S01E02 – Party at a Rich Dude’s House

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sh_e02_001 sh_e02_002 sh_e02_003Matthew: Hey, you ready?
Sam: Yeah, almost. Remind me though… Why am I exactly going to that party with you?
Matthew: We were invited as a family, Sam. And you are a part of this family. Even when we’re going to some boring over the top snobbish parties.
Sam: *laughs* I’ll have to get used to all these events.
Matthew: There’s one almost every week, sweetie. Do you like your room by the way?
Sam: I love it. I really do! I never expected to have the whole pool house for myself.

sh_e02_004Matthew: It became a place where we left most of the stuff we stopped using actually. A month ago Scarlett asked me to turn it into her party room or something, where she could bring her friends over the weekend. So I’ve sold some of the stuff inside and gave the rest to goodwill.
Sam: So, this was supposed to be Scarlett’s room?
Matthew: Her party room. She doesn’t need one though, so don’t feel bad. Once your grandma called I knew we could use this space for your room instead. It’s not fully decorated yet though…
Sam: No, I adore it! It’s perfect just like this. I love the colors and… everything really!
Matthew: I’m glad to hear that.

sh_e02_006Sam: Oh, and uncle Matt…
Matthew: Yeah?
Sam: Thanks for everything, once again.
Matthew: Stop thanking me, sweetie. I’m really happy to have you here. To be honest, I really think Scarlett could gain a lot from hanging with you. She’s not a bad girl, but this city is slowly turning her into one.
Sam: But… It’s not like I am perfect. I mean, I almost…
Matthew: You were in a really dark place, I get it, sweetie. But you’re a great girl. And you’ve decided to go back to your usual self now anyway. Last month was completely understandable after everything you went through.

sh_e02_007 sh_e02_008Scarlett: Mom sent me to get you guys.
Matthew: We’re ready.
Scarlett: But… That dress is not even close to white, Sam.
Sam: So?
Scarlett: It’s called a white party for a reason.
Sam: Oh, I didn’t know… I’ll change, just give me a sec.

sh_e02_009Scarlett: Hurry up, mom hates being late!
Matthew: Oh Scarlett, come on, the party is next door. It’s not like we’re going to be that late.
Scarlett: Whatever. I did what I was sent to do. Bye!

sh_e02_010Matthew: Scarlett, wait up!

sh_e02_011Matthew: See… She’s slowly turning into her mother! *laughs*
Sam: What? *laughs* Aunt Lydia seems so nice!
Matthew: Oh, she is charming, sure. But she’s also a pain to deal with at times. Trust me, we’ve been married for almost twenty years now. You ready?
Sam: Yeah! But this dress code is a funny thing.
Matthew: It’s Maxwell Donovan’s annual white party. Lydia loves it as it’s a really glamorous event, or so she says… and I do work for him so we attend it every year. Anyway, let’s hurry up, girls are waiting!

sh_e02_012 sh_e02_013 sh_e02_015Maxwell: Oh, my dear neighbors, the Harrises! Welcome, welcome! Make yourselves at home.

sh_e02_016Lydia: Maxwell, it’s a pleasure, as always.
Maxwell: Pleasure’s all mine, Lydia. You have a lovely wife, Matt. Come on in!

sh_e02_017Matthew: *laughs* I know. And hello to you too, Maxwell. You’ve outdone yourself again this year.
Maxwell: Thank you for noticing. Hopefully, you’ll have fun.
Lydia: Oh, I’m sure we will. This looks absolutely fabulous.

sh_e02_018Maxwell: And who might you be?
Sam: Hi, I’m Sam. Nice to meet you!
Matthew: Sam is my niece and she’s going to be living with us from now on.
Maxwell: Welcome to the neighborhood, Sam! How are you liking the Hills?
Sam: I’m getting used to living here, thanks.

sh_e02_019Maxwell: I’m sure you are. Oh, and who could forget you, Scarlett. You’re definitely getting more beautiful every time I see you. And we all know where you get your looks from! *laughs* It’s definitely not from you, Matthew!
Matthew: Oh, of course not.
Scarlett: Why, thank you, Mr. Donovan.
Maxwell: Come on, we’re neighbors. And your dad works for me. You can call me Max. I don’t bite.

sh_e02_020Maxwell: Well, I have to check on Dylan now, he came home drunk last night again and now he’s grounded.

sh_e02_021Scarlett: *laughs*
Lydia: You wouldn’t know anything about this, Scarlett?
Scarlett: Not a thing. We went home before he started drinking, I swear. I mean, drinking is something I definitely do not do and I mean… That’s not something we want Sam exposed to after all. So we left the club quite early last night. Right, Sam?

sh_e02_022Sam: Yeah… Right.

♫ Suggested Soundtrack: Vertical Horizon – I Believe in You

sh_e02_023sh_e02_026 sh_e02_027Michael: Hello there! Are you as bored as I am?
Sam: *laughs* Hi! I’ve never really been to an event like this so I’m kind of…
Michael: Lost? Don’t know what to do? *laughs*
Sam: Exactly!
Michael: Been there, done that. Come on, I’ll help you. I’m Michael by the way.
Sam: I’m Sam! Nice to meet you, Michael.

sh_e02_028Michael: So, what brings you here?
Sam: I actually moved here yesterday. I’m living with my uncle and his family now.
Michael: Oh, really? Do I know them?
Sam: My uncle is Matthew Harris…
Michael: Oh, so we’re neighbors?
Sam: Really?
Michael: Yeah, I live here actually.

sh_e02_030Sam: Oh, you’re Maxwell’s son?
Michael: Yeah, I guess…
Sam: And Dylan’s brother, right? I met him yesterday.
Michael: Dylan? No, he’s my stepbrother. It’s a long story, trust me… Wait, you’ve met Dylan? Where?
Sam: Scarlett took me to a club and he was there… I guess they hang out a lot?
Michael: Yeah…

sh_e02_031Sam: What’s up? You suddenly became so quiet?
Michael: Oh, it’s nothing. I just… I don’t really like that crowd if I’m honest. So, it’s best for me to just leave now.

sh_e02_032Sam: Wait!
Trust me, if you’re hanging out with them, I’m not someone you should be seen talking to.

sh_e02_033Sam: I don’t care. I’m new here and you’re the only one who’s talked with me since I came to this party. If I’m completely honest, I didn’t like last night with them at all. Hannah and Scarlett obviously don’t like me and they… Well, they welcomed me in their own way. Dylan seems full of himself… Chris was the only person I met so far that I liked.

sh_e02_035Michael: Chris Cooper? Scarlett’s boyfriend?
Sam: Yeah! Well, they broke up…
Michael: He’s an ass too. And they break a lot, it’s nothing new.
Sam: But he was very kind to me.
Michael: Yeah, Chris is nice to every girl in school. Until he gets what he wants.
Sam: Wait, what?
Michael: He’s the most popular guy in high school. Scarlett and him break up, like, every two weeks and he always finds a new girl to keep him company until they get back together. At least that’s what they did until he went to visit his dad a month ago.

sh_e02_036Sam: For someone who doesn’t hang out with them, you seem to know a lot about them.
Michael: They’re the school royalty… You know about them even if you’d rather blow your brains out every time someone mentions their names.
Sam: *laughs* You really seem like my kind of a guy.
Michael: Why, thank you! So, what brings you to Sunset Hills, Sam?
Sam: I… *pauses* My parents died last month.

sh_e02_038Michael: Oh my… I’m so sorry! I didn’t know.
Sam: I know, I know. And thank you. Anyway, I… I actually started drinking a bit too much these past few weeks and I started hanging out with wrong people and… Well, my grandma and I thought it would be best if I moved. So, that’s why I’m here. Looking for a fresh start!
Michael: I know how hard it is to lose a parent, Sam. But it does get better, trust me. I lost my mom a few years ago. She was Maxwell’s maid for years and… When they read her will to us, that’s when I found out I was his son. He accepted me and he does take care of me financially but I’m never going to be his son, if you get me.

sh_e02_040Michael: Dylan hates me. He blames me for his parents’ divorce. Once his mom found out Maxwell had an affair she left him immediately. He left Dylan too. So I kind of get him, but I can’t keep making excuses for him as he’s a full-on asshole now. I… I just can’t wait to get a scholarship to Académie Le Tour and leave this place forever.
Sam: Oh, it can’t be that bad.
Michael: I’m just not made for this snob-filled world of the rich and famous.
Sam: You would have loved Riverview. My home town.
Michael: You’re from Riverview?! I love that place.
Sam: You’ve been there?
Michael: Yeah, with my mom. Loads of times. She was born there so we visited her old house at least one a month. It was near that big waterfall…
Sam: I know that house! Gosh, isn’t this a small world…

  • spencer tenesen

    Episode 2 and things are getting really frisky *laughs*. I like Lydia’s affair, Chris being low on money…maybe he should apply to Big Brother *laughs*. Foundry Cove… I believe we’ll be hearing that name a lot in the future. As always Keep up the great work!

    • Hahahaha, they sure are! You’re such a loyal reader and thanks so much for commenting like you do, I can’t explain how much “little” things like that mean to me! ^^ Oh, it would be a fun twist seeing actors in a BB game. Maybe a celebrity version? 😛

      Do you like Katrina Caliente in her role as Lydia? She’s definitely different from what we’ve seen of her as a BB host haha!

      • spencer tenesen

        Ooooh you got me. I even mistook Lydia for Katrina who would have know *laughs*. Actually I was rereading the episode again there’s a lot of forshadowing to the future episodes. The more I read the more I dislike Hannah… I mean she’s just so….I don’t know…mean – if that’s the right word to use – honestly I’d be overjoyed if she burnt to death! Regarding Scarlett I know she’s the villain and all, but I feel that she might be Sam’s friend in the future as Matthew said she isn’t a bad girl.

        • Glad you’ve noticed that, I tried to do the same with episode one. 😀 Since I do pre-plan the whole plot of the series, I like to hint at things but not make it too obvious, so it makes sense once something happens, but it’s not too predictable, hopefully. 😛

          I know there’s quite a few characters to get to know, so I tried to introduce a few in episode 2 (Michael, Chris’ mom…) instead of introducing all of them in the pilot episode. 🙂 But I’m really happy you’re forming opinions on most of them.

          It’s definitely a lot different to write a completely new show than it is to write something which follows a bit of a weekly formula like Big Brother, but I wanted to try it out. Thanks for keeping up with this Spencer, once again, you’re the man haha! :)))