Sunset Hills

This Teen Drama series follows the lives of number of “privileged” teenagers and their families living in Sunset Hills (an upscale area of Sunset City, often home to celebrities and other wealthy or influential people) after the sudden arrival of Samantha Harris, who moves there to live with her uncle and his family after a tragic loss of her parents in a car crash.

Main Characters:

samharrisSamantha “Sam” Harris is a 16-year-old from Riverview who moves to Sunset Hills to live with her uncle and his family after almost dying from an alcohol overdose. She lost her parents in a car crash a month before and unable to deal with her loss she starts skipping school and drinking on daily basis. She was originally supposed to live with her grandma but after her overdose incident, her grandma thought it would be best if she moved away and lived with her uncle in Sunset City, since it’s a big city with loads of possibilities and her uncle could afford a private school and a better life for her overall.

scarlettharrisScarlett Harris is Sam’s cousin and she is also 16 years old. She dislikes Sam from the start (mainly because of the fact she is living with them and she hates the attention her father is giving Sam). She is also considered one of the most popular girls in her school, St. Duncan’s High.

chriscooperChristopher “Chris” Cooper is one of the most popular guys in St. Duncan’s High and he is also Scarlett’s ex-boyfriend. His best friend is Dylan Donovan.

michaeldurhamMichael Durham’s mum was the maid for Maxwell Donovan, Dylan and Michael’s father, who is also the wealthiest and most influential man in Sunset Hills. He was unaware of who his actual father was until the day his mother died (which was three years prior the the start of the series). He is now acknowledged by his father but is not on good terms with him nor his stepbrother and is planning to leave Sunset City by studying hard and getting a scholarship to Académie Le Tour.

mattharrisMatthew Harris is Samantha’s uncle, Lydia’s husband and Scarlett and Jade’s father. He is a successful lawyer working for Maxwell Donovan’s firm.

lydiaharrisLydia Harris is Matthew’s wife and Scarlett and Jade’s mother. She is very influential and loves to control people around her. She was originally from a poor family in Bridgeport but she had moved to Sunset Hills after marrying Matthew while in college.

Recurring Characters

maxdonovanMaxwell Donovan is Dylan and Michael’s father. He impregnated his maid, Theresa Durham, at the same time his now ex-wife, Lucille, was carrying his other son. He paid Theresa monthly to keep the secret of who Michael’s father was, but after she died that information was revealed through her will. Lucille then divorced Maxwell, but he kept Dylan after their divorce and he also acknowledged Michael publicly as his son.

dylandonovanDylan Donovan is Maxwell’s cocky son and he appears to be Chris’ best friend, though his main interests seem to be girls and partying.

hannahcarpenterHannah Carpenter is Scarlett’s best friend. Similarly to Dylan, she seems to be interested mainly in boys and partying at the start of the series.

jenniferferrisJennifer Ferris is the “queen bee” of St. Duncan’s High. She is one year older than Scarlett and Hannah and has a lot of influence over them as she prepares them to “rule” the school after she leaves for college.

jadeharrisJade Harris is Scarlett’s sister. She is four years older than her and she is studying law in Bridgeport City.

corinacooperCorina Cooper is Chris’ mom and she has a drinking problem.