S02E07 – Live Eviction Show

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bb2e07_001Katrina: A brand new season of Big Brother officially started just two weeks ago and already so much has happened. Who would’ve guessed that this season would be so exciting?! Tonight we will say goodbye to one more HouseGuest and we will also begin our third HoH Competition… Yes, you’ve heard right – begin! That means that it’s an endurance competition and we won’t know who won until Monday! I hope you are ready for the second Live Eviction Show!

bb2e07_002Katrina: Good evening, my name is Katrina Caliente. As you already know, we really have a lot to do tonight. But first, I think it would be best if we spoke with one HouseGuest, or better said, ex-HouseGuest, who shocked us all this week when he left the house voluntarily. He was the first one to ever do it, it’s Stuart!

bb2e07_003 bb2e07_004 bb2e07_005Stuart: Hi, Katrina.
Katrina: Hello, Stuart, it’s so nice to be able to speak with you tonight.
Stuart: Likewise! I’ve been in a really bad spot and I think that you and the viewers deserve an explanation on why I left.
Katrina: I couldn’t agree more! So, let’s not waste any time – why did you leave?! *laughs*

bb2e07_008Stuart: I honestly thought it would be a good idea to try and push myself into this game and work out my issues as the season goes along. I did love watching the game last season so it just made sense to do it. However, it was just too much.
Katrina: Too much?
Stuart: Yeah. Too much. I wasn’t comfortable at all in that house, I barely spoke to anyone besides two or three people and once Lily left it got even harder. I had a nice chat with Selena though…
Katrina: We saw that. She was heartbroken when you left…

bb2e07_009Stuart: I know. I’m so sad about that. However, after that chat I tried to force myself to play a game with everybody and it was really fun but then I needed to go to the bathroom and once I left Felix was there pushing himself onto me and I’m really not into those kind of things. I mean, I like girls.
Katrina: Felix was really vocal about you being gay and watching him.
Stuart: Felix should mind his own business. Even if I were gay, which I’m not, it’s not his business to out me like that. If I stayed there a bit longer I honestly thought he might do even more…
Katrina: Really?!
Stuart: He was really pushy. And I just didn’t want my family and friends to see stuff like that and I felt very uncomfortable and… I just had to leave. I’m really sorry about how Selena’s feeling now but maybe at another time and place I’d be ready for a show like this. Right now… No. I’m happier outside. But I am very grateful for the experience, Katrina! It was definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity!

bb2e07_007Katrina: I’m very happy to hear that, Stuart! As long as you’re happy, we’re happy too! Now, one final thing… You did have quite a few supporters out there, so is there anything you’d like to say to them?
Stuart: I’m sorry for letting you down, if you do feel like I’ve let you down, but I do hope that you understand that this was just… not for me. I gave it my best shot and it just didn’t work. You do have other amazing players to support though, so I’m sure you can’t be too heartbroken about someone as boring as me leaving! *giggles*

bb2e07_006Katrina: Oh, Stuart, you were not boring! You were a great HouseGuest and thank you so much for being a part of the second season of Big Brother. However, you do know the rules, since you’ve walked out of the Big Brother house, unfortunately we won’t be seeing each other again on the Finale night so this will have to be goodbye…
Stuart: I know, I know! I’m glad you’ve called me in and let me tell my side of the story though! Bye, Katrina!
Katrina: Goodbye, Stuart!

bb2e07_010Katrina: He’s such a sweetheart. *laughs* But, let’s get back to business. As we are short on time, we won’t be saying hi to our HouseGuests tonight, instead we’ll go straight to highlights from the past few days and then we’ll see how the House voted. HoH and the Nominees weren’t allowed to vote. The rest of the HouseGuests, including Steph who was suggested to be the twin by Selena, were called to the Diary Room one by one just moments before the Live Show to say who they wanted to see leave the Big Brother house tonight.

bb2e07_011Felix: I don’t understand what her problem is?! I have to deal with this. Now.

bb2e07_017 bb2e07_018Felix: Charley, mind having a word with me?
Charley: No, of course not.
Felix: I am just wondering… Why did you put me up? You could have put anyone else, why me?!
Charley: I have my reasons.
Felix: Do you mind sharing them with me?
Charley: No, why would I?

bb2e07_019Felix: So I can fix the things you’re angry about and we can move forward?
Charley: Nah, I’d rather not.
Felix: Are you dumb or something? I’m basically letting you off the hook. I offer you a chance to redeem yourself.
Charley: Yeah, so what. I don’t want it.

bb2e07_020Felix: You’re f*cking retarded.

bb2e07_021Charley: And so are you, bye-bye Felix!

bb2e07_012Felix: Oh, she’s so my next target! I want that dumb b*tch out!!!

bb2e07_014Charley: He wanted, like, information and I’m not giving him anything. He’s an ass and I can’t wait to see his annoying sneaky ass evicted. I’m not a pawn in his game and I’m not letting him control me. He can yell as much as he wants, I’m can deal with guys like him.

bb2e07_022Kyra: Dane, come here…

bb2e07_023Dane: What’s up?
Kyra: I wanted to talk something over with you.
Dane: What’s that?

bb2e07_024Kyra: How would you feel if Felix left this week?
Dane: What? Why would we let that?
Kyra: You’ve seen how he acts. He could ruin our whole alliance. I’m sure that Zach, Steph, Karen and Charley will vote for him to leave. That leaves you, Robert and me voting for him to stay. And we’re a minority there. If we make some sort of a deal with the other we could ensure safety for us.
Dane: But Zach might vote for Felix to stay. They’re a lot closer than he is with Caleb.
Kyra: Trust me, Dane. Felix will be gone this week. However, we can side with the rest of the house or we can end up looking like we’re against them…

bb2e07_025Dane: I don’t think I can betray him like that though…
Kyra: It’s not betrayal. He betrayed us the moment he started acting like an ass who rules this house. He made fun of you last week saying he was the one who made all the decisions and you were just a follower.

bb2e07_026Dane: That’s not true!
Kyra: I know that, Dane. Trust me, we’re better off without him.
Dane: We need to tell Robert then…
Kyra: Don’t!!! Robert will surely let him know. They’re too close.
Dane: Kyra… I don’t think I can go through with it…

bb2e07_027Kyra: Then don’t. I will be voting for him to leave and I wanted to let you know that. However, could you at least not tell anything to Robert and Felix?
Dane: Yeah, I can. I promise, Kyra, I’d never let you down.
Kyra: I appreciate that, Dane. I’d never let you down either.

bb2e07_028Steph: So, it’s all going as we agreed?
Selena: I think so.
Kyra: Yeah, I’m voting for him to leave. Did you manage to convince Zach he’s a better target?
Steph: I did.
Selena: Perfect.

bb2e07_015Selena: I couldn’t be happier with how this week ended. I got almost no blood on my hands and I will get rid of someone I didn’t think I’d be able to get out this soon.

bb2e07_029 bb2e07_030Caleb: So, am I staying?
Karen: Good morning to you too, Caleb!
Caleb: Yeah, yeah. I require an answer.
Karen: I think that you have a good shot of staying. I’ve talked with all the girls and they seem like they’re all against Felix. His time is up.

bb2e07_031Caleb: Excellent. *laughs*
Karen: Don’t start gloating just yet. Anything can still happen, Caleb!

bb2e07_013Felix: I think I have three votes secured. I need just one more. And I think that Zach is my safest bet.

bb2e07_032Felix: So, mate, how will you be voting? I’m safe, right?
Zach: Of course!
Felix: You sure? I can trust you?
Zach: Of course you can!

bb2e07_033Zach: I mean, we are gym buddies after all! *laughs*
Felix: Glad to hear that. I’m sorry… Could you swear on it, please.
Zach: *laughs* You really don’t trust me?
Felix: It’s not that. I’m just having a weird feeling about all of this. Please, just do it…
Zach: Fine, I swear!

bb2e07_016Chaz: Too bad I didn’t swear! *laughs*

  • Yannik Baumann


    To be honest, I think that Kyra and Dane will have a hard game because they are the most active houseguests 🙂 I really hope that Steph wins this one, or either Caleb or Zach 🙂

    Great episode as always and can’t wait for next week 😀

    • Yay, thank you so much, Yannik! 😀

      He did leave haha, who would’ve guessed? 😛 😛 You’re liking Caleb then if you want him to win? :)) I can’t wait to see your reaction once you see who won!☺

      Thank you, it’s definitely going to be a roller coaster of a week! 😉

      • Yannik Baumann

        I’m actually speaking about the HoH competition, and I would want to see Caleb win because he would be the most unexpected, but I’m very sure that he will be the loser. So I hope its either Zach/Chaz, Karen or Steph who wins 🙂 I have the feeling that the athletics will not win because they will get the faster treatments 🙂

        • Ooooh, I get it! 😀 Yeah, that would really be unexpected! 😀 I like your choices haha! 😀
          Well, if all of them get faster treatment, maybe Caleb will have a shot! 😛 Who knows!☺

  • Sam James

    Hahaha! Felix did actually go! That’s hilarious. I honestly thought he’d squirm his way out of this one but he didn’t! I loved how pretty much everybody got together to say “yeah, let’s boot him!” I’ll definitely enjoy the show more without him in it.

    I can’t wait to see who wins HoH. It’s going to be so interesting to see how it affects the dynamics. I hope Kyra or Karen get it. It’ll probably be a fit guy though due to the nature of the task. Caleb doesn’t stand much of a chance LOL.

    Keep it up! 😀 Can’t wait for more!

    • He was positioned so, so well, but I’m guessing he rubbed a lot of HouseGuests the wrong way… Poor Robert was the only one left in the dark about this backdoor plan. 😛

      You never know, it’s not just the endurance though, the competition can also be influenced a lot by HGs who drop out. Treadmill of a person who is very fit can be sped up a lot, so they’ll have a harder time staying on it.

      Thanks, Sam! I really appreciate all of your comments! ☺☺

      • Sam James

        That’s true and to answer your question from the last episode, my favourite female houseguest is probably Karen. She’s playing a smart game. Kyra comes close though.

        • Thanks for answering that, Sam! :)) I’m always wondering about peoples’ favorites and I’m really happy to hear that there is not a single HouseGuest who is everyone’s favorite but everyone seems to have someone else’s they’re rooting for.
          Really like your choices! 😉

  • Adam Scholze

    Goodbye Felix! your presence will probably not be missed. but hey collaboration work by the house actually worked, and Charley’s cold shoulder was awesome.

    Considering Kyra is a distance runner I think she MAY have an advantage in this competition but then again Robert was in the army so who knows.

    Super excited how this Alliance will turn out, Great job!

    • Hahahah, why is no one sad to see Felix go, I wonder? 😛 Charley definitely stepped up a bit these last few episodes. :O

      A lot of these guys are very fit, but once again, it might all come down to who drops down first and speeds up someone else’s treadmill. Those guys whose treadmills do get sped up will have a hard time staying on them. :/

      Thank you, Adam! I’m really happy to hear that! ☺☺

  • Josiah Stuart

    OMG. I am not shocked by the result of that eviction at all. 😀 Felix will definitely not be missed. Now, all I need is for either the Twins, Charley, or Steph to win HoH and take the others out one by one. I am really excited for this next week.

    • Those three are your favorites then? Or is there another reason you want to see them win? 😛 I just hope I keep it exciting for you guys haha! 😀

      Thanks so much for your comment, Josiah! ☺