S02E12 – Veto Ceremony

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bb2e12_13_001Charley: I didn’t really, like, get as much of a chance to talk with everybody who I wanted before nominations and I think it’s, like, crucial for me to place myself well in the game this week. I’m not, like, dumb… I know that there must be some kind of deals around the house and to be honest, it’s time for me to, like, stop going after Zach and think more about the money. If he wanted something with me, he would have, like, done something already. Right?

bb2e12_13_020 bb2e12_13_021Karen: You wanted to talk with me?
Charley: Yeah, I just wanted to, like, see where we stand.
Karen: Well, you’ve kept me off the block, I don’t think there is any better way for you to say you trust me. And you know that if I ever get a chance that I wouldn’t put you up. We girls must stick together, we’ve made that pretty clear, right?
Charley: Yeah, that was my main point. I, like, want a guy out this week. And I want a strong one out.

bb2e12_13_022Karen: So, I’m guessing that Caleb is not your main target?
Charley: Nope. He’s, like, useless.
Karen: I agree. Dane isn’t a big strategic player but he is a beast when it comes to physical competitions and I he can easily be influenced. Which could be a great thing or a bad thing. It all depends on who influences him better.

bb2e12_13_023Charley: He’s also, like, very close to Kyra, so if we get rid of him, she’s left alone. Then we can be certain she is loyal to us.
Karen: That’s very smart thinking, Charley!
Charley: Thank you! I just want to make sure that it goes according to plan this week. What are your thoughts on, like, others?
Karen: I really don’t know who else might be a threat…

bb2e12_13_024Charley: What about Steph and, like, Zach? They’re, like, worrying me.
Karen: I don’t think they’re spending so much together because of the game… I think it’s more on a personal level. However, that is also something to think about. Showmances could be a lethal thing in this game.
Charley: Exactly. Besides, I’ve never been fully able to trust Steph…
Karen: Just don’t do anything this week yet. Not unless there is a good reason to. We’re getting a guy out this week, right, Charley?
Charley: Yeah…

bb2e12_13_004Kyra: I’m starting to get worried. Last week Selena left and this week it looks like Dane will be leaving. I’m slowly losing all the people I spend most of my time with… I need to try and get on others’ good side and I need to earn some trust back. The girls seem like the most logical choice.

bb2e12_13_025Kyra: Hey, I just want to say that I don’t hold anything against you for putting me up as the possible twin. I don’t have a twin, though. Just letting you know that. *laughs*
Charley: Oh well, there aren’t a lot of people I could have picked from.
Kyra: I completely understand. But it worries me, though… Who is the twin then?
Charley: Well, if you are, like, not the twin… it is definitely a guy then?
Kyra: Yeah…

bb2e12_13_026Charley: It might be Caleb.
Kyra: Would you like to hear out my theory?
Charley: Of course!
Kyra: I think it’s Zach.
Charley: Zach?! Are you, like, serious? I never even thought about it!
Kyra: But it makes sense, right?
Charley: Yes it does! Damn, it was, like, right under my nose!

bb2e12_13_027Kyra: I’m almost positive it’s him. I’ve thought about it a while ago and since then I’ve been watching him a lot. There is definitely something fishy about him, Charley.
Charley: I can’t believe it! It’s Zach! It has to be…
Kyra: Yeah, and you can’t suggest him as a twin now…
Charley: I could… I could put him up?

bb2e12_13_028Kyra: If the Veto gets used?
Charley: Yeah. I mean, I’m willing to do it. He’s been lying to us and if his twin comes in, we are screwed!
Kyra: The only other person I think is a possible twin is Caleb. He’s just such a weird character, it would make sense. But I don’t see it as much… Zach seems like a lot more viable option.
Charley: Kyra, dear, I’m honestly prepared to put him, like, up!
Kyra: If I get to play in the Veto, I’m willing to take Dane off. Then we have both Caleb and Zach up and one of them is the twin, I’m sure of it!

bb2e12_13_002Charley: Kyra does make, like, a lot of sense. I’m glad she’s decided to open up to me as I see a potential ally in her now that Selena is gone. However, there is still a part of me which worries that this might have just been an act to save Dane. They are, like, pretty close after all…

bb2e12_13_005Kyra: If you told me that I would be working with over the top, Barbie-like girl, Charley, I would have probably slapped you silly! *laughs* But she’s really not as ditsy as she seems and this HoH has been a perfect way for her to prove it. She listened to my plan and I really hope it works. Not only does it save Dane, it also potentially gets rid of two people in one week if Zach really is the one with the twin. And I really think he might be. I can’t really say why, but I just have this gut feeling I am right about this.

bb2e12_13_007Caleb: My strategy so far has been to be myself. And it’s been working perfectly. However, I also feel like I might not stay in here for long if I don’t try and make more friends. Karen is my ally and Dane is my best buddy but that’s pretty much it… I need to try and suck it up and pretend I like all of those other bastards too.

bb2e12_13_030Robert: I’m sure that girls are working together.
Caleb: Why do you think so, Robbie?
Robert: Caleb, don’t call me Robbie. It’s weird.
Caleb: How should I call you then? Rob? Roberto? Rob-master?
Robert: Robert is fine.

bb2e12_13_031Caleb: Oh, come on! You know, this one guy whose yacht is just a bit smaller than mine… his name is Robert too and he doesn’t mind when I call him Robbie.
Robert: That guy is not me. Anyway, the girls might be a big problem to us… We will most likely lose a guy this week and…
Caleb: But… I wasn’t done with my story about Robbie, Robbie.
Robert: Please, Caleb, don’t call me Robert!
Caleb: Fine, fine… Listen, he was always talking about how his yacht was actually bigger and then one day…

bb2e12_13_008Robert: You can not talk with this guy for more than ten minutes without him starting to talk about his yacht. *laughs* He’s driving me insane! I mean, he came to me and he started talking about strategic moves for us and then he just switched to some story about his buddy Robbie who also has a yacht. I’d like to be in his head for an hour, just to see what the heck is going on in there. *laughs* I guess none of the guys are ready for my plan. Zach is my only hope and he’s spending so much time with Steph, I don’t think it’d be a good idea to suggest it to him… Are these guys even aware that they are playing a game in here?!

bb2e12_13_036 bb2e12_13_032Karen: I can’t thank you enough for my present, Steph! It’s been wonderful!
Steph: Thank you so much, Karen! I’m really glad you’ve liked it.
Karen: You are definitely talented! And I love the fact you’re acting out every sentence you say during your routine. You could act in a sitcom! *laughs*
Steph: *laughs* Just imagine me on a TV screen! *laughs*
Karen: Well, you’re on it now!
Steph: Daaamn, that’s right! I didn’t even think about that at all!

bb2e12_13_010Karen: I still can’t get over Charley’s costume! It’s so hilarious… I’m not sure if she’s supposed to be Eve or Poison Ivy or what but it’s… It’s just hilarious! *laughs* She keeps walking around the house in nothing but those leaves and she’s wearing it like a true model! I mean, she even has heels on! *laughs* Kudos to her though, I mean, if I got to wear that thing, people in editing would have a lot more work as they’d be censoring me out to make sure the viewers’ eyes don’t bleed while watching the episodes! *laughs*

bb2e12_13_033 bb2e12_13_034Charley: It’s time to, like, announce the players of the third Power of Veto competition! As all of you know, only six of us can compete – me as the current HoH, two Nominees and three HouseGuests chosen at, like, random. They’ve just let me know in the Diary Room that the three HouseGuests chosen at random are…

bb2e12_13_035Charley: …Kyra, Steph and Zach!

bb2e12_13_012Karen: Finally! Finally! *laughs* I feel so relieved!

  • Sam James

    Yay this is back!

    I’m glad Zach managed to get the VETO and Kyra’s sneaky plan didn’t work. I’m looking forward to seeing how the twins get on.

    Caleb’s scene with Robert was hilarious in a cringe-inducing way. Caleb really has become an odd sort of houseguest, one I actually want to stick around as it’s just amusing that people keep leaving yet he’s still there! LOL!

    One thing that bothers me is Charley seems to be saying “like” a heck of a lot. Almost to an off-putting extent. Maybe tone that down a bit?

    Can’t wait for more! Hopefully Dane leaves!

    • Yeah it is/was! xD I’m just so caught up in all of the work, I had to put this on a small break. :/

      I’m glad to hear that haha! 😀 Zach definitely wasn’t the favorite early on, but people seem to like him and Chaz now. I’m looking forward to seeing both of them in too! 😉

      Caleb is probably the oddest HouseGuest I’ve ever created. He sometimes says all the right things and then most of the time he is plain weird. But I love it, I intended for him to be that way and I’m kind of glad people have accepted him. In the beginning most of you wanted him out and I was like – waaaaait, he’ll become somewhat watchable soon! 😛

      Yeah, that’s one thing I always add in her sentences since it’s a part of her personality. It was meant to annoy readers as it would annoy you in the same way if you were talking with someone who can’t stop saying a word. I’ll try to tone it down if it became too annoying, but it’s definitely something that is a part of Charley being Charley.

      Thanks, Sam! I’m so happy to see you enjoying this still!☺