S02E05 – Nominations

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bb2e05_001 bb2e05_002Robert: I’m really glad that Lily is gone. You can already see that Zach is really tired from eating only Mac ‘n’ Cheese for a week and the cold showers are killing him. He will not pose a threat for us for a while. Lily was definitely a silent, but also a smart player and she could have been a real threat if we did let her stay for a few weeks.

bb2e05_003Felix: Selena won HoH! Yeaaah! That’s how it goes in this house! Power is still in our hands! Damn, that feels so amazing!

bb2e05_004Selena: I really didn’t want to win HoH this soon. I dislike luck-based competitions as it’s impossible to throw them. I mean, I know that my alliance will back me up, but I didn’t want to get any blood on my hands this fast.

bb2e05_005 bb2e05_006Zach: Hey, Caleb… Would you mind talking with me for just a sec?
Caleb: What do you want?
Zach: You won the Mac ‘n’ Cheese pass and I was wondering…
Caleb: No.
Zach: But…

bb2e05_007Caleb: No way, I’m not giving you the Mac ‘n’ Cheese pass, are you out of your mind? *laughs*
Zach: I promise, I wouldn’t nominate you nor…
Caleb: Out of the question!
Zach: Fine, fine. Thanks for your time, I guess.
Caleb: No problem.

bb2e05_008 bb2e05_009Caleb: Moron.
Stuart: Oh, come on. You could have got such a great deal from him. He’s pretty desperate. He really wanted one week off.
Caleb: I really don’t care. What if I get nominated or something? I will need that pass then.
Stuart: Well, you could have said so then.

bb2e05_010Caleb: Where are you going?
Stuart: To the bedroom.
Caleb: Well, wait for me, lad.
Stuart: I want to be alone for a while, Caleb. Please.

bb2e05_047 bb2e05_011Felix: So, who are we getting out this week?
Selena: Please, Felix, not yet.
Felix: What?
Selena: Could we, like, not talk about the game for a while? I just got HoH, I’m still not sure about what I want to do.
Felix: Well, it’s not all up to you, though…

bb2e05_012Selena: Just let it go for at least half a day. I just want to enjoy the HoH room for a while without worrying about the game.
Felix: Fine, fine. As you wish.

bb2e05_013 bb2e05_014Selena: He’s such an ass.
Kyra: *laughs* Oh, I agree. It’s like he’s playing this 24/7. He’s driving me mad.
Selena: I don’t think I even know anything else beside the fact he’s a porn star about him. He never talks about anything else besides the damn game and who he wants out. It’s annoying.
Kyra: Don’t think about him. Just don’t. Let’s do something fun.
Selena: Any suggestions?

bb2e05_015Kyra: We could play darts?
Selena: Yeah, why not. We could create a little tournament or something and see who’s up for it?
Kyra: That’s a great idea!
Selena: Let’s do it!

bb2e05_016Chaz: The switch will probably happen tomorrow so I thought that tonight would be a nice opportunity for me to make sure Steph knows I’m on her side. I really, really like this girl. But I don’t want to rush anything because she doesn’t know about my brother and if I spend too much time with her while I’m inside she might think something’s wrong when my brother plays the game. It would probably feel like suddenly I’m ignoring her and damn, that’s rough.

bb2e05_017Chaz: Let’s do something fun tonight.
Steph: Guys are planning on a darts tournament, that sounds fun?
Chaz: Really? Yeah, yeah, I’d love that!

bb2e05_018Steph: You’re going down, Zach! *laughs*
Chaz: You? Beating me? Don’t be silly! *laughs*

bb2e05_019Charley: Hey, Zach… Mind helping me out with my workout? I miss my trainer from back home and I just can’t work out properly without him… I thought you’d be a great substitute.
Chaz: I was just in the middle of something, Charley…
Steph: No, go, the tournament won’t start for an hour or so anyway. You can’t say no to a damsel in distress.

bb2e05_020Charley: You really can’t, Zach!

bb2e05_021Charley: Urgh. You can’t say no to a damsel in distress. Cow.

bb2e05_022Charley: I know I’m, like, probably ruining your plans but I really needed help.
Chaz: What plans?
Charley: Oh, it’s obvious you like her.

bb2e05_023Chaz: I don’t like her!
Charley: Oh, you don’t?
Chaz: No, of course not. We’re just friends.
Charley: That’s great news!

bb2e05_024Chaz: How come?
Charley: Well, because…

bb2e05_026Charley: I quite like you, Zach. That was for helping me out. I always had a thing for coaches! *laughs*

bb2e05_027 bb2e05_028Chaz: What in the name of sweet Jesus just happened?!

  • Yannik Baumann

    I kinda like that Selena thinks that Steph is the twin, this was she is safe automaticly 😀

    Its so so sad that Stuart just left, he was one of my favourite housemates 🙁

    Now its final, I hate Felix, especially for the thing he did to Stuart, Asshole 🙁

    Great episode as always <3

    • Yannik Baumann

      I’m also pretty sure that Charley will save herself, and I hope she nominates Felix, I hate him 🙁

    • Stephanie is definitely still a big target to the “gym team”. And Selena seems to be targeting other strong females (Lily, Steph). But Selena is also careful and she’s going against the HouseGuests who the house wants out as a whole (Charley, Caleb) instead of nominating Steph since she doesn’t have a good enough reason to put Steph up.
      That’s why she just put her up as the twin suggestion, just in case she might be the twin.

      Stuart will be brought back this Friday for an interview since he did leave suddenly and without saying goodbye.

      Felix doesn’t seem to be liked by the viewers at all. :O

      Thank you, Yannik! <3 Nominations this week can change completely since there will be one regular veto and Charley's diamond veto in play. So might end up with two replacements! :O Thanks so much for the comments, once again! I really love them! 😀

  • spencer tenesen

    Okay now that was a very bold move of Felix. I just can’t believe it! It’s final he’s blacklisted!

    I just hope Charley will do something right for the first time and nominate Felix. As for Caleb I just want him to lose. He’s just not playing the game, or simply not taking it seriously enough.

    Selena is in a really tough place, HoH may have the power but with power comes responsibility and in case of Big Brother….bloodshed…I just hope that she can see what Felix did and hopefully convince Charley to nominate him, and see through his lies and maybe put an end to that snake, and kick him out of the alliance. Remember Forrest? I just hope the same thing happens to Felix!

    Karen is really growing in my opinion and Charley is getting smaller and smaller by the second! I mean even if she thinks that the game wasn’t good for shy people she can’t just bark it out at a time like this! And she thinks that she’s smart!? Man I’d say she smartly stupid!

    *takes a deep breath* but this is a game after all and I can’t get worked up this early. I’m just so sad for Stuart….wasn’t Lily enough?

    • Felix is definitely a big threat in this game, but will the other HouseGuests see through him? :/
      This week two Vetos could potentially be used which means that we might get two replacement nominees (one chosen by Selena as HoH and one by Charley).

      Caleb is one of the strangest HouseGuests we’ve had so far, that’s for sure! xD I find it funny when I write his lines.

      Hahahahaha, you want Felix backdoored just like Forrest was? Though, to be fair, Felix seems to have a lot of people still on his side, while Forrest was the biggest target from the beginning of the game… :/ Who knows if and when Felix will get voted off! :O

      Charley has no filter. She just speaks her mind without thinking and in a game like this it could be such a bad thing. Gosh, there’s a lot more of disliked people this season than there was last one. Hopefully the liked ones (like Lily and Stuart) won’t continue to leave… 😛

      I’m sorry if this sounds a bit bad, but I’m really happy to see you get worked up since that means you care about these HouseGuests and that for me (as a writer) is a great thing! ☺ Thank you so, so, so much for leaving amazing feedback for me after every episode! It definitely helps a lot, Spencer! 😉

  • Yannik Baumann

    I have an Idea, could me make a list of the most hated HouseGuests? I am pretty sure Charley, Caleb and FElix will be far ahead :#

    • Hahahahah, that’s not a bad idea! I might do that haha! 😀

  • Sam James

    Aw. I’m sad Stuart’s left as he had potential. Felix really is a despicable human being. I hope he leaves soon. It’ll be really off-putting if he survives for a lot of the season. But with that being said, he’s an interesting character.

    I know I created Robert but he’s a bit preachy and annoying (which I expected!) but I’d like to see him win a challenge or get more into the game, as I pictured him as really competitive.

    Charley’s growing on me as she’s a bit of an idiot but she’s at least being funny with it. I really like her power, it brings a lot to the game.

    As for Caleb, he needs to GTFO.

    Can’t wait for more! 😀

    • Stuart could have been a great strategic player but he lacked in the social department and that is probably a much bigger factor of the game. :/ I always planned for him to walk but I made him stay a bit longer since he was very interesting to write for. He was the only HouseGuest whose fate I ended up deciding. :/
      Robert will come into play soon, these past few episodes it was more about Lily and Stuart because they were leaving so I thought I’d give them more screen time. XD
      Charley is a love-hate character definitely!
      Aww, why you no like Caleb, Sam?:P

      • Sam James

        Because he’s a bloody weirdo and a pointless player. 😛

  • Yannik Baumann

    One little thing for next time, I have the feeling that Steph is only talking to Zach, I would like to see her talking to the others, too. I think its a disadvantage because I made her a outgoing sim 🙂

    • They were all playing the game of “I never” this episode but she’ll definitely do it. She just feels like the gym crew is attacking Zach and her so she’s kind of ignoring them for now. ?

  • Adam Scholze

    Felix as much as I oppose, I think he’s going to survive for longer than one would hope, OR Selena is going to realize that Felix MAY have hand in Stuart’s walk but otherwise I think he’s gonna stick around for a bit.

    In other comments you keep mentioning her having to nominate two more people but I can’t see Caleb winning a PoV competition or someone saving him whatever that competition may be.

    I liked this episode though, I was NOT expecting Stuart to walk (In fact he was one of my secret predictions to win) however, I also glad to see Selena forced to get blood on her hands already, INCLUDING the foreseeing Diamond PoV and how she’s not able to duck out of it like Erica last season.

    Stephanie is on the bottom of the social chain with Zach because the Gym crew picks them two as the highest physical traits so their going to keep getting nominated but not always evicted because the higher mental threat is discovered so It’s not just Zach getting completely screwed over it’s also Steph getting silently Screwed too

    • It’s still not completely clear how much Felix influenced Stuart’s walk (and to be fair, he didn’t know how Stuart was feeling game-wise, but the way he pushed himself onto him was way out of order). A lot of it comes down to Charley and Selena this week. 😀
      That is a possibility, but yeah, only way the other Veto is going to be used is if Caleb wins it. ??
      Stuart was supposed to leave even earlier (I wanted to have a HG walk this season as it was an uncommon thing, but not impossible to happen) but I loved writing for him as he was an insecure but a very smart player. So I kept him a bit longer. He was the only player whose faith I decided even before the show. Others were placed in the random BB simulator, just as last season. 😉
      You are absolutely correct about the last part. We’re going to see a bit more of scheming soon as these past few episodes weren’t really clear on peoples’ strategies.
      Loved your comment, Adam! I really appreciate your thoughts! ?

  • Josiah Stuart

    Okay, Felix is officially on my ‘Do Not Win’ list. Also, Stuart is the first person to walk from the game. I am starting to think that Steph is becoming silently screwed. I am hoping that Steph makes a big move to get someone from the other side out if she wins PoV. But I know that Charley will use the Diamond PoV on herself. I hope that Felix will get backdoored this week or expelled next week. Anyway, very good episode Andrija.

    • Thanks so much for the comment, Josiah! 😀 Yes, Stuart is the first one! And hopefully the last! 😛 It’s only week two so a LOT can still happen. 😉

      Do you think that Felix could become violent enough to be expelled? :O :O

      • Josiah Stuart

        Andrija, in BBUK Season 11, one of the HGs, Chima (pronounced She-ma), was removed for not wearing her microphone, breaking her microphones, and obstructing a camera. In one of the Israeli seasons, some houseguests have been removed due to inappropriate and or offensive comments. So no, I do not think that Felix will get violent enough to get expelled.

        • Yeah, I remember her. I watched and rewatched all the BBUS seasons (except S1) many times. It’s one of my favorite shows! 😀 I’ve never seen any Israeli seasons though.

  • Adrian

    I discovered this sims page and i’m sooo impressed!!! I <3 soo much, the series is really good!!! congratulations!!! Regards from Spain!