S02E13 – Live Eviction Show

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bb2e12_13_082Karen: I vote for Dane to leave. I don’t think that anyone suspects that Caleb and I are working together and for as long as that is the case, I have no reason to get rid of him!

bb2e12_13_083Kyra: I vote for Caleb to leave. I’ll always have Dane’s back, he’s an amazing young man and he wouldn’t hurt a fly! It’s as simple as that!

bb2e12_13_084Robert: I would love to vote for Dane to stay as he’s easy to manipulate but Kyra has him in her pocket and I need to weaken her! Dane out!

bb2e12_13_085Steph: I vote for Dane to leave. I don’t see Caleb as a threat at all so that’s my reason why. Caleb’s pretty much useless.

bb2e12_13_086Zach: Who are we voting out? *laughs* I promised Dane my vote…
Chaz: Well, I didn’t! *laughs* I vote for Dane to leave! And therefore, so does Zach!

bb2e123_003Katrina: The House has decided. Dane will be leaving the house tonight. It is now time to reveal the vote to the HouseGuests!

bb2e12_13_088Katrina: Hello HouseGuests! Caleb and Dane, you have been nominated for Eviction by Charley and the House has decided. By a vote of four to one…

bb2e12_13_089Katrina: Dane, you have been evicted from the Big Brother House. You have just a few moments to say your goodbyes and leave through the front door.
Dane: I knew it… Oh, well…

bb2e12_13_090Dane: I appreciate all the great moments we’ve shared together guys! You are all amazing people and I can’t wait to spend some quality time with you outside of this house! I’m rooting for all of you! Byeee!
All: Bye, Dane!

bb2e12_13_091Kyra: Take care, my dear friend!

bb2e12_13_092Katrina: There’s one more thing I need to do before Dane joins me in the Studio, guys. He was not the HouseGuest with the twin. And neither is Kyra. That means that the twin will be joining you guys soon! *laughs*

bb2e12_13_094 bb2e12_13_093 bb2e12_13_095 bb2e123_004Katrina: Welcome back to the real world, Dane!
Dane: You’re even more gorgeous in person, Katrina! It’s lovely to meet you, I’m a massive fan of yours!

bb2e12_13_097Katrina: How are you feeling, Dane?
Dane: To be honest, I’m still not sure… I can’t wait to see my family as I’ve missed them like crazy but I’m also a tad bit sad I didn’t last longer in that house. I just hope I didn’t let anyone down as I really did my best!
Katrina: Oh, I’m sure you haven’t! Why do you think you’re sitting here tonight?
Dane: Honestly? Ever since we got rid of Felix, things have been getting worse for my original alliance. We were suddenly on everyone’s radar and that’s not something you want. Only person I could really trust was Kyra and she had my back until the end. She’s amazing and she’s probably the only HouseGuest I can really call a true friend. There is something very special about her.

bb2e123_005Katrina: We’ve all seen that kiss, Dane…
Dane: Oh, no, no, no! Not in that way. That was such a weird moment! *laughs* But we’ve laughed it off and we’re okay now. I can’t be happier about the fact we’re only friends. I don’t think that we’d function as a couple at all. But she’s such an amazing person, you can’t really blame me, can you? *laughs*

bb2e12_13_099Katrina: There’s one thing I like to ask the evictees and that is… Who is the twin and why do you think so?
Dane: Zach. There’s not a lot of possibilities left and I really think it’s him. Kyra thinks so too.
Katrina: You got that right, Dane! It is Zach! Him and his brother, Chaz, have been switching every few days. *laughs*
Dane: See, I’ve told you! She’s brilliant! She has been onto him for weeks now! *laughs* I can’t believe we’ve let him stay!

bb2e123_006Katrina: One final question… Who do you want to see win?
Dane: Kyra. There’s absolutely no doubt about it. She is athletic, she is smart, she is loyal and she is a great social player. She has it all. The only thing that worries me is the fact that it’s obvious that she has it all. She could really be seen as a massive threat because of it. I’m just glad that her and the girls have an agreement. She told me about it a while ago and she advised me on who to trust and where to get the votes to stay… but I guess it didn’t work out, after all! *laughs*
Katrina: Thank you so much for being a part of the second season of Big Brother, Dane! You were an amazing HouseGuest! We will see each other again on the Finale night when you’ll get to share your opinion, alongside the rest of the evicted HouseGuests, about the season and the Finalists!

bb2e12_13_101Dane: Thank you so much for having me, Katrina! I will be looking forward to it!

bb2e12_13_102Katrina: Dane might be gone, but eight HouseGuests remain. It is now time for us to introduce Chaz to the house and also, to crown the fifth Head of Household! Let’s join the HouseGuests in the Competition Area.

  • Yannik Baumann

    Yes, Dane is out! from most liked to kicked out at 9th Place 😀

    I think Zach might not survive very long, he has most of the girls against him, exceot of Steph 🙂

    I’m so happy that Steph is the new HoH 🙂 I honestly hope that Robert and Kyra leave this week. Kyra because I think she can’t give more at this point and next to this she already lost all her friends here, and I think she is the least interesting girl in here. Karen is a powerful player hiding in the dark, Charley has the most personality and Steph is interesting because of the romance with Chaz that might come up 🙂 I would like to see Robert leave because I simply don’t like him at all 🙂 I also think that he is slightly disliked by his Housemates here 🙂

    What the creep? Look at Stephs face at the HoH competition, that looks so weird, and I’m allowed to say this as I created her 😀

    To be honest, I think the Girl Alliance is dying, Steph might want Kyra to leave and also when one boy and one girl where nominated, most of the girls voted the girl out, so it doeasn’t make sense anyway 🙂 I think Karen has better Chances with Caleb and Steph is more strategic with Zach and Chaz on her side 🙂

    • Yes, who would’ve guessed it?! 😛

      You’re still wanting Zach out, I see, haha? 😀 I’m always loving your theories and predictions, they’re so fun to read! You always put in a lot of thought into them and I’m really happy you’re enjoying this season as much as you do, Yannik!

      Hahahahahaha, Sims’ facial expressions are the best, aren’t they? 😛

      It is a side-alliance and the girls seem to only bring it up when it helps them out haha. I always try to bring in some realism into the show and girl alliances never work out in Big Brother either since (and I’m not trying to be rude here) but girls in shows like these tend to be quite jealous of each other. And that brings up mistrust which is not a good thing in Big Brother house. Selena, Steph, Charley, Kyra… they were all very suspicious of another girl at some point in time without a really good enough reason. xD

  • Adam Scholze

    I’m not really sure who I wanted to win that competition, Steph I think is pretty stacked right now, Her nominations are probably going to be Caleb and Robert, speaking of, as much as Robert is disliked, he hasn’t been nominated much, if at all so that might hurt in the future if people notice.

    Kyra is on the thinnest Ice right now but I do hope she pulls through she’s a genuine person (granted genuine people don’t fair too well) but we’ll see

    I will surely enjoy showmances between Zach, Chaz, Steph, Charley (maybe) so there’s still plenty more to come, Keep up the great work

    • Neither did I, trust me haha! That’s why I love the fact it was chosen by random! 😛 Robert is disliked but he is also seen as alone in the game, while in fact he does have quite a few secret deals… One of them is with Zach/Chaz and who knows if they’ll reveal that to Steph or not! 😛

      Kyra just lost her second biggest ally in the house and she’s almost like Robert now, pretty alone. Which again might be seen as a good thing since it makes the target on her back a lot smaller. 😉

      Oh, the showmances have been highly asked for haha, and one of them will blossom very soon! :))) Thank you, Adam! Loving all of your comments, as always! ☺

  • Sam James

    Great episode once again!

    Charley’s dialouge is intolerable for me now. There are far too many likes lol!

    I’m really glad Dane left as he was a bit of a useless player, it makes Kyra more vulnerable (which teaches her for acting so smug) and Caleb continues to amuse me. Like this:

    Caleb: It was okay, thanks.

    Katrina: That’s it? *laughs*

    Caleb: Well, what more do you want?

    Haha! He’s such an arse.

    I’m sad Steph’s HoH though as she hasn’t really done much for me so far. Was hoping to see Robert get the power, but I reckon he could be going next now.

    Keep it up, Abs! 😀

    • HAHAHAHA “There are far too many likes!” << made me laugh! :)))

      Dane's personality always reminded me a bit of Michael from previous season (he was submitted by a viewer though) and since he ended up placing like he did when the evictees and the winner were selected by the BB simulator I use, I thought it'd be a good thing if he didn't end up being a better player than Michael. I think they were both on the same level, but Michael had more luck. Unfortunately, it made Dane a bit more dull than I hoped but he did have his moments. He was a nice guy, but he just wasn't playing it hard enough. 🙂

      I'm really glad Caleb's entertaining you haha! 😀
      Again, the winners of HoH, evictees and the winner were all selected before the season even started. I'm developing the storylines around the HGs based on how they've placed, because I don't want to be the one who picks a winner and just makes the season the way I want it. This makes it a bit exciting for me haha!
      That's also the reason why some of the interesting characters (and possibly amazing players) left when they did.

      Thank you so, so much, Sam! <3

  • Adam Scholze

    So, will this return? or is this an abandoned project?

  • Pedro Fernando

    sad that did not continue. =/