S02E07 – Live Eviction Show

Estimated reading time: 11 minutes

bb2e07_034Katrina: Now it’s time to reveal to you how the House voted. After you see all the votes from the Diary Room, I will reveal the vote to the HouseGuests.

bb2e07_035Charley: I definitely want Felix out. I don’t trust that guy for as far as I can throw him. He’s a snake!

bb2e07_036Dane: I… I vote for Felix… to leave…

bb2e07_037Karen: I’d never guess I’d say this, but I’d like to save Caleb. *laughs* Therefore, I’m voting for Felix to leave!

bb2e07_038Kyra: I know I said I wouldn’t go against my word but this is a game and this guy is not a nice player. I vote to evict Felix.

bb2e07_039Robert: I vote for Caleb to leave.

bb2e07_040Steph: I can’t believe this is actually happening but… I’m voting for Felix to leave. He’s a much bigger threat than Caleb is.

bb2e07_041Chaz: Zach and I talked this through and we vote to evict Felix. Right?
Zach: That’s right! Felix, your time is up! *laughs*

bb2e07_042Katrina: The House has decided. Felix will be leaving the house tonight. It is now time to reveal the vote to the HouseGuests!

bb2e07_043Katrina: Hello HouseGuests! No time to chitchat, let’s get onto the important stuff right away! Caleb and Felix, you have been nominated for Eviction and the House has decided. By a vote of six to one…

bb2e07_044 bb2e07_045Katrina: Felix, you have been evicted from the Big Brother House. You have just a few moments to say your goodbyes and leave through the front door.

bb2e07_046Felix: SIX?! Oh, there are a lot of snakes in this house! Robert, my man, don’t trust anyone in here! *yells* ANYONE!

bb2e07_047Felix: You can all save your goodbyes and shove them you know where!
Steph: Oh, that’s real nice, Felix.

bb2e07_049Felix: Shut your mouth! A celebrity is leaving this house! Show some respect!

bb2e07_048Chaz: How about you show some respect! You can’t talk like that to a woman.
Felix: Oh, shut it, you’re acting like her dog. Go fetch a bone or something!

bb2e07_052Katrina: Felix, please, it’s time for you to leave! HouseGuests, I’m also letting you know that Stephanie was not the HouseGuest playing this game with a twin. And neither was Felix. That means that all of you can go outside and get ready for the second HoH Competition!

bb2e07_051 bb2e07_050 bb2e07_053 bb2e07_054Katrina: Welcome back to the real world, Felix!
Felix: Thank you, Katrina!

bb2e07_055Katrina: You seem very shocked to be sitting here tonight.
Felix: That is because I am. I mean, a six to one vote? It seems like Robert is the only honest person in that house.
Katrina: You were pretty happy when you saw that Selena won HoH. But it all changed when Charley used her Diamond Veto.
Felix: To be honest, that seemed very unfair. Selena who won HoH basically had no power this week. Charley’s nominee left, not hers.

bb2e07_056Katrina: Why do you think you’re the one sitting here tonight though, and not Caleb?
Felix: They are all just afraid of what I am capable of. I’m a very smart person, but I’m also a physical threat. To be honest, seeing as both Dane and Kyra voted for me to leave I can’t really say what happened. But I have a feeling Selena’s not as innocent as she looks. She had to be on board with me leaving too. Robert is really the only person I should’ve trusted in there.

bb2e07_057Katrina: And why do you think that Robert is the one who voted for Caleb to leave?
Felix: Oh, he has to be. There is no way he’d betray me. He’s an ex-army sergeant. His word is sacred to him. That’s why I wanted to be aligned with him.
Katrina: I do have to ask you, who is the twin according to you?
Felix: Oh, that’s a great question… I’d have to go with Selena. She’s just way too suspicious. Either her or Dane. Since I don’t really see Dane breaking his word to me, unless he wasn’t the one who gave it to me.

bb2e07_058Katrina: It’s actually Zach. He is playing the game with his brother Chaz.
Felix: Oh wow! Really? He’s really good at it then.
Katrina: They both are! I’m really surprised that no one caught onto them. One final question… Who do you want to see win?
Felix: I’d go with Robert, just because he is a very loyal player. But we’d probably never hang out outside of the house because we do have obvious issues, one of them being my sexuality… So, I’ll say Caleb. Just because it would be hilarious if he did. I mean, what is he even doing in there? He’s pointless. Absolutely pointless.
Katrina: Thank you so much for being a part of the second season of Big Brother, Felix! You were definitely an interesting HouseGuest! We will see each other again on the Finale night when you’ll get to share your opinion, alongside the rest of the evicted HouseGuests, about the season and the Finalists!

bb2e07_059Felix: Thank you for having me, Katrina, and I can’t wait for the Finale night!

bb2e07_060Katrina: Felix might be gone, but ten HouseGuests remain. It is now time for us to start the third Head of Household Competition! Let’s join the HouseGuests in the Competition Area.

bb2e07_061 bb2e07_062 bb2e07_063 bb2e07_064Katrina: Hello HouseGuests! Selena, as the outgoing HoH you are not allowed to compete in this Head of Household Competition. For the rest of you, here are the rules… This one might look very familiar to some of you who watched the first season and as we really loved this challenge, we brought it back! In front of you are eight treadmills. Each of you will step on one and every hour the speed of the treadmills will increase. Besides that, when you fall off your treadmill or in case you step off voluntarily, you must also name one of the remaining players. That player’s speed will increase and you will therefore make it harder for them to win. The last HouseGuest on their treadmill will win and become the next Head of Household!

bb2e07_065Katrina (from the Studio): HouseGuests, do you understand the rules?
All: Yes!
Katrina (from the Studio): Then step on your treadmills! It’s a long, long night in front of you. Have fun, HouseGuests! *laughs*

bb2e07_066 bb2e07_068bb2e07_067 bb2e07_069 bb2e07_070Katrina: There you have it, my dear viewers! HoH Competition has begun. I will see you again next Friday when the fourth HouseGuest will leave the game forever! Until then you can follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more updates from us. Don’t forget about the Monday episode where you will see who won HoH and who gets nominated. And on Wednesday the third Power of Veto Competition will be played. Have a good night and don’t forget – Big Brother is watching!

  • Yannik Baumann


    To be honest, I think that Kyra and Dane will have a hard game because they are the most active houseguests 🙂 I really hope that Steph wins this one, or either Caleb or Zach 🙂

    Great episode as always and can’t wait for next week 😀

    • Yay, thank you so much, Yannik! 😀

      He did leave haha, who would’ve guessed? 😛 😛 You’re liking Caleb then if you want him to win? :)) I can’t wait to see your reaction once you see who won!☺

      Thank you, it’s definitely going to be a roller coaster of a week! 😉

      • Yannik Baumann

        I’m actually speaking about the HoH competition, and I would want to see Caleb win because he would be the most unexpected, but I’m very sure that he will be the loser. So I hope its either Zach/Chaz, Karen or Steph who wins 🙂 I have the feeling that the athletics will not win because they will get the faster treatments 🙂

        • Ooooh, I get it! 😀 Yeah, that would really be unexpected! 😀 I like your choices haha! 😀
          Well, if all of them get faster treatment, maybe Caleb will have a shot! 😛 Who knows!☺

  • Sam James

    Hahaha! Felix did actually go! That’s hilarious. I honestly thought he’d squirm his way out of this one but he didn’t! I loved how pretty much everybody got together to say “yeah, let’s boot him!” I’ll definitely enjoy the show more without him in it.

    I can’t wait to see who wins HoH. It’s going to be so interesting to see how it affects the dynamics. I hope Kyra or Karen get it. It’ll probably be a fit guy though due to the nature of the task. Caleb doesn’t stand much of a chance LOL.

    Keep it up! 😀 Can’t wait for more!

    • He was positioned so, so well, but I’m guessing he rubbed a lot of HouseGuests the wrong way… Poor Robert was the only one left in the dark about this backdoor plan. 😛

      You never know, it’s not just the endurance though, the competition can also be influenced a lot by HGs who drop out. Treadmill of a person who is very fit can be sped up a lot, so they’ll have a harder time staying on it.

      Thanks, Sam! I really appreciate all of your comments! ☺☺

      • Sam James

        That’s true and to answer your question from the last episode, my favourite female houseguest is probably Karen. She’s playing a smart game. Kyra comes close though.

        • Thanks for answering that, Sam! :)) I’m always wondering about peoples’ favorites and I’m really happy to hear that there is not a single HouseGuest who is everyone’s favorite but everyone seems to have someone else’s they’re rooting for.
          Really like your choices! 😉

  • Adam Scholze

    Goodbye Felix! your presence will probably not be missed. but hey collaboration work by the house actually worked, and Charley’s cold shoulder was awesome.

    Considering Kyra is a distance runner I think she MAY have an advantage in this competition but then again Robert was in the army so who knows.

    Super excited how this Alliance will turn out, Great job!

    • Hahahah, why is no one sad to see Felix go, I wonder? 😛 Charley definitely stepped up a bit these last few episodes. :O

      A lot of these guys are very fit, but once again, it might all come down to who drops down first and speeds up someone else’s treadmill. Those guys whose treadmills do get sped up will have a hard time staying on them. :/

      Thank you, Adam! I’m really happy to hear that! ☺☺

  • Josiah Stuart

    OMG. I am not shocked by the result of that eviction at all. 😀 Felix will definitely not be missed. Now, all I need is for either the Twins, Charley, or Steph to win HoH and take the others out one by one. I am really excited for this next week.

    • Those three are your favorites then? Or is there another reason you want to see them win? 😛 I just hope I keep it exciting for you guys haha! 😀

      Thanks so much for your comment, Josiah! ☺