S01E01 – The Pilot

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♫ Suggested Soundtrack: Jadyn Maria – Good Girls like Bad Boys

sh048 sh047 sh049 sh050Dylan: I’ll be damned. It’s Dylan’s angels.
Scarlett: What are you going on about, moron?
Dylan: Well – there’s three of you and there’s no Charlie around.
Scarlett: *laughs* You’re really something.

sh051Dylan: I don’t think I’ve had the pleasure though, let me introduce myself, angel. My name’s Dylan. Dylan Donovan.
Chris: Letting her know you’re a Donovan doesn’t mean a thing to her, Dylan. She’s not from Sunset Hills. She doesn’t know who your dad is. *laughs* I’m sorry about him, hi, I’m Chris.

sh052Scarlett: My boyfriend, Chris! Hi darling!
Dylan: Whatever. What are we drinking tonight? Should I get us a bottle of Jack or?
Hannah: I’m more up for vodka.
Dylan: Vodka it is then! I’ll call the barista.
Hannah: And I’ll go freshen up in the bathroom.
Scarlett: Wait for me!

sh053 sh054Chris: Isn’t that like a signal for you girls to collectively leave the premises?
Sam: Probably. I’m not really a girly girl things, to be honest. There’s way too much rules. I prefer being me.
Chris: That’s… That’s a great answer. I like that. It’s not a smart one though.
Sam: Why not?

sh055Chris: These girls will eat you alive. It’s a different world here, Sam. My friendly advice is – fit in or at least act like you fit in.

sh057Scarlett: „That’s how I call all of my girlfriends.“
Hannah: Oh come on, don’t make fun of me. I had to make her feel like she’s fitting in. You know that, slut. We wanted her to feel safe with us. *laughs*
Scarlett: Still… It made me want to vomit.
Hannah: You won’t be the one puking tonight though.
Scarlett: What are you going on about? You’ve heard her. She really won’t drink. She’s pretty damn determined.

sh059Hannah: And my little friend is determined to turn things around.
Scarlett: Your little friend?
Hannah: I thought of a plan B while we were on our way here. I’ll spike her soda.
Scarlett: You’re a bloody genius, Hannah, I’ll give you that.

sh058Hannah: I’m also very observant! What was that with Chris? I thought you wanted to torture him for a while before you’re officially back together?
Scarlett: I thought so too. Until I saw him flirting with Sam.
Hannah: Oh, that was hardly flirting. Still, no one will be able to talk to her tonight after she sips on that drink. *laughs*

sh061 sh060sh065Sam: There’s something wrong…
Scarlett: What do you mean?
Sam: I’m not feeling good…

sh064Hannah: *laughs*
Chris: What did you two do?
Sam: I… air…

sh066Scarlett: I had nothing to do with this!
Dylan: *laughs* Did you guys roofie her?
Chris: What?!
Dylan: Dude, she’s definitely been roofied.
Chris: Scarlett, what the f*ck?!
Scarlett: Chris, it wasn’t me…
Chris: But you knew?
Scarlett: I…

sh069Chris: You should be ashamed. Dylan, will you help me get her home to bed?
Dylan: Dude, I’ve just ordered a whole new bottle. Just let her sleep it off. She’ll be fine in the morning.
Chris: How do you know?
Dylan: It’s just a roofie, bro. Come, drink!
Chris: I’ll get her home myself!

sh068Scarlett: You’ll do no such thing!
Chris: You’re in no position to order me, Scarlett. What would your parents say if they knew what you’ve done?
Scarlett: I didn’t do a thing! Besides, they’d probably send her off to rehab. This is not the first time she passed out because of alcohol. And maybe it’s for the best. She’s not made for the Hills anyway. Besides, you’re my boyfriend. Why are you so eager to help her?
Chris: What’s wrong with you. She didn’t drink at all! She’s a girl who has just been drugged by a retard.

sh067Hannah: Heeey!

sh063Chris: F*ck off, Hannah! And of course I’m eager to help her. If you have a problem with me helping your cousin then maybe I shouldn’t be your boyfriend anymore!
Scarlett: Well… Fine.
Chris: Fine!
Scarlett: *screams* FINE!

♫ Suggested Soundtrack: Five for Fighting – Superman (It’s not Easy)

sh070 sh071Sam: Where… where am I?
Chris: Oh thank God! Go on, drink…
Sam: Thanks. But…
Chris: Don’t speak. You’re okay now. Hannah slipped something in your drink and you fell asleep on the way home. I took you home and we’ve been sitting here in front of your house for a few hours.
Sam: But… Why?

sh072Chris: I told you. This is not Riverview anymore, Sam. Scarlett obviously doesn’t want you here because I doubt that Hannah would do something like this without her approval.
Sam: But… I’ve done nothing to them… How come you’re even hanging out with these people? You don’t seem like any of them to be honest.
Chris: That’s a long story.
Sam: I’m a good listener.

sh074Chris: Nah, it’s better if you go inside and get some rest. We’ll see each other in school anyway. We can talk then.
Sam: What about Scarlett? Won’t that make things even worse?
Chris: I’m done with her. We’ve been drifting apart for a while now, even before I left to visit my dad… And tonight she showed her ugliest side. I can’t be with someone like that. I’ll speak with her tomorrow and officially end it. Though… You’re stuck with her, I’m afraid. And that’s a solid point… We can always hang out without people knowing if you’d like, though? Here, that’s my number.

sh078 sh079Chris: And a piece of advice… Don’t tell anything about this night to your uncle or your aunt. I am positive the girls are counting on it. And I’m positive that they have a way to make you seem as the bad one. Prove them wrong. Don’t play their game.
Sam: Thanks. For all the advices and for helping me out tonight. Thanks, Chris.

sh080 sh081 sh_e01_001

  • Josiah Stuart

    Andrija, this first episode of Sunset Hills is amazing; I have been expecting this to fill my time whilst waiting for BB2.

    • Thanks so much, Josiah! 😀 Big Brother is on its way too, don’t worry! 😀 It’s going to be a bit longer than the first series though since there’s more HGs this time :)))

  • spencer tenesen

    Great Job! Episode 1, and I’m already hooked! Though it’ll take me a little while to get all the names right, anyway excited for episode 2.

    • Thank you Spencer! 😀 I’m really glad you’ve liked it since I was really worried about this project as it’s not something familiar to other people (like Big Brother was). Episode two will be up next Tuesday! I’m so happy you’ve decided to give this a try too until BB2 starts up again! :)))

      • spencer tenesen

        I’m looking forward to both episode 2 an BB2. I’m sure it’s gonna be great. Seems like I’ve gotten myself busy with an interesting series, and besides I’ve always wanted to watch a teen drama! Thanks again.

        Psst: I kept my promise that you’re going to see me again ☺

        • Hopefully, I won’t let you down and I’ll keep you entertained haha! ☺
          I used to love teen dramas in my teens so I wanted to put my twist on the idea behind them and try out something new haha! 😀

          Yes, you did and I’m glad you did! ^^ I love people who leave feedback as it makes me grow as a writer and helps me to keep it fun for you guys! ☺

  • SimLinks

    LOVE!!! This is awesome 😀 Cant wait for the next episode 🙂

    • Thank you so much for commenting, SimLinks! ^^ I’m glad you’ve enjoyed this ep! :))) Not too long of a wait until the next episode (next Tuesday)… 😛

  • Amber

    Love it! Can’t wait for the next episode

    • Thanks, Amber! I’m really glad you’ve liked this episode! :)) Episode two is already out and episode three will be available on Tuesday evening! 😉

      Thanks for taking your time to comment too! ^^