S02E08 – Nominations

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bb2e08_029 bb2e08_030Selena: What was that?
Kyra: What?
Selena: You could’ve won.
Kyra: Why would I want to do that though? This is not a crucial week. We’re covered from almost every corner. Only people we don’t have some kind of an agreement are Caleb and Zach. However, Zach now has a deal with me. He is also very close with Steph who will look after you because of our deal with her. Even if Zach puts you up this week as a nominee, you are not going home. It kind of sucks we can’t get rid of Robert, but we can still get Caleb out. Easily. He is like a ghost in this house. An unpleasant one.

bb2e08_068Selena: I feel like she was only looking out for herself. I mean, yeah, what she says makes sense but… It doesn’t really matter. I looked out for both of us last week. She didn’t care about me this week. It makes me doubt her a bit now.

bb2e08_031Robert: So…
Dane: I’m sorry, Robert. This was so hard, but they asked me not to tell you. I mean, we don’t have anything against you, we just didn’t want you to tell him. We still want to work with you, we just needed Felix evicted. He was ruining our chances of winning by his cockiness.

bb2e08_032Robert: Am I speaking with Dane, the contestant or Dane, the puppet?!
Dane: What?
Robert: Son, they’ve filled your head with bullsh*t. Not everything Kyra and Selena say is in your best interest. I knew they were getting close and I told you guys about it… I just never thought they’d be able to pull something like this off. I mean, I was the only moron who voted for the guy. And I didn’t even like him.
Dane: You didn’t?

bb2e08_033Robert: Of course not. He’s a sodomite. But we are playing a game in here. A game based on trust. And now, there is no one who I can trust. I’m a very, very loyal person and you all went behind my back.
Dane: I’m sorry, Robert. I’m sure Kyra can explain it a lot better to you. It all made sense.
Robert: Kyra, of course. Son, she’s playing you. Stop being her puppet and start playing this game for yourself! I can have your back in this game, but I need your complete trust. That is how this game is played.
Dane: I…

bb2e08_034Robert: When you decide that you’re in here to win it, let me know. Until then, I know I can’t fully trust you.

bb2e08_054Robert: He is such a wimp. He needs a lot of discipline before I can play this game with him. I think my alliance from day one is now officially over. It’s time for plan B – Zach. God, I’m playing this game with boys and women.

bb2e08_035Zach: I can’t believe it!
Karen: What’s going on?
Zach: They’re letting me off the hook for a week! Since I won HoH, I will be able to eat regular food and have regular baths and showers and… I’m so happy!

bb2e08_036Karen: Congratulations! I am so happy for you, you’ve definitely earned it. That competition was forged in hell!

bb2e08_037Selena: Mind if we talk for a bit?
Zach: No, of course not. Just don’t take too long, I can’t wait to take a proper bath. *laughs*
Selena: Oh, yeah, no problem. I was just wondering… Should I be worried? I mean, I know I didn’t put you up last week so I should feel safe, but I just wanted to make sure.
Zach: Oh, I haven’t thought about who I’m putting up yet, Selena.
Selena: That’s not really an answer to my question…

bb2e08_038Zach: Can we talk after I relax for a bit, please? I don’t want to make any more promises before I get my head straight. I think that’s fair.

bb2e08_039 bb2e08_067Selena: No, that’s not fair. I kept you off the block last week, so… It’s only fair you keep me safe this week too. I’m so frustrated now.

bb2e08_001 bb2e08_040Robert: How was the HoH bed last night?
Zach: Oh, it was just what I needed. I finally got some sleep. The worst thing about the Nominees’ bedroom is not the awful bed. It’s the constant waking up because of that moronic statue which screams and growls every half an hour or so. You can never really get used to it. And I got to take a bubble bath. *laughs* I almost fell asleep in it, it was so comfortable.
Robert: Happy to hear that, son. I’m still good, yeah?

bb2e08_041Zach: Yeah, of course. I wouldn’t go back on my word.
Robert: Excellent. That brings up my next question… Would you be willing to work with me? I felt pretty betrayed this week so I need someone to look after me in this game and I can do the same in return. I think this HoH competition was perfect since it gave us a chance to gain some trust in each other.
Zach: I don’t see why not. Especially since we don’t really talk that much. It could be like a secret alliance or something.
Robert: Exactly!
Zach: Yeah, I’m down for that!

bb2e08_072Zach: Who would’ve guessed I’d be working with Robert? *laughs* This HoH experience is not bad at all. Everyone is trying to suck up to me. Some of them are less obvious than others but still… This is perfect! I can’t wait to tell Chaz what happened!

bb2e08_071Chaz: We’re HoH?! That means I am HoH too?! And I can eat normal food?! *cheers* Wooo!

bb2e08_044 bb2e08_042Karen: So, you’ll talk with him?
Kyra: Yeah, I mean, he will keep his word about me, but I’m worried about who he’ll put up.
Karen: I’m worried too. I haven’t talked that much with him. He talks way too much about modern music and the only singer who I like and is still relevant is Lola Belle. *laughs*
Kyra: Oh, I loved her latest album. She’s such an icon!
Karen: Trust me, I know. I even worked for her for a while.
Kyra: You’re lying!

bb2e08_043Karen: No, I swear. I designed all of her dresses during her „Feeling Crazy“ era.
Kyra: You’re joking! That was my favorite album. I was in my early teens then! *laughs*
Karen: I did the famous red dress she wore in the video for „Amulet“.
Kyra: Wow, I never would have guessed! You’re a celebrity then! *laughs*
Karen: Only when it comes to fashion, dear.
Kyra: That’s so amazing!

bb2e08_045Chaz: I need to tell you something…
Steph: What’s up, Zach?
Chaz: That’s just it… I am not Zach.
Steph: You little… *yells* I KNEW IT!
Chaz: Shhh…

bb2e08_075Steph: I knew it, I knew it, I knew it!

bb2e08_048Chaz: Zach told me not to tell you, but I can’t keep this up anymore. I like you too much, Steph, and I need to be honest with you. I know this is risking a lot, but I think I know you enough and I think I can really trust you with this.
Steph: I knew it… Gosh, I don’t even know your name.
Chaz: It’s Chaz. My name is Chaz.

bb2e08_046Steph: You both look the same and you almost fooled me, but I could just sense it that I was talking with someone else every few days.
Chaz: I know and I wanted to tell you earlier… but I just… I am not playing this by myself and I could have ruined Zach’s game too.
Steph: You almost ruined it by not telling me. That made it even worse because I thought you were lying to me, Chaz.
Chaz: So, you won’t tell the others?
Steph: Of course not! If we manage to get your brother in the game we will have a massive advantage! Not to mention… I’m sure that I need you in this game. You’re the only one I think I can fully trust. Especially now.

bb2e08_047Chaz: But who should I put up this week then? Zach and I talked it through, but I want your opinion too!
Steph: I’d go with…

bb2e08_049Chaz: Welcome to the Nominations Ceremony. Every week the Head of Household has to nominate two HouseGuests for eviction and for the first four weeks he or she also has to suggest one other HouseGuest as a twin. Let’s start things off with my twin suggestion…

bb2e08_050Chaz: I think that Karen might be the twin. Based on the fact that you are wearing a pink wig all the time.
Karen: That is my real hair! *laughs*
Chaz: What?
Karen: That’s my real hair, boy! *laughs*
Chaz: Oh, gosh, I’m so sorry…
All: *laugh*

bb2e08_051Chaz: I… I decided to nominate…

bb2e08_052Chaz: …Caleb and Selena. Caleb, I begged you for the Mac ‘n’ Cheese pass last week and you knew I was supposed to be on it for four weeks in a row and you still kept it for yourself which was a jerk move in my books. You are very cynical and I think the house would feel a lot less stressful without you in it. Selena, I don’t have anything against you but I had to put someone up next to Caleb. And you’re very likable so I’m sure you’ll stay.

bb2e08_057bb2e08_062Karen: A wig?! *laughs* That boy is hilarious, I adore him! It’s my real hair, viewers, I swear, it’s my real hair! *laughs* Wait, am I a poet now?

bb2e08_070Selena: I don’t really know if I trust his motives. Well, to be fair, I don’t trust anyone in this house. *laughs* I’m sure that I am not there because I am likable, though. I just think that if in some magical way Caleb wins the Veto, I’ll be the back-up evictee.

bb2e08_076Caleb: I really don’t mind being up. I think I’ve built quite a weak persona in this house and I do tend to annoy people on a regular basis. But that’s just my personality, so why not use it in my favor. I dislike most of these people but don’t think that I’m not in here to win it. It’s all going according to my plan for now… I’m the weak, annoying guy they can get rid of at any point in the game, so why not take someone stronger out now? And they’ll keep thinking just that until I win the final HoH competition and place myself in the Final Two!

  • Yannik Baumann

    It was a bold move from Chaz to be honest with Steph, and I’m so happy that she still trusts him, now I’m hoping that Steph, Chaz and Zach will survive the next week just to see what will happen between Chaz and Steph ^^

    I wanna see Caleb out, because of the female alliance it will be most likely that they save Selena, even though Karen will vote to save Caleb.

    I’m happy that Zach/Chaz won the HoH competition ^^

    • It definitely was! He can’t be voted out this week so it was the easiest time for him to do it. Will Zach approve… We’ll have to wait and see! 😉 But Steph definitely reacted well to it, so… ☺
      I always love to hear wishes/predictions so keep it up, Yannik! 😀 It’s definitely great to hear them on Monday and then see the reactions on Friday! ^_^
      So happy to hear that and thank you so, so much for commenting!

  • Adam Scholze

    See, this is the point of the game I like where virtually everyone in this house is on thin ice when it comes to trust, it makes me so nervous if a player will be able to catch themselves and regain trust or if they’ll be isolated.

    I fell relatively confident that Selena will be able to save herself I wouldn’t think there’d be back-to-back endurance competitions and I feel that she’s strong enough at the other competitions.

    I find it interesting that caleb has turned his personality into a strategy I like that, it adds an interesting touch to the character.

    Also I had a question, how many episodes will there be this season? just curious.

    • Thanks so much, Adam! ☺

      Oh, that’s definitely true… and as more people leave, everyone else can be a potential twin if they haven’t already been suggested. That’s going to be a big factor these next two weeks. Paranoia is definitely ruling in Big Brother house! 😛
      Yeah, there definitely won’t be another endurance competition anytime soon as we kind of had two now (even though cold shower competition wasn’t really endurance it had elements of it). ☺
      I don’t think there is anyone left who is just a one-dimensional character. I tried to give everyone good and bad sides, at least I hope that’s how you guys see it too. :)))
      24 or 25 episodes are planned. There will definitely be more than last season but I don’t want to make the season too long either. ☺ It all depends on the amount of words I write for the last few episodes which will be crucial and on the amount of photos I take. I tend to keep episodes under 10 minutes (2500-3000 words), but it’s hard, especially in the beginning when 13 HGs needed somewhat equal amounts of “air-time” hahaha! 😀

  • Sam James

    Chaz took a massive rick in telling Stephanie. I know he trusts her but it was a bit of a stupid move. I wouldn’t be surprised if Zach was angry and I wouldn’t blame him either.

    I’m glad Robert’s safe (for now) as he’s really starting to get his head into this game and he’s very intelligent and I’m glad that’s coming across now!

    Selena doesn’t do much for me so I wouldn’t mind if she went. Caleb and Karen interest me and I’d like to see Caleb linger around like a smelly old fart they can’t get rid of.

    This cracked me up:

    Caleb: I want to speed up Kyra’s treadmill. You’re a distance runner, so… Run.
    Karen: He needs to take care of his attitude.

    I also agree with Robert over Dane. He’s too much of a softy.

    Looking forward to more!

    • Yannik Baumann

      You got it, so I hope that Caleb can safe himself and Zach/Chaz will choose Dane as a replacement nominee ^^ I think that Robert is right, he doesn’t play the game as Karen and Steph for example do 🙂 He is more like the puppy of Kyra. I felt like Kyra was a bit selfish for only care about herself and not about Selena, also I think its risky for Zach to guarantee immunity to Kyra and Robert, he has two options: 1st: He stays for his promise. If one of his nominees are able to safe themselves, he and Chaz has to choose between Steph, Dane and Charley. And as Steph is close with both of them and he might risk to show himself as the twin, I think she will be safe. So now its hoping. As I like Charley way over Dane, I would like to see Dane nominated. That would make sense because neither Zach or Chaz have really talked with Dane. 2nd: Chaz doesn’t know about the deal and has the full amount of contestants to choose from. If he nominates either Kyra or Robert, he will lose the trust of them and if they both survive he might get eliminated next or they will find out that he is the twin and suggest him as a twin. Maybe Steph might be in danger because of this, too. So I really hope Zach sticks to his deal and nominates Dane as the replacement nominee if it comes to this conclusion. I wanna see some romantic stuff between Steph and Chaz <3

      • Caleb didn’t seem like was playing the game either, so who knows! 😛 Maybe Dane is secretly a mastermind of the game! 😛 Well, to be fair, if Kyra tried to save Selena too, she’d make it obvious that they are working together. But yeah, she could’ve won this competition easily and she could’ve ensured safety for both of them.
        Zach, so far, doesn’t seem like someone who will break his word easily, besides, if he does, he’s basically proven himself to be a liar and that’s not a good thing.
        As the time passes, there are less and less options for replacement nominees. 🙁
        Zach and Chaz talk for at least fifteen minutes while switching in the DR so they try to tell each other the most important things that happened (like the deal Zach made with Chaz) so Chaz knows about the deal, don’t worry, Yannik! 😉

        I loved all of your strategies and thoughts! :O I’m really happy you’re liking the season so far and I’m so happy you’ve decided to comment on the episodes! ☺
        Oh, with Steph now knowing about Zach and Chaz, who knows what might happen! 😛 😛 😛

    • Chaz is playing more with his heart while Zach is more strategic. Which is weird since Zach is a DJ and spends most of his time partying and Chaz is still in college, studying. xD

      Robert felt so safe until now and he thought that his alliance would keep ruling, but he was also very blindsided last week so he needs to get his head in the game again. One thing he did learn is not to trust anyone anymore. As a sergeant he cares a lot about his word, but a lot of people in this house do not.

      Hahahaha, I love it how your opinion about Caleb changed from “get him out” to “I want him in”. :3 Love it!

      Thanks so much, I’m really glad you’re enjoying this season, Sam! ☺

  • Yannik Baumann

    I feel like the female alliance turns more into a bad idea now. The problem is that Steph and Kyra both have each one male houseguest they are bonded with the most (Steph with Chaz, Kyra with Dane) In the moment I would like to see Chaz, Charley and Steph in the finally, and if there wasn’t Steph I would want either Karen or Caleb. In my opinion these are the most interesting in my opinion, and I honestly wouldn’t miss the first alliance (maybe Kyra though but she would be on 5th or 6th place 🙂 I’m just hoping that Caleb or Steph win the Power of Veto. The problem is that Karen can’t choose to safe Caleb because that would ruin their strategy to come across as the enemies in this house 😐

    • As I’ve just said to Spencer, alliances this season are very fragile. Next week it might all change haha! 😛 But I love your opinions and predictions haha, I really love hearing your thoughts like that! 😀

      Aaaaaand, you can check out who won the Veto, as the Power of Veto winner has just been revealed! 😉 😛

  • spencer tenesen

    This might be a shocker but Im not surprised to see Selena nominated but I’m very interested in that little conversation between Chaz aND Steph. She suggested someone, I just know that she suggested Selena. Isn’t obvious?

    I’m a bit sad to see that Selena wasn’t liked by the viewers or the HGs, that just wasn’t how I wanted her to be. I wanted her to be like Kandy but her time in the house is limited. As it depends on the loyalty of her alliance members. And that’s something every HG is struggling with ( except Robert ) so unless she wins the veto, her chances of staying are slim.

    I hope I could see Selena, Karen, Kyra, and Charley as the juries. Think about it. That will be a lot of fun.

    I was thinking, how about releasing an episode or two giving us a brief look at what happened to the HGs after the show. I think that would be great. But the decision is yours to make.

    Sorry for not commenting on the previous episode, I was so busy and my exams are around the corner ( I know, exams again * sighs * ) so I might not be able to comment on every episode as soon as it’s released, so please excuse me.

    • There are a lot of young girls this season and they are all want to be the leader one. So naturally, there is sort of rivalry between Steph, Selena, Charley and so on… 😀

      I don’t think she isn’t liked. To be honest, I love writing for her, I do for a lot of HouseGuests this season, especially the ones I didn’t think of. And naturally, you’d love to see her win, but I can’t promise anything. Adam’s Lily was evicted first for example.
      Her biggest problem was winning the HoH which forced her to show her cards too soon and she is also very paranoid (which is to be expected in Big Brother house). But that doesn’t mean that she’s not a great strategic player. She definitely is! :)))

      Alliances this season are very fragile and every week it all changes, you got that right! ☺

      An all female Jury once again? 😛 Hahahah, we’ll have to wait and see! 😉 And about the ex-houseguests do you mean about season 1 houseguests or season 2? Since (and this is a brand new information for you), some of the season one HouseGuests will be coming to the house soon! 😉 What for? I’ll let you guess! 😛

      It’s okay, Spencer, I really don’t mind waiting for your comments. At all! ☺☺ Trust me, I know, work and exams are killing me too. But good luck and I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you! Thanks for such a great comment! :)))

      • spencer tenesen

        I’m talking about season 2 houseguests. I hope you don’t mind that.

        And I think the first season HGs appearance will be similar to that of Don, Nina, and Dina I the first season, that’s my guess.

        • That’s not a bad idea at all, I might do a spin-off episode or two which would focus on evicted houseguests and their lives outside the house! ☺