S02E11 – Nominations

Estimated reading time: 12 minutes

bb2e11_039Robert: My original plan was just to take the punishments and then I could win the HoH competition, but once those prizes started getting good I thought to myself – do I really want to be HoH? There are still a lot of people who are seen as threats in this house and I am all alone, at least that’s what everyone thinks. No one suspects that I have a deal with Zach. I am just pissed off at the fact that I lost §10,000 to some greedy bastard.

bb2e11_028Kyra: I was really surprised at the fact that so many prizes have been won. My guess would be that Caleb went for the prizes as he seems like a selfish a**hole. On the other hand, I was glad I didn’t get any of the punishments since I didn’t win HoH. I mean, I really tried hard on them but someone was always a bit faster. Just look at Dane, he’s going to have to shave off his hair for nothing.

bb2e11_030Chaz: I would have loved that dinner date with Steph, but since I was the outgoing HoH, I wasn’t allowed to play and take the prize. Too bad she didn’t choose to take it like I would have, but I understand it, she was trying to win HoH.

bb2e11_033Karen: The worst thing about this HoH competition is that the winner is usually the one who took the 24 hour solitary confinement since it awards us the most points and then all of us basically don’t even have a chance to really talk with the HoH on who to put up or a chance to save ourselves with some kind of a deal. Hopefully, Charley is not the ditsy moron everyone thinks she is and she’ll think of a plan while being confined. I’m also hoping she remembers the deal us girls have.

bb2e11_010Dane: I can’t believe that I have to go through with the shaving off part.
Robert: Why? It’s the only real haircut. I’m still not used to seeing all of you boys wearing those weird haircuts these days.
Dane: What kind of haircuts are you talking about?
Robert: Well, just look at yourself. You look like a doll and not like a man. Yeah, sure, you go to gym, but you seem to do it for the looks and not for what matters. It’s all that metrosexual nonsense pushed on young man these days through the media… It’s making you all look like and act like a bunch of sissies!
Kyra: The army’s made you a monster, Robert. You’re filled with prejudice and I don’t agree with what you’re saying at all. Muscles and an army haircut don’t make a man. His actions make him a man. And if what you’re saying is what you’re thinking, Dane is a much bigger man than you are in my books.

bb2e11_011Robert: You are a girl, you don’t understand.
Kyra: I think we’re done here, Robert.

bb2e11_012 bb2e11_013Robert: You’re not going to follow her like a dog?
Dane: You’re rude, you know that, right?!
Robert: I know that my opinion might not the popular one these days but you’ll see. The war will come once again and then you’ll be sorry about the fact we don’t have any proper men left in this country to defend us. And all of us, real men, will be dead by that point hopefully.
Dane: I can’t believe I’m going to ask you this but… The only reason I’m still in here with you is because… Well, since you were in the army, you know how to shave off hair, right? Charley is in the confinement and I need someone to do it.
Robert: I’ll do it, boy.

bb2e11_037Dane: Hello everybody! *laughs* It’s me, Dane! And this is my brand new haircut! *laughs* Since Charley was in the confinement, Robert was the one who had to shave off my hair. Even though I was really pissed off at him for his comments today. He was so rude to Kyra.

bb2e11_014Dane: How are you feeling?
Kyra: I’m fine. Don’t worry about it.
Dane: He’s an ass.
Kyra: Yeah, but we knew that, didn’t we? *laughs* It just pisses me off that people like that still exist. And they’re allowed to raise their children like that?! Instead of moving on from war and hate and teaching love and acceptance, he’s secretly wishing for it to come back just so his testosterone can run wild.

bb2e11_015Dane: Not all of the guys are like that, Kyra.
Kyra: I know that, Dane. Don’t worry. You’re an incredible guy, Dane, and I’m really happy we’ve met!
Dane: Me too…

bb2e11_016 bb2e11_017Kyra: Oh…

bb2e11_018Dane: I’m sorry. I just thought… I’m sorry.
Kyra: No, it’s okay, Dane. I just didn’t expect this. I mean, I’m not looking for anything like that yet and we’re such great friends it would just…

bb2e11_019Kyra: Dane, don’t go! Let’s talk it through…

bb2e11_021 bb2e11_024 bb2e11_022All: *singing* Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to youuu…

bb2e11_023 bb2e11_025All: *singing* Happy birthday to you, Karen, happy birthday to you!

bb2e11_031Karen: They were all so kind, gosh, I was tearing up! It was such a lovely gesture! And they got up before me which was so strange as I’m usually one of the first ones up. The best part – Caleb didn’t come to sing to me. That was a genius move and I didn’t think he’d thought of it. It gives us a reason to stage up a fight!

bb2e11_040Caleb: I hate singing so I just decided to stay in bed and let them embarrass themselves.

bb2e11_042Robert: So, you’re missing your kids?
Karen: Of course! My birthday is probably the only day in the year we’re all together.
Robert: I’m sure they’ll make an exception this year and they’ll find one other date to surprise you together.
Karen: That’s sweet, Robert. I’d love to see that happen. Did you hear guys? If you’re watching and listening – mommy and granny Karen would love to get surprised this year! *laughs* Make it happen!

bb2e11_043Karen: And what about you? Still missing your family?
Robert: Like crazy! But I’m doing this for them and I mean, I was always away before so it’s probably not so hard for them… It’s a lot harder for me now, though. You’d always have something that would take your mind from thinking about your loved ones in the army and now… There is so little you can do in this house and if you’re mostly alone, like myself, you’re basically left with nothing but your thoughts.
Karen: Oh, Robbie, if you’re ever in need of a good talk, I’m here.
Robert: Thank you, Karen!

bb2e11_027Robert: *laughs* I always love it when random chats produce great outcomes! I played on Karen’s emotions as she is a woman and she bought it. Of course, I’m missing my family like crazy but why not say it out loud to someone who’s willing to listen and score some sympathy. Especially today, since it’s her birthday and she is missing her family even more than usually.

  • Sam James

    Haha! Poor Dane and Caleb! They’re such scapegoats, but it’s their own fault for being so useless. I hope Dane leaves. I really do. He’s pointless.

    Robert’s being an arse, which is fine, as he is an arse, but he needs to button it otherwise people will team up to kick him out! He’s been smart keeping his backward opinions to himself up until now, I hope he doesn’t spoil it.

    Steph’s stand-up was a bit shit LOL!

    Keep up the great work, Abs!

    • Dane over Caleb, who would’ve guessed you’d be feeling like that just a week ago hahahaha!

      Yeah, he’s been doing a pretty good job so far, but this episode he slipped up. Hopefully if won’t impact his game too much, right? 😛

      Hahahah, I tried my best, I can only do so much without all the acting and stage presence which is a big part of stand-up comedy.

      Thanks, Sam! I really can’t thank you enough for all the support! :)))

  • Adam Scholze

    This was a solid episode! I do appreciate you environment control where if Robert were to say something like that, the whole house wouldn’t know it immediately, & feel like sometimes that’s hard for a writer, good job.

    Caleb keeps bragging on how his strategy is awesome, but karen really has it made, she isn’t on anybody’s radar, and everybody seems to like her, & I don’t think Kyra can get to HoH to nominate Zach as the twin, I do think he’ll survive.

    The stand up routine was amusing it made me chuckle

    Great episode as always, keep it up!

    • Thank you, Adam! :))) Yeah, it’s hard keeping track on who knows what and who said what this season, with a lot more HGs than the previous one!

      Caleb is certainly a character but I’m really surprised with how many love Karen gets as she wasn’t really a favorite early on. It’s always interesting to see how the opinions change as the season progresses!☺

      It was definitely the weirdest thing to write since it lacks the acting and jumping around and everything else I imagined Steph to do, since you can’t really have that with screenshots. :/ But if it made you chuckle, then my job was done haha! 😀

      Thank you, I do my best, Adam, as always! 😉

  • Yannik Baumann

    I’m not suprised by Charley’s decision at all 🙂 I would say, Bye Bye Dane, you were just too boring 🙂 Even though she acted very bitchy, she is right 🙂 Dane and Caleb where the ones with the least amount of personality here 🙂

    Oh Robert, I did understand you for a while, but now you’re just a douche 🙂 It doesn’t matter that he had done good for the world as a ex-Marine. His way to talk with Kyra and Dane was bullshit. And the fact that he waits for the next war made me so mad, if Caleb or Dane are able to safe themselves, then I hope Charley will put Robert up as the replacement nominee. People who try to teach hate are so disgusting 🙁

    Steph’s stand-up routine was so amazing 🙂 She wasn’t only funny and entertaining for the group, she got a big advantage now. She earned trust and sympathy points from Karen and the others and she finally prooved that she has a personality and is really good at that 🙂 And if Caleb loves something, then Steph did something really good 🙂

    I’m so happy that Zach will most likely survive 🙂 Even though there is a posibility that Caleb or Dane could safe themselves, its very unlikely that Charley will put up Zach as the replacement nominee 🙂 I hope Steph will survive, too. Firstly because I’m still waiting for the Chaz/Steph romance 🙂 And secondly as I finally wanna see Steph win a HoH competition 🙂 Also when there is the video night with family members, I want to send in somebody who is very important for Steph, so it would be sad if she would left as that would be wasted potential 🙂

    Good job as always, Abs 😉

    • Hahahahah, you’re still rooting for Dane to leave, I see. 😛 Robert is usually pretty calm when it comes to keeping his opinions to himself but he can only do it for so long… Hopefully, he’ll go back to being quiet from now on. I couldn’t agree more, Yannik, it’s disgusting, but people like that do exist and it’s only fair I make the contestants seem like real people.
      I’m really glad you liked the stand-up routine, it was definitely the hardest/weirdest thing I wrote so far since it was very hard to write it down and not have her act it out the way I imagined it in my head. Hopefully it was decent enough. :)))
      Oh, I’ll definitely let you know what that happens so you can send in a family member, no problem! 🙂
      Thanks so much, I really appreciate it! <3