S01E02 – Party at a Rich Dude’s House

Estimated reading time: 11 minutes
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sh_e02_041Maxwell: Dylan, I thought I’ve told you to stay in your room!
Dylan: Oh come on, Chris just sent me a text. Him and his mom are coming.

sh_e02_042Maxwell: Chris and Corina? Really?
Dylan: Yeah, why?
Maxwell: Nothing, nothing… I just haven’t seen Corina in at least two or three months. I thought she might have moved with Ronald to Roaring Heights too!
Dylan: No, Chris’ dad was the only one who left. Here he comes!

sh_e02_045Dylan: Hey, bro! Glad you came, what’s up!
Chris: Hi, Dylan. You okay?
Dylan: Yeah, why wouldn’t I be! *laughs*
Chris: You were really drinking a lot of… Red Bull yesterday.
Dylan: Oh, you don’t have to lie in front of my dad. I broke a vase when I came home so he knows I was drunk as f*ck! *laughs*

sh_e02_046Maxwell: Dylan! Language!!!
Dylan: Yeah, yeah. Come, let’s go to my room!
Chris: Okay…

sh_e02_047Chris: Wait, is that?
Dylan: The chick from yesterday? Yeah.
Chris: Is she hanging out with your brother?

sh_e02_048Dylan: *yells* He is NOT my brother!
Chris: Yeah, your stepbrother, whatever…
Dylan: That’s him, yeah.

sh_e02_049Dylan: Bro, where are you going?

sh_e02_050Chris: Sam, hi!
Sam: Oh… Chris… Hi…
Chris: What’s up? How come you’re here?
Sam: I came with my uncle. If you’d excuse me, I’m actually having a conversation with Michael now so…
Chris: Oh. Okay. Yeah… Sure.

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sh_e02_051 sh_e02_053sh_e02_055Lydia: I think you’ve had enough, Corina.
Corina: What?! Enough? Yeah, I really have… Enough of this fake place.
Lydia: What’s wrong?
Corina: What’s wrong? Everything’s wrong. Ronald is… He’s going to jail.
Lydia: Whaaat? What happened?

sh_e02_056Corina: Oh, come on, like you care.
Lydia: Of course I care. You’ve been my friend for as long as I can remember. We came here together, remember?
Corina: Yeah, I remember. We used to be nobodies from Foundry Cove and we managed to become Sunset City’s elite. Now you’re the one and only, Lydia Harris, and I’m going back to being nothing. You’ve always had it easier!
Lydia: Easier?
Corina: Of course! You could just snap your fingers and you’d get what you want. *screams* It’s so unfair!
Lydia: Corina, stop it, you’re making a scene.

sh_e02_057Corina: A scene? *yells* A SCENE?!

sh_e02_058Corina: Yeah, sure, I’ll make a scene! You used to be my friend, you b*tch!
Lydia: What? I’m still your friend…
Corina: If you were my friend then you’d know my husband was going to jail! If you were my friend than you’d call me once, ONCE, in these past few months… But no, Lydia is way too high and mighty now to care!

sh_e02_062Maxwell: What’s going on with Ronald? I thought he moved to Roaring Heights because his firm was doing so well…
Corina: Yeah, right! *laughs* Ronald is being sued. For embezzlement. And fraud. He moved there because he thought he would be able to fix things with the help of his father! And that’s why Chris, Zoey and I are now living in a damn motel room!
Lydia: Corina, this is not the time nor place… Come with me outside.
Corina: Oh, shove your fake ass concern you know where!

sh_e02_063Chris: Mom! That’s enough… We’re leaving.
Corina: Chris, my dear… No, I was just…

sh_e02_064Chris: I’m sorry, everybody. You can go back to whatever you were doing. We’re leaving.

sh_e02_065Dylan: What just happened?

sh_e02_066Scarlett: Chris is living in a motel? Did you know about that?
Dylan: No, he didn’t tell me anything.
Hannah: Good thing you guys broke up last night, dating a guy who’s living in a motel is like… Social suicide.

sh_e02_067Sam: At least you’ve got your priorities straight, Hannah.
Scarlett: Who allowed you to speak?
Sam: Oh, why bother…

sh_e02_069Hannah: Yeah, that’s right, leave! *yells* You puny little weakling!

sh_e02_071Dylan: That girl is feisty. Kind of reminds me of you Scarlett.
Scarlett: What are going on about? She’s a loser. Did you know that she tried to kill herself a week ago?
Dylan: What?
Hannah: Yeah, that’s why she moved here. She drunk a bottle of Jack with some sleeping pills. She had her stomach pumped and her grandma sent her away.
Scarlett: They should have sent her to rehab.
Dylan: I’d still tap that though.

sh_e02_070Hannah: Well, if you feel like slumming
Scarlett: *laughs*

♫ Suggested Soundtrack: Aura Dione – Friends (feat. Rock Mafia)

sh_e02_074Sam: I just can’t believe the people here…
Michael: What did they do now?
Sam: Well, after Chris’ mom had a proper meltdown in front of everybody they completely turned on him behind his back. They’re like piranhas! I kind of feel sorry for Chris now…
Michael: Don’t. I was nobody once. But when Maxwell told everybody I was his son, a lot of people changed the way they would usually talk to me. I just didn’t care and I still hung out with the few people who liked me before that. He is just as fake as the rest of them, Sam.
Sam: I’m so not prepared for school tomorrow.

sh_e02_075Michael: I’ll be there, don’t worry. I’ll help you out.
Sam: Thanks, Michael! I’m so glad we’ve met.
Michael: I’m glad too! Want to walk together to school tomorrow?
Sam: I don’t see why not! How long does it take to walk there?
Michael: About fifteen minutes. But I love walking.
Sam: Me too!
Michael: I’ll pick you up at seven thirty then? We can grab a snack on the way.
Sam: *laughs* That sounds perfect!

♫ Suggested Soundtrack: Kesha – Sleazy

sh_e02_076Chris: I’m sorry for barging in, Mr. Donovan, they’ve told you were here… My mum left her purse…

sh_e02_077Chris: Oh my god!

sh_e02_078Lydia: *yells* Chris! Stop!

sh_e02_079Lydia: This is not…
Chris: I… I didn’t see a thing, I swear!
Lydia: That’s right! You didn’t see a thing and you won’t say anything to anyone!
Chris: I swear I won’t!

sh_e02_080Lydia: That’s a smart boy! Because, if you do, you might lose the scholarship you so desperately need to stay in St. Duncan High for your senior year next year. Since your family obviously can’t pay for your schooling anymore. And I am very, very close to Headmistress Prescott. So you might want to be on my good side, Chris. Whatever your mom might think, I still think you deserve a great education. So behave! You got that?
Chris: I promise, I won’t say anything to anyone.

sh_e02_081 sh_e02_082Maxwell: You fixed it?
Lydia: I fixed it. He’s not going to tell anyone.
Maxwell: Then let’s continue…
Lydia: I’m actually not in the mood now. I’m bothered with what Corina said.
Maxwell: Her husband, obviously, was a thief. And she is a useless gold-digger. If you ask me, she’s getting what she deserves. I mean, she’s from Foundry Cove. *laughs* It’s a wonder she even managed to get this far in life.

sh_e02_083Lydia: I… I have to go, Max. I’ll call you later.
Maxwell: What’s going on?

sh_e02_085Lydia: Foundry Cove… That place just won’t leave me alone.

  • spencer tenesen

    Episode 2 and things are getting really frisky *laughs*. I like Lydia’s affair, Chris being low on money…maybe he should apply to Big Brother *laughs*. Foundry Cove… I believe we’ll be hearing that name a lot in the future. As always Keep up the great work!

    • Hahahaha, they sure are! You’re such a loyal reader and thanks so much for commenting like you do, I can’t explain how much “little” things like that mean to me! ^^ Oh, it would be a fun twist seeing actors in a BB game. Maybe a celebrity version? 😛

      Do you like Katrina Caliente in her role as Lydia? She’s definitely different from what we’ve seen of her as a BB host haha!

      • spencer tenesen

        Ooooh you got me. I even mistook Lydia for Katrina who would have know *laughs*. Actually I was rereading the episode again there’s a lot of forshadowing to the future episodes. The more I read the more I dislike Hannah… I mean she’s just so….I don’t know…mean – if that’s the right word to use – honestly I’d be overjoyed if she burnt to death! Regarding Scarlett I know she’s the villain and all, but I feel that she might be Sam’s friend in the future as Matthew said she isn’t a bad girl.

        • Glad you’ve noticed that, I tried to do the same with episode one. 😀 Since I do pre-plan the whole plot of the series, I like to hint at things but not make it too obvious, so it makes sense once something happens, but it’s not too predictable, hopefully. 😛

          I know there’s quite a few characters to get to know, so I tried to introduce a few in episode 2 (Michael, Chris’ mom…) instead of introducing all of them in the pilot episode. 🙂 But I’m really happy you’re forming opinions on most of them.

          It’s definitely a lot different to write a completely new show than it is to write something which follows a bit of a weekly formula like Big Brother, but I wanted to try it out. Thanks for keeping up with this Spencer, once again, you’re the man haha! :)))