S02E10 – Live Eviction Show

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bb2e10_014Katrina: A brand new season of Big Brother officially started just three weeks ago. Since then, indeed a lot has happened, I mean, who would’ve guessed that this season would be so exciting, right?! Tonight we will say goodbye to one more HouseGuest and we will also have our fourth Head of Household! I hope you are ready for the third Live Eviction Show!

bb2e10_015Katrina: Good evening, my name is Katrina Caliente. As you already know, we really have a lot to do tonight, as we always do. But first, I think it would be best if we greet our HouseGuests and see how they feel about this exciting night.

bb2e10_016Katrina: HouseGuests, this is Katrina.
All: Hi Katrina!

bb2e10_017Katrina: Let’s start things off with our current HoH. Zach, how are you feeling tonight as these are your final moments or reign?
Chaz: I’m feeling all sorts of things, Katrina. I’m excited… Nervous… Happy and sad all in one. I was really glad to have a chance to be HoH for a week and eat real food finally. This gave me a bit of strength since I was feeling very tired all the time. I can’t wait to see who the house wants out and I’m really happy I held my deal with everyone. Remember that next week guys! *laughs*

bb2e10_018Katrina: And what about you, Selena? From Head of Household to the Nominee?
Selena: It’s really something, right? Oh well, it’s a game and you have to respect the rules and the decisions made. All of us are here for a reason and all of us are fighting for the same thing. I won’t hold anything against anyone if I leave because, in the end, it is just a game.

bb2e10_019Katrina: Dane, let’s finish things off with you. How was this week for you?
Dane: I really didn’t expect to be sitting here tonight, Katrina. That’s for sure. But I’ll just say that I agree with everything Selena just said. I mean, I love this game for what it stands for and I loved playing it so far, and even though I hope I continue to play it, I won’t hold it against anyone if I don’t. I was raised differently and… Yeah, it’s just a game. That also reminds me, a big hello to my family and friends, by the way!
Katrina: Thanks so much HouseGuests, I’ll be back in just a moment to reveal how the House voted and who will be the first one evicted from the second season of Big Brother.

bb2e10_020Katrina: HoH and the Nominees weren’t allowed to vote. The rest of the HouseGuests, including Karen who was suggested to be the twin by Zach and Chaz, were called to the Diary Room one by one just moments before the Live Show to say who they wanted to see leave the Big Brother house tonight. But before I reveal the vote to you and to the HouseGuests, let’s take a look at what happened after the PoV Ceremony.

bb2e10_012 bb2e10_013Caleb: I’m really glad you woke up this early.
Dane: Yeah, I couldn’t really sleep… I can’t believe I got nomin…
Caleb: It’ll be okay. Listen, did I ever tell you about how I love hunting?
Dane: No, you haven’t. I don’t really like…
Caleb: Well, this one time, my employee and I were in this forest…

bb2e10_028Charley: I’ve noticed that Zach and Steph have been spending a lot of time together lately and I mean, like, I fancy Zach, he knows that. He’s the hottest guy in this, like, house, and I don’t know what he’s waiting for because I’m obviously the hottest girl in here. Kyra is basically a male, Karen is twice my age, Selena is just too plain and Steph is… Oh wait, he’s just trying to play hard to get and he’s using Steph to make me jealous! I get it now! *laughs* He’s, like, so silly! *giggles* Two can play that game!

bb2e10_030Karen: I’ve noticed that Caleb is spending a lot of time with Dane. He’s finally listening. I can’t believe it, the old fart is listening!

bb2e10_001 bb2e10_002 bb2e10_003Kyra: I can’t believe he told everybody about our alliance?! He screwed our game up now, you know that.
Selena: I know… I mean, last week it seemed like everything was going according to plan.
Kyra: This game changes on a dime.
Selena: I never expected it to be this hard. It seemed so much easier when I watched the show. I mean, you always think like, I’d never do this or that, I’d do that instead… But it’s a lot different when you’re in here and you’re actually doing things.
Kyra: I couldn’t agree more. I think we got too cocky.

bb2e10_004Selena: Really?
Kyra: Yeah, we thought we escaped the consequences of evicting Felix. It came back to haunt us.
Selena: If we evicted one of the other guys, Felix might have won HoH and we’d be safe… No wait, we wouldn’t be safe with Felix?! We’re overthinking it, he was an ass! *laughs*
Kyra: He was such an ass!
Selena: Remember him that one morning when he thought it’d be fun to wake us up before six?!
Kyra: He was a lunatic. *laughs*
Selena: Oh well, at least we got one thing right, Kyra. We evicted the biggest asshole in this season! *laughs*

bb2e10_005Selena: I wonder if I have the votes to stay. I mean, the girls will have my back, right?
Kyra: I think so. I think that you have at least four votes to stay.
Selena: So, should I try to ensure that or just let it be? I don’t want to come on too strong…
Kyra: Yeah, but you also shouldn’t just leave it to chance. Give girls a reason to keep you in over Dane.
Selena: Damn, I’d feel too bad if I went behind Dane’s back looking for votes…

bb2e10_006Kyra: It’s an unfair game, Selena. I think you have to at least try.
Selena: Yeah, I agree.

bb2e10_029Karen: Selena approached me today and I told her I have her back but… She worries me. She is such a nice person when you talk to her but then… After everything I heard these last few days… Can I really trust her?

bb2e10_007Zach: So, who do you want out?
Steph: I’d honestly like to see Selena go.
Zach: Really? Why?
Steph: She’s a much bigger threat. She’s smart. She can keep a straight face while lying shamelessly. She worries me. A lot.
Zach: But Dane and Kyra together…

bb2e10_008Steph: Selena and Kyra together are by far worse than Kyra and Dane. Dane is useless without Kyra. We get Selena out this week, Kyra the next week and we’re basically in the Finale!
Zach: Yeah, Karen and Caleb hate each other. Charley is all alone. Robert is all alone. I agree with you, Steph. To be honest, I was mad at Chaz for telling you about us. But it’s turning out to be a great thing having you on our side.
Steph: Glad to hear that, mate! *giggles*

bb2e10_010Karen: So, who are we keeping in?
Caleb: Dane, of course! He’s wonderful!
Karen: You actually like someone in here?
Caleb: Of course! I’m a wonderful person too, we just clicked!
Karen: Oh god, Caleb. How did you stay alive on this planet for this long?!
Caleb: What do you mean?

bb2e10_011Karen: You’re not the brightest one, are you, farty?
Caleb: Excuse me?! I was a CEO of a…
Karen: I know, I know… We’ve talked a few times. I’ve already heard all of your boring stories! *laughs* I don’t know how you got to be a CEO of anything but…
Caleb: Well, my dad helped me a bit at first with a loan…
Karen: *laughs* Oh, farty, you make my day, you really do! *laughs*

bb2e10_021Katrina: And there you have it, my dear viewers! Now it’s time to reveal to you how the House voted. After you see all the votes from the Diary Room, I will reveal the vote to the HouseGuests.

  • Adam Scholze

    Charley’s in charge now?! This next week is gonna be turned upside down! I couldn’t of suspected a more exilerating twist! Right now I have two say I’m routing for Karen or Kyra. I do think Kyra is in a bad spot, but might not matter anymore because Charley’s HoH

    I think if I had to make a prediction for the winner THIS Earley I’d have to be karen (part of the reason why I’m rooting for her) I think she has enough of a plan and a high chance to pull it off I truely think she has a shot.

    Did Robert take the punishment so he’d have enough points to get the other prizes? Haha

    As always great episode (especially this twist that wasn’t actually a twist 🙂

    • Charley! And because she took on punishments?! Shooocker! 😛 😛
      I just noticed how I have a lot of HouseGuests with the same first letter in their name. XD
      Caleb, Charley… Kyra, Karen… xD Oh well, I hope that wasn’t too confusing in the beginning. 😀 I’m always happy to hear who you guys are rooting for! I think it’s perfect time now since all of you know the HGs pretty well by now. :)))
      Robert’s train of thought will be explained in the next episode haha!
      Thanks so, so much, Adam! I’m really happy to hear that! ??

  • Yannik Baumann

    Cool, Steph won the 10.000 Simoleons, thats great, its also great that Charley is HoH 🙂 We also didn’t see Kyra or Dane as the twin predictions and as she really likes Zach he and Chaz could survive 🙂

    I think Robert, Dane and Kyra have to watch their backs 🙂

    I love the punishments for Charley, Robert and Dane and the prizes of Robert and Steph. However, Robert has a punishment, but he has the trip to Sunlit Tides and the VR camera, he might get nominated, but I don’t know 🙂

    To be honest, I’m really sad to see Selena go, I wanted Dane to leave so bad 🙂 But Steph really has a point and I’m very glad Zach finally trusts her, too <3

    • As long as she doesn’t reveal it to others, it’s great that she won it for herself! 😀 Yeah, there is a big chance now that he might survive since Charley does like Zach a lot.
      I think you’re right about that too! 😛
      Well, since no one knows who won which prize, he might slide through… 😉
      For now, Selena was definitely a bigger target and a stronger player so it might be a good idea that they’ve decided to throw her out instead. Now, they have a bigger chance of staying in power.
      And thank you for your comment, Yannik! Really lovin’ your thoughts on this season! 😀

  • Sam James

    Great episode! Pleasantly surprised that Selena left as I was sure she’d manage to talk herself out of it, but it’s good news for everybody else as she’s a strong player.

    Caleb is just getting better and better as an annoying houseguest who won’t leave. I can really imagine him slipping through the next few weeks much to the annoyance of everyone who leaves before him. LOL!

    I did not expect Charley to win HoH at all. That’s certainly blown this week wide open. I honestly have no idea what she’s going to do. She might go for Steph as she likes Zach/Chaz. That could be amusing. But for the first time, I honestly can’t predict who will be up this week. That makes it exciting! I personally hope Dane goes next. He’s useless and not in an amusing way like Caleb, plus I enjoy watching everybody else a lot more.

    Keep up the good work, Abs!

    • Thanks so much, Sam! 😀 She really was a strong player but it was her time as she did get discovered soon.
      Hahahahah, I find it hilarious how much you’re started approving of Caleb! 😀
      Well, it’s not fun if it’s predictable, is it? 😛 It’s definitely weird she decided to take on so many punishments though. :O
      Thank you once again, Sam! Really appreciate all the support! ☺