S02E06 – Veto Ceremony

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bb2e06_052 bb2e06_001Selena: I need to know more about why Stuart just left… I know I haven’t been the best friend to him but I thought he’d at least say goodbye. It was all just so sudden and something must’ve happened.

bb2e06_006 bb2e06_007Selena: You said you’ve seen him just before we all realized he was nowhere to be found.
Felix: I saw him as he left the bathroom. I don’t know why he left. *laughs*
Selena: Did he say anything? Anything at all? How did he look?
Felix: He looked like Stuart. Selena, why am I being interrogated? Did I do something?
Selena: No, I’m just worried… Why would he leave so suddenly?
Felix: How would I know? *laughs* I barely talked to the guy.

bb2e06_002Selena: I know I’m probably looking crazy to the viewers and my family at home right now but I don’t think Stuart would have just left. However, I have absolutely no proof that anyone had anything to do with it. Maybe it was Steph’s comment about him not having sex yet? We were just playing a game and it was an honest mistake… Gosh, I just don’t know. But I can’t get Felix’s words out of my head. He told me he saw him just moments before he left… He was the last one to see him and he tells me he looked normal. I just don’t buy that. But I have to let it go or I might go crazy.

bb2e06_003Steph: I’m feeling like I’m in a really bad place in this game. And even though I can’t get out this week because I got suggested as a twin, I think there’s a pretty good chance I might end up nominated next week. It’s time to play this game and make some deals around here.

bb2e06_008 bb2e06_009bb2e06_010Steph: Am I interrupting?
Selena: No, of course not. What’s up?
Kyra: Yeah, what’s going on, Stephanie?
Steph: I just wanted to tell you that I’m not mad. For suggesting me as a twin. I mean, it’s even good since I know I can’t get backdoored. I’m not the twin, obviously.
Selena: Oh really?
Steph: Yeah, I have no reason to lie. I mean, if I am, I’m out. And there’s nothing I can do. But since I’m not I can basically have a week off. So you’ve actually helped me out. *laughs*

bb2e06_012Steph: Anyway… I was actually wondering… Last season a guy won. And this season since we’ve already lost one female player and there’s a chance we might lose another one… We’re going to get to a point when we will have to stick together. Why not form a girl alliance? Get Karen and Charley in here and be the best female alliance ever. Let’s get all the guys out and let’s have one of us win it. Fair and square.
Kyra: You think we can trust someone like Charley in this game?
Steph: Well, she is annoying, but she doesn’t seem stupid. She’s in here for a reason too. Besides, Selena is HoH this week. She can do what she wants.
Selena: You’re all forgetting one thing. Charley also has some kind of secret power. Who knows what that might be and how it can turn this game upside down.

bb2e06_011Kyra: One more reason to have her on our side?
Selena: Unless it’s something so good she might not trust us and will see right through us. I did just nominate her after all.
Steph: But you guys trust Karen, right?
Kyra: Oh, Karen is a sweetheart. I just don’t know what she could bring to this possible alliance…
Selena: A vote is a vote. Look, Steph. It’s a really great idea but we have to think about it. Don’t tell Charley or Karen anything and let’s meet up later tonight and sort everything out. How about it?
Steph: I don’t mind waiting, I’m going to be in this house for two more weeks at least, remember? You’ve made sure of that! *laughs*

bb2e06_013 bb2e06_015Selena: I didn’t like the tone she had with us.
Kyra: She’s definitely in here to win it. I say we do it, but we also keep an eye on her. I’m sure she’s closer to Zach than she would be with us.
Selena: So we’d just make a side-alliance with her and possibly other girls too?
Kyra: Yeah, why not. More safety for us!
Selena: I like the sound of that.

bb2e06_014Kyra: To be honest, the only people I truly trust in this game are you and Dane. But Dane doesn’t seem to have a lot of strategic input while we discuss what to do, right? Stephanie seems very strategic, but I don’t trust her as far as I can throw her.
Selena: Last week all of us were HoH while he was just standing there, taking orders. I mean, I love the guy, I really do, but he’s not the brightest crayon in the box. Steph scares me. I think that she has Zach on her side and now she’s looking for other players to keep her safe too.

bb2e06_016Charley: You okay?
Zach: Yeah, of course. Why wouldn’t I be?
Charley: You seem to be avoiding me…
Zach: Nonsense, Charley.
Charley: So, want to help me out with training again?
Zach: Yeah… Sure…
Charley: Great!

bb2e06_004Zach: Oh, just kill me. This is so awkward. *laughs*

bb2e06_017Robert: I feel like the girls are separating themselves from us a bit.
Dane: Who?
Robert: Kyra and Selena. They’ve started spending way too much time together. I mean, Selena and her basically decided who goes up this week. Our suggestions weren’t even considered.

bb2e06_005Felix: As soon as I heard Robert say this I knew it was my time to shine. Selena’s been rubbing me the wrong way for a while now. It’s time to plant some seeds and get her out.

bb2e06_018Felix: I think Selena is playing us a bit. We were supposed to be a team and she’s just doing what she wants. We should stick together, get Kyra back on our side again and backdoor Selena next week. We can’t be in an alliance with someone we don’t trust.
Robert: I actually agree.
Dane: Kyra is good though. I don’t think she’d screw us over.
Felix: Well, I did say we should keep Kyra. It’s Selena I’m worried about.

bb2e06_019Dane: I don’t know if that’s a good idea. I mean, last week I did what I wanted. As long as she didn’t nominate us, I don’t see why we wouldn’t trust her. It just doesn’t make sense.

bb2e06_020Felix: He did what he wanted? *laughs* WHAT?!

  • I’m really sorry about the delay guys. Every time I tried to upload a photo I got an error and I’m not really sure if it was because of the Internet connection or because of WordPress but something was messed up. ?
    Anyway, I hope you understand and I’ll try to get 2 more episodes up and schedule them before Friday so I wouldn’t be able to have this problem again.

  • spencer tenesen

    Awesome as always. But Ill get straight to it ( sorry if I sounded cold )

    Felix got nominated! Yessssssssssssss! Now he’s backdoored, and there’s no way out. Don’t worry I’ll tell you why.

    Selena must have suspected that Felix was out to get her, so she thought it was time for him to leave, and things worked out quite well. Let me explain why I think Felix will leave on Friday. You see both Felix and Selena formed a gender based alliance so let’s count the members: the female alliance has Selena, Steph, Kyra, and Charley, while the male has Felix, Robert, Dane, and Zach. There is a third alliance but that’s not very important right now. The only people who can vote are Charley, Kyra, Karen, Zach, Dane, and Robert. We all know that the guys will vote for Felix to stay because of their alliance, while Kyra, and Charley will vote for Felix to leave also because of their alliance. That leaves Karen who will vote for Caleb to stay which means that she voted for Felix to leave also because of her alliance with Caleb. Now there’s a tie, 3 vote for Felix to leave, and 3 vote for him to stay, so the HoH will have to vote, and Selena will for sure vote for Felix to leave. That is if Steph didn’t vote , but really it won’t make so much of difference anyway because Felix will be leaving etherways, you hear me Felix no way out.

    However suppose that Felix might have escaped this eviction. He’ll still be after Selena, however he’ll focus more on Charley because after Charley was the one who nominated him in the first place * laughs * so Selena won’t be harmed greatly * laughs *

    All that was from an in-game perspective, now let’s have a look from the viewers perspective, it’s well known that Felix is a very much hated character, and people want him out. Since the viewers’ opinions were always so important for BB. That gives us a new reason why he should leave. I don’t know what the simulator said, or what you have in mind, that’s just my opinion, and predictions.

    Anyway great work, and I know you’ll keep it up. You’re a great writer because you have two things that most writers lack, passion and caring about and listening to viewers’ opinions. Thank you very much for this, and don’t worry we are all with you until the very end. We’ll always be! ?

    • Daaaamn. I loved, loved, loveeeed your theory, Spencer! 😀 You’ve seriously put some thought into it and I don’t think there’s anything else to say but a massive thank you for that! I like it how you did both in-game and viewers perspective too.

      However, as you do know, BB Simulator did decide a lot of it beforehand and I do stick to it for any major decisions (and I’m always a few episodes ahead with writing just to make sure big gaps in schedule don’t happen as a process of creating an episode does take a lot of time > planning+writing+screenshot taking+putting it all together on the web). So I won’t be revealing the outcome just yet but I do want you and all the other viewers to know that I really do care a lot about your opinions and maybe sometimes things don’t go as you’d like it (for example, Stuart leaving) but I do it all for a reason and I will never have a winner who is not worthy of the title (therefore, once I get my simulator results I do plan out the competitors’ strategies, strengths and weaknesses a lot more).

      Anyway, I always have what you guys want in mind while writing the episodes, but I don’t want to spoil you either! 😛 You’ll just have to wait and see what Caleb and Felix’s fates are in this game! ☺

      I really, really appreciate your thoughts, don’t ever doubt that! 😉

  • Adam Scholze

    Dang! Felix got screwed by the one and only Charley, If evicted I’m curious as to what will happen to Robert and Dane, if there still in alliance with Selena and Kyra then they may be a healthier alliance.

    Speaking of I almost feel that was a foolish move on Steph’s part to pull a bold move like that to Selena, she’s in a position of power and pulling something like that?! Idk about that Steph but who knows.

    I love what Karen did with Caleb I think that’ll be a funny alliance to watch in the future

    People aren’t even suspecting Zach of being the twin they have two more weeks

    The Delay was no problem I always have to give you credit these are always very high quality episodes and kudos to you for that!

    • Who would’ve guessed that Charley would be the one who makes a bold move early on? 😛 Next episode will reveal a lot on where the loyalties lie as most of them seem to be in at least one, if not two or more alliances. And when it comes to a vote, no one is really safe. I had to pull one scene out from this episode and put it in the next one because of the connection problems I had (so this was is a tad bit shorter) but anyway, a lot will be resolved in the next episode, Adam! 😉

      Last week I focused a lot more on Steph and Zach/Chaz’s “relationship” so I had to have more of “gym crew” scenes this week as I do try to keep all of the HouseGuests relevant but Steph is going to be explained as well.

      I know it’s a lot to ask to keep waiting for things to get explained better and what not, but I can only do so much with a cca. 10 minutes per episode limit so I hope you guys don’t see it as a bad thing. Also, seeing as this season will be a bit longer than the last one, everything will make sense in the end, hopefully.

      I’m glad you do, Karen is certainly not in there just waiting to get voted out. 😉

      Would you like both Zach and Chaz in the house or would you rather they get evicted before being able to both compete?

      I’m very, very glad to hear that! ^^ Thank you so much Adam, I was really worried about the whole thing since I hate it when I’m not on schedule. 🙁

      • Adam Scholze

        Haha I trust it will be explained, were in the thick of the story right now, it’s fun!

        I truly don’t mind waiting these are always worth waiting for, and I get it when you got out off the schedule or off beat, it just gets underneath you skin and stresses you out like some houseguests (JK)

        As for Zach & Chaz I’m indifferent. On one hand I kinda don’t want them to make it to week 4 for the simple fact that it might confuse me who’s who and I like the clear differences between the houseguests now. However, I think they will make it to week 4 (not that that’s a bed thing in any way) It would make for some great and reactions and twists. Either way it’s going to lead to some very awesome stuff very soon

        • As long as it’s still fun for you guys, I’m happy! 😀

          Hahahahaha, you completely understand then haha! 😀

          That one was bugging me a lot too. It could get very confusing for you, especially if they’re in the same scene together. 🙁 I’m very happy with how this season is developing so far and hopefully it will end up being better than the first one! However, the finale is still far away! 😛

  • Yannik Baumann

    Don’t give me wrong, I like it that Steph is able to play a stategic game and was able to form an alliance, but I didn’t like the way how she did it. This was not the way I created her. I know this wents to far, but in this situation she reminded me a bit of Felix. She didn’t really show her funny and cheerful persona this week, which I think is really sad 🙁

    I love it that my two least favourites are up for eviction this week 😀 I hope and I really think that Felik will be evicted 🙂 I mean, Karen already will vote for Felix to leave, I’m also sure that Kyra might want to get rid of him. I think that also Charley will vote for Felix to leave. The two males will probably vote for Caleb to leave and I’m not sure hwo Zach and Steph will vote. I just hope that they are not stupid 😀

    Great Episode again and I’m still waiting for a talent night where Steph can show her Stand-Up-Comedian Qualities 😉

    • I don’t really think she did anything wrong, but we only see it from Selena and Kyra’s side of view in this episode so it might have ended up looking a bit wrong. You do have to remember that how one HouseGuest sees something is not how other one might see it or how it actually is. It’s always written from someone’s perspective. 😉

      I also have to make every HouseGuest as a real person and none of them are perfect, so in one episode/week someone might seem a bit down and the other one they’ll really shine. She is a cheerful person but she did say that a lot of people see her as having a facade because of that and it’s a problem she’s struggling with a lot, especially in this house and she is being targeted for it while she did nothing wrong, she was just not in the room while the big first week’s alliance was formed.

      Everyone seems to be rooting for Felix to get evicted haha! 😀 Kyra and Selena are still in an official alliance in him so who knows how Kyra will vote… Would they really show their cards this soon? 😛

      Zach and Steph are definitely not stupid, that’s for sure! 😉 Oh, don’t worry, her stand-up night will definitely happen, I’m just waiting for the perfect moment! 😀 It’s one of the things I’m looking forward as I think it will be something new for you, the viewers, and for me also (since I never had experience with writing funny things).

  • Josiah Stuart

    YES!!! Felix is nominated and getting backdoored! Thank goodness Charley used her DPoV. This is turning out to be the best week two ever! I am now excited for the eviction!!! As I am posting this, I am on a different computer; so I can get started on the Wikia page (FINALLY). Good job once again, Andrija. And with the upcoming episodes, bonne chance (good luck).

    • Hahahaha, everyone seems to be sure that Felix is getting backdoored, but will it be the case? 😛 I’m so glad to hear that, I’m very happy to see you enjoying this season too, Josiah!
      Yaaaaay for a new computer! ^_^ Can’t wait to see it! 😀
      Thank you so, so much, Josiah! ☺

  • Sam James

    I really like how this is all going. Things are constantly being turned on their head and right now, there’s not one person or group with the power. That makes it interesting. Any of these lot could go at any time.

    Charley’s probably my least favourite female house-guest but she deserves respect for putting Felix up, which was just hilarious. I don’t really care who goes between him and Caleb, but if I had to pick I’d go for the former as he’s such a stuck-up prick and I liked the banter between Caleb and Karen and their idea of an alliance would be very interesting to watch. I think Caleb’s probably a goner though.

    I can see a rivalry forming between Stephanie and Selena but I’d quite like it if Kyra or Karen outsmarted the pair of them.

    Loving this, Abs! Checking out the next episode right away!

    • I do try to keep you guys guessing on what might happen next week because nothing is set in stone! 😛 I’m glad you’ve noticed that! 😀

      Oh, Caleb and Karen’s alliance is something I look forward to writing hahaha! 😀 They seemed like such an odd pairing so I just had to do it! 😛 Hopefully, it will turn out okay! 😀

      Girls are definitely a lot more “after each other” this season. All of them are young strong females and none of them wants the other one to win over them haha! 😀 Who is your favorite female, Sam? 😛 I’m just wondering.

      Thank you so much, Sam! 😀 I’m really happy you’re enjoying it! I know it’s not something you usually watch, but hopefully it’s shaping up to be better than the last season! 😉