S02E09 – Veto Ceremony

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bb2e09_048 bb2e09_049 bb2e09_051Dane: Welcome to the Power of Veto competition! This game is called „Knight Moves“ and rules are pretty simple. Your goal is to stay on the chess board for as long as you can. Everyone will choose a square on the board to stand on. You will then take turns moving in an L shape like a knight in chess does. Each square you stand on is then removed and no one can stand on it again. Under the seats you’ve chosen you can find a number on a piece of paper. That is the number of your turn.

bb2e09_050Dane: Did you understand the rules? And are you ready?
All: Yes!
Dane: Then it’s time to play „Knight Moves“! The person with the number one should now stand up and claim their position on the board.

bb2e09_052Dane: Well done, Charley. The person with the number two should now stand up and claim their position on the board.

bb2e09_053 bb2e09_054 bb2e09_009Caleb: I was the third one to claim my spot.

bb2e09_004Robert: My strategy would be to get the nominees out first. But it seems like none of these people cared about that. They positioned themselves pretty randomly on the board.

bb2e09_055Dane: Zach has claimed his spot. Selena, you are obviously the person with the number six, so please, stand up and claim your position on the board.

bb2e09_056 bb2e09_012Selena: With me being the last one on the board, I was able to pick the best starting position! *laughs*

bb2e09_057 bb2e09_058 bb2e09_059bb2e09_060 bb2e09_061Charley: I declare that I can’t make a move.
Dane: Charley, you have therefore been eliminated from the competition.

bb2e09_062 bb2e09_063Chaz: I declare that I can not make a move.
Dane: Zach, you have been eliminated. You may now take a sit in one of the chairs.

bb2e09_064 bb2e09_066Dane: Three of you have already been eliminated but only one can win the Power of Veto. Karen, it’s your turn next!

bb2e09_065Karen: I declare that I can not make a move.
Dane: Karen, you have been eliminated.

bb2e09_014Chaz: I can’t believe it. One of them will win?! That means that Zach and I will have to get even more blood on our hands this week.

bb2e09_013Selena: This was probably the most intense competition we’ve had so far. One thing was certain though, a nominee will win a Veto and will save themselves from eviction!

bb2e09_067 bb2e09_068Selena: I declare that I can’t make a move anymore.
Dane: Congratulations, Caleb! You have won the Power of Veto!

bb2e09_010Caleb: Well, well… Who would’ve guessed! I, Caleb, have won a competition. I guess those young ones don’t know what to do or think now. I love screwing up their plans!

bb2e09_037 bb2e09_038Zach: You did what?!
Chaz: I had to. She distanced herself a bit from me and I think it’s because she suspects us. This way, we’ve earned her trust and besides… she said she wouldn’t tell anyone.
Zach: Chaz, that was such a stupid thing to do! Yeah, she might have said that, but what if she hadn’t! I’m not letting you ruin this game for us because of your crush!
Chaz: She’s not just a crush! She’s really special…

bb2e09_039Zach: I know you like her, Chaz, but please, please don’t do anything stupid anymore. This could have ruined us!
Chaz: You’re overreacting, Zach! It’s all good!
Zach: Just promise me you won’t do anything with her until we leave this house.
Chaz: I don’t think I can…
Zach: Oh, damn it, Chaz!

bb2e09_015Zach: I just can’t believe he’d be this reckless… That Stephanie can potentially ruin our game and honestly, I’m even thinking about putting her up just to help Chaz get his head back in the game. But that wouldn’t be a smart move and Chaz would probably hate me for it so… I won’t do it. However, if I get a chance to vote her out… Who knows, I might just do it.

bb2e09_017Steph: Caleb will obviously save himself. Karen can’t go up since she’s the twin suggestion this week. Zach promised Kyra and Robert safety. That leaves me, Charley and Dane as possible replacement nominees. I don’t see him putting me up since I’m very close to Chaz and I know their secret now.

bb2e09_040Dane: I’m worried that I might go up…
Kyra: You? I don’t think that will happen. Charley is the one I’d bet on.
Dane: No way! Charley has been spending a lot of her time with Zach.
Kyra: Yeah, she does seem to have a crush on him… But, on the other hand, Zach might find that annoying.
Dane: I need to make a deal with him.
Kyra: Yeah, that’d be perfect. Do it, Dane!

render (8) bb2e09_041Dane: Hey, can I talk with you?
Zach: Of course!
Dane: Well, I know that you’re probably thinking about putting me up. But I was wondering if there is any way I could make you change your mind.
Zach: Why would you say that?
Dane: Well, only Charley and I are the real options for the replacement. And I know you’re a lot closer with her than you are with me.

bb2e09_042Dane: However, this is not a game where you stand by the people you’re closest to. It’s a strategic game. So why not play it like that.
Zach: What can you offer me?
Dane: I could… I could offer you safety? If I win HoH I wouldn’t put you up. Period.
Zach: That is a big if, though.
Dane: Well, I’m sure that if you keep me, Kyra and Selena wouldn’t go against you either.
Zach: Why would you think that? Unless you’re working with them…

bb2e09_043Dane: Oh… Umm….
Zach: *laughs* Well, well. Dane, you’re really not making a case for yourself here…

bb2e09_018Dane: Damn! I screwed up. Not only did I not manage to make a deal with him, I also revealed my alliance to him by mistake. I should really learn to keep my mouth shut at times!

bb2e09_044Caleb: We are gathered here for the Power of Veto Ceremony. I, as the winner, have the power to veto one of Zach’s nominations. As I am also the Nominee, it is pretty obvious that I have decided to save myself with this power. Zach, as I have vetoed one of your nominations, you must now name a replacement Nominee.

bb2e09_045Zach: I really didn’t want to put anyone else up this week, but seeing as the Veto has been used and one person has made it clear to me that there is a big alliance in this house… I have to do this. As I’ve promised Kyra safety this week, Dane, please take a sit next to your ally.

bb2e09_046 bb2e09_047 bb2e09_016Kyra: Zach just called us out in front of everybody?! Wow, it’s time for me to win a competition now and get his ass out of the house! That was a really bad move on his part!

bb2e08_069Selena: I knew that this would happen. Darn it! I do feel like I have the votes to stay, but this is the Big Brother house and you should never feel safe. I just have to make sure that I will get at least four votes this week.

bb2e08_064Karen: I always suspected that Selena and Kyra were working together and Kyra and Dane too, but I never thought that they were in an alliance all together. Good job on telling us, Zach! That definitely earns you my respect as you could have kept this for yourself!

bb2e09_019Dane: It’s going to be hard but I think that I can get the votes to stay. I probably have Caleb’s vote… and I might get Robert’s but that’s a different story. I need one more and then Zach will have to break the tie and he’d probably keep me in over Selena. I just hope that Kyra will vote for me to stay over Selena. That’d be perfect!

  • Yannik Baumann

    Zach, what have you done? :p Okay, Steph needs to win the next HoH Competition and safe Zach because I wanna see Chaz continue, then Kyra needs to win HoH in the next episode to get Zach out. He accused Chaz ruin their game by telling Steph the truth, but now Zach digged his own grave, also did Dane, I hope the others can figure out that Dane told Zach so his ass can be kicked out here, at the Beginnin I liked him but now he is just annoying.
    As I said, I hope Zach makes the fourth week so Chaz can join and Zach can be kicked out.
    I love it that Chaz call Steph someone special <3 I made her a nice person so Zach should finally trust her 🙂
    I'm so glad that Caleb managed to safe himself as I begin to like him now. He turned into a game player now. Except of Robert the older HouseGuest are playing a good game, Zach and Dane could learn from them ^^
    Steph is a genius, I'm so looking forward for the Stand-Up Comedy Show for Karen, that also might bring trust points for Steph so thats a really good thing 🙂

    • Yannik Baumann

      Its kinda weird, people who I liked at the beginning like Selena, Dane and Feilx, I dislike now. On the other part I disliked Charley and Caleb at the beginning and now I like both of them 🙂

      • Yannik Baumann

        But actually, it would make more sense that Robert would win the next HoH comp. He could nominate Kyra as the twin and everybody except Steph, Karen, Charley and Zach up for Nomination, I’d be very sad if Chaz and Steph would be seperated 🙁

    • I loved your comment, Yannik! ☺ I love how you dislike Zach and love Chaz, it’s so fun! 😀 And I’m really glad to see that the opinions on HouseGuests change every now and then that means that the character development is working haha! 😀
      You’re really rooting for a Chaz+Steph romance, aren’t you? 😛

      I always planned for Steph to put on a show in one episode, that’s why I thought it’d be great to do it on Karen’s birthday since Karen loves stand-up (as we’ve seen in one of the first episodes when she stood up to Caleb and defended Steph).

      What are your feelings on Charley’s new haircut, seeing as you’re liking her now? 😛

      I won’t reveal anything on who wins the next HoH competition just yet! ☺☺

      • Yannik Baumann

        Totally love it, She looks so much prettier with that hair <3

        Yeah, I'm really rooting for a Chaz+Steph romance for one reason. I don't see another opportunity for a showmance in here, and every season needs a showmance. Okay, Kyra and Dane are also very close, but Chaz already said that Steph is not just a crush for him. So he already has feelings for her. And I'm pretty sure Steph feels the same as she trusts Chaz the most and she likes him very much. They would remind me on Hannah and Michael. Steph is the funny but strategic HouseGuest and Chaz plays with his heart even though Zach dislikes that fact 🙂

        I'm not sure who will have a bigger disadvantage now: Either the Alliance Dane, Kyra and Selena or Zach. Yeah, Zach might be targeted by at least Kyra as she is definetly safe, but I think that Robert, Steph and maybe Charley will stand behind him. I'm a bit concerned if Karen likes the fact that he called out the alliance or despise it. I'm actually thinking that she likes it because that was a strategic move from Zach because he might caused that the other HouseGuests don't trust them any longer. Actually you can't blame Zach, Dane was the fool who opened up the alliance. I hope the girls will find that out 😀

        I hope that Steph will not be longer a part of that female alliance because she might have better chances if she bonds with Chaz/Zach and actually with Charley. I would like to see that Charley and Steph could be friends because then maybe we could have Chaz+Steph and Zach+Charley <3

        I know that this is very fast, but I'm thinking about the contestant for the next season 🙂

  • spencer tenesen

    I knew it! I knew it! Selena is pretty much out. The favors are really not on her side now, Kyra might save her, not so sure about Charley, and Karen. Robert and Caleb will vote to save Dane, Steph…I don’t know…she might vote for her to stay or to get her out, and the latter seems likely. Not to mention that even if Selena escaped eviction this week, she will face a really hard time. Getting everyone’s trust again, and don’t forget our good friend paranoia, I’m sure we’ll see it again.

    But once again this is big brother so no one knows what will happen. Just hope she’ll make it to the jury…

    • Nothing’s set in stone yet, Spencer! 😉 But who knows how other will vote, that’s true, especially now that Zach’s revealed Selena’s other alliance to everyone. Steph, as you’ve already guessed, probably had a hand in why Selena’s on the block so she also probably wants her out… But we’ll have to wait and see, as always!

      There are a few more evictions until the Jury. But if she manages to stay this week, she might be one of the Jury members! 😛

      Thanks for your thoughts, Spencer! ☺ Hopefully your exams are going well! ^^

  • Adam Scholze

    Get wrecked Kyra ,what ally do you want more? I wonder how much she’ll try and go after Zach and how much that might hurt her. She’ll have to decide weather to put him up as a nominee or as the twin because she’s suspecting him.

    FYI Idk how much it matters but the players of the house were referring to the twin as Chaz even though they don’t know it’s Chaz yet, again I don’t know how much it matters, but yea.

    Robert is defiantly filled with grudges agents a lot of people, granted that he may becoming more assertive and that might help, but I think that may be a bit of his downfall.

    as always great episode and will surely lead for some great reactions tomorrow.

    • Kyra is definitely onto him as the number of HGs who are a possible twin are getting pretty small. If she wins next week, she’ll definitely have a hard time deciding what to do!

      Really?! They said Chaz instead of Zach somewhere? Where? :O :O

      So far he has managed to stay away from the block which is a good thing for him seeing as he was so close to Felix and was pretty much left alone last week. But yeah, he does hold a lot of grudges… Will he manage to survive? We’ll see! 😛

      Thanks so much, Adam! 😀 Oh, it definitely will! :))) ☺

      • Adam Scholze

        During the PoV competition they refer to him a Chaz 🙂

        • Daaaamn, I must’ve been tired when I wrote this episode! Thanks so much, Adam, I’ll change that immediately. :O :O You’re the best hahaha!

  • Sam James

    Caleb: Karen told me to make more friends in the house and I have to tell you, it’s going very well. Dane and I are like best friends now! We’ve talked for hours today.


    Caleb’s unintentionally hilarious. I LOVED that he won veto! And Dane made the biggest blunder ever! I’m really happy either he or Selena are out as they’ve never been my favourites and it’ll be good to see Kyra taken down a peg or two as she’s been a bit too smug for my liking. Respect for Zach for exposing their alliance. It was genius move play. The trio are screwed now.

    I also kind of like how Charley and Karen are just sailing through the game without much hassle. That’s quite amusing.

    Looking forward to the eviction! Don’t really care who goes but Dane might deserve it more for cocking up so bad LOL!

    • Wow, thank you so much, Sam! I’m so happy to see you entertained by this! This week’s been pretty hectic for me but hopefully everything will be back on track next week and I think I’ve fixed the photo upload problem I was having… ? Anyway, thanks for your support! Means a lot!

      Caleb definitely became a bit more interesting now. XD And yup… Dane’s mistake might be one of the worst moves this season. ://

      So happy to hear that and thank you so much for your comments! They do cheer me up! :)))