S02E12 – Veto Ceremony

Estimated reading time: 11 minutes

bb2e12_13_038Karen: Welcome to the fourth Power of Veto Competition! Unlike the previous competitions of the season, this one will be played one at the time. That means that all the players will be sequestered in different rooms around the House. You will be invited to the competition area one by one and then you will have to complete your task. After you are finished you will have to go back to your room.

bb2e12_13_039Karen: All of you will have the same five different meals which you will have to consume as fast as possible. If no one finishes all the meals, no one will win the Power of Veto this week.
Steph: There’s a possibility for that again?!
Dane: They’re really not joking with PoVs this year.
Karen: You will however notice that these won’t be regular meals. Everything from lemon cakes filled with hot sauce to grilled crickets is a possibility! *laughs* I am so happy I’m not competing in this one! *laughs*

bb2e12_13_037Karen: Caleb, go to the Nominees’ bedroom. Charley, go to the HoH Suite. Dane, go to the gym. Kyra, go to the Loft Bedroom. Steph, go to the storage room. And last but not least, Zach, go to the bathroom. Robert, you and I will be locked in the Luxury Room while the competition takes place. And one more thing to everyone competing – Bon Appetit!

bb2e12_13_041Robert: This gives us a chance to talk, right?
Karen: Yeah, I guess so.
Robert: I think you’re playing a very smart game, Karen.
Karen: Me?
Robert: Of course! You have a likable personality and you’re a great social player. You’re not that bad at competitions either. I’m just not sure on how you are at a strategic level. But I’m honestly willing to work with you. I think that we could be a great secret alliance. No one would suspect us.

bb2e12_13_040Karen: Well, that’s for sure! I’m just… Honestly, I’m just not sure if I can trust you.
Robert: I’m a man of my word, Karen. That’s the only thing I really have going for me. I’m not a liar and I don’t backstab. I know that my personality is not something you’d usually surround yourself with and to be fair, neither would I with you, but this is a game. We’re slowly reaching the point where we need people supporting us or we’ll be out.
Karen: You might be an ass, but you’re definitely not stupid. I agree with all of that.
Robert: Then, why not play this game together?
Karen: Why not! Let’s do it! *laughs*

bb2e12_13_011Karen: I definitely don’t trust him, but he is onto me and that was a very scary realization! It’s better to have your enemies close, right? There’s nothing wrong with me playing along, I just need to make sure he isn’t the one who strikes first!

bb2e12_13_042 bb2e12_13_043 bb2e12_13_044Caleb: There’s no way I’m eating those! Yuck!

bb2e12_13_045 bb2e12_13_046Charley: Oh… my… gosh! This is disgusting!

bb2e12_13_047Charley: I’m, like… this close to throwing up!

bb2e12_13_048Charley: There! I did it!

bb2e12_13_049 bb2e12_13_050Dane: Piece of cake! Literally!

bb2e12_13_013Dane: No one is getting me out without a fight!

bb2e12_13_051Kyra: I need to this is if I want Zach out this week!

bb2e12_13_052 bb2e12_13_053Kyra: I… I can’t…

bb2e12_13_054Kyra: YES! *yells* I did it!

bb2e12_13_017Steph: No way! I don’t think there’s any reason for me to fight for this Veto and those meals didn’t look like meals at all! Crickets were still moving on my plate!

bb2e12_13_055 bb2e12_13_056Zach: This is it! If I win this, Chaz moving in on Friday!

bb2e12_13_057Karen: Caleb and Stephanie didn’t complete their meals. They were therefore eliminated. Kyra, you have placed third with the time of eleven minutes and fourteen seconds. Charley, you came in second with a time of eight minutes and forty-six seconds. And the winner of the Power of Veto with an incredible time of five minutes, fifty-two seconds is…

bb2e12_13_058Karen: Congratulations, Zach!

bb2e12_13_019Zach: Me?! Really? I can’t believe it! I knew I gave it my all, but I thought my time was a lot higher! *laughs* Yeeees! That means that Chaz and I are safe and we will be competing as individuals from now on! I can’t wait!

bb2e12_13_015Dane: I was last?! Last?! I can’t believe it… I feel so heartbroken. I feel like I’m letting down all of my friends and family… *sobs*

bb2e12_13_059Dane: I’m sorry… Can we talk?
Kyra: Of course, Dane.
Dane: You know that I’d always have your back in this house. And I’m really sorry about the kiss and…
Kyra: Dane, you don’t have to apologize! It’s okay.
Dane: I just feel so defeated. I’ve never felt like that…

bb2e12_13_060Kyra: There’s still a chance you might stay, Dane. It’s not over yet!
Dane: But, I lost the Veto…
Kyra: You still haven’t lost the Veto! Go, talk with Zach! Make a deal! Save yourself! You’re not a quitter!
Dane: You think he’d use it on me?
Kyra: You never know until you try! It’s not over, Dane, you can still save yourself! Even if he doesn’t use it on you, you can get the votes… You have mine. You only need two more! That’s not so hard to get.

bb2e12_13_061Dane: Thank you so much! You’re an amazing friend, Kyra!
Kyra: No problem, mate! Just don’t give up, I’m rooting for you!

bb2e12_13_062 bb2e12_13_063Zach: We are gathered here for the Power of Veto Ceremony. I, as the winner, have the power to veto one of Charley’s nominations. I have given this a lot of thought and I have decided…

bb2e12_13_064Zach: …not to use the Power of Veto on anyone. I really don’t want to disrespect Charley’s decision and therefore I want the Nominees to stay the same. That’s it from me, this Ceremony is adjourned.

bb2e12_13_014Dane: I talked with Zach and he has promised me his vote but he can’t save me as it would make too much problems for him in the game. I mean, I get that. At least he was honest and I did get his vote! Now I only need to get one more person to vote for me and I’ll be staying! Fingers crossed!

bb2e12_13_018Steph: I’m really proud of Zach! He’s really proven that he wants to stay in this house by winning the Veto and I can’t wait for Chaz to enter! Everyone will be so shocked, I just can’t wait for that! *laughs*

bb2e12_13_003Charley: Well, it seems as though we won’t be getting Zach, like, out this week after all. I was willing to do it, but it was still, like, Kyra’s plan and who knows what her real intentions were. I want to trust her, but as long as, like, Dane is in this house, I don’t think I can.

  • Sam James

    Yay this is back!

    I’m glad Zach managed to get the VETO and Kyra’s sneaky plan didn’t work. I’m looking forward to seeing how the twins get on.

    Caleb’s scene with Robert was hilarious in a cringe-inducing way. Caleb really has become an odd sort of houseguest, one I actually want to stick around as it’s just amusing that people keep leaving yet he’s still there! LOL!

    One thing that bothers me is Charley seems to be saying “like” a heck of a lot. Almost to an off-putting extent. Maybe tone that down a bit?

    Can’t wait for more! Hopefully Dane leaves!

    • Yeah it is/was! xD I’m just so caught up in all of the work, I had to put this on a small break. :/

      I’m glad to hear that haha! 😀 Zach definitely wasn’t the favorite early on, but people seem to like him and Chaz now. I’m looking forward to seeing both of them in too! 😉

      Caleb is probably the oddest HouseGuest I’ve ever created. He sometimes says all the right things and then most of the time he is plain weird. But I love it, I intended for him to be that way and I’m kind of glad people have accepted him. In the beginning most of you wanted him out and I was like – waaaaait, he’ll become somewhat watchable soon! 😛

      Yeah, that’s one thing I always add in her sentences since it’s a part of her personality. It was meant to annoy readers as it would annoy you in the same way if you were talking with someone who can’t stop saying a word. I’ll try to tone it down if it became too annoying, but it’s definitely something that is a part of Charley being Charley.

      Thanks, Sam! I’m so happy to see you enjoying this still!☺