S01E01 – The Pilot

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sh002 sh001sh009Hannah: So, are you excited about Chris’ return?
Scarlett: Honestly… Not really. He’s been very quiet this past month. We rarely talked for more than a few minutes. If he wants me back, he’ll have to work for it.
Hannah: *laughs* Playing hard to get, as always! But, to be fair, he was in Roaring Heights with his dad, right? That’s a completely different time zone.
Scarlett: So what? That’s still no excuse.

sh010Hannah: And what about your cousin? Is she really moving in with you guys?
Scarlett: Yeah, unfortunately. Dad’s not caving in on this one and I hate that. I really wanted that pool house for myself.
Hannah: Yeah, it would have been the perfect party place.

sh011Lydia: Hey girls. Hannah, do you mind if I have a word with Scarlett? Alone?

sh012Hannah: Not at all, I was just about to use the bathroom anyway.
Lydia: Thanks so much, sweetie!

sh013Scarlett: What do you want?
Lydia: Don’t use that tone on me, young lady! I know you’re upset about your big plans for the pool house, but your dad has decided.
Scarlett: It was supposed to be my room. Not hers.
Lydia: Honey, you know that I don’t like the fact she’s moving here either. I was the first one who suggested rehab to your dad instead. But he said that she was just in a bad place and that she belonged here, with her family.
Scarlett: Grandma’s also her family. She could’ve stayed there. That is what her parents wanted anyway. Who is he to decide against that?
Lydia: It wasn’t just him. It was grandma’s decision too. She was the one who called after all.

sh015Scarlett: I’ll never like her though.
Lydia: You don’t have to, honey. That’s why I came in here to talk with you now that dad’s picking her up. Just be courteous to her and let your dad have his peace for now. I’m sure she’ll prove herself to be unstable and then I’ll get your dad to send her off.
Scarlett: Promise?
Lydia: I promise. So, we have a deal then?
Scarlett: Yeah! Thanks mum.

sh017 sh016Hannah: All done?
Scarlett: Yup! We’ve just finished.

sh018Lydia: Fine, fine… I can take a hint. Play nice, girls!
Hannah: We always do, Mrs. Harris!

sh019Hannah: So? Spill! What was all of that about?
Scarlett: Well, that b*tch is moving in with us today. Mum just wanted to make sure I don’t make a scene in front of dad, I guess…
Hannah: Did she really try to kill herself?
Scarlett: They’re still saying it was just alcohol poisoning or something like that, but I doubt it.

sh020Scarlett: Besides, my little talk with mum gave me an idea. She said that she is bound to show her ugly side eventually, so I thought we could speed up that process a bit tonight?
Hannah: Meaning what?
Scarlett: Let’s introduce her to the charms of Sunset City at night. If she gets drunk, my father will see her for an alcoholic she is and mum will make sure she is sent to rehab.
Hannah: Oh girl, I’m all in! *laughs*

♫ Suggested Soundtrack: The Replacements – Here Comes a Regular

sh024 sh026 sh027Evelyn: I’ll miss you, pumpkin. But I still think this is the best thing for you. I think you need this.
Sam: I know grandma. I’m just so, so sorry for the past month and… everything, really. What happened last week really opened my eyes. I just want to go back to my regular self.
Evelyn: And I’m sure you will. There’s a lot more opportunities for you in Sunset City.

sh030Matthew: You ready?
Evelyn: Oh, give us a few more minutes, Matthew, damn you! It’s a long ride from here to the Sunset Hills, so it’s not like we’ll see each other often.
Matthew: It’s a long, long drive. That’s exactly why we need to leave as fast as we can, especially if we want to reach it before dusk.
Evelyn: Fine, fine. Have it your way! But don’t forget to call me every day, Sam!

sh031Sam: I won’t. You know I won’t. I love you, grandma!
Evelyn: Love you too, pumpkin!

sh084Dylan: So, are we going out tonight or what?
Chris: I guess so…
Dylan: You don’t seem like you’re up for partying, bro. What’s up? Scarlett hasn’t seen you for a month, she might finally give it up! Cheer up!
Chris: Dude! You’re an ass.

sh086Dylan: I’ve always been an ass. It’s not like that’s something new. Open up a dictionary, look up the word ass and yep… There’s a sexy ass picture of me in there.
Chris: You’re… Oh, why bother. Anyway, no, it’s not that.
Dylan: Wait what?! You guys did it?

sh085Chris: No, I meant… it’s not that. We’re not really talking as much anymore. I’m really not feeling it anymore, if I’m honest. Maybe it’s for the best.
Dylan: Chris, don’t take this the wrong way but… I was looking forward to having you back. I actually missed you. There, I’ve said it. No homo! But that piece of sh*t town made you boring as f*ck. We really need to change your attitude tonight. Do you want me to tell the crew to f*ck off and just order us two of the finest women money can buy? I could even go for three tonight, if I’m honest. Two for me, of course. But I’ll let you pick first! I’m such a good friend.
Chris: No, of course not. *laughs* Dude, I forgot how twisted you are. I want to see everybody, it’s been too long so… Just don’t cancel anything!
Dylan: We’re rich, Chris. We’re not twisted nor sick… We’re eccentric.

♫ Suggested Soundtrack: Taylor Swift – Welcome to New York

sh023 sh035Matthew: And here we are…
Sam: Wow! That’s your house?
Matthew: No, sweetie. That’s our house. You’re not a guest here, Sam. You are a part of this family from now on. I know it’s been hard… losing your parents at such a young age. But it’s been a month now, and I’m sure they would’ve wanted you to be as happy as you can be.
Sam: They would. I know they would… And I promise, no more alcohol! I didn’t like myself these past few weeks. I’m not doing that again. I want to make them proud. And you too, of course!

sh034Matthew: And I have no doubt you will. I have already talked with the headmistress and she is willing to take you in so late in the semester. But you will need to catch up quickly, Sam.
Sam: I’ll work my ass off! Grandma told me how much the private school costs you and aunt Lydia and I will repay you, I promise.
Matthew: Honey, money’s never been a problem to us. All I want is for you to get the best education possible because, let’s be honest, you deserve it. I’ve seen your grades. You are a smart cookie.
Sam: I know you think so, but still… I’ll pay back somehow, I promise.

sh036Lydia: Are you two coming in or what?
Matthew: Oh, Lydia! We were just talking… Yeah, of course we are!

sh037Lydia: How was the ride?
Matthew: It was fine. We’ve gotten to know each other a lot better.
Lydia: I’m sure we’ll get a chance for that too, Sam.
Sam: I’m sure we will, aunt Lydia!
Lydia: But I’m afraid Scarlett has different plans for you tonight…
Matthew: Meaning what exactly?

sh038Lydia: Well, Scarlett thought it’d be nice if Sam joined Hannah and her tonight. It’s a Saturday night and it could be nice for Sam to meet some of Scarlett’s friends and her future classmates.
Matthew: Is clubbing a smart idea though?

sh040Sam: I’m sure I’ll be okay, uncle Matt. It would be nice to know at least a few people before my first day at school here and besides… I’m not drinking anymore anyway. And there will be two girls looking out for me, right?
Matthew: Oh, I guess it’s okay then. But still, be careful. This is not Riverview anymore. The Hills are pretty comfortable and easy to get used to, but the City is a loud mess with way too many people.

sh041Hannah: So tell us, how is it?
Sam: How is what?
Hannah: Living in that dirt pit of a town… Duh!
Sam: Riverview? I loved it. It’s really not as bad as you might think. We all know each other. People are kind, children actually play outside and the air is so, so fresh.

sh043Hannah: So, you must hate it here then?
Sam: Of course I don’t. I don’t even know this place yet. I’m just talking about the obvious differences I’ve noticed so far. But different doesn’t mean bad. I just have to get used to the fact that I can’t greet everyone who passes by and stop and chat with them. People are a lot more occupied with their own lives here.

sh044Scarlett: That’s too deep of a subject for a Saturday night girls. Thank god the club is here!
Hannah: I hope you’re ready for one crazy night, b*tch!
Sam: Excuse me?
Hannah: Oh, sorry. That’s how I call all of my girlfriends. *laughs*
Sam: I guess that’s okay… At least you’ve referred to me as a friend. But I won’t be drinking tonight!
Hannah: Why not? It’s Saturday. Still hungover from last night or something?
Sam: No… I… I just don’t feel like drinking. That’s it.
Scarlett: Whatever. Now get your ass in the club, guys are waiting for us.

  • Josiah Stuart

    Andrija, this first episode of Sunset Hills is amazing; I have been expecting this to fill my time whilst waiting for BB2.

    • Thanks so much, Josiah! 😀 Big Brother is on its way too, don’t worry! 😀 It’s going to be a bit longer than the first series though since there’s more HGs this time :)))

  • spencer tenesen

    Great Job! Episode 1, and I’m already hooked! Though it’ll take me a little while to get all the names right, anyway excited for episode 2.

    • Thank you Spencer! 😀 I’m really glad you’ve liked it since I was really worried about this project as it’s not something familiar to other people (like Big Brother was). Episode two will be up next Tuesday! I’m so happy you’ve decided to give this a try too until BB2 starts up again! :)))

      • spencer tenesen

        I’m looking forward to both episode 2 an BB2. I’m sure it’s gonna be great. Seems like I’ve gotten myself busy with an interesting series, and besides I’ve always wanted to watch a teen drama! Thanks again.

        Psst: I kept my promise that you’re going to see me again ☺

        • Hopefully, I won’t let you down and I’ll keep you entertained haha! ☺
          I used to love teen dramas in my teens so I wanted to put my twist on the idea behind them and try out something new haha! 😀

          Yes, you did and I’m glad you did! ^^ I love people who leave feedback as it makes me grow as a writer and helps me to keep it fun for you guys! ☺

  • SimLinks

    LOVE!!! This is awesome 😀 Cant wait for the next episode 🙂

    • Thank you so much for commenting, SimLinks! ^^ I’m glad you’ve enjoyed this ep! :))) Not too long of a wait until the next episode (next Tuesday)… 😛

  • Amber

    Love it! Can’t wait for the next episode

    • Thanks, Amber! I’m really glad you’ve liked this episode! :)) Episode two is already out and episode three will be available on Tuesday evening! 😉

      Thanks for taking your time to comment too! ^^