don’t know anymore. I think you should lay low as she’s coming a bit too strong and I think that others will figure it out too.
Zach: But what if they don’t? What if I end up leaving?
Steph: Just go and talk with Charley. Make sure you’re still on her good side.
Zach: Thanks Stephanie!

bb2e04_019Steph: Oh, you dirty little you-know-what! *laughs* I can’t believe it! *laughs* It was right under my nose and I couldn’t see it. Zach is the one with the twin?!

bb2e04_020Steph: You talked with her?
Zach: Yeah, thanks once again for suggesting me to do it.
Steph: Do you mind me asking you something. Promise to be honest!
Zach: I promise. Shoot!
Steph: Are you the one with the twin?

bb2e04_021Zach: What? No. Why would you think that?
Steph: Really?! You’re not?
Zach: No, Stephanie.
Steph: That’s weird. You haven’t called me Stephanie for the last two days and… it just feels weird. Yesterday you were acting a lot different from what you’re acting now…

bb2e04_022Zach: That’s nonsense, Steph. I just switch it up a bit. *laughs* You’re getting paranoid.

bb2e04_038Katrina: HouseGuests are really trying to figure out who the twin is, aren’t they? And from what I’ve been seeing, so are you! Let’s finally put that little piece of information out there for you so you can put the speculations to rest once and for all! *laughs*

  • Yannik Baumann

    I can’t beliebe it, this Zach is straight lying to Steph, and for this sake Lily was out, Now I don’t like Zach anymore 🙁

    I think he targets Steph now because she could be behind his stupid games 🙁

    • Yannik Baumann

      But I have to admit that I like Chaz, therefore I hope that Zach stays and Chaz can play, he seems to like her 🙂

    • Yeah, it’s kind of hard to make out who does what out of the two, but Chaz is the one who really bonded with Steph, while Zach is more cautious about their secret so he didn’t want to tell it to Steph.
      I don’t see Zach going after Stephanie because he is still playing with his brother, so they have to make decisions together and Chaz can influence him not to go after Steph since he likes her as a person.
      However, if they make it to week four and are allowed to play as individuals, who knows what will happen! 😛 😛

      Thanks so much for commenting Yannik! I’m really glad you’re following the show! ☺

  • Yannik Baumann

    Anyway great episode 🙂

  • spencer tenesen

    OMG!!!!! Great episode!

    Now first things first, Lily…I still can’t believe that she’s out. I mean she seemed like a great person! Also she gave us some pretty interesting discribtions of each HG, however what she said about Selena made me really wonder. In the beginning I thought Lily would be Erica V.2, which I still think she would have become if she had more time, but when she said that she couldn’tread Selena made change my mind, so Selena maybe season 2 Erica right? * laughs *

    Selena won HoH?!!!!!! That may be strange, but I wanted Stuart to win. I don’t know why, I think he reminds me alot of myself a few years ago * laughs * so that could be why I like him

    I still don’t have any favorites, but definitely have some hated ones namely Caleb and Felix. As for Zach…I don’t know….I really dislike him for being the twin, but in the same time that twin thing may open a lot of paths the story may take to make this season more interesting than the other one.

    I can’t help but wonder what did Charley win…Oh well we’ll know on Monday right? So definitely looking forward to that and seeing how will this alliance drama end. Will it be Felix who destroys it, or will Selena get kicked out because standing up to Felix, we’ll see what happens…

    As always keep up the great work.☺

    • THANK YOU, Spencer! ^^ 😀 HouseGuests this season are a lot more paranoid and they’ve also seen the first season so they know or at least they think they know who could be a big threat.

      Lily was very observant but people noticed that and that was her downfall. I think that Selena had a big hand in evicting her because she saw her as a threat and as someone who plays a similar game. I honestly think that if Selena wasn’t working with the “gym crew” she’d be playing this game with Lily. :S
      This was mostly luck based HoH comp so I guess Selena had the most luck! 😛 I’m glad to hear that you’re liking Stuart!☺
      Do you think that Selena will be a good HoH?

      I’m glad to hear you rooting for this season to be better than the last one. I hope so too, I always want to improve it as much as I can! ^^

      Charley won… Well… You’ll just have to wait and see! 😛 What will you do if this alliance never breaks up! 😛
      Thanks once again, Spencer, I appreciate that a lot! ☺

  • Adam Scholze

    Well….Someone has to be first out, might as well be lily. I like her point about Karen, I think the Alliance wont consider her much at all, but that’s what i said about lily though so……….

    The Alliance is too strong to live and will fall as the Empires did, I’m all most certain, and i’m interested what will happen to the members afterward.

    Not complete reverse, but I see what you did there, granted did not expect him, but I almost didn’t want to know until week 4

    Good as always and keep it up

    • The first ones are always the hardest ones since there’s so much potential in them but just because of that, they’re seen as the bigger threats and are voted out. 🙁
      No one seems to be rooting for the gym crew hahahah. xD

      Zach and Chaz were actually submitted by a viewer. But I asked her not to reveal it via comments (if she decides to comment) or anything like that. ☺ I always thought it’d be fun to introduce twins as I had a few twists in mind with them, but I wanted to keep them for maybe 3rd or 4th season if I ever make them. However, once they were applied I just said to myself – Yeah, let’s do it now! And the twin twist was put in motion! 😀 I don’t regret it at all though, it brought the HGs’ paranoia to another level.

      Thanks again, Adam! Your comments are always a joy to read through! ☺

  • Josiah Stuart

    Okay, Andrija. This was an amazing episode. Seeing Selena win HoH was pretty cool. I wonder what power Charley has. I was not surprised that Lily got evicted this week. But… WTF? I was not expecting Zach and Chaz to be the twins. They are doing a good job, but seeing Steph realize that something’s fishy is going to make it harder on them. I am really excited for this new week to begin.

    In one emoji… ?

    • Awww, I’m so, so happy to hear that! The power is definitely something a lot of people would love to have… Scratch that! All of them would love it! ?
      I’m really glad Zach and Chaz were a shocker, but that’s also true about Steph…
      Thank you, Josiah! ??

  • Sam James

    Great episode, Abs! But I’m disappointed Lily’s the first one out. She was one of my favourites!

    Selena is definitely shaping up to be the best player at the moment, but what exactly is Caleb doing!? Either he’s trying to convince the others he doesn’t give a crap about the game, which is a risky move or he genuinely hates it in there. If so, what a waste Lily’s gone when he’s still in there! He’s also a bit creepy regarding Stuart.

    Had no idea Zach was the twin. That was a cool surprise.

    Can’t wait for more! 🙂

    • Thank you, Sam! ^^ I knew you’d be, but it wouldn’t make sense to keep her over Zach since he does seem pretty weak at the moment, especially with him being unable to eat or sleep properly for the next few weeks. He’s going to be exhausted for competitions.

      Caleb is definitely a mystery ahahahahahaha! 😀 But I do agree with you.

      I’m really happy to see that no one thought that Zach might be the twin. :3

      So glad to hear that since it’s definitely going to be an eventful season! ☺