S02E10 – Live Eviction Show

Estimated reading time: 12 minutes

bb2e10_022Caleb: I vote for Selena to leave the Big Brother House as I want to have my buddy’s back.

bb2e10_023Charley: This was a tough one. I don’t fully trust Steph just yet, but Zach, like, seems to trust her and if I don’t do this I’ll go against him and I don’t want to, like, do it… So… I’m voting for Selena to leave.

bb2e10_024Karen: I’d like to save Selena, since I adore her as a person, but I think she’s a much bigger threat than Dane. She is smart and she obviously had me fooled for a while since I had no idea she was working with some of the people in here. Therefore, I have to vote for her to leave.

bb2e10_025Kyra: *cries* I can’t believe I have to choose between them… I… I want to evict… Dane.

bb2e10_026Robert: Finally, it’s payback time! You wanted war? You got it! Bye, bye, Selena!

bb2e10_027Steph: There were a few people who seemed to rule the house since the beginning. And Selena, it’s your time to go! You’re too smart and too sneaky to keep around!

bb2e10_031Katrina: The House has decided. Selena will be leaving the house tonight. It is now time to reveal the vote to the HouseGuests!

bb2e10_032Katrina: Hello HouseGuests! Dane and Selena, you have been nominated for Eviction and the House has decided. By a vote of five to one…

bb2e10_033Katrina: Selena, you have been evicted from the Big Brother House. You have just a few moments to say your goodbyes and leave through the front door.
Selena: Oh, I expected this to happen… Too bad, but… What’s done is done.

bb2e10_034Selena: I’m sorry if I hurt anyone’s feelings in this house, I didn’t mean for any of this to be taken personally, it was just a game for me. Hopefully we can all stay friends outside of this house!
All: Take care, Selena!

bb2e10_035 bb2e10_037Katrina: There’s one more thing I need to do before Selena joins me in the Studio, guys. She was not the HouseGuest with the twin. And neither is Karen. That means that all of you can go outside and get ready for the second HoH Competition!

bb2e10_036 bb2e10_038 bb2e10_039 bb2e10_040Katrina: Welcome back to the real world, Selena!
Selena: It’s a pleasure to be here! I finally get a chance to meet you in person!

bb2e10_041Katrina: How are you feeling, Selena?
Selena: Oh, I’m really sad I got voted out so soon. I guess I played it a bit too hard, didn’t I? But I mean, I didn’t want to. It all started with that one alliance I didn’t even want to be a part of and then you start thinking and worrying about everyone who is not in your alliance and with this twin twist too… It’s all just a bit too much! *laughs* And then I won the weirdest competition ever, I mean, it was just pure luck. I never wanted to be the HoH this soon. As soon as I entered the house my plan started falling apart. *laughs*
Katrina: What was your big plan then, Selena?
Selena: I was supposed to be there, socializing, getting to know the people for the first two or three weeks. Stay in the shadows. *laughs* Sort of what Lily did, that’s why I wanted her out after all! Also, I had to find that one person I’d trust. Then form an alliance with them and find two or three more members. I didn’t want to win HoH unless I absolutely had to. Week four or five would have been perfect to start fighting in the competitions for real, until then I’d just act as a week player… Oh well, it doesn’t really matter, does it? Once you’re inside the house, the events and all the other people’s strategies take over and you just have to get along with the punches as they come.

bb2e10_043Katrina: That’s brilliantly said, Selena! Why do you think you’re sitting here tonight?
Selena: Because I was sitting in the garden on the first night with the guys and we came to the conclusion that Charley might be the twin. It all went down the hill from there. *laughs*
Katrina: There’s one thing I like to ask the evictees and that is… Who is the twin and why do you think so?
Selena: Honestly, Zach would be my best guess. Out of everyone left, I think it’s him. I was sure it was Charley. *laughs*
Katrina: You got that right! It is Zach! Him and his brother, Chaz, have been switching every few days. *laughs*
Selena: I just want Kyra to win HoH now, because I know she’d put him up! She was onto him for a while now!

bb2e10_042Katrina: One final question… Who do you want to see win?
Selena: Kyra. No doubt about it. She’s a wonderful person, she is smart, she is extremely loyal and she is very competitive. She has all the right qualities and even though I think she’s in a really bad spot now, I also think she can pull through.
Katrina: Thank you so much for being a part of the second season of Big Brother, Selena! You were an amazing HouseGuest! We will see each other again on the Finale night when you’ll get to share your opinion, alongside the rest of the evicted HouseGuests, about the season and the Finalists!

bb2e10_044Selena: Thank you for having me, Katrina, this was such a wonderful experience and I will be looking forward to it! Team Kyra! *laughs*

bb2e10_045Katrina: Selena might be gone, but nine HouseGuests remain. It is now time for us to crown the fourth Head of Household! Let’s join the HouseGuests in the Competition Area.

bb2e10_046Katrina: Hello HouseGuests! Zach, as the outgoing HoH you are not allowed to compete in this Head of Household Competition. For the rest of you, here are the rules… You will all start the game with 10 points. I will announce four prizes and four punishments to all of you. Punishments will give you points, while prizes will take them away.

bb2e10_047Katrina: After eight rounds the person with the most points will be the winner of the HoH Competition. If you want the prize or the punishment which will be announced by me, you just have to press the buzzer next to you. The person who buzzes in first will receive or lose points accordingly. Are you ready?
All: Yes!

bb2e10_048Katrina: Are you willing to join Zach and go on a Mac ‘n’ Cheese diet for a whole week for two points?

bb2e10_049Katrina: It seems as though at least one of you buzzed in. Now it’s time for the second question! *laughs* Are you willing to sacrifice two points for a romantic dinner for two on Sunday with a HouseGuest of your choice?

bb2e10_050Katrina: No one buzzed in. Wow! Third round! Are you willing to wear a special Big Brother costume for an entire week for three points?

bb2e10_051Katrina: At least one of you did buzz in! Fourth round! Are you willing to sacrifice three points for a Virtual Reality headset and starter game pack?

bb2e10_052Katrina: We did receive a buzz on this prize! HouseGuests, at least one of you got really lucky! *laughs* Fifth round! Are you willing to shave off your hair for four points?

bb2e10_053Katrina: *gasps* I was sure no one would take this! I guess I was wrong! Sixth round! Are you willing to sacrifice four points for a week-long trip to Sunlit Tides for two?

bb2e10_054Katrina: Someone buzzed in on this one too! Penultimate round! Are you willing to be locked up for 24 hours in the Nominees’ bedroom for five points?

bb2e10_055Katrina: No surprises there, once again we’ve received a buzz from someone! Eighth and final round! Are you willing to sacrifice all the points you currently have for §10,000?

bb2e10_056 bb2e10_057Katrina: Congratulations Charley, you have earned 18 points and are therefore the fourth Head of Household! HouseGuests, you don’t have to reveal the prizes you’ve won if you don’t want to. However, the punishments are as follows: Robert will be on a Mac’n’Cheese diet, Charley will be wearing the special Big Brother costume and she’ll also be spending 24 hours locked inside the Nominees’ bedroom. Dane will have to shave his head first thing tomorrow morning! Charley, please go to the Nominees’ bedroom immediately! That’s all from me tonight, HouseGuests! Have a good night!
All: Bye Katrina!

bb2e10_058 bb2e10_059Katrina: If you didn’t manage to catch it, Robert was the only one who decided to buzz in on the VR set and the trip for two to Sunlit Tides. However, Steph was the one who won the §10,000! Even though both her and Robert buzzed in on that one, she was a bit faster. We had a lot more buzzes on the prizes last year, I guess these HouseGuests only care for one prize – the main one! *laughs*

bb2e10_060Katrina: There you have it, my dear viewers! Charley is, like, in charge now. *laughs* I will see you again next Friday when the next HouseGuest will leave the game forever! We’ll also find out if Zach and Chaz will be leaving the game or if they’ll be playing the game separately from that point on! Until then you can follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more updates from us. Don’t forget about the Monday episode where you will see who gets nominated. And on Wednesday the fourth Power of Veto Competition will be played. Have a good night, viewers, and don’t forget – Big Brother is watching!

  • Adam Scholze

    Charley’s in charge now?! This next week is gonna be turned upside down! I couldn’t of suspected a more exilerating twist! Right now I have two say I’m routing for Karen or Kyra. I do think Kyra is in a bad spot, but might not matter anymore because Charley’s HoH

    I think if I had to make a prediction for the winner THIS Earley I’d have to be karen (part of the reason why I’m rooting for her) I think she has enough of a plan and a high chance to pull it off I truely think she has a shot.

    Did Robert take the punishment so he’d have enough points to get the other prizes? Haha

    As always great episode (especially this twist that wasn’t actually a twist 🙂

    • Charley! And because she took on punishments?! Shooocker! 😛 😛
      I just noticed how I have a lot of HouseGuests with the same first letter in their name. XD
      Caleb, Charley… Kyra, Karen… xD Oh well, I hope that wasn’t too confusing in the beginning. 😀 I’m always happy to hear who you guys are rooting for! I think it’s perfect time now since all of you know the HGs pretty well by now. :)))
      Robert’s train of thought will be explained in the next episode haha!
      Thanks so, so much, Adam! I’m really happy to hear that! ??

  • Yannik Baumann

    Cool, Steph won the 10.000 Simoleons, thats great, its also great that Charley is HoH 🙂 We also didn’t see Kyra or Dane as the twin predictions and as she really likes Zach he and Chaz could survive 🙂

    I think Robert, Dane and Kyra have to watch their backs 🙂

    I love the punishments for Charley, Robert and Dane and the prizes of Robert and Steph. However, Robert has a punishment, but he has the trip to Sunlit Tides and the VR camera, he might get nominated, but I don’t know 🙂

    To be honest, I’m really sad to see Selena go, I wanted Dane to leave so bad 🙂 But Steph really has a point and I’m very glad Zach finally trusts her, too <3

    • As long as she doesn’t reveal it to others, it’s great that she won it for herself! 😀 Yeah, there is a big chance now that he might survive since Charley does like Zach a lot.
      I think you’re right about that too! 😛
      Well, since no one knows who won which prize, he might slide through… 😉
      For now, Selena was definitely a bigger target and a stronger player so it might be a good idea that they’ve decided to throw her out instead. Now, they have a bigger chance of staying in power.
      And thank you for your comment, Yannik! Really lovin’ your thoughts on this season! 😀

  • Sam James

    Great episode! Pleasantly surprised that Selena left as I was sure she’d manage to talk herself out of it, but it’s good news for everybody else as she’s a strong player.

    Caleb is just getting better and better as an annoying houseguest who won’t leave. I can really imagine him slipping through the next few weeks much to the annoyance of everyone who leaves before him. LOL!

    I did not expect Charley to win HoH at all. That’s certainly blown this week wide open. I honestly have no idea what she’s going to do. She might go for Steph as she likes Zach/Chaz. That could be amusing. But for the first time, I honestly can’t predict who will be up this week. That makes it exciting! I personally hope Dane goes next. He’s useless and not in an amusing way like Caleb, plus I enjoy watching everybody else a lot more.

    Keep up the good work, Abs!

    • Thanks so much, Sam! 😀 She really was a strong player but it was her time as she did get discovered soon.
      Hahahahah, I find it hilarious how much you’re started approving of Caleb! 😀
      Well, it’s not fun if it’s predictable, is it? 😛 It’s definitely weird she decided to take on so many punishments though. :O
      Thank you once again, Sam! Really appreciate all the support! ☺